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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 3

Putting down the receiver of the desk phone, Jack Sawyer stared at the poster of an aerial view of central Paris at night, his mind in a whirl. Mrs Black had invited him to lunch and when he'd hedged she'd virtually told him to forget it, that it didn't matter. But then his curiosity got the better of him and he kept her talking and accepted her renewed invitation. Why was she taking this interest in him? Because she was lonely? Oh yeah, more likely she had a fetish for screwing younger guys.

Screwing? He screwing Mrs Black? Attempting to ridicule that thought, Jack found himself reluctant to do that. She was younger that his mother, although by no more than ten years. She was rather attractive, lively and obviously playfully intelligent otherwise why would she have him on a string like this?

Admit it Jack.

He grinned: And she had great boobs and was a mean machine. She probably could be the find of the century in bed.

His cock stirred and he looked around wildly but nobody in the office, mostly women, was looking at him.� No way, absolutely no way would he take Mrs Black to a hotel and shaft her. His mother would kill him, his slut of a girlfriend would abandon him while his father would grin and probably say, "You're a chip off the old block son" and perhaps in pride would upgrade Jack's car.

Jack, you're hallucinating he sighed. The lunch was the way Mrs Black would quietly ask him, "Jack, I'll book a cruise but before doing so it's up to you to arrange the package for me, heavily discounted."

Yeah, just his luck.

Luck? Then answer this Jack - do you intend to appease her in bed? Jack replied to his inner-voice only if she pleaded for it.

Oh yeah.

Jack reached the restaurant and faltered. This was no place for him because those existing not far above the breadline don't eat at posh places like this. He remembered his mother's advice: 'Jack, if you ever eat with a lady just watch her pick up a fork, note where it was in the placing, and follow suit.' Jack had replied what if the lady had chosen entr�e but he skipped that because he didn't like animal offal and his mom said in that case he shouldn't be eating with a lady. At that Jack had wondered if women had been placed on Earth to dedicate themselves to uttering useless instructions and engaging in useless conversations.

He entered the restaurant and looking around he couldn't see her. Damn, she was late. Should he wait outside?"

"Good afternoon sir. Do we have a table booked?"

The swami guy in a suit of better quality than Jack's was a walking idiot. We? Could he see Jack was by himself? "Er, I'm supposed to be meeting a Mrs Black here."

"Oh, Mrs Black." said the guy, almost snapping to attention. Come this way sir"

The dickhead took him to the wrong table. The woman watching them approach smiled but she wasn't the sexy Mrs Black. She was more like an aged schoolteacher with her hair pulled back like that and practically no make-up and didn't appear to have tits of merit.

The woman opened her mouth ready to embarrass the men but instead said, "Welcome Jack."

Jack did a double-take and saw there was familiarity in her features although this time her face seemed more lined and obviously her curly hair was under restraint. Perhaps there were tits under her ugly shirt and half-covered by a man's jacket"

"Thank you Anton."

Anton the creep pulled out Jack's chair and when Jack was seated attempted to place a stiff napkin over Jack's lap but Jack snorted and grabbed the white cloth and pretended to wipe his chin. Jack met Mrs Black's gorgeous green eyes and knew they were smiling at him although her mouth remained slack.

Ready to panic, Jack whispered, "I thought he could be gay and was about to sneak a feel of me."

Mrs Black placed a hand over her mouth to smother a laugh and her eyes literally danced at him. Jack felt a rush of affection for Mrs Black simply because she was prepared to be amused by him rather to laugh at him dismissively. She was okay, even for a lawyer.

"Place your napkin on your lap Jack."

He did as he was told ready to feel offended but just as he finished a waitress, who Mrs Black would have seen coming, asked him, "Cocktails sir?"

Jack snapped back to Mrs Black who looked back without an expression. Jack remembered a scene from a film so stroked his chin just as the lead guy in that movie had done and looking at Mrs Black again asked, "A dry French pinot blanc?"

Mrs Black arched an eyebrow and to avoid embarrassment by asking what did that mean, Jack ordered the pinot blanc.

"We have a choice of three French labels sir. First there..."

"The premium label thanks you."

"Certainly sir."

"How had the morning been for you Jack?" Mrs Black asked as if she had just witnessed a masterly performance from her luncheon companion so had no comment to make about his choice of wine.

"Quite busy, several calls, but none as uplifting as the call I received from you."

To Jack's astonishment Mrs Black blushed and then heard her ask did he have a steady girlfriend.

Almost in a daze, thinking why would she be asking that, he replied yes but his mother didn't like her and Jack and thinking about dropping contact with her.

"What about your father?"

"What about my father?" and Mrs Black said what did his father think about Jack's girlfriend.

Jack said, "He looks at her as if..." and then shut his mouth.

"A little sluttish is she?"

Without meaning to be disloyal, Jack nodded.

The wine arrived and they watched in silence as the waitress uncorked the bottle and Jack tasted it. At least it was better than dry vinegar. He nodded and the woman poured. As the waitress left Jack automatically turned to look at the young woman's legs and cringed when Mrs Black said, "Yes, an attractive butt."

No way had Jack meant to be caught out like that but anyway it was not a butt look. "I-I was checking out her legs."

"Or so it's leg rather than butt with you?"

Jack was sure he was breaking into a sweat. He nodded.

"What do you think of my legs Jack?"

He grabbed his wine glass and gulped. That gave him time to form a perfect reply. "Regrettably I have no idea because they were behind your desk when I called on you at your office and today you are wearing trousers. But it is my belief that will be very attractive."

"Why's that Jack?"

"If they were otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned them. It suggests you are proud of them for your age."

"Oooh, my age. And what age is that Jack?" she asked, and began sipping wine.

Well, it didn't matter if he offended her.� His mom was fifty-two and this babe, er, woman, would give his mom ten years. "I think you've had your fortieth."

"Can you be more specific?"


"Forty-three actually but very good Jack. You rather impress me. What have you noticed about me?"

"Your manner is engaging, I prefer you with your curls, more make-up like you wore when I first saw you and..."

"And what Jack?"

"I, er, think you look better with your breasts more prominent."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, why have you dressed down today? You look as if you've not long come out of the pool or perhaps this is what you look like when you walk about casually at home."

Mrs Black said she did have a pool at home and swam a great deal and yes she did wander about at home looking like a plain Jane.

The waitress took their orders and Jack settled for steak and Mrs Black ordered French toast. The waitress said French toast was not on the menu. Jack said in that case she'd better consult the guy manning the door as he knew Mrs Black. The waitress said in that case the dish would be served to Mrs Black. He said served when Jack's steak was served and the waitress said meekly, "Yes sir."

Leaving the restaurant forty minutes later, Jack realized they'd discussed many things but not travel and guessed that it was up to Mrs Black to raise the subject.

"Thank you for your lovely company Jack," Mrs Black said kissing him lightly on the lips, Jack taking in her perfume with a sigh.

"It was a pleasure being your guest Mrs Black."

"In future call me Janis. Bye."

"Bye Janis."

She looked back and delivered a heart-stopping smile.

Jack watched her butt, totally obscured of course by that stupid jacket and sighed, thinking what now. He decided he'd rather like working up to shaft Janis and he now had the impression that was also on her mind. So, what now? He had no idea.

Back at the office Jack called his girlfriend. He was nervous and told her he didn't quite know how to quite tell her what he wanted to say."

"You want us to split?"

"Um, yes."

"Ohmigod. Thank you Jack. Goodbye."

That left Jack puzzled because she sounded so delighted about that. Perhaps his father was screwing her?� At least he could now concentrate on his seduction of Mrs Black, er Janis.


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