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Mom's 'Joy Boy'

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Janis a divorcee finds a guy, a little younger than herself - like 15 years. View table of contents...


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Chapter 2

Janis Black, a lawyer specializing in matrimonial break-up, had recovered from her own divorce and had arrived at the conclusion that a box of bedroom toys was not the completed answer to her needs: she also required the physical companionship and post-coital conversation. She didn't have to write 'a guy' on her shopping list because like bread and coffee there was no need for a memory-jogger for that manly item.

She bedded three prospects and then gave up in despair, concluding just as some women pontificate men were basically useless. One of the guys had fired once so that was him gone for the night and to cap that off, instead of cuddling her and talking he went straight to sleep. The other two, the scum, had spent at least half their time with her attempting to convince her to take it up the back, a place with Janis, no man had ever ventured.

Janis began thinking about teaming with a woman, but faltered. That would disgust the kids when they found out, especially Gina. Her oldest child was quite likely to slap any female lover around and tell her to leave, using very foul language. Janis then had the bright idea of taking a three-week cruises twice a year and working her way through the ship's officers, only the acceptable ones of course. She called her travel agent but Margaret was away on a cruise with a girlfriend. The receptionist said a new-start guy was filling in for Margaret but when Janis hedged, the receptionist said Janis was a regular client so she'd send Jack over with a bunch of cruise brochures. Janis said he should do that.

Janis had expected a shy new-start nineteen old but the guy was in his late twenties, far from shy, looking judgmentally at her hair and face and then staring at her chest to linger a bit before lifting his gaze and smiling appreciatively. Until then all that had been said when he entered her office was, "Good morning Mr Burton" and he'd replied, "Please call me Jack Mrs Black". Although Janis thought his roving-eye inspection was a little uncouth, she didn't feel she was being undressed.

The only other words exchanged were:

"Please make this short Jack, I have a client waiting."

"Here are your brochures and my card. Call me with any questions Mrs Black."

"Thank you Jack."

He smiled, turned and walked to the door and she thought nice butt. He turned and smiled, saying he appreciated the compliment and departed, leaving Janis gasping. As a lawyer such a slip was unforgivable. She'd no intention of telling him that! She couldn't understand why it had just slipped out except perhaps it was an expression of loneliness. Sexual abandonment? Quite.

Mr Marriott was escorted in and thundered, "I wish to divorce my wife as she's been playing around."

Janis invited him to sit down and heard said kindly, "Mr Marriott, may I ask have you given any thought to your post-divorce loneliness?"

Oh God, she thought. She needed release from a man. Any man. Even Jack. Who's Jack?

That evening she thought a great deal about Jack, especially when changing the bottom sheet after a sublime performance with her rabbit.

Next day Janis decided to test Jack's interest in her, if any. She dressed in a pinstripe suit, choosing the trousers instead of the rather sexy skirt that showed off legs rather great for an old girl. The bra she found in a bottom drawer tended to do nothing for her chest and the shirt buttoned up to the throat. She pulled her hair back severely. At the office her PA looked quickly at Janis' diary and asked, "Am I to schedule in a funeral?"

"No Darlene but squeeze my appointments to extend my lunch break out to one hour."

Janis called the travel agency and invited Jack to lunch with her. He was thrown by the request but said he could fit in a quick lunch.

"In that case don't bother. I wasn't expecting you to talk to me for an hour about cruises. As well I'm lonely and want to talk to someone over lunch."

"You lonely?" he said in awe.

"You have much to learn at your age Jack. Goodbye."

"No wait, I'll meet you for lunch, anywhere and anytime. It's just I'm a bit short of cash at the moment because I've scraped up to buy an investment apartment and the outgoings are higher than expected."

"Then you have no problem with me Jack. I'm inviting you so it goes on my account as a business lunch. You'll be able to eat your way through the entire menu."

"Oh thanks, but I won't be greedy Mrs Black."

"That wouldn't occur to me Jack. Arrive at 1:05 and I'll be seated, ready to greet you."

Janis switched off the phone feeling as excited as she remembered being for her high school graduation ball. Now that was a really an old thought! She resisted the impulse to dash home and change into something sexy. No, she'd must look at her worst and act dour before she ignited Jack into consuming her. If he wasn't prepared to commit she didn't want him although accepting that was rather a dangerous thought because no one else lined up behind Jack.

Although a busy morning awaited her, Janis delayed receiving her first client to think about her ill-considered venture. It could offend her law partners, making her the joke of the office and even alienate clients, outside colleagues and family. Well, she was only hitting the start switch and could always pull out before fully seducing the boy, that is if he were willing. It was possible any such liaison could be catastrophic for him and his family and social relationships. Oh fuck!

Janis sighed and wished Gina wouldn't use that horrible word as an expression of frustration.� Gina? Oh yes, someone had to be responsible for Janis' lapse, just as her ex-husband must share the blame for her being lonely and thinking of plunging into scandalizing behavior.� Well, wouldn't the majority who disapproved be richly sexually satisfied themselves or capable of remembering when they were? Impressed by her counter-argument, she picked up the phone and said brightly, "Darlene, wheel in Mrs McFadden."

Waiting at the restaurant for Jack's portentous arrival, Janis calmly thought she was rather like a wicked witch preparing to snatch Jack from his baby stroller. He'd be safe and beautifully loved with her, Janis though, eyeing the door and squeezing her thighs together in excited anticipation. Only then did she realize she didn't know his surname. In fact she didn't know anything about him at all. That made her feel light-headed but she remained unafraid.


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