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In Pursuit of a Dangerous Liaison

Novel By: Grigor McGregor

Sharon's husband is screwing one of her friends so she decides to have her needs satisfied elsewhere. Problem is, how to find a man who fits requirements? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 13, 2007    Reads: 1,449    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

Sharon Knox pulled on a stocking, admiring the lovely leg. Kevin had married her presumably because he was a devout legman, although she'd been rather naïve at the time of the courtship and hadn't known such things. She wished he'd also had a breast fetish because last night he'd affronted her by offering to pay for her to have a breast reduction after telling her that his end-of-financial-year bonus was expected to be a record payout.

In recent months they'd rarely had sex. Mostly if she hooked a leg over his legs to wet his interest he'd complain he was fatigued or had over-indulged in her fine cooking. The latter fob-off was a new compliment, encouraging Sharon to suspect the leg that was being thrown over Kevin's was not hers. She became convinced he was having an affair, probably a torrid one because he had lost weight over the last couple or so months. He'd changed his hairstyle, was wearing smarter clothes and had added male perfume to his line-up of aftershaves. The big tell-all was he'd taken to walking away from her when taking some of his phone calls. Ohmigod, she thought, why hadn't she put two and two together before this?

Sharon rebelled and decided to have an affair.

The thought of a secret liaison quite electrified her and she began breathing faster and touched one of her boobs she regarded as being wonderfully sumptuous. She decided to draw up a list of prospects but after fifteen minutes put down her pen without listing a single name. She'd excluded the partners of friends, the guys where she worked and any male she knew within a mile radius of her home and definitely no one anywhere near their beach house. God no, Kevin would find out while she was in the shower after her induction into adultery if she took on a guy at the beach.

That virtually left only her brother and father. Sharon rolled off the couch shrieking with laughter coated with a little self-disgust. At that she became immensely interested in having a beautiful illicit liaison or even a quickie in the dark corner of a nightclub. She was on a completely new learning curve and already was aware it was not simply a matter of throwing a leg over any guy. Clearly, the guy would have to measure up. She giggled, nervously, as the thought of running a tape of the length of it, knowing she often laughed but hadn't recalled giggling in years. God, she was so skittish on this one - perhaps at twenty-nine she was not becoming old after all?

It was Saturday and Kevin was at golf or perhaps bouncing on his whore so Sharon went in to the city to look at new season's fashions. The price tags would be sure to rewind her mind so that she could think about embarking on her first marital affair as a well-adjusted, clear-thinking adult to unleash herself on her selected male to roll his eyeballs up into his head in ecstasy. Right, it would be her luck for him to then have a seizure.


Sharon flew into a store and purchased a cocktail dress without even checking the price tag and felt enormous relief. She'd made a positive start to be laid by the first guy since Kevin - those randy senior high school incidents had only been preludes to the real sex that arrived with Kevin who was seven years her senior.

Kevin arrived home from golf mid afternoon and signaled he was not in the mood for sex by saying, "I'm so stuffed." Perhaps he had been, several times.

"Oh honey, you poor lamb," she said, hugging and kissing him under both ears and decided that was not his perfume she was nosing and definitely not one of hers.

"Oh darling, there's an earring caught in your sweater."

"Oh God," he panicked.

"Oh silly me, it was only reflected light," Sharon cooed, wondering if he'd know his snappy new white sweater would scarcely reflect anything that looked like an earring. She patted his back assuring him he'd not been found out, only to have a long red hair catch in her ring finger.

Sharon had the fleeting thought of kneeing the swine in the balls but her own guilt grabbed her. By now Kevin must know she was planning to have an affair.

"I'm all tuckered out darling. I think I'll go for a nap, I had a shower at...at the golf club."

His face flamed and Sharon was sympathetic. He'd almost given away the whore's name. If it was one of her friends that tag would still be appropriate. She now knew graphically the meaning of 'dangerous liaison' as Kevin was such a cunning guy she would have suspected he'd keep his secret liaison from her with ease, but obviously not.

Kevin had left his phone as usual on the kitchen bench so checking he was asleep Sharon went to the kitchen and listened to the last five messages and bingo, the fifth message timed at 7:50 that morning exposed the swine for what he was. She had what was called 'near irrefutable evidence'. She replayed the message:

"Hi Kevin darling. Oscar is away mid-morning so the coast will be clear from 10:30. That gives us three straight hours for yummy, yummy action. Waiting with open legs for your thick shaft darl. Fi-Fi."

The bitch, that was Fiona who everyone called Fi-Fi and the husband of Fiona alias Fi-Fi was Oscar. And that explained why Kevin wanted Sharon to have a breast reduction - Fi-Fi's boobs were the size of tennis balls but she did have great legs. Kevin was so disgusting. Fi-Fi had recently dyed her hair red and the perfume Sharon had sniffed on Kevin twenty minutes ago was Pink Arousal that Sharon had given Fi-Fi for her birthday. What a bitch-whore!

Instead of crying Sharon jumped into her car and raced to the mall to inspect price tags to reset her mind. She decided to start with a coffee and ordered a double-shot espresso to stiffen her backbone. It was peak time so she went to a table with a spare seat but almost veered away when she saw the guy seated there was picking his nose but in fact then saw he was rubbing the side his nose and looking at Today's Cartoon in his newspaper.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

"No, please take it. This place is super busy."

He looked up and saw her and jumped to his feet. She knew rather than seeing the expected mousy maiden or a weary middle-age shopper he was looking at a very attractive blonde with large round sunglasses and sensuous lips, at least Sharon thought her lips as looking like that.

"My God," he said, looking half-stunned.

It look her a full five seconds to realize her breasts had transfixed him.

She didn't have the courage to say, "Do you like them?" but managed to say "What?' and them smiled, lips slightly opened.

He proved to be almost up to it. "I cannot say, you'll have me run out of this establishment, possibly for life."

"Take the risk, tell me."

His face contorted a little and he breathed, "Your breasts."

"Oh, you too," she said a little testily, figuring this was not the opportunity she was seeking. "My husband wants me to have a breast reduction."

He appeared scandalized and hissed, "No way!"

She almost snarled and said, 'Mind your business pal'. Instead she said nothing, thinking the guy was beginning to interest her.

"You have the classic proportions that in another age would have had you replicated, unfortunately in wood, on the prow of a thousand sailing ships."

She murmured, "Is that good?"

"Classic is always good. Should I be speaking personally to you like this?"

What a polite man. "I cannot see any harm being done."

He smiled and lifted his cup, only to ejaculate a mouthful of coffee on to the tablecloth in front of him when she asked, "Are you interested in talking about having an affair with me?" She blushed wondering where that word ejaculate had come from?

He apologized with a bit of a stutter and said she knew nothing about him. She replied well, that made them even on that score.

Mr Quite Handsome with plenty of curly brown hair was obviously waiting for her to continue. This is one of those difficult moments in life when you have to show you've got it or the opportunity is gone forever.

"I'm not a whore, I'm going through a rough patch in my marriage of only three years as my husband is doing you know what to one of my best friends but I'm really not the vindictive kind of gal. I simply want to try out another guy to see what I'm really missing and should he think I do it rather well then I shall dump Kevin and find someone who deserves me."

That verbal dump left her positively breathless and she looked at him embarrassed, glad the lenses of her glasses were almost black and then becoming aware the reason why his eyes were struggling to focus was they were following the rise and fall of her breasts. Ohmigod, the guy was almost besotted by her!


He jumped. "Excuse me, my mind had fallen into a bit of a trough. I find you rather breath...um."

"Breastless?" She knew such humor at this moment was outrageous.

"Yes, breastless. Oh God, what am I saying?"

"It's okay she smiled. You probably have gotten your mind on the job."

He appeared too shocked to speak. She knew someone had to be mother. "Should we go somewhere quiet, perhaps the art gallery? I know my husband never goes there and neither do my friends unless we decide to go and view a new exhibition and the 'Feral Cats of Asian' has been running for the past ten weeks."

Sharon knew that her brain was running through her mouth almost out of control but she was new to adultery and remained oblivious to what were the right moves and she was so terribly nervous.

"Lead on," he whispered and looked horrified when she said did he mind if she finished her coffee.

He shook and nodded his head, which was a mite confusing. She knocked over he half empty cup and cried, "Let's go?" and bolted.

She covered fifty yards before he caught up to her and pulled her arm near her elbow to slow her.

"It's obviously you haven't done this before," he said, heroically.

"No," she almost whimpered, clutching at her breasts to ensure she retained his attention. "Care to help me out here?"

"We are almost correctly on track," he said, pretending to be looking into a store window and then she, too, caught the reflection of her chest. This guy was so cool!

"I'm Cliff Islington."

"Oh," she squeaked. "You sometimes play golf with my husband. He's also an investment consultant."

She saw by his green eyes that his mind was ticking over until making the right connection. "You are Knoxie's wife?"

"Yes, Sharon Knox. Does that disclosure mean we're done for, that it's goodbye Sharon?"

"Not at all. I'd never cheat on a buddy's wife but Kevin is no friend of mine because he cheats at golf and he appears to regard women as being useful for only one purpose but could we leave it there. Oh, I do recall him boasting that he's been driven almost crazy by a babe he's unable to satisfy."



"It's okay, she's a friend of mine."

"Yes, that's the one."

"She was a friend of mine."

Cliff looked thoughtful and was asked what was the problem.

"Could you think twice about dropping Fi-Fi as a friend? If you did that she could suspect you've found out about Kevin, she'll drop him and then he'll be back in action with you."

"Pardon me but I can't see the point?"

"If I'm screwing you and Kevin returns to servicing you nightly you'll lose interest in me."


"It means, er, you and me in dangerous liaison."

"But we are presently are engaged in only pre-sex talks."

"Quite," Cliff purred, running a hand lightly over her breast nearest the store window."

Sharon giggled. "That woman in the store is looking at us horrified."

"Let's go to the gallery," Cliff said stiffly. "She'll be another poor woman who's not getting it regularly."

They sat looking at a blank wall in the gallery.

"What kind of liaison are you seeking?" he asked.

"One that includes sex."

He said she was a funny one so she asked had there been others and he said fewer than fingers of one hand.

She asked what was his status and he replied male so she asked who was the funny one. He seemed to like that so she said she would be explicit and he asked did that mean explicit about sex but was ignored and she said she was asking was he married.

"No, fortunately for you between marriages."

"Oh, sorry. Is there currently another woman?"

"No one who I have my finger in, if that's what you mean?"

She gasped, grabbed his arm to smother her laugh and accused him of being disgusting.

"You have a lovely attitude toward sex," he said.

She melted.

Half an hour later they parted, exchanging cell phone numbers and saying they must get together very soon, agreeing it was best to spar a little before plunging into sex without restraint with them not having discussed boundaries, directions and final outcomes.

Their underlying intention, however, was they both liked sex and thought they should entwine in the very new future, like in two or three weeks' time.

"Are you good at it?" Sharon asked.

"There have been no complaints," he said. "At least none that were relayed to me."

"That's a promising answer," she purred. "I've always tried to give it my best, although front end only."

"But I would be free to play without your ass?"

"Oooh yes, but in moderation."

"Puff, puff. I can't wait. May I say your breasts appear to be real beauties?"

"You may, feel them if you wish. There are security cameras here but their primary purpose is to secure the art, not to be used for righteous policing. Arty people usually are liberal minded."

"Oh, they are so solid, so expansive."

"I can't wait to have them licked but that's rather jumping the gun."

He smiled and pinched an aroused nipple. "Never fear, my gun is loaded."

Sharon drove home in a dream, almost running two yellow lights. She arrived home and said hi to the stranger working in the study who called himself her husband. She then lay in the bath and played with her nipples, scarcely believing she'd found someone who was interested in doing that for her - and perhaps, them some.


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