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The Venus School of Sex

Novel By: goldeniangel

Jessica's realized that she has desires that she wants to explore, what better place than The Venus School of Sex where students can take classes in whatever kinks and fantasies they might wish to explore? Little does she know that the two instructors she's drooling over know exactly who she is in real life... and they're overjoyed that she's at the school. View table of contents...


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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.

This is the last possible conclusion for this story! =)

Coming back to work on Monday was so strange, after having been gone for two weeks. It was like nothing had ever changed. Not even the office gossip. Of course, that might have been because Jessica was spending time with the same people she always spent time with. The women she and Hilary went to lunch with tended to talk about the same topics: men, diets, and the latest movies or books that they were interested in.

"Happy Hour on Wednesday? The Lounge is doing a martini night," said Mary. The Lounge was their favorite place to go for Happy Hour, especially because they had live music playing 5 out of 7 nights of the week and just enough room to dance if you really wanted to.

"That sounds like fun," said Jessica. The girls night out with Hilary on Saturday had been fun, even though they'd had to leave sooner than she might have liked after that guy Greg started getting handsy.

"I'm in!"

"Me too!"

Hilary and Olivia grinned at each other.

"I'll invite some other people around the office too, if that's okay with everyone," said Olivia. The girls nodded.

"The more the merrier," said Mary. She was a very inclusive person, one of the reasons it was so easy to hang out with her. Personally Jessica liked the big group happy hours. It was a big company which meant that there were a lot of people she'd never met before working there and it was always fun to meet new people. Especially now that she was single, feeling confident and knew what she wanted from a man. All very good things.


As soon as Justin got off the phone with Olivia he called Chris.

"Happy Hour, the Lounge, Wednesday."

Chris gave a loud whoop of excitement.

"Awesome. So, how do we want to do this?"

"Approach her together," said Justin. "See if she recognizes us. If not, we ask her to dance."

"If she does... we ask her to dance." Chris laughed.


Both of them could feel adrenaline pumping in excitement, unfortunately they couldn't use all that energy until Wednesday. This Happy Hour had to go better than the ones before. For one, they knew that Jessica was single now. For two, they both knew that she was definitely compatible with them. Approaching girls who had never played around with BDSM wasn't always a good move because it wasn't something either one of them wanted to give up entirely, and if the girl wasn't interested they had learned that they never felt completely sexually satisfied. It sucked, but was true.

With Jessica they knew exactly what they were getting. She was their dream girl... and they were each secretly hoping to be her dream guy. Or, well, not so secretly. But discreetly at least.


On Wednesday Jessica decided to wear one of her nicer new outfits to work, from the clothes she and Hilary had bought on Saturday. A form-fitting pink blouse with a few ruffles around the neckline to distract from how low-cut it was and a wide black belt that separated it from the grey pencil skirt that went down to her knees but hugged her ass and thighs in a sexy and professional way. She even dug out her two inch pumps, figuring that she'd be sitting down for most of the day anyway. Normally she didn't care that much, but since they were going out after work she might as well take advantage and do herself up a little. A pearl necklace completed the classy / sexy / innocent look that she was going for.

During the day she kept her hair up, but once she and the girls headed out to the Lounge she pulled it out of the clip and let her curls tumble around her shoulders, feeling utterly feminine and sensual. It was nice to dress up and feel good about herself.

And the men definitely noticed the difference. Not just the ones that she worked with, but other men around the bar eyed her appreciatively. Saucily tilting her head up, Jessica added a little extra bounce and sway to her walk, letting her hips roll.

"You've turned into a sex kitten," Hilary whispered to her giggling. Jessica giggled too.

"I mean, that was the idea right?"

"Just leave some men for the rest of us," Hilary said.

Jessica rolled her eyes. "I don't think that will be a problem. You look fantastic, as always."

"Maybe," said Hilary, modestly. "But I've been trying to catch the eye of those two guys from marketing and both of them are too busy checking you out to even notice."

In the way that girls do, Hilary surreptitiously tilted her head as she lifted her martini glass, and rolled her eyes towards the guys she was talking about, pretending to be moving her head to take a drink. Jessica laughed, as if Hilary had said something funny, and then turned, letting her eyes roam across the entire room, without stopping. Although it was hard not to stop. The two guys that Hilary had pointed out were indeed checking her out, and they were very, very hot. Both tall with dark hair, they'd shucked off their work jackets in favor of the white button down shirts they were wearing.

Out of all the men that she'd just seen with her little room scan, they were definitely the two that she was the most attracted to. Maybe because being tall dark and handsome - and two of them - they reminded her a little bit of Flood and Fire. Then again, any tall man with dark hair reminded her of them. She'd been seeing phantom instructors every time she went out. Still, they were very cute.

"Maybe we should go talk to them," Jessica said. "I'll take the one on the right, you take the one on the left."

Hilary laughed. "Wow, that school really changed your confidence level!"

"It changed my level for so many things," Jessica responded, teasing.

"Maybe I'll go sometime," Hilary said a little wistfully. "Would you go with me if I did?"

Jessica hesitated. This was something she herself had been pondering. Go to the school and risk seeing Flood and Fire again, risk getting in deeper emotionally? Would it be better or worse if they weren't there? "I'd have to think about it. Maybe."

"Ah, the Instructors?" Hilary asked, her face lighting up like a little idea light bulb had just gone off over her head.

"Yeah, I just don't know what would be worse, having to face them and leave again, or not seeing them at all." Jessica took a long pull of her very dry martini.

Hilary made a sympathetic noise and then changed the subject, not liking seeing her friend so sad. Especially when she was supposed to be coming out to forget. She knew that she wasn't going to go to the school without Jessica though. Unlike her friend, Hilary wasn't that brave. Although she'd been intrigued by Jessica's e-books and the descriptions that Jessica had given her of the school, she'd settle for a nice vanilla man without the exploration. Unless Jessica wanted to come along and hold her hand a little. Then she'd go. But not before.

When Hilary trotted off to the bar to order another drink, Jessica was left alone for a moment. Sighing she wondered whether or not she should just leave. It was just too hard to be out and seeing men without comparing them to her instructors for last week.

"Hello," said a deep voice to her side. Jessica looked up, startled, into a pair of warm brown eyes. It was the two guys that had reminded her the most of Flood and Fire. Up close they were even more good looking, and she felt the first stirrings of interest in her body. Well that was new and welcome. Definitely the first time it had happened since she got home. Was it pure serendipity that there were two guys who resembled the instructors that she'd fallen for at her firm? Hilary would call it a sign.

"Hi," she said, smiling up at them. What a difference the Venus School had made; a month ago she would've ducked and run, way too shy to even respond to them. In fact, she was pretty sure that she recognized these guys, and that she had done exactly that the last time they'd tried to talk to her. That was pretty much her standard response to any guy that she thought was out of her league. It was too scary to talk to them and not worth the effort of trying to get over that. Now, even knowing they were out of her league, she found that she wasn't scared. Deep down she now knew that she was sexy, she knew what she wanted from men and just because they were gorgeous it wasn't going to send her running for the hills. "I'm Jessica."

"Justin," said the one who had said hello to her.

"Chris," said the other one, sidling around him so that they were standing side by side.

Wow, another Doublemint duo. They looked similar, although they had different noses, Justin had higher cheekbones and Chris' eyebrows were more arched than Justin's. Very cute, both of them. Sexy too. Okay, it might be worth sticking around if gorgeous men were going to come talk to her. She wondered why they hadn't come over before; normally two guys wanted to find two girls to talk to and Hilary still hadn't returned from the bar.

"Nice to meet you," she said.

"We snuck up on you this time," Chris said, grinning at her playfully. "Didn't want you to run again when you saw us coming."

Justin smiled, but gave Chris a warning look. That was another difference between them, Chris was obviously more playful and flirtatious whereas Justin had that dominant, "I'm going to smile at you and you're going to melt" thing going on. A thought tugged at Jessica but she dismissed it as too silly for words.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Hilary, obviously abandoning her to the two men, as she walked over and joined another group of their co-workers who were chatting again. Traitor. But her best friend didn't look at her, so Jessica didn't have the opportunity to glare. Heat pooled in her stomach as she looked back at the men and realized that she was the focus of two very intense gazes. They looked like they wanted to eat her up. Or was she just imagining it because they reminded her so much of two other men?

Feeling overheated Jessica decided that it was time to retreat, even if they made fun of her.

"Well, I hate to tell you, bit I think I'm going to be running again actually," she said with a smile to take away the sting of her words. "I was only here for a quick drink."

Justin frowned, his eyes going to the empty martini glass in her hand. "How many of those have you had?"

"Just two."

"You just finished that one. You can leave in thirty minutes, after you have a glass of water."

He said it so simply, so matter of fact, that Jessica actually nodded before she caught herself. Then she gasped at his audacity and her response to it. Indignation flashed in her eyes. How dare he treat her like a child? They didn't even know each other.

"I'm fine," she snapped.

"Come on, let's go dance," said Chris, moving to her side and tugging at her arm. Justin nodded at her, approving this activity. Between the two of them they had her completely mentally off balance, Chris distracting her from Justin's demand, Justin distracting her from Chris' manhandling. She felt like she was being swept up like a tiny shell in an ocean wave, and she had no idea when she was going to come crashing down onto the sand.

Less then two minutes after Chris had her out on the dance floor, his body moving so close to hers but without rubbing against her in a lewd way, Justin had joined them and he had a glass of water for her. Jessica glared at him but took the glass of water. Whatever. She was thirsty and it wasn't a bad idea. After about half a glass she was debating trying to retreat, but Justin put his hands on her hips from behind, holding her in place between him and Chris. Unfortunately her body responded with absolute delight, being sandwiched between the two of them, attuned to her need for sex, her desire to be between two men.

"Drink the whole thing," he growled into her ear, and heat shivered through her. She had the straw in her mouth before she had time to think about it. Dammit. Apparently going to the school had also brought out her submissive tendencies completely, whether she was having sex or not.

She was about to pull the straw away from her mouth when Chris put his fingers under her chin, holding it in place. His eyes were smoldering with sex and lust.

"Suck," he said. Jessica automatically sucked in a mouthful of water. And then sputtered as she tried to breathe it in instead of swallowing.

Behind her, Justin laughed, wrapping his arms around her as she coughed. Ugh. How unsexy.

"Sorry sweetheart," Chris said, his eyes dancing. "I thought you'd know to swallow."

Jessica glared at him, about to take him apart for inappropriate sexual innuendo to a co-worker, when Justin's fingers stroked the sides of her hips. She had a sudden in drawn breathe down her burning throat as heat flashed through her. There was an answering flame in Chris' eyes, pinning her back against Justin. Whom she suddenly realized had a throbbing erection, pressing against her ass. Part of her wanted to move away... the other part of her wanted to grind back into him.

Her body was primed for sex. She'd gone from having multiple orgasms a day and amazing sexual experiences for two weeks straight, to nothing for the past 5 days. Now she was in a fantasy situation, with two men, who were both acting interested in her, and had her caught between them. The situation was so similar to her experience at the Venus School that her mind finally, reluctantly, caught up with what her body had been trying to tell her from the very beginning.

"You... it can't be... You're..." She floundered for words, too afraid to actually say them. Chris moved forward, trapping her between them, and she could feel her heart beating rapid-fire in her chest, her eyes were opened to their biggest as he loomed over her. The sexual response was immediate, and she tightened her thighs together as her pussy flooded. He glanced up and over her shoulder with amused and wary eyes.

"I think she's figured it out," he said. Jessica gasped. It was true.

Before she could react Justin was already moving, his fingers wrapped around her arm in a firm grip and pulling her toward the exit. "Let's go somewhere else."

Chris played rear guard. No one noticed that they were leaving.


It turned out Justin lived a short walk from the bar, in small brick house with beige shutters. Very manly. Very appropriate. Very confusing. Jessica felt numb, chaotic. As they'd walked she'd texted Hilary and told her that she had left, apologized for not saying goodbye and that she'd text her later. The answering text has been scolding but not upset. The two men had carried on a conversation, leaving spaces for her to join in, but not pressuring her to. Mostly about everything that they'd missed at work while being away for the past two weeks. She felt grateful, as it gave her time to get herself together.

Once they were in Justin's house he got her a glass of wine. White. The kind of drink she usually had at Happy Hour, at least when it wasn't martini night. Jessica stared at it blankly for a moment and then downed it in one gulp, which got her a glare from the man holding the bottle.

"Drink this one more slowly," he ordered.

"And if I don't?" she asked snarkily.

"Then I'll take you over my lap and spank you."

His tone brooked no room for argument and Jessica gasped at the liquid rush of lust that flowed through her. Chris' hands rubbed her shoulders from behind, guiding her towards one of the stools sitting in font of the kitchen island.

"Sit down, little one," he said. "And do what Justin says, he's feeling testy today."

Once they got her situated, the two of them moved to the other side of the island. In some ways it gave her some more space and that should have made her feel more relaxed, but it also meant that they were both looking at her again, pinning her in place with their eyes. There was no way to escape looking at them without being obvious about it. Jessica stared at her glass of wine.

"You must have questions," Justin said, and Jessica looked up, surprised. He smiled gently at her. Ah yes, Mr. Flood. All dominance and hard edged steel, until you got to the gentle caretaker underneath. "Go ahead and ask."

Of course, now that he'd opened the door, her mind was like a blank slate.

"Okay, I'll start," he said, glancing at Chris. "We've both had our eye on you for awhile."

"But you always ran when we tried to get close," Chris interrupted, winking at her. "It was enough to make a man feel intimidating." Jessica managed a weak smile. Intimidating didn't begin to cover it, but Chris' playfulness helped her to relax and feel more comfortable. Just like Mr. Fire's had. Yeah, they were still the same people that she'd spent the last two weeks with.

"When Olivia mentioned that you were going to the Venus School, well... we hadn't had a stint of Instructing for awhile and we decided to return."

"You were there because of me?" Surprise overrode her natural inhibitions, and the alcohol was probably helping too. She was honestly startled though, she'd just thought it had been some kind of crazy coincidence and they'd happened to recognize her in the bar. Hearing that they had gone there for her made her feel warm... and then angry. "So you knew who I was the entire time?"

"There's our little firebrand," said Chris, grinning at her. "I knew we couldn't keep you down for long."

"Yes, we knew," Justin said calmly, his eye catching hers like a spear. She quivered. "School policy maintains that we can't talk about that kind of thing while we're there though. And we weren't even sure if you'd like either of us."

"We were hoping to get to know you better. Find out if you were the kind of girl that would, ah, enjoy being with one of us."

They glanced at each other again, looking surprisingly off balance and vulnerable. Like they still weren't entirely sure.

"I enjoyed being with both of you," she said, fueled by the alcohol, and the tenderness that she felt seeing that they weren't as cocksure and confident as they'd been acting. The immediate beaming smiles that she got from both of them warmed her insides. She toyed with her wine glass, sliding it back and forth between her fingers on the island top. "So... what now?"

"Well, now we were hoping that you might have some mercy on us and let one of us take you out on a date," Chris said. Justin nodded. They both looked incredibly tense. Jessica felt her heart sink. Choose between them? How was she supposed to do that? Somehow they'd gotten mixed up together in her head. She liked the balance that they provided each other, the different aspects of their personalities that complemented the other's.

Taking a big enough swallow of wine that Justin's eyes narrowed at her, Jessica gathered her courage.

"I... enjoyed being with both of you," she said again. And then stopped, looking up at them with a pleading expression. Trying to say out loud what she wanted was just too hard. Too risky. Would either of them even want to be with a girl who wanted something as perverse as she did?

They both stared at her.

"Both of us?" Justin echoed. He looked at Chris. Chris looked back at him. Jessica's shoulders tensed, unable to interpret the expressions on their faces. "Huh. I hadn't realized that might happen, although I should have."

Chris grinned at him. "Me either. I can't say I'm entirely sorry though."

"No, not sorry at all," Justin said before looking back at her. Now both of them were looking at her in a way that made her insides melt into a gooey mush of organs. They weren't going to run screaming?

"Really?" she asked, unable to bear the suspense. "You don't think I'm a freak?"

They both laughed.

"Not at all," Justin said, and they both started coming around to her from different sides of the island. Jessica spun around on her stool so that she was facing away from the island, leaving her glass of wine there. "I think you just made both of us very happy. No matter which one of us you chose, the loser would have been sad to lose you and the winner would have been sad for his friend."

"I don't mind sharing at all," Chris said. "We've shared women before. Never a woman that meant anything to us but I'm willing to give it a try if you are."

Justin nodded. They were both now standing in front of her, one on either side, looking down at her as she sat on the stool. Who could believe it... Hilary had been right all along. Sometimes a girl really did get her fairy tale ending, even if it was a particularly kinky fairy tale.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, please."

That was all they needed. As they moved in on her Jessica closed her eyes and she couldn't for the life of her tell which of them kissed her first. It didn't matter. She wanted them. Both of them. Hands were on her and she had one hand on each of their shoulders, keeping her upright on the stool. The lips kissing her took control of her mouth forcefully, commanding as his tongue delved into her, claiming her. Then she was passed off to another kiss, just as demanding, just as dominant. God, could she really keep up with both of them?

They were going to find out.

One of them scooped her up in his arms and Jessica wriggled, finally opening her eyes. Justin, of course. She peeked over his shoulder to where Chris was following, grinning ecstatically at her, looking like all his dreams had come true. She glanced at Justin and caught him looking down at her with a tender expression on his face as she had been looking at Chris. They really did care about her, and just as much about each other. Neither of them showed any jealousy, not that Justin was carrying her or that she'd been watching Chris as another man held her. Hope rose in her chest. They could make this work, they really could.

As soon as Justin tossed her on the bed clothes were flying off of her, leaving her naked for them.

"Well this isn't fair," she said, wrinkling her nose in a teasing manner.

"On your knees little one," Justin said, ignoring her half-hearted protested. "Present yourself to us."

Desire quivered inside of her as she got on her knees. That's why they were still clothed. Establishing dominance from the very beginning. Oh goodness... they were both going to dominate her. At the same time. Justin's intensity, Chris' playfulness mixing together as they used her for their pleasure. It was the sexiest, most insane fantasy she'd ever had, and it was happening. Although everything had been focused on her during the Ménage class, she was already realizing that it was very different from being dominated by both of them at the same time.

Once she was on her knees, hands behind her back with her breasts thrust out, glistening pussy open for them to see, they both crawled onto the bed with her. Jessica whimpered, wanting to be able to touch them. Grabbing a handful of curls at the nape of her neck, Justin tilted her head back. He could see her pulse beating in her throat as her heart rate sped up in excitement.

"Don't move," he ordered, and then he claimed her mouth. It was too intense to be described as a kiss. He took her with his lips, owned her, mastered her. Jessica made soft begging sounds in her throat, her fingers tightening around her wrist behind her as Justin used one hand to toy with her breast while Chris' hands slid down the front and back of her body. Her clit throbbed as his finger brushed by it. Dipping the digit into her juices, he swirled her soft folds, soaking his finger in wetness, which he then rubbed across her clit, lubricating the little nub and making it stand even further at attention.

When her hips moved his hand came down hard on her ass, sending a jolt of hot desire flooding through her loins as the sharp sting jolted her.

"Don't move," Chris said, repeating Justin's previous order.

Oh, but it was so hard not to! They were toying with her body, teasing and tantalizing her nerve endings. Two fingers plunged into her body and she moaned enthusiastically into Justin's mouth as Chris began to finger fuck her. The hand on her hair tightened, making her scalp tingle, and a sharp pinch on her nipple made her insides clench around the thrusting digits in her pussy.

"Mmm, she's hot for it," Chris said.

Justin ended the kiss and looked up as Chris pulled his fingers from Jessica's body, coated in her juices. When Justin opened his mouth, Chris inserted his fingers, letting his friend suck her sweet nectar from his hand, and Jessica gasped at the sight. The guys grinned at each other, pleased that they were still able to shock her. They didn't have any sexual interest in each other, but they'd had enough contact during the times that they'd shared a woman that they were extremely comfortable with each other. And it never failed to arouse a woman than to see the two of them interact in some unexpected way.

"Very sweet," said Justin, and then he turned to kiss her again, letting her taste herself on his tongue, before sliding away again. He gave Chris a quick nod, handing over the proverbial control.

"Lie back little on," Chris said as Justin got off the bed. "Stretch your arms out above her head and grab onto the bars on the headboard." He loved Justin's bed, it was made for situations just like this. They wouldn't secure her with restraints tonight though, they were going to want to move her around too much and they were going to be too impatient to deal with cuffs or rope. Grabbing Jessica's ankles he pulled her body down so that she was completely stretched out. Then he spread her legs wide, and she whimpered as her pussy was exposed to him, feeling incredibly vulnerable. This was so different than being in a classroom where there were other people around. This was real. "Beautiful."

Moaning, Jessica arched her back, her muscles straining as Chris kept her in place.

"Don't move sweet heart. Now I want you to watch Justin, and whatever you do don't let go of the headboard."

This was worse than bondage. At least with bondage she could have fought the restraints, tugged on them. Now it was up to her own willpower and her desire to follow their orders to keep her in position. Jessica whimpered as Chris' mouth kissed the inside of her knee, just as Justin began unbuttoning his shirt. It was sheer torture. Chris slowly moving up her thighs with his mouth, teasing her body, as Justin did a slow strip tease for her, and she couldn't reach out and touch either of them. Visually stimulating, physically sensual, and a complete mind fuck.

She had been right. The two of them together were absolutely overwhelming.

A tongue slid between her heated pussy lips as Justin's pants dropped. Her hips thrust up and she whimpered. Immediately Chris' hands pressed down on her body, right over her hip bones, keeping her legs from being able to close and also holding her down so that she couldn't move. All she could do was take what he was giving to her... slow sensual lapping at her pussy, teasing her, swiping up her slit and avoiding the one spot that she wanted him so badly to hit. She wriggled with denied passion as he held her in place, her fingers feeling like they were going to go right through the iron if she gripped any harder.

Then Justin rolled down his underwear, revealing the thick erection between his legs. Jessica moaned. She wanted it. Inside of her. She didn't care where. Keeping eye contact with her as Chris's tongue slide up and down her pussy, Justin deliberately gripped the heavy shaft and stroked himself. The moaning sound that Jessica made could only be described as guttural.

"Please," she begged. "Please..."

"Please what?" Justin asked, moving closer. Her eyes were locked onto his dick, she licked her lips as she saw the pearly drop of fluid at the tip.

"Please, fuck me," she said in a hoarse whisper.

Justin smiled at her. "Not yet."

She groaned. Damn them, rat fink bastards!

"Stay still," Justin ordered as Chris got up from between her legs. They traded places. "Watch Chris now sweetheart."

If they kept tormenting her like this she was going to go insane. Unlike Chris, Justin didn't hold her down. Instead he put each of her legs over his shoulders, opening her pussy to him... and also her anus. As his tongue pressed against the little bundle of nerves Jessica gasped. The visual stimulation of watching her second strip tease, of the other man that she loved - yes, loved, she wasn't going to deny her feelings for them anymore, not to herself at least - while her other lover tongued her ass was incredibly intense.

Muscular chest, thin line of hair down to his stomach. A finger, lubricated with her juices, pressed into her ass and Justin's tongue swirled around her pussy lips as Chris unbuckled his belt and Jessica writhed. They were too much for her, and yet she couldn't even contemplate the idea of leaving. No, no, no, she would stay here and take whatever they would give her, which would probably be screaming orgasms until she passed out. Her body was thrumming with anticipation, the sensual tension that they were building inside of her was becoming unbearable. Chris pulled off his pants and boxers and Jessica's eyes flashed.

"Fuck me, please fuck me," she begged.

"Mmmm, you beg so nicely," Chris said, walking over. Kneeling beside her on the bed she felt completely helpless as he examined her entire body and the head bobbing between her thighs. Justin's oral assault was highly skilled, the finger in her ass stretching her, teasing her, and not allowing her to cum. Then, when Chris reached down and began tugging on her nipples, Justin finally moved his mouth to the only neglected part of her pussy - her clit.

Jessica howled with orgasm as the tight pinch on her nipples, the suction of her clit and the finger in her ass sent her careening over the edge of passion, pleasure rippling through her. So much stimulation, more than she'd ever thought possible, because it was two men who were pleasuring her. Two fingers delved into her pussy, below Justin's mouth, and Chris lowered his lips to hers, swallowing her renewed screams as the pads of Justin's fingers rubbed over her g-spot and sent her on another wave of clenching, shuddering ecstasy.

She moaned softly as they released her and Justin let her legs fall to the bed. The satiated feeling in her belly allowed her to release the hard grip she had on the headboard. Justin chuckled softly as he looked her over.

"Give me your hands, sweetheart," he said. God, how could they be so controlled when she had just been so wild? As she released her grip on the bed, wincing a little, she gave her cramped fingers into Justin's care. Chris slid behind her lifting her up so that he could settle himself behind her as Justin kissed her hands and massaged them. The flare of lust she saw in Justin's eyes made her realize that of course they were feeling just as wild as she was, but they had to remain in control of themselves otherwise they might just fuck her into the ground immediately. It was a kind of thoughtfulness and caring that a lot of men didn't have, and Jessica truly appreciated it.

Chris cupped her breasts and began to play with them from behind as Justin massaged the cramps out of her fingers. She moaned as new feelings of arousal stirred through her, re-igniting the heat between her legs. They were so damn good at that. The amount of desire that the roused in her made her feel wanton. Like the sex kitten that Hilary had accused her of being.

Spreading her legs a little more, she looked up at Justin through lowered lashes, flirtatiously inviting. He burst out laughing.

"I think she's had enough pampering," he said, grinning down at her. She loved being able to make him laugh, to break that exterior of control. Almost as soon as she had that thought the laughter was gone again, although it still lurked in his eyes. But he was getting back down to business. "Turn over little one, I want to see you suck on Chris' cock."

"Yes Sir," Jessica said, and she had the joy of seeing his cock jerk in response. Making her movements as sultry as possible, she slowly turned over, lifting her ass in the air and wiggling her hips invitingly as she settled onto her knees between Chris' legs, settling her hands down onto his thighs. Chris moaned, watching her movements with avid interest. With surefire female instinct she knew that Justin was doing the same behind her, and she deliberately arched her back as she leaned over, thrusting the creamy swells of her ass into the air.

"Little tease," she heard him say behind her, his voice husky with desire. Lowering her lips to Chris' dick, she let her tongue slip out and tease his head. He groaned and thrust his hips upwards, but she moved her mouth away, sliding her tongue down the side of his shaft as it thrust past her. Little tease indeed, she'd show them.

But that's not how they played and truthfully she didn't really want them to. Chris grasped her hair in his hand and maneuvered her head around until his cock was pointing straight up at her lips. The manhandling just turned her on even more, and she spread her legs wider as she bent her head to her task, hoping that Justin would have pity on her. The head of his cock rubbed against her sensitive pussy as she began to bob her head up and down on Chris, the musky smell of his body filling her nose as she sucked hard on the thick meat, rubbing her tongue over all the sensitive spots she'd found on him during classes. His grip on her hair sent waves of lust surging through her as he took even this little bit of control away from her, moving her head up and down on him. As his cock hit the back of her throat, she swallowed, feeling him ease past her gag reflex. A shudder went through her as she managed to stuff most of him in her mouth. There was something intensely satisfying about the feel of having him between her lips.

The soft moaning noises he was making was music to her ears, and almost distracting enough for her to forget what was going on behind her... at least until Justin started thrusting forward. Her body opened for him, stretching around the thick cock that was pushing inside of her, and she cried out around Chris' dick. All of them moaned and grunted together, feeding on each other's pleasure.

"Fuck that's beautiful," said Chris, and she glanced up at him to see him staring down at her. Their eyes met, her mouth filled with him, intensifying the experience as Justin began to rock back and forth behind her. She shuddered as Justin began to pull out of her, trying to follow him with her body, but his hands on her hips and Chris' hand in her hair kept her in place.

Reaching underneath her with his free hand, Chris grasped her breast, giving him hold over another part of her body. Even now they kept her restrained, right where they wanted her, giving her everything they wanted and making her take it. And she loved it. Her body shuddered between them as Justin began fucking her from behind, filling her over and over again with his thickness. She made whimpering noises around Chris' dick, making him moan as the vibrations from her throat traveled over his hard length.

"Hand me the lube," Justin said, and the command made Jessica's body clench again. The eager noises she was making her muffled but unmistakable and the men grinned at each other as Chris released her breast and reached over to Justin's side table, grabbing the lube that he'd sent out there.

Justin held himself still inside of her as he coated two of his fingers with lube and Jessica wiggled her hips eagerly, earning herself another hard smack on the ass. It only made her want them more.

"Fuck baby," Chris said, his body quivering underneath hers as she went into suction overload in reaction to the two fingers pushing their way into her anus. She was already so full of Justin's cock, and she was hoping, praying, that they would sandwich her again. That she would be able to feel both of them inside of her, rubbing against each other, filling her with everything they had. Was Justin preparing her for that, right now? Her insides convulsed around him. The eagerness to be filled by them translated itself into one of the most enthusiastic blow jobs she'd ever given, her needy mouth making hard hungry slurps as if she could drink all of her desires and fantasies straight from Chris' body. "SHIT!"

The hand on her hair pulled her head back up and she whimpered with disappointment at the loss of his cock in her mouth.

"Everything okay?" asked Justin, slowing his thrusts from behind her. Chris grinned at him.

"More than okay, but I think she's ready for the next part."

"Please, please, please," said Jessica. Her eyes were glassy with lust, her hair tousled and lips swollen from kissing and sucking. Chris had never see anything so beautiful. Carefully he slid down underneath her as Justin pulled out of her pussy.

"Come here baby," Chris said, grasping her hips in his hands and arranging her above him. Immediately Jessica sank down, right on top of him, her needy pussy grinding against his body. The fast thrust had taken his breath away and he groaned. The thirty seconds between being in her mouth and being in her pussy had barely been enough. "Hold still sweetheart, let Justin get into position."

Which would also give him enough time to recover.

With his cock liberally coated in Jessica's pussy juices, and the lube from his fingers in her ass, Justin decided that she was prepared enough. The sight of Chris' dick filling her pretty pink pussy was enough to make him want to cum just from looking at it, but he knew that's not what he really wanted. Pressing Jessica forward, he admired her curves of her body, the sight of a cock already filling her, and the shining tight ring of her anus, all slick and ready for him. The head of his cock looked tiny against her little hole and as he pressed inside he could feel the intense heat of her body surrounding him. It took a little bit of work and force to get his head past the muscular ring, she was practically pulsing around him as he pushed.

Mewling, Jessica shoved her hips back, giving small cries of pained pleasure as Justin's cock was forced into her tighter hole, sliding along side of Chris'. Once he was able to breach the opening, he shoved in hard, filling her completely. Her back arched and she yelped as he slid home, her body quivering with the aching stretch of accommodating two cocks at once.

"Ooooooh yes," she said, all of her muscles tightening around them. She was already on the verge of another orgasm, just from having them inside of her like this. "Please, fuck me, fuck me... please..."

"Our names," Justin whispered in her ear as they held themselves inside of her, keeping her wedged and still between them. Chris pinched her nipples hard and she spasmed, clamping down on them. "Say our names."

"Justin please... Oh fuck... Chris... please, fuck me." As she said each of their names, they started to move, alternating rhythms. Justin pushed into her ass as Chris' cock dragged out of her pussy, then as Chris shoved upwards into her pussy Justin's cock pulled out of her ass. Caught between them Jessica could do nothing but accept their pleasure, her body rocking but unable to accommodate both rhythms at once. She writhed and panted, her high pitched gasps and begging turning all three of them on more.

When she came she screamed, alternating their names as she bucked and heaved, her clit pressed hard against Chris' pubic bone, her tight holes clenching and releasing, trying to hold them inside of her.

"That's it baby, ride it out," Justin said, reaching his hands between them and sliding it down her stomach. Chris pinched her nipples again, just as Justin's fingers rubbed over her mound.

"Oh no... please... I can't..." Jessica begged, twisting between them. The overwhelming passion had flooded her system and she was sure that if she orgasmed again then her heart would stop, she couldn't take it.

"Cum for us baby," Justin growled, his fingers pinching her swollen clit.

She howled.

"OH FUCK! JUSTIN!... oh oh OH CHRIS! Oh please... fuck... PLEASE... JUSTIN... CHRIS!"

Her clenching holes finally got the best of both of them and they shoved into her, spurting almost in unison. Jessica screamed, a high keening noise, as she was forced into an intensely powerful orgasm, her toes curling as she thrashed between them, all of her muscles spasming. The pressure against her clit was relentless, she was so full, and they were pulsing inside of her... rocking her... FUCK!

Tears trickled down her cheeks as she collapsed between them, her body making small movements as they filled her with their cum, every nerve ending alive and tingling with blissful satisfaction.

"Oh," she said again softly, under her breath, her cheek resting against Chris' heaving chest. The men's arms around her felt so wonderfully right. In this moment she sincerely thought her heart might burst with emotion.

Movement behind her, and with reluctance she felt Justin slip from her anus. She shuddered at the sense of loss as well as the sensitivity of that whole area. Once Justin was out, Chris shifted her over, which meant that he was no longer inside of her either, but at least she was cuddled between them. Now her back was pressed against Chris and Justin leaned forward to kiss her again.

"Can we talk you into staying the night?" Chris asked.

Before Jessica could answer Justin growled at him. "Of course she's staying the night."

She giggled. "Are you going to tie me down if I say no?"

"Yes," Justin said, completely unrepentant.

It was too easy to be there, cuddling with them, feeling as if she didn't have a care in the world. But what would tomorrow be like?

"Guys," she said, and then hesitated. "Look, I really care a lot about you both, but are we seriously going to do this? How does this work?"

Both of them kissed her at once, Justin on the lips and Chris on the back of her neck. Wonderful. They were wonderful.

"We'll make it up as we go along," said Chris. "That's what most people in relationships do."

"We love you Jessica," agreed Justin. "We'll make it work.

Jessica gaped at him and he smiled at her as Chris laughed.

"We love you Jessica," Chris repeated, caressing her hip.

"Oh..." she said, tears sparking in her eyes. "I love you too."

And the three of the moved together, holding each other so close that she could no longer tell where one of them began or any of them ended. Together. They'd figure it out.


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