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The Venus School of Sex

Novel By: goldeniangel

Jessica's realized that she has desires that she wants to explore, what better place than The Venus School of Sex where students can take classes in whatever kinks and fantasies they might wish to explore? Little does she know that the two instructors she's drooling over know exactly who she is in real life... and they're overjoyed that she's at the school. View table of contents...


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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.

If you get to the end and don't like it… that's okay! Just keep reading. There's one more chance to enjoy a possible conclusion! =)

"Wow," said Jessica. "Thanks for helping us out, we'd probably end up dying of thirst if we were on our own."

"I doubt that," said Greg smoothly, giving her a wink as he sidled over to her. Also very cute, he looked to be in his late twenties with light brown hair, and he seemed to like the way she looked in her black dress. Unfortunately, despite his attractiveness, she didn't actually feel any attraction to him. Gratitude, sure. "Don't you know the bar rules? Pretty girls always get served." He winked at her.

Okay, well sometimes a spark doesn't happen right away. And Hilary was already flirting with Bryan, so she wouldn't want to ditch the guys. Jessica would try a little flirting of her own, and if nothing else then she'd play wingman for Hilary tonight. Bryan was just Hilary's type, another blonde like her, lean, cute, and very preppy looking. It wasn't Greg's fault that Jessica wanted tall and dark and wearing leathers.

"Thanks," she said to Greg, laughing. "It's nice to have handsome men taking care of us."

The gleam in his eye told her that he appreciated the compliment. The guys steered them away from the bar to where there would be less people knocking into them. It didn't take long before they hit the dance floor, but by that time Jessica already knew she wasn't that interested in Greg. He was nice and cute and funny, but he just did nothing for her.

Unfortunately that didn't keep him from pressing his suit a little more than she was comfortable with on the dance floor. He had Roaming Hands Syndrome. She felt bad, but after about half an hour she couldn't put up with it anymore and had to give Hilary the look that mean "Please, get me out of here."

They took a quick trip to the bathroom where Jessica apologized, but Hilary wouldn't hear any of it.

"He's nice, but that's not really what we're out here for. You're supposed to be having a good time!"

"I was, I'm just starting to get uncomfortable."

"Then we'll go home," Hilary said, smiling. Jessica was relieved to see that there wasn't any disappointment on her friend's face, she truly wasn't that interested in Bryan. Without going to find the guys to say goodbye, the two girls dipped out and left the club.


Coming back to work on Monday was so strange, after having been gone for two weeks. It was like nothing had ever changed. Not even the office gossip. Of course, that might have been because Jessica was spending time with the same people she always spent time with. The women she and Hilary went to lunch with tended to talk about the same topics: men, diets, and the latest movies or books that they were interested in.

During the afternoon she went into the break room to get a glass of water and found, to her annoyance, that the cooler was empty and whoever had been the last person to get a glass hadn't put a new jug on. Sighing, she pulled the empty one off and bent down to get the new one. She hated these things, they were heavy and you had to turn them upside down and get them in the exact right spot... she struggled with the awkward piece of equipment.

"Stop. Don't move."

That voice. Yeah, she'd heard that voice saying similar things before. Tanned hands grabbed onto the jug and Jessica found herself looking up into a very familiar pair of eyes. Eyes that seemed rather shocked to be seeing her as well.

No mistaking that look.

"Justin, what are- oh."

Another familiar voice, this time from the doorway to the break room, as Mr. Flood - a.k.a. Justin - settled the jug into its spot on top of the cooler. Jessica turned, already knowing that she was going to see the unmasked Mr. Fire.

Both of them were obviously startled to see her there, too startled to cover their immediate reaction. If there had been an opportunity for them to cover up who they were, it was gone now. They glanced at each other, speaking volumes in just one look, and Jessica's eyes narrowed.

Crossing her arms, she quickly realized that just pushed her breasts up. The new shirt she was wearing showed enough cleavage that Mr. Flood, Justin, ran his eyes appreciatively over the visible creamy skin, and made Jessica's stomach sink right into her pelvis. All the blood seemed to be rushing there too.

"Uh, hi," said Mr. Fire, shifting nervously as he shot a glance at Flood. Justin just stood there impassively, looking down at her and reading every minute expression and hint of body language. Sexy, scary man.

"Justin," she said to him, keeping an iron grip on her voice so that it didn't shake. Then she turned her gaze back to Mr. Fire. "And...?"

"Chris," he said, clearing his throat. "We should, ah, go somewhere and talk."

Jessica scowled. She wasn't sure that she wanted to talk to either of them, but then Justin's hand gripped her arm and she melted a little. "Come on, we'll go to my office."

If she'd had a moment to think she might have protested, but Justin's hand on her arm was insistent, and she DID want to know what was going on. So she walked, keeping pace with him rather than letting him drag her. Damn her traitorous body for thinking it was hot that he was leading her through the building like this.

When they got to his office she recognized the division - they took care of all the social media marketing. She had never been down in this part of the offices, being the CFO's executive assistant, but she knew that's what happened over here. Justin's office door was very thick, and the sound of it shutting was both intimidating and exciting. He didn't release her arm until he had her settled in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

Surprisingly he didn't sit on the other side of the desk, instead he sat in the chair next to hers, keeping them as equals. Chris leaned against the desk beside him. Both of them were watching her so closely that it was unnerving.

"We didn't want you to find out like this," Justin said, taking control of the situation as usual. But at the same time his eyes were so caring, so concerned for her. It was in that moment that Jessica knew, if she had a choice, she'd choose him. Being dominated and taken care of, the way he did, it completed something inside of her.

"That's okay," she said. "I was just really startled to recognize you. Both of you." Quickly she snapped her eyes up to Chris, not wanting to leave him out of the conversation. After all, she still really liked him, but he just didn't make her insides pop and sizzle the way Justin did. Seeing them as real people, without their masks... Justin was just the type of guy that she'd been looking for. Not that it made a difference. She steeled herself for the inevitable lecture about how they would all need to maintain their professionalism. That was going to suck, but it was for the best.

"Listen, Jessica." Justin leaned forward and took her hand. As overpowering as he was, he was still such a sweetheart underneath. "Chris and I... we both like you. A lot."

Well that wasn't at all what she had been expecting. She gaped at Justin and he put his fingers under her chin, gently closing her mouth.

"We're not going to force ourselves on you, now that we're back home," he said. "But," he glanced at Chris and took a deep breath, the most vulnerable she'd ever seen him, "if you were interested in one of us, that would be... ah..."

Watching him stumble over his words was the cutest thing she'd ever seen.

"The other one won't mind?" she tried not to glance at Chris, but couldn't help it. Justin was who she wanted, even now, Chris' passiveness during this talk confirmed her decision. Out of the two of them, Justin was definitely the more dominant, and she liked that.

"No," Chris smiled at her, as if he knew what she was thinking. "The other won't mind."

"We're best friends," said Justin. "Nothing's going to change that, but either one of us would be very happy to be with you."

Jessica bit her lip, not sure if she could just say it. But then Chris laughed and clapped Justin on the shoulder. Both of them had seen the little looks she was giving them... apologetic to Chris and wanting towards Justin. There were truly no hard feelings on Chris' part, he knew that Justin cared a lot about her, and obviously she felt more compatible to him.

"Good luck you two," he said, and walked out the door.

When Jessica turned back to look at Justin he was still staring at her, almost wonderingly. A little sadly too, as if he regretted that his friend couldn't be as happy as he was. So strong. So domineering. So generously caring.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes Sir," she said, the 'Sir' coming almost automatically. The heat in Justin's eyes flared. He glanced at the clock. Eleven thirty five.

"What time do you usually take lunch?"


"Would you mind taking an earlier lunch today?"

Her heart started to pound and her mouth went dry. Closing her lips, she nodded as she tried to get herself together. Mr. Flood... Justin... stood and went to the office door, locking it. Just hearing the noise made her nipples harden. He came back, looming over where she was sitting.

"I have a fantasy, involving you sweet Jessica, are you interested?"

"What is it?" Two silly questions. Of course she was interested and it didn't matter what it was, but she was still curious and wanted to know. He chuckled darkly, and the sound zipped through her. That was the laugh that he tended to use right before doing something... hot.

"I'd like to bend you over my desk and take you from behind."

Oh so hot.

"Yes please."

His hand cupped her chin and pulled her to her feet and he leaned down for a kiss, his hard body feeling so good against hers. Work sex... she didn't have an office, but if she did this was exactly the kind of fantasy she'd want to fulfill in it. Hands slid down her back and gripped her buttocks, squeezing them and making her push her body against him.

"Unbutton your blouse," he said, as he nipped her earlobe, teasing his lips along the sensitive skin of her neck. Jessica complied, and he immediately put his hands into her shirt, scooping them into her bra and pulling her breasts out. As she arched her back, letting her head fall, he lowered his lips to one hard little nipple and sucked. The sensation throbbed through her.

It only took him another moment to get her situated, blouse hanging open, hard nipples brushing against his oversized day calendar, elbows propped on the desk, with her skirt up around her hips. The fact that they were both going to be mostly clothed just turned her on even more.

"Where would you like me?" he asked, his voice a sexy murmur as he trailed a finger over her asshole and then down into her very wet pussy. Jessica hesitated for only a moment.

"My ass please," she said softly. He'd taken her anal virginity from her and she wanted him there again. It would complete something for her. Justin groaned softly behind her as she wiggled her perfect, heart-shaped butt at him, so turned on that she wanted him in her most intimate hole.

A drawer opened and closed next to her and she giggled as she realized that he kept lube at the office.

"Do this often?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at him with a raise eyebrow. His expression was stern, but there was laughter in his eyes as he slapped her right butt cheek. The heat burned through her. Two fingers probed her anus and she gasped as he pushed them inside of her, stretching the tight ring of muscle.

"Let's call it wishful thinking, except that it looks like my wish is coming true."

Oh god... he really had fantasized about having her like this one his desk. And like a boy scout, he'd made sure he was prepared just in case one day it happened.

After pumping his fingers back and forth in her a few times, Justin lined his cock up with her asshole. They both groaned as he began to push in. It was so tight, so hot... Jessica clenched down convulsively as he pushed deeper. The erotic burning stretch of her muscles was almost too intense to bear after several days of no activity in that area.

Bent over his desk, taking his cock up her ass... and feeling completely dominated by him. Wanted by him. This was more than just his fantasy come true, it was hers as well.

He pressed a hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy, as he shoved deep into her bowels, keeping his other hand firmly on her hips.

"Play with your nipples, pinch them hard," he ordered and she could hear the strain in his voice as he pleasured himself with her body. Spreading her legs even more, Jessica bent down further, her breasts flattening against her hands which were stuck between them and the desk. She pinched her nipples, twisting them underneath her, as Justin slammed into her from behind, her ass high in the air and filled with his cock.

"Oh... Oh Justin..." she cried out, feeling her pussy start to cream. Her ass tightened down on him. "OH JUSTIN... OH FUCK...."

"That's it, cum for me," he said in a husky growl, thrusting brutally into her anal cavity, his fingers pinching her clit. Jessica covered her mouth with one hand, letting out a muffled howl as she shuddered and came, the ecstasy expanding out from her stretched asshole and rippling through her body.

Justin groaned and spurts of cum forced their way into her asshole, filling her with his seed. Her ass twitched and spasmed, sucking every drop from him.

They lay, panting, against his desk, Justin's cheek resting on Jessica's back.

"Have dinner with me tonight? The correct answer is yes."

Her anus contracted around his softening cock as she laughed softly.

"Any night and every night that you'd like," she said. Hilary had been right, the darn optimist. Sometimes dreams did come true.

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