The Venus School of Sex

By: goldeniangel

Chapter 1, Jessica\'s realized that she has desires that she wants to explore, what better place than The Venus School of Sex where students can take classes in whatever kinks and fantasies they might wish to explore? Little does she know that the two instructors she\'s drooling over know exactly who she is in real life... and they\'re overjoyed that she\'s at the school.

This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental.  This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.

"Will you tell me all about it when you get back?" asked Hilary, watching Jessica pack with swift practiced motions. Not that she needed to pack much, from everything she'd read in the brochure the school provided "uniforms."

Jessica glanced at her best friend. They'd been best friends since they were 10 years old, and now at 25 nothing had changed that. "You know I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement along with a bunch of other papers when I get there."

"Aw that's just so you don't sue them or out them to a newspaper or anything, it's not for keeping secrets from your best friend." Hilary pouted prettily at her, tossing long blonde hair as she crossed her arms and swung her head around in mock sulkiness. Jessica grinned, shaking her own short brown curls at her friend.

"If you wanted to know, you should have signed up with me," she admonished. Her hand hovered over her garter belt and stockings, her favorite black ones with a visible seam that travels up the center of the back of her legs. Ah heck, why not. Maybe she wouldn't get the chance to wear it, but then again maybe she would.

Hilary rolled her eyes. "You're the adventurous one, not me. Not," she added dryly, "that anyone would be able to tell looking at your closet." Her eyes raked unforgivingly over the garments hanging in it. It was true, most of them were good colors on Jessica's slightly tanned skin tone, but for the most part she wore clothes that were a size too big, preferring to hide her body rather than show it off. When Hilary said that Jessica was adventurous she meant that Jessica had played around with some slightly kinkier aspects of sex with her last boyfriend, Sean, letting him tie her up and blindfold her, he even gagged her once. It had turned her on immensely, but he hadn't been willing to go further than that, saying that he felt awkward, not sexy. Hilary was pure vanilla, even though she had loved living vicariously though Jessica's descriptions. However she dressed to impress, and plenty of guys panted after her, perfectly willing to put up with pure missionary sex as long as they could peel off her skin tight jeans and tops to the delectable body they knew was just a thin layer of fabric away.

"I plan to be a lot more adventurous," Jessica muttered. She threw some toiletries in her bag, and her birth control pills, and then zipped it up. She was done. It felt weird to only need one duffel bag for a two week long seminar in sexual exploration - AHEM - two week long vacation.

"At least tell me if it's good," Hilary begged. "If you like it and you want to go back, and you say it's worth it, I'll go with you session they have it."

Jessica looked at her friend, surprised. "Really?"

Hilary blushed. "I read some stories online and on my Kindle after you told me about you and David and the stuff you were doing. Some of it's kinda hot. I'm just not sure I'm ready for it. And those are all fiction. If you come back and tell me that it's really good and it's worth it, then yeah, I think I'd be willing to try."

Jessica grinned and impulsively hugged her friend. Even though Hilary was very good about being nonjudgmental, Jessica had felt fearful that confessing she was going on a two week seminar, that would school her in all sorts of sexcapades and probably with various partners, would be too much for her friend's open-mindedness. But she needed to tell someone where she was going, and who could she tell if not her best friend? Obviously not her parents. Her older brother would react just as badly. And Hilary was the only one of her friends that she trusted with this information, she was the most close-mouthed person Jessica had ever met and had never failed to live up to a promise she made. So Jessica knew that she could come home and tell Hilary all about the place, but Jessica was also a very honorable and close mouthed person. If she signed a non-disclosure, she was going to keep her word and not disclose anything. But the idea that Hilary might come with her if she went back, and she felt very sure that this would be exactly what she needed and that she would go back, it would be wonderful the share the experience together.

Grabbing her bag, the girls headed out the door and off to the air port.


"You're sure she's coming," Chris asked Justin again. Justin sighed. He and Chris had been inseparable almost since birth, more of brothers than best friends, they even kind of looked alike, so he knew that Chris was just nervous, but he'd already answered that same question at least five times in the past hour.

"She's on the roster," he said again patiently. "If she'd changed her mind and gone to work today Fiona would have called me."

"Olivia's a great gal," Chris said, finally stopping his pacing and turning to face Justin. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair, his chocolate eyes glinting with anticipation. Sitting in the comfortable arm chair of their room, Justin couldn't figure out why Chris was so agitated; standing tall at 6'3" with a fantastic body, Chris' dark good looks got him plenty of girls. Then again, Justin hid a grin from his friend, not the one he truly wanted. And Justin had to admit, he wanted Jessica too. They all worked at the same company, but Jessica was in a different department, and other than a few not-so-chance meetings at happy hours, they hadn't been able to get close to the buxom brunette, even after they heard her idiot of a boyfriend had dumped her and put her delectable ass back on the market.

When Olivia, their inside lady and very good friend to whom Jessica had drunkenly admitted some of her kinkier desires to one fateful happy hour, had dropped a few hints to Jessica about the Venus School of Sex, their prayers had been answered and Jessica had followed up rabidly on the lead. Now she was signed up for a two week session, that they just happened to be instructing at. There was no way she'd recognize them; the school insisted on absolute discretion even though the students signed a non-disclosure. The instructors were much more at risk for possible embarrassment or blackmail, so they wore masks that covered most of their faces and sometimes even their hair. Justin and Chris weren't worried at all about being recognized, she didn't know them well enough and, as frustrating as that had been in the past, now it was a huge advantage.

They'd take the next two weeks to get to know her, find out what she likes, what turns her on, and then they'd be able to use that knowledge when they got home. This wasn't the first time they'd both wanted the same girl, and their friendship always lasted through it. Both of them were big believers in letting the best man win. And with her coming to the Venus School of Sex, they'd both have a chance to do a lot of winning.


Jessica twiddled nervously with the short hem of the skirt that was part of her "uniform." Upon arrival to the school, which was a beautiful compound located in middle of nowhere, she'd been shown to her room where she met her roommate, a friendly red head named Charity and she'd had about thirty minutes to unpack her small suitcase and get dressed in the Venus' school's attire. She'd barely gotten to glance around her room, not that there was much to see. The room was barely big enough for the two queen sized beds - apparently "after-school activities" were encourage as long as you were ok with doing it in front of your roommate - a tv, a half bookshelf and two small closets with a few shelves in them. She put her underwear and belongings on the shelves and looked at the school uniform. It was both more and less substantial than she'd been expecting.

According to her orientation packet, which she had received the week before, students were expected to wear the school uniforms at all times, unless otherwise instructed by one of the Teachers. Uniforms may not be modified, but they may be accessorized. So she could wear her garter belt and stockings if she wanted to.

The female school uniform consisted of a bra that wasn't really a bra. It was in her size, a 34-DD, but it was even less covering than a demi-cup. Instead of providing any kind of coverage, it merely cupped and presented her breasts, the coverage only extending to just under her nipples, which were clearly visible (and sensually massaged) by the soft silk fabric of the button down school girl shirt. To her surprise, the orientation packet specified that the shirt should be buttoned to the top button unless, of course, otherwise instructed by a Teacher. The bottom of her outfit had the same strange dichotomy - the skirt was longer than she expected, grey and pleated, it hung to mid-thigh. However there were no accompanying panties. She was completely bare underneath her skirt and it made her blush to feel the air freely flowing up the center of her thighs. The uniform was complete with a pair of Mary Jane shoes, soft patent leather and obviously used, but very comfortable.

Outwardly, other than the rose pink of her pointing nipples, she was covered and demure. Underneath, she was deliciously bare. Looking at herself in the full length mirror on the back of their door, she thought she looked a little too prim to be sexy, except for when she caught glimpse of her nipples.

"That's hot," Charity commented. Jessica pirouetted, looking at herself from the back.

"You think so?" she asked anxiously. The clothes were much more form fitting than she was used to, even if she thought they were somewhat more Catholic school girl than she'd expected.

"Definitely," Charity nodded. "Your nipples look especially good."

Jessica blushed. "Thanks, you look pretty hot too."

It was true. She was especially jealous of Charity's obviously naturally red hair; the kind of reddish-orange that girls could never quite get from a dye job. It complimented her milky pale skin and the cute freckles dotted across her nose. Her breasts were small but pert, high up on her chest, and Jessica could see that her jutting nipples were long and full. She blushed when she realized Charity had seen her staring at her chest.

"It's ok," Charity said airily. "You'll get used to everyone staring at each other's nipples and other parts. This is my third time here and I barely notice anymore."

"Your third time?" Jessica said eagerly.

"Yeah, I keep coming back." The redheaded minx grinned mischievously. "There are always new classes to take, or ones to repeat. And sometimes they invite return students to participate in some advanced tutoring." Her eyes glowed with some kind of inward light and Jessica's breath caught in her throat at the sheer sexual anticipation that the other girl was giving off. Charity looked at her and shivered. "Don't worry about that yet. You'll have plenty of things to keep you busy in the regular classes."

A bell rang, quelling Jessica's desire to ask more questions, and heightening her anxiety. Charity, on the other hand, had absolutely no anxiety. She grabbed the door and pulled it open. "Come on, we gotta get to Orientation fast if we want good seats!"


Chris leaned over and nudged Justin. "Next to Charity, left side, second row."

The two men let their eyes wander, as if looking over the fifty or so privileged students to be part of this session of the Venus School of Sex as Madame Priscilla, Principal of the unusual school, made her welcoming speech. Chris heard Justin take a swift intake of breath as his eyes settled on the delicious sight that he was looking at.

Jessica Swift, their sexy co-worker, in a much more form-fitting outfit than they'd ever seen her in before, and what a form! Her soft curls just brushed the silk-clad tops of her shoulders, her throat encased in the silky material and just begging to be unbuttoned and kissed, her large breasts cradled in the special bra that the school used and nipples standing at attention. He wished he could run over and throw her down and bite them through the silky clothe, wet the fabric down with his mouth.

And her legs! She never wore skirts that went anywhere above her knees, but he could just barely see a hint of flesh through the students sitting in front of her, long limbs that traveled up to the promised land. He fervently wished that she was sitting front row.

Chris always enjoyed teaching at the school, of course. Instructing didn't always equate to fantastic sex, but there was something incredibly edifying about helping a student improve. And, of course, sometimes he had mind-blowing sex. It also allowed him to branch out and try new things, although his and Justin's specialties were light BDSM play and menage trois, they could join in and help out any class they wanted while they weren't instructing. They'd been lucky enough to know Priscilla when they were in high school, when she'd first had the idea for the school, and blessed with their own natural good looks and skills, they'd been developing their techniques through fifteen years of working at the school. Now in their early thirties, they both felt it was time to use their techniques to get the woman they wanted, the elusive and beautiful, now suddenly attainable, Jessica. His pants were already straining at the thought of having her with them.

"So, if our return students will disperse to the various classrooms that you've been assigned to," Madame Priscilla's coolly controlled voice penetrated his fantasies, "along with the instructors, in five minutes I will release the new students to step into the various classrooms and decide what classes they'd like to sign up for. Some of our instructors teach multiple classes, so make sure you look at the times that they'll be demonstrating so that you can return to the classroom for a look at their other classes later today."

Chris nodded to Justin, he knew they were both thinking the same thought: Dear God, please let her come into our classroom.


Jessica felt absolutely breathless as Madame Priscilla released them. Even though she was excited to be rooming with a return student she wished that Charity could be beside her as she made her course selections. She looked down at the sheet of paper that listed all of the possible classes and nibbled the pen that had been handed to her. All of the students were supposed to visit the various classrooms and make notes about what classes they might like to take while at the school.

She wandered out into the hallway, nervously, although it only took a minute of looking around to see that the other students were just as nervous as her. Smiling shyly at the guy next to her, he was cute, about her height, with brown curls that would rival her own if they weren't cropped close to his head, she said, "Hey I'm Jessica."

"Nick," he smiled back at her, and they shook hands. His eyes strayed down to her breasts, making her blush. The boys' uniforms were just like the girls' except that they got pants instead of a skirt. She wondered if he was wearing anything underneath the pants or if he was as bare as she was, and the thought made her blush again.

"So, ah," his eyes were back on his face and his cheeks were red too, "I guess we should check out some classes."

"Yeah, I was just hoping I wouldn't have to walk into one of the classrooms alone," she said shyly. They both glanced around and saw that a lot of people were pairing up or were already paired up (probably lucky enough to be rooming with another new student), natural human instinct making them sort out someone to be a support.

Nick grinned at her, looking relieved. "That would be great. My roommate, Paul, told me it's his fourth time here. I thought that'd be great up until he left me alone so that he could go demonstrate the Cunnilingus Class."

"My roommate said it's her third time here," Jessica tried not to think about the fascinating aspects about an entire class devoted to Cunnilingus. "Oh! There she is!" She pointed into the doorway of the first classroom on their right.

"Well let's go check it out." Nick gestured gallantly, almost bowing, his curls bouncing a little. She giggled, feeling like a grand lady as she preceded him into the classroom, although she almost stopped walking when she got in and saw the title of the class on the chalk board: MMF Menage Trois.


Justin saw her come in, her breasts bouncing wonderfully in front of her, and he also saw her face pale as she saw the title of the class. He nearly groaned with lust as his eyes got the full impact of her slender legs for the first time, he wanted to run his hands up their smooth surface and beneath her skirt. Hopefully the, for some people extreme, nature of the class wouldn't entirely turn her off.

It almost made him grind his teeth with jealousy when she turned to the guy behind her and they talked as they made their way to the chairs. Jessica made friends way too easily, and with the way this guy was eyeing her breasts, unlike the guys at work, he was not indifferent to her charms. The way he, and some of the other males in the class, were eyeing her was enough to make Justin wish she was back in her own, less flattering, clothing which required an experienced eye like his or Chris' to see the feminine curves that lay underneath.

From the way Chris was determinedly not looking at the class, Justin knew his long-time buddy was having similar thoughts.

Well maybe Charity could help them out. She'd told them a girl named Jessica was her roommate, and going by the reassuring smiles Charity was sending to her, he was pretty sure her roommate was their Jessica. Charity would help them. She was a good friend and a great fuck, and she loved their classes.

"Welcome boys and girls," Justin grinned at the class, there were six of them for this first demonstration, two girls and four boys, a promising ratio. He was glad that his mask covered his face, because for the first time Jessica's eyes were totally focused on him and for just a moment he worried that she'd recognize him. Then he told himself to relax and he took on his teaching persona, Mr. Flood, knowing that his buddy Mr. Fire, had his back. Remembering their hilarity over choosing the cheesy code names helped calm him down.


"This class will teach you how to safely have a menage trois involving two men and one woman. The instructors are myself, Mr. Flood, and my friend, Mr. Fire. The lovely Charity has kindly volunteered to help us give you a demonstration of some of the joys our class has to offer. "

Jessica took a deep, shuddering breath. This was way too wild for her, but Charity looked incredibly eager, and she had to admit that the two Teachers were incredibly hot. They were both over 6 feet tall, muscular but not overly so, with dark hair. In their masks they could almost be twins, and she was struck with a sudden vision of being wedged between them. Being 5'8" tall and a size 10 she didn't have a lot of experience feeling small and delicate, but between those two hard bodies she would be just that. They wore casually clinging leather pants and no shirts at all.

She realized she was clutching at the desk when she saw Nick staring at her out of the corner of her eye. Blushing, yet again, she released her grip on the wood.

Mr. Flood continued his explanation.

"A lot of people are frightened by the idea of having more than one man involved in sex, but the truth is it can be immensely satisfying, for both the men and woman. For instance," he turned and stepped back to Charity and Mr. Fire, who turned so that the three of them were in a line perpendicular to the students, their every movement clearly visible. "When there are two men, there are four hands." And he grinned wickedly at the class.

Mr. Flood started to unbutton Charity's shirt as Mr. Fire's hands went to the outside of her thighs and begin to slide up. Suddenly Jessica realized why the skirt length was mid-thigh and the shirts buttoned to the neck; the anticipation of watching as Charity's shirt was slowly undone, the seductive glide of Mr. Fire's hands slowly revealing inch after inch of milky white thigh, was incredibly erotic. She pressed her legs together, feeling her pussy getting wet just watching their hands move. Her aching nipples rubbed against the silk of her shirt, and she bit her lip to keep from moaning as Mr. Flood's hands scooped up Charity's small, high breasts, thumbing her nipples. She leaned back against Mr. Fire, his fingers making small circles on her upper thighs, working their way from the sides of her legs around the front towards her center. Several guys watching the demonstration were leaning forward, their faces avid.

Suddenly Mr. Flood stepped back and he and Mr. Fire turned Charity so that she was facing the class, her shirt unbuttoned halfway down her stomach and wide open so that her breasts were displayed prominently, the eraser nipples pointing straight at the class. Her face was flushed, but with desire, not embarrassment.

"Also with two men, you have two mouths," Mr. Flood said just as smoothly as before he had a giant erection. Jessica wanted to moan again, looking at the evidence of the two Teacher's arousal. If the bulges in their pants were anything to judge by, their cocks matched their large size in general. Oh god, what would it be like to have their hands touching her? Both their mouths on her? Maybe she was more interested in this class than she realized.

Mr. Flood's comment about having two mouths really hit home, straight into her pussy, as the two men leaned forward and each took one of Charity's nipples into their mouths. The redhead whimpered as they went to work, her hips moving of their own accord as the men slurped at her nipples. Jessica felt like whimpering herself, and she crossed and re-crossed her legs, unable to get comfortable. She'd never been this wet in her life.

Then, she wasn't sure which of the men did it because she couldn't see their hands behind Charity, Charity's skirt dropped to the floor. If there had been any doubt before, everyone was now aware that she was a natural redhead.

Mr. Fire took over for Mr. Flood in speaking as Mr. Flood knelt in front of Charity, aptly enough because right now Jessica felt like her body was on fire.

"There are a lot of advantages for the woman to have two men pleasuring her," he had moved around behind Charity, his hands cupping and kneading her breasts. Jessica wished someone would handle her breasts that way, right now. She longed to touch them herself, to slide her hand down to her pussy and soothe the ache that was building in it. Mr. Flood was on his knees, obviously eating Charity out, and her face and whimpers made it clear just how good he was at it. One of her arms was up and wrapped around Mr. Fire's neck behind her, the other was on Mr. Flood's head, using it to balance - or maybe she just liked grabbing his hair. "but men can derive just as much pleasure from being in a Male-Male-Female threeway. For any of you who like exhibitionism or voyeurism, that's a big component and you also get to join in the fun."

Jessica tried to concentrate on what he was saying, but it was hard as she watched Charity's hips begin to really move, the girl was obviously building to an amazing orgasm.

"Plus, there's the pleasures of double penetration, where you completely fill the woman in her pussy and ass, and it is the tightest fit imaginable." Jessica's pussy clenched at those words, it almost felt like she might cum without anyone touching her at all.

Mr. Fire twisted Charity's nipples, making her back arch, and she shrieked as she came, her body jerking. Jessica could tell that it was only Mr. Fire's hands on her breasts and Mr. Flood's hands on her hips that were holding the girl up, as she shuddered in ecstasy. The entire audience was panting.

Charity finally went almost limp with a satisfied smile on her face. Gently, the two men let her slide to the floor where she sat leaning against Mr. Fire's legs, her wet pussy open and glistening and her blouse hanging open. Mr. Flood stood, hips lips covered with a sheer gloss, which he licked off with relish. Someone in the room gasped.

"Now," Mr. Flood said, taking over again, "this is obviously not a class for complete novices. This class is only offered for the last three days of the session and there are pre-requisites. If you are interested in taking this class make sure you make a small notation on your sheet - the one in front of you," his lopsided grin told the students that he was aware at how overwhelmed some of them were by the demonstration they'd just witnessed, "of the following pre-requisites: Basic Touch, Erotic Massage, Anal Play, Fellatio for the women and Cunnilingus for the men."

Feeling almost dream-like Jessica looked down at her sheet and made a little star next to Basic Touch, Erotic Massage, Fellatio and Anal Play. That last was another area she wasn't sure about, but it didn't hurt to mark it down.

"Also, please join us this afternoon, starting at 2 o'clock we'll be demonstrating the other class that we teach, light BDSM. If you have an interest in that you should also attend the demonstration for heavy BDSM which will be taking place this afternoon in the classroom to your right."


"So what do you think?" Chris asked, under his breath, when the students had trickled out. Charity was buttoning up her blouse again, looking very happy.

"I saw her marking down the pre-requisites." Justin shrugged, looking hopeful. "All we can do is wait and see."

"Maybe we can do more than that," Chris replied a speculative look on his face. A couple of students were starting to shuffle in, looking interested, but he had a few minutes before they would start. "Hey Charity, about your roommate..."


"Wow, that was... just wow." Jessica said to Nick when they were back out in the hall.

"Tell me about it," he looked a little dazed. "Not sure it's for me though." He shrugged and looked a little abashed. "I just can't imagine sharing like that, I'm a possessive kinda guy."

"I couldn't imagine it until I saw it," she confessed. "But it definitely got me hot and bothered."

"Oh yeah, me too," he agreed. "And I have a feeling that if we find a demonstration for a Male-Female-Female Threeway, my possessive cave-man feelings will take a hike."

Jessica laughed and then asked, "Do you want to just keep moving on classroom by classroom?" She kept needed to sit down again, she could feel her pussy juices starting to coat the top of her thighs. Glancing around she didn't see a sign for a bathroom.


In the next classroom they watched the demonstration on cunnilingus. Jessica felt very envious of the happily writhing demonstrator... what she wouldn't give for someone to get her off right now!

"Just take note," Ms. Pink told them, "everyone participates in my class. If you're a woman then you're going to learn some how-to as well as receiving."

"I'm definitely taking that class," Nick said fervently when they left.

"I don't know if I will," Jessica replied. "I've always been kind of curious, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet."

"Well, we don't have to decide right away," he reminded her. "We just sign up for this week's classes right now, we don't have to decide what to take next week until the weekend."

Their sentiments were the opposite when they left the fellatio class demonstration. Jessica had been entranced by the idea of being able to fit a large cock all the way down her throat. She didn't think she'd manage as well as the demonstrator, who had swallowed the Teacher's frightening 12 incher, but even if she could just learn how to do a smaller one, she'd be ecstatic.

In the meantime she was getting more and more sexually frustrated.

"Ooo anal play!" Nick said when they got into the next class room.

Jessica arched an eyebrow at him. "Ah, an assman."

"Sweet," said a voice behind them, and they turned to see Vanessa, a pixie-ish Asian girl that they'd met during the Cunnilingus demonstration.

"You're into anal play?" Jessica asked, intrigued. She'd heard of guys being into it, but this was the first girl she'd talked to that seemed interested."

"Hell yeah," Vanessa said nonchalantly. "I'm not exactly an anal virgin, but I'd still be interested to see what I could learn here." Jessica was amused to see Nick inspecting Vanessa with new interest. According to their Orientation Guide, students weren't allowed to fraternize sexually until after classes began, and then they were only allowed to practice what they'd learned in classes. She'd been hoping that maybe Nick would want to "study" with her, even though she wasn't super attracted to him they obviously had a good repoire and she felt comfortable with him, but she had a feeling that he might be more interested in studying with Vanessa now.

Ah well, maybe he'd study with both of them. She grinned a little. True to his word, Nick had been panting after the MFF Menage Trois class demonstration. It had been hot, but it hadn't done much for her other than make her realize that, for now, she was also too possessive to want to share a man's attention with someone else of her sex. Having two men focus all their attention on her though... it was something she had never considered before but now the image of Charity wedged between Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood kept flashing through her mind.

Anal Play shoved all of that right out of her head. This was another class she hadn't expected to be interested in, but seeing the male and female demonstrators - the male had been a surprise to her, although it shouldn't have been - moaning and panting, and eventually coming from the various toys that the Teachers used on them really got to her. She closed her eyes and shivered at the idea of someone pressing their fingers, or a toy, or their cock into her last virgin hole, the sheer dirty naughtiness of it making her want to moan.

"The demonstrations getting to you a little?" Vanessa's sympathetic voice brought her back to the present. She nodded. The petite girl sighed. "I can't wait until tomorrow, then at least we can 'study.' I wonder if they do this just to mess with us a little."

"I wonder if it's as hard on the Teachers as it is on us," Nick said.

"Probably," Jessica giggled a little. "You can't really tell with the female Teachers, but it's definitely 'hard' on some of the male ones!" The three of them laughed, although it was definitely true.

By the end of the day Jessica had also seen the demonstrations for Self-Pleasure, Basic Touch, Erotic Massage, Group Sex (which she decided she wasn't really interested in), Cross-Dressing, Style (basically a class on various types of sexy clothing), and Unconventional Toys. Students were encouraged to take each class more than once, since they would (hopefully) improve with each class.

She, Nick and Vanessa saved what she considered the best for last: Light BDSM. The Heavy BDSM demonstration looked too scary for her right now, she knew that she wasn't interested in going right into that, but she remembered how much it had turned her on when Sean had tied her up. Since then she'd gotten even more curious about some of the aspects involved in BDSM. Plus, at lunch Charity had specifically asked her to come by and watch the demonstration. Flood and Fire were her two favorite teachers, she said, and so good at what they do. Not that Jessica had really needed the convincing.

The demonstration was even more arousing than she'd imagined. Mr. Fire took over the bulk of the explaining while Mr. Flood trussed Charity up to a couch that had been moved into there for the purpose of the demonstration. She was placed on the middle cushion, her wrists tied behind her back, making her small breasts with their fantastic nipples jut out even more, her legs were splayed wide open, tied to each side of the couch at the top so that she was practically bent in half, her pussy completely open and vulnerable.

Jessica couldn't concentrate on anything Mr. Fire was saying, she was so entranced by the sight of Mr. Flood dragging a multi-stranded whip across Charity's body, her wet pussy. Everyone flinched and sighed every time he snapped in on part of her body - her thighs, her stomach, her breasts, and finally the center of her spread pinkness. Charity had some tears in her eyes, but Jessica was fairly sure they were partly tears of frustration from wanting to cum. Charity's pussy was so wet and so open that the scent of her arousal was permeating the room, and she was held so securely in place that she couldn't even move her hips to try and make some friction when Mr. Flood slowly rubbed the handle of the whip across her open folds.

The class ended with Charity receiving five whips on her pussy and then Mr. Flood giving her another screaming orgasm, this one lasting much longer than the one this morning, and causing her to cry out as he lashed her open pussy again and again. Jessica thought she might die from her own need to cum, she couldn't help picturing herself in exactly that position, Mr. Flood's dark head moving at the apex of her womanhood. She'd be unable to move away, to close her legs, to even press at him with her hands, like Charity she'd be forced to take all the pleasure that he gave her until he chose to stop it.

"I need to go to the bathroom," she practically stuttered to Vanessa and Nick before racing off down the hallway.

As soon as she got into the mercifully empty room she put the paper she'd been taking notes on (more like just circling the classes she wanted to take) and pen down on the floor and grabbed at her swollen breasts, kneading the soft mounds and pinching at her nipples. The silk rubbed across them, the same way it had been doing all day, but this time helping the sensation of relief that swept through her breasts at finally being touched.

The door opened behind her and she jumped, squeaking out the word "Occupied!" before she saw that she'd been followed in by Mr. Fire.

"I see," his lips quirked and she blushed and dropped her hands from her breasts as though she'd been burned. And she was burned, still burning, as his eyes raked over her in the mirror, taking in her flushed face, raised and needy nipples. He sniffed at the air a little and she wanted to die as she realized that he could actually smell her arousal.

Grinning wickedly he flipped the lock on the door, which she was now belatedly realizing she'd forgotten to do.

"You know," he drawled, "since you haven't taken the Self-Pleasure class, technically you aren't supposed to be doing that."

Jessica stifled a groan. She looked at the floor instead, tearing her eyes away from his piercing gaze. "I'm sorry Sir."

"Sir," he mused, and she felt him come up behind her, all the hairs on her body standing at attention as though some electric current was riding through her due to his closeness. His voice got lower, huskier. "Did you like the BDSM demonstration Jessica."

Closing her eyes, Jessica nodded.

He chuckled. "Well I believe I can help you out with the predicament you're in, but first I think you need a little punishment for breaking a rule on your very first day here."

Jessica let out a little moan, she couldn't help herself, his words had sent a hot wave of lust straight through her body, she could feel her pussy growing even plumper, the juices coating the top of her thighs. Strong, broad hands touched her shoulders and ran down her body, making her shiver as they slid down her back and over her ass. Then her skirt was sliding up, and she gulped a little, keeping her eyes closed. His fingers trailed up the back of her thighs to the curve of her butt, and he squeezed a little. Gasping she pushed her ass back against him.

"So eager," he murmured. "That's very good." God his voice was sexy. His fingers kneaded her ass cheeks and she wanted to beg him to punish her, to do whatever he had to do, but to please just fuck her, fuck her now, as long as he would just quell this heat that had been building inside of her all day. Just as she was gathering the courage to voice this desire, he told her, "Lean over and put your hands on the sink."

Blushing, her face heating as she realized how much access to her body this was going to give him, she did as he ordered.

"Good girl," he murmured. The accolade just made her wetter. Yes, she wanted to be a very, very good girl for him. She could feel the cool air of the bathroom as he lifted her skirt, letting it rest gently on her hips and displaying her bare ass to him.

"Spread your legs a little," he told her, "I don't want you to lose your balance. Now open your eyes and look at me in the mirror."

Jessica gulped but complied. Oh my God. This whole situation became so much more real as she looked in the mirror, their eyes locking together. She could see her breasts hanging down, swaying gently, see the scared, hopeful and aroused expression on her face, lips slightly parted and panting for air. Even hotter was the picture they made together, him slightly to the side behind her, caressing her ass, staring straight into her eyes in the mirror.

"I'm going to spank you," he told her, and she could feel her pussy clench. "This is new to you, so I'm only going to spank you five times for being bad. If you're a good girl and don't make any noise then I'll give you want you want."

Then, before she could brace herself, his hand crashed down on her right cheek. It surprised her enough that her mouth popped open, although she stopped herself from making any noise. It hadn't hurt as much as she thought it would, but he was probably just being gentle cuz she was new. Then his hand came down again on her other cheek and her eyes nearly rolled back into her head, it felt so good... the pain cut through her hot arousal and doubled it.

"Look in the mirror," he reminded her gently, his hand caressing the cheek that he'd just smacked. Stifling a whimper, Jessica stared at herself in the mirror as his hand came down again. Her lips were parted, wet and moist, her curls bounced every time he spanked her, and the look in his eyes as he watched her made her want to crumble with lust.

Again his hand came down, hitting her right cheek again and making the area flare and burn. Then the left again, and he steadied her as her knees buckled a little. Her cheeks flamed red in the mirror and her chest was heaving with desire. The sight of her, watching herself in the mirror as she was spanked, was the hottest thing that had happened to her in her life and she hadn't even gotten off yet.

Then Mr. Fire's hand came down for the fifth time, right in the bottom center of her ass, his fingers snapping against her pussy and her head jerked up. She snapped her jaw shut just in time, her pussy lips throbbing with the slap that he'd just included them in.

"Good girl," he crooned, and his hand caressed her ass cheeks and then moved lower, and she stifled a moan as his fingers began to massage her soaking, aching pussy. "It's ok, you can make some noise now."

She gasped as he moved behind her, one strong arm sliding under her body and across her stomach so that his hand could cup her breast while he pulled her up and against him.

"Wrap your arms around my neck," he whispered, nuzzling her ear with his lips, and she immediately obeyed, leaning back against him as he pinched her nipple, his other hand reaching around her body and sliding between her legs. "Keep your eyes open, watch yourself in the mirror."

Jessica moaned as she watched his hand squeeze her breast, his thumb brushing over her nipple. His hand was rough, but the way it encased her entire mound of flesh felt incredibly good; her hips moved of their own accord as his fingers found her pussy, the heel of his palm grinding against her clit.

She gasped and came immediately, she'd been so pent up all day, having the sudden hard pressure of his hand against her most sensitive nub sent an orgasm rushing through her body, making her buck and moan with satisfaction... but Mr. Fire wasn't done with her yet. Two of his fingers slid easily into her wet hole, pressing insistently into her body, and she gasped and shivered, her tunnel clenching around him.

"Fuck yes, squirm for me baby," he bit her ear, and she writhed against him, feeling his hardness pressing against her ass, working its way into the crevice between her cheeks. Jessica couldn't believe it as her body began to quickly rise again, to an even stronger high, a more complete climax, as his fingers pressed her g-spot deep inside of her, the heel of his hand grinding against her clit.

"Oh my God..." all the air in her lungs left her body as the sensation of his fingers inside of her sent her whirling over the edge, and she was clutching at him to stay upright, her legs had gone completely to jelly, her body overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure that were exploding from her pussy and vibrating through her entire being. "Oh God, oh God oh God...."

His fingers stroked every last bit of pleasure that could be wrung from her, the aftershocks of pleasure rocketing through her. Finally she relaxed, her wound up body feeling completely sated and satisfied.

That was so much better than I could have done myself, she thought a little wildly.

Looking pleased, Mr. Fire let her go and she turned to him, a little unsteadily.

"Can I uh," she blushed, "do anything to help you?"


Chris hadn't been able to believe his luck when he'd heard Jessica tell her friends that she was going to the bathroom. While he'd been giving the demonstration speech he'd been able to keep an eye on her and he knew how aroused he was. Without giving Justin a heads up he'd followed her, in hopes of just this kind of situation. Getting his hands all over her sweet body, sliding his fingers into her juicy wetness, it had all been worth his friend's ire.

And now she was sliding to her knees in front of him, her hands at the button of his pants, looking up at him with the sexiest expression on her face, her hair tousled.

He smiled down at her. "You don't really have to, you know," he told her. And since he knew she'd find out eventually anyway, "You don't really have to wait to take to self-pleasure class to masturbate."

"I know," she smiled up at him as she undid the button and began to slide down the zipper. She winked. "I read the Orientation Guide. But what you did was so much better than what I could have done myself, I'd like to thank you properly for it." That last part came out almost shyly, and the sight of her demurely lowering her lashes while she wrapped her hand around his throbbing cock, releasing it from the confines of his pants, just about undid him. Especially when her eyes widened at the feel of him and the expression of almost awe on her face when she pulled him free from his pants. Apparently he was bigger than her ex, he thought a little smugly.

Although the Teachers all got off at lunch, it had been awhile since lunch and watching Charity get tortured all afternoon, plus finally getting his hands all over Jessica and watching her cum, had definitely wound him up again.

"Then I would like that very much," he growled at her, his voice dark with desire.

"I know I haven't taken the class," she said, all demure and prim again, which just made him want to do the dirtiest things to her, "but I'll do my best."

He was going to tell he that he was sure she'd be great when she swiped her tongue over the velvet head of his cock and he just groaned with lust instead. Looking down, he was entranced by the sight of her tousled curls framing her sweet face as her lips parted and she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking gently, she opened her mouth a little to let her tongue slide out and lick further along the underside of his cock. It was a fantastic sensation.

It soon became apparent that she wasn't going to be able to swallow all 8 inches of him, but she just wrapped one of those beautiful hands with the long delicate fingers around the base of him and took down as much as she could.

"Oh fuck that feels good," he groaned as she hummed deep in her throat, making his cock vibrate. Other than deep throating, he wasn't sure the Fellatio class was going to have much to teach her. Her tongue danced around him as she moved her head back and forth, he let his hands rest on her head, tangling his fingers in her curls just because he liked the way it felt, but he let her be in control of her movements. This time.

Jessica's hand tightened on his base, moving in time with her mouth. Her other hand was resting on his thigh, using it to brace herself against him as she moved back and forth, suckling him for all she was worth. Her pouty lips were wrapped tight around him, just like they'd been in so many of his fantasies, but the reality was so much better.

Her tongue slid around his head, nudging into the sensitive hole at the time as she pulled back from him, and then her velvet mouth was sliding back down his length, tongue lashing and rubbing him the entire way down. Once she learned how to deep throat she was going to be absolutely un-fucking believable.

Even though he wanted her to remain in control his hips began rocking of their own accord, pressing deeper into her mouth and he could feel her gasping for air around his thick meat, but she didn't stop sucking. Her hand that had been on his thigh slid down to his balls and she took them into her palm and began squeezing them gently, tugging a little.

He'd wanted to hold off longer, to enjoy her mouth longer, but the surprise of having her change tactics and literally take hold of his balls made his body tighten and he could feel his cum starting in the base of his cock and flowing upwards.

"I'm gonna cum," he warned her, his voice tight, just in case she didn't want to swallow. But she didn't move away, in fact her hand tightened on the base of him again and her mouth slid down his cock until her lips touched his hand. He was practically in the back of her throat and he groaned as the first spurt shot out of him and into her mouth, he could feel her tongue sliding around, tasting him.

She milked spurt after spurt from him with her hands and her mouth. It wasn't the most technically proficient blow job he'd ever had, but it was one of the most sincere and definitely one of the hottest. He'd take that over an dispassionate but technically fantastic blow job any day.

To his delight she kept gently licking and suckling a little as he softened, but he had to stop her.

"Keep that up," he warned her, "and you're going to have a problem to deal with again."

Jessica grinned mischievously up at him. "Any day, Sir."

His balls tightened again, but he did the gentlemanly thing and helped her to her feet. "I sincerely hope you take mine and Mr. Flood's classes, Jessica."


Jessica felt absolutely wonderful after leaving the bathroom. The halls were empty all the way back to her dorm room, probably most of the students had gone to their rooms rather than the bathroom to take care of their needs. She was rather glad she'd chosen the bathroom.

When she got back to her room Charity was waiting for her.

"Did Mr. Fire find you?" she asked immediately.

Surprised, Jessica nodded. "How did you know?"

"Well he disappeared right after the class, and Vanessa said she thought she saw him go after you. Where'd he find you?"

"In the bathroom," Jessica replied. "He ah... did for me what I was going to do for myself." And she was blushing again.

"He's fantastic, isn't he?" Charity fell back onto her bed. "God I love this place."

Jessica giggled, rolling onto her own bed and clutching a pillow to her happily. She did too. This was exactly what she needed. Screw Sean and his awkwardness at giving her a little kink to her action, his implication that she was weird for wanting it. By the time she left the Venus School of Sex she'd be a sex goddess and he'd never get it from her again.

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