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Taken by the Wolf

Novel By: goldeniangel

The Wolf... a shadowy figure on earth, but among the Moon families he's famous - as a criminal, a businessman, but mostly as the man who takes some of the wealthy Moon young men and women who visit earth and keeps them, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few months. Those kept for a few days return with wild stories of debauchery, of ecstasy. Those kept for longer never speak of their time with the Wolf.

When Bella visits earth with her boyfriend Ken, Ken's best friend Alex and Alex's girlfriend Lisa, she thought they would be safe since the Wolf only ever takes loners and couples. Safety in numbers, after all. But when she and Alex find Ken and Lisa in bed together, they are angry and betrayed and immediately take off for the shuttleport... only their taxi becomes sidetracked. Suddenly they're in the court of the Wolf, and they soon discover why those who stay for more than a few days never speak of it to anyone else. View table of contents...


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The guilty look on Bella's face as Alex came in the door told him all he needed to know. She was watching the broadcast, even though she'd said she would wait for him. He sighed, but he wasn't truly angry. Somehow he'd known. But there was something else in her expression too, the kind of excitement that she usually showed just before she remembered something new.

"Come here," she said, the guilt washing away quickly as she pointed at the screen. "Look at that, on the banner behind him... do you feel anything?"

Anger, as he looked at the Wolf, but nothing specific enough to spark a single memory. Probably there were too many tied up with the man. But he did recognize him, immediately, and knew that he was the real deal. Alex barely glanced at Ken and Lisa, although his eye lingered on the redhead for a moment. Looking at her made his balls ache, and not in the good way that he associated with being around Bella.

Then he looked at the banners that Bella was so excited about. His chest tightened, and it took him a moment before he realized he felt rising excitement too. Excitement and... triumph?

The dark hole in the back of his mind opened up, except that it wasn't dark, there was light in it, like a tunnel...

"A tunnel, yes," Bella said, her head jerking back around to stare at the television. The same hope and excitement that he felt in his chest was glowing on her face. He hadn't even realized he'd spoken out loud. Her hand reached out as if to touch the sigil. "The way out... Alex, we knew the way out!"


He groaned as he went to his knees, gripping his head in his hands. It wasn't just that one memory that had become unblocked, it was like they were all coming tumbling through the tunnel, one after other, assaulting him. from every side.

"Alex? Alex are you okay?"

The panic in Bella's voice made him want to leap up and take down whatever was scaring her, but how could he protect her from himself? He hadn't been able to at the Wolf's compound. Hadn't been able to when they'd been returned the Moon, forcibly separated after landing, and then given the memory drugs. Not that the doctors had realized what they were blocking the memories for; Alex was pretty sure that they truly believed they were helping, that Alex and Bella had been traumatized by their time with the Wolf and needed protection.

Those fucking Moon officials...

"Bella... I remember everything." His voice cracked. With his eyes closed, so that he couldn't look at his face, all he could see was the memories rushing by, filling that empty, gaping hole. "The things I did to you..."

"Alex, you wouldn't, you always took care of me, I know that," Bella said, rubbing her hand over his shoulders trying to soothe him. "I don't remember everything, but I KNOW that."

The faith in her voice, the trust, made him feel like he was splintering apart inside. He could remember how much he'd enjoyed fucked her. Dominating her. The sick part of him that had become aroused whenever the Wolf had fucked her too. Down there it hadn't seemed quite as bad; now, having been back, no longer in the situation, all he could do was pick apart every single thing he'd done.

He was a monster, and she didn't even see it.

Growling, he grabbed her wrist, pulling her down onto the ground as she shrieked, and rolling atop her, pressing her lower body into the ground with his as she stared up at him. Despite that, once the surprise receded, she didn't look scared.

"I raped you, Bella," he said, rocking against her, feeling his cock starting to grow as it rubbed against her softness. "I hurt you because he told me to."

"You protected me," she countered, shocking him as she wrapped her legs around him, arching beneath him. There was no way he could misinterpret the hot arousal filling her eyes as she tilted her chin challengingly. "I chose you. I remember choosing you, Alex. I remember you trying to fight him."

"Dammit, Bella, I'm a monster!" he yelled, trying to pull away from her, but her legs were wrapped too tightly around him.

Making a frustrated noise under her breath, Bella reached up and grabbed his head, pulling him down as her lips came up to meet his.


Idiot man. Then again, she wasn't entirely surprised at Alex's attempt to take the entire burden of guilt onto himself. Her memories were coming back. Not as quickly as Alex's head - that had looked painful as hell - but they were sliding back in one at a time. Most of them to do with Alex, most of them surrounded around her admiration for him, her appreciation of him, her love for him.

She remembered him hurting her. She also remembered him holding her as he told her why. She remembered them fucking, and she also remembered them making love. Alex's arms around her at night, creating a safe haven in the midst of uncertainty. Her fear for him as he tried to fight to keep her safe. The way he'd constantly put his own body between her and perceived danger.

Bella kissed him. Hard. Passionately.

Maybe the idiot didn't remember everything, maybe he was only remembering the bad, because right now she was remembering a lot of the good. His mouth tasted of mint and chocolate, his cock rocked against her pussy and she flooded with anticipation. Memories slid through her, both good and bad, many of them arousing her even though it made her feel a little ashamed to be turned on by them... but then again, she'd been turned on when they'd been happening to her.

"Bella..." Alex sounded tortured as he pulled his mouth away from hers, although he was no longer trying to detangle their bodies completely.

"Shut up," she said fiercely, glaring up at him. "I remember choosing you, Alex. I remember how guilty you felt when I did it, but I didn't feel any guilt until the Wolf took you instead. I always liked you, even when Ken and I were together. And while we were down there... I think... I know... I couldn't have made it through without you. You were everything to me. You still are."

His gaze softened, his fingers brushing over her cheek as she blinked back tears.

"I remember us touching. You holding me. I remember how much I liked it," she murmured, rubbing her hand over his chest, now that he seemed to be softening. Listening to her. The intense look in his eyes didn't go away though, it just shifted, changed... heated. "I think... I might have fallen in love with you down there, Alex."

Something flashed through his eyes. Hot. Possessive. Relieved. This time his lips came down on hers by choice, demanding and hard. Bella moaned into his kiss, thankful that he'd finally stopped being so gentle with her.

She tore at his shirt, and suddenly they were both in a frenzy to get each other's clothes off. To be skin to skin, they way they'd been so accustomed to. Neither of them even noticed the Wolf's voice droning on in the background - or if they did, it was subconsciously and it didn't distract either of them. With their memories fully returned, they were used to his presence.

Alex squeezed her breasts, his mouth coming down on one nipple and she writhed as his teeth scraped against the little bud.

"Harder," she pleaded, arching and thrusting her breasts up into his face, her fingers weaving through the dark locks of his hair. "Please, Alex."

He sucked harder, biting down as his fingers pinched her other nipple tightly and Bella shuddered as the sensation went straight to her pussy. She rocked, trying to rub herself against him, and was only able to reach his stomach. The hard length of his erection was pressing against her thigh, but not anywhere near enough to her pussy to satisfy her.

The rough manipulation of her sensitive nipples was making her wild, and she begged and pleaded for him as he toyed with her. It was hedonistic. Painful pleasure. All the things she'd reluctantly liked about their time with the Wolf, except without the humiliation, without the fear, without the shame. And it was with Alex. Just Alex.

When he moved up her body, taking her lips as his cock thrust into her pussy, Bella nearly orgasmed as their bodies aligned. She clung to him, moaning wildly as he began to slowly move back and forth, his large cock spearing her open and stretching her. After a steady diet of sexual contact with the Wolf, and then nothing for the past few weeks, she felt needier than ever... but she was also tight and needed the time to adjust to his size again.

One hand slid down her back and under her buttocks. Her juices were trickling down the crease of her bottom, and she felt his finger slide through them, rubbing over her anus. She tightened around him, her body stiffening as his finger rimmed the little hole, pressing gently on it. Part of her wanted to tell him no, while the rest of her screamed yes.

The sensitive bundle of nerves seemed to spark as the tip of his finger slid in, pumping gently as he continued to rise and fall over her, his tongue invading her mouth, so that it was like he was taking her in all three holes at once. Bella felt herself giving over to the sensations, giving in... submitting to Alex's protective dominance.

Ecstasy swirled through her, from every inch of her, and she began to buck and writhe beneath him, her orgasm swelling higher.


It was sick, so sick, but he liked the stiffness of Bella's body as his finger first pierced her anus. He loved the surge of power that came when she didn't protest, when her slick pussy tightened around him and she gave herself over to pleasure instead. Accepting him, all of him. The Wolf had shown him that there were some ways in which they were similar, but if she'd told him no, he would have honored that barrier.

That was how they were different.

And Alex clung to that.

But he couldn't deny the effect it had on him when she didn't tell him no.

His finger went deeper into that hot, tight channel, his thrusts becoming harder as she arched beneath him, crying out. The tremors of her pussy became spasms as her inner muscles clenched, trying to milk his cock. Alex groaned, crying out her name as his balls tightened and he swelled inside of her clasping heat. Fulling impaling her on both his cock and his finger, he groaned as he felt the pulses of his own dick against the digit in her ass, filling her pussy with cum.

Head bowed, he pulled his finger out, his cock jerking slightly at her soft whimper.

Still half-hard, still pressed inside of her, he kissed her lips, her nose, her eyes, enjoying the way she squirmed beneath him, her fingers stroking her skin. It was like rediscovering her now that their memories were back.

A long while later, still entangled on the floor, although now he was on his back and she was on her side, curled up against him with her head resting on his shoulder, they listened to the news anchors debating whether or not the Wolf meant to go to war with the Moon. They scoffed at the very idea, jeering his claim that the Moon couldn't last very long without the support of the earth - one of them laughed and said "Didn't anyone tell him we're self-sufficient?"

But Bella and Alex knew differently. They remembered.

"What are we going to do?" she asked, softly, her fingers sliding through the hair on his chest, almost petting him. Alex found her gentle touch soothing, if a bit ticklish.

He'd been thinking the exact same thing. "We're going to tell them. Tell everyone. Okay?"

There was only the barest moment of hesitation before she nodded her head. "Okay."


Five Months Later

"Sir?" A man came running up to his desk, his face slightly panicked. "The report you wanted, Sir."

It only took a moment to scan and then he was shoving it back across the desk. "Get them out."


"Send her a message. 'It's time to escape the cage and fly free,' along with the shuttle number and the meet time. We'll get them out tomorrow, with anyone who will come with them."

A small hand tugged on his pants from underneath his desk. "Master?"

Raising his eyebrow, he scooted back slightly so that he could look at the woman curled up there. She rarely tried to get his attention when he was busy, so he assumed that whatever she wanted, it must be important.

Dark eyes peered up at him, filled with worry. "Master, may I send a message to my parents?"

"Of course," he said, sliding his chair all the way back so that she could scramble out. "And when you return, you will thank me properly for allowing you to do so."

"But of course, Master," she said, cheekily, her curvy bottom jiggling as she turned to go with the soldier.

A thin smile curved his lips. She was not who he would have chosen to keep, but she had begged to stay and he was content enough. There was an old Earth saying - "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours."

They weren't his, but he would still do what he could. In the meantime, his sweet Slut was devoted and she had begged, kicked and screamed to stay with him when he'd sent Bitch home a month ago. So he'd let her.

He hit the button on his desk that brought up his private vidphone. It only took a minute of chiming before the call was answered. The hard face that showed up was actually softer than it used to be, although just as familiar.

"We're sending a rescue mission tomorrow. Tell your girl to send her messages."

The other man's face relaxed even further. "Thank you, Sir. Do you want me to go up with them?

"Zadia will be going, but if you want to go, I'm not sure if it will help or hinder to see a familiar face."

"It might help, if I bring Trish," Jordan said, almost cheerfully. His eyes glinted; he was looking forward to seeing some action again. "They've been trying to find out what happened to her, and she'll be able to reassure them."

Ah yes. Along with putting their lives in danger by telling anyone, and everyone, who would listen about the Moon government's duplicity, starting civil panic when people realized it was the truth, and attempting to overthrow the Moon's government with the more levelheaded of its citizens, his former Toy and Pet had also sent video pleas to Earth asking for information about Trish. Who had been delighted and touched to know that someone cared. Unfortunately, when she'd tried to send a message back, they'd found communications had been blocked by the Moon's government.

The Moon was tearing itself apart. The only good news was that their issues hadn't touched Earth yet. Scott still had a few soldiers up there, who kept him informed on the status. For a while it had looked as though Alex and his followers were going to be able to overthrow the government and make some changes, but there were too many who hadn't believed his and Bella's assertions, too many who hadn't wanted to believe, and the report he'd just received had said that the entire place was descending into violent anarchy.

Scott didn't particularly care, other than to get his people out. Alex and Bella too, if they would listen. If not, then they'd be forcibly removed from the situation.

Taking their choice away didn't particularly bother him either, although his brain knew it should. He understood ethics, and even allowed himself to be governed by some of them. To a point.

Slut came trotting back into the room, looking pleased. The message she'd recorded would be transmitted on private channels to the men he still had on the Moon, who would pass it along to her parents. Hopefully they'd listen and get the fuck out tomorrow. Although, from what his sweet slut had said, she wasn't particularly fond of them. They hadn't been very good to her, and the first time she'd been able to make choices for herself had actually been here on Earth. Where no one expected her to trade her body for power, to work her way up a ladder of men to the top of the heap. No, here all she had to do was please him and she was taken care of.

It turned out the position suited her admirably, especially with her penchant for pain.

"Thank you, Master," she said, looking up at him with adoring eyes as she knelt down, her hands already going to the front of his pants.

He leaned back, watching as she bent over his cock, taking it between her lips and swirling her tongue around the head in the way she knew he liked best. Groaning, he ran his hand through her hair, massaging her scalp as her mouth slid eagerly down the entire length of his shaft. Bobbing her head, she caressed his balls, her other hand sliding down so she could finger his anus as she sucked him deep.

"Good Slut... you want my cum don't you?" he murmured, half-closing his eyes as he pretended her brown hair was slightly lighter and curly. Her happy humming response vibrated along his dick, her tongue licking eagerly and he thrust upwards and into her mouth, easily invading her throat.

When he came, he pressed her head to his groin, forcing himself completely inside of her mouth so that her nose was pressed against his belly. Hot cum jetted down her throat, which convulsed and massaged his cock as it spurted the creamy liquid straight into her stomach. Her finger in his ass massaged his prostate, milking him of every last drop as the intense orgasm shuddered through him.

With a low groan, he pulled her off of his cock, knowing from experience that she would keep sucking him until he was hard again if he let her. When he'd named her Slut, he hadn't known how prophetic he'd been.

Lips swollen, pupils dilated, she looked up at him, panting for breath and eager for more male attention.

"I have to get work done now," he told her, tightening his grip on her hair and enjoying the way her eyes unfocused in arousal. She was so easy. So eager. "Would you like to go back under my desk or would you like to go visit the doctor?"

A shudder went through her. "The doctor, please, Master," she said, as he knew she would.

Being given choices made her happy and it amused him. Sometimes she even surprised him with what she chose. Not today though. She loved it when he allowed her to visit Dr. Margolis, who had strict instructions not to do any permanent damage to her. He himself had no taste for the high levels of pain she sometimes craved, but he kept her visits to the doctor sparing. It was never good to over indulge.

He didn't bother watching her hurry out of the room, his mind already returning to work and to the pair on the Moon. There were plans to be made.


Alex couldn't believe his eyes. Not only was Trish standing in front of him, Jordan's hands on her shoulders and her eyes bright with happiness, but she wanted them to return to Earth?

He turned to his first in command, his right hand man from the past months and a man that he'd grown to trust almost as much as Bella. Ned looked back at him, his expression blank.

"You work for him, don't you?" Alex asked, his voice hard as he tried to contain his fury at the betrayal. "You work for the Wolf?"

"I pass messages," Ned said, completely unrepentant as Bella gasped. "That's it. Nothing detrimental to you. He just wanted to know what was going on up here. With good reason." The other man glanced over Alex's shoulder, his eyes taking in the destruction of the Moon's hive like housing system, the fires that were still burning and choking the air in the dome. "It's time for us to leave... there's nothing here to salvage."

"Alex - " Bella tugged on his sleeve, turning him partially towards her. "He might be right."

He groaned. "Not you too... we swore we were going to see this out, remember?"

"And we have," she said, taking his face in her hands, cradling it. Comforting him, because she knew how much this would hurt him, to feel that he had failed in his mission. "They didn't want to change. You can't force people to accept that they have to change their way of life if they don't want to. We should take this, save those who want to change and are willing to work for it."

"Earth's already overpopulated." He shook his head, knowing that at least part of his resistance was because he didn't want to be in any way beholden to the Wolf. "We need this colony."

"No," Jordan said, at the same time that Trish started shaking her head. Her smile brightening even further as he spoke. "We need colonies. Ones that can actually be self-sufficient. Cora and Trace have been working on a space craft that would actually be able to travel to other habitable planets. It will be ready within the next couple months." His cold blue eyes met Alex's. "The colony will need a leader."

Shock went through Alex as he stared at Jordan.

"Cora and Trace?" Bella squeaked, obviously just as shocked. "And it will have enough fuel? Food? How long have they been working on this?"

"Years. All of Earth has." Jordan snorted. "Did you think we on Earth were all truly content to do nothing but provide the Moon with our resources? To be treated as cogs in a machine, with nothing better to do than support people who barely looked at us as being human? We've been making ready our escape as well."

"What about Cora? Or the Wolf?" Alex asked sharply, finding his voice. "They don't want to leave Earth?"

"No, why would they?" Jordan asked, raising his eyebrow. "They have their own empires already carved out. Life on the colonies is going to be hard. Probably low-tech. Besides, Cora and Trace need to stay on Earth to keep working on more projects. The woman's an engineering genius you know."

"A sadistic, self-centered sociopath, but a genius," Ned added. His light green eyes looked imploringly at Alex. "Please Sir. Save what you can. Start over. Let the Moon live out its own fate."

"Alex... I think they're right." Bella hugged her arms around him. Trish was nodding. Jordan and Ned just stood there, waiting.

Closing his eyes, Alex took a deep breath. He could practically feel his parents, Bella's parents, his men and women that had tried so hard... many of them former victims of the Wolf whose memories had been restored. It hadn't taken long for the scientists on their side to realize that Alex and Bella had been pumped full of chemicals to counteract the memory drug that the Moon had administered. They'd told him that the doses had probably been administered over a course of weeks. Once they'd started examining former victims, they'd found traces of the same chemicals, prototypes to what Alex and Bella had received.

He didn't condone the Wolf's methods. He didn't understand how the man could be so callous, so sexually depraved even while he was trying to show the Moon captives what was actually going on, but he knew that there was only one real option for them. If they stayed, they'd eventually be killed by those who insisted that he was the real trouble. Who blamed him for all the unrest that had swept through the Dome.

That or they'd be killed when the Dome itself was destroyed. It was already well on its way.

"Alright. Fine."


Their time on Earth was almost anti-climatic. Alex had already known Lisa had stayed with the Wolf when Ken had returned home. When he tried to convince her to come on the spaceship with him, she'd actually laughed at him. Told him he was a good man. Too good. Turned out she'd only gone out with him because her parents had told her to, they'd wanted her to use him to get to Ken. Which was exactly what she'd done before it had all fallen apart.

He still could barely comprehend that her parents would be so desperate for even more influence on the Moon's government than they'd already had. They hadn't accompanied Alex and the others down to Earth; Lisa didn't seem particularly put out about it.

Trish, too, had chosen to stay on Earth, with Jordan. She told Bella that she still was embarrassed by Jordan's exhibitionism, but she'd learned to enjoy it too. And she loved the way he took care of her. Bella thought Trish needed a good therapist, but who was she to talk?

Maybe a part of her understood a bit better when, the night before they were scheduled to leave, she walked into the apartment that she and Alex shared, and the Wolf was standing there. Staring out the window.

He turned, that piercing green gaze seeming to stab right through her. "Pet."

It sounded like an endearment and made her instantly, horrifyingly aroused.

"Bella," she said, in a faint but insistent voice. "What are you doing here?"

He studied her for a moment, his eyes slightly hooded. She clenched her hands into fists.

"Saying goodbye."

"I hope you don't plan to pull the same trick on Alex," she said, her mouth dry. "He'll kill you."

A confident, amused smile flashed across his face. "He could try. But no, I wasn't planning to. I didn't think he'd allow it."

But he would have liked to. That much was obvious. There wasn't a vast amount of emotion in his voice, but Bella hadn't realized how well she'd gotten to know his tones. His inflections. He sounded... almost wistful.

"Why?" she whispered. "Why did you do it?"

He shrugged. "At first? It was amusing. All those idiots coming down here, flaunting their wealth, acting as if they owned us when truly, we owned them. A way to show, at least a few, that they weren't any better than us. Especially when I involved the Prime." He laughed. "Not that the Prime had a leg to stand on anyway. When we realized that they were making you all forget... that no one was going back and talking about anything that we'd told them... that's when we started to plan." Stopping, he stared off into space, his thoughts distracting him.

"But how could you do it?" Bella pressed, needing to know. Needing to understand. "How could you torture them? Us? Over and over again?"

Now he moved, but she stood her ground as he came closer. Tipping her head back so that she could look into his eyes.

"Ah, Bella. My darling Pet." The tone of his voice was gentle, almost tender, as he cupped her chin in his hand, stroking his thumb over her cheek. "Don't look for ulterior motives that you'll be able to understand or mistake me for a good man. I'm not. I did what I think Earth needed. What I needed Earth to have, for myself to prosper... I did what I did to get what I wanted." He leaned down, his lips brushing over hers for just a moment as he held her immobile. She almost whimpered when his lips moved past so that he could whisper in her ear. "And because I liked it."

Then he released her, leaving her trembling, aroused, furious, and he was walking out of the door.

"Goodbye, Pet."

The words echoed in the room that was now empty except for her.


She never told Alex about the Wolf's last visit. There was no point in angering him even more. They left the next day, on a giant ship filled with colonists. Ned was Captaining. When they reached their destination, Alex would take over as leader, Ned continuing as his right hand man. The men had managed to make up their differences over the past few months, and Bella was relieved by it. She had chosen to take charge of human relations, especially between the Moon and Earth citizens. Her team would be essential, throughout the long trip and once they arrived, to keeping the peace and sustaining moral.

Everyone would have to work hard, when they made planet fall. But everyone was prepared for that. Those from the Moon were determined to never be in the same situation again, those from Earth were thrilled for a new start. Both sides were surprisingly amicable as they got to know each other over the long trip.

Sometimes, when they were in the quiet and privacy of their own room, Alex would tie her down to the bed, with her ass in the air, clamps on her nipples, and spank her until her ass was bright red. His cock would throb in its ring, til neither of them could take it anymore. Then he'd fuck her until they were both screaming out their orgasms, lost somewhere between reality and fantasy, the present and the past, and the desires that they'd discovered.

And sometimes, back on Earth, a man would stand outside... and stare at the stars.


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