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Taken by the Wolf

Novel By: goldeniangel

The Wolf... a shadowy figure on earth, but among the Moon families he's famous - as a criminal, a businessman, but mostly as the man who takes some of the wealthy Moon young men and women who visit earth and keeps them, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few months. Those kept for a few days return with wild stories of debauchery, of ecstasy. Those kept for longer never speak of their time with the Wolf.

When Bella visits earth with her boyfriend Ken, Ken's best friend Alex and Alex's girlfriend Lisa, she thought they would be safe since the Wolf only ever takes loners and couples. Safety in numbers, after all. But when she and Alex find Ken and Lisa in bed together, they are angry and betrayed and immediately take off for the shuttleport... only their taxi becomes sidetracked. Suddenly they're in the court of the Wolf, and they soon discover why those who stay for more than a few days never speak of it to anyone else. View table of contents...


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They were left alone for the entire evening, and the next morning Alex woke up to find Bella still wrapped around him. He wasn't surprised. The few times during the night that they'd rolled away from each other, he'd woken up to her whimpers and thrashing at the nightmares she was having. As long as she was next to him, touching him, that seemed to keep the bad dreams at bay. And he definitely didn't mind having her pressed up against him, although his cock was aching by the time he woke up.

The normal morning routine seemed to help center her too, although he made sure to stick close by her side. Fury and aggression was roiling inside of him, but he was becoming used to covering up those emotions in order to give Bella the gentleness and affection she needed. Especially today.

Jordan didn't let Trish anywhere near them during their exercise, which made Alex wonder if she knew anything about yesterday, since normally Jordan was a little more lax about letting Trish wander away from him while they were outside. Or maybe it was just because Alex was sticking so closely to Bella, since Jordan did tend to keep his eye on Trish more whenever any male was around and usually it was Bella who talked to Trish while Alex exercised. Today, he'd stopped when Bella had so that they could stay together.

There was something much more vulnerable about Bella right now, as if she was brittle rather than her normal, more flexible self. He hadn't even realized exactly how strong and held-together she'd been until now, when she seemed like she might be ready to fly apart at the slightest provocation. If he'd thought he'd felt protective of her before, that wasn't anything compare to how he felt now. The soldiers seemed to sense something different. That or maybe they were just involved in something else, but either way, none of them hassled either Alex or Bella as they sat underneath one of the many trees, Bella cradled on his side, under his arm.

It felt nice to snuggle her. Good. Although he had to work to keep his thoughts from turning amorous and to keep his cock under control. The damned ring made any swelling turn into something more and he didn't want her to feel threatened by him.

There was something different though... almost as if there should be something more between them. Like something was missing. He wasn't sure where that certainty was coming from, but he wondered if it had something to do with the blank space in their memories.

They didn't talk about that though. They talked about the Moon and their memories of growing up. He told her about the time he'd crawled into some of the ducts and gotten lost. His parents had been furious. It was soothing to talk about the past, to forget for a little bit. Especially since everyone was leaving them alone for once. While Alex still had the urge to work out his frustrations in the pool, he felt like being here for Bella to cling to was more important right now. Because if she gave up completely, he didn't know what he would do. Even if his inherent protectiveness over her didn't exist, they leaned on each other to get through each day.


Every little movement out of the corner of her eye was still making her jumpy.

Surprisingly, she didn't hurt so much as she ached. A lingering soreness that had kept her from being able to keep up with Alex even the little bit that she normally did while in the pool. The ache skittered across her skin and felt like it had sunk deep down into her bones. And with it, came a jumpiness, an automatic reaction to draw back or run and hide.

The only time she could relax was when Alex was wrapped up around her, because she could sense his vigilance and feel the tension in his body. And she trusted him to watch over her. If nothing else, she would know when something was coming.

She tried to concentrate on the blank space in her mind, still wanting to remember the hours that she was missing, but she struggled to focus on anything other than her fear and her memories of the painful zapping electricity that had run through her body. Painful, pleasurable... all wrapped up in a sadistic package that had been almost designed to cause her body the most conflicting kind of damage.

Other thoughts came with that. Wondering if the Wolf would have given her over to Dr. Margolis if she hadn't done something to deserve punishment. Wondering what she had done that would deserve that kind of treatment. A strange kind of relief and gratitude towards the Wolf that he hadn't given her to the Doctor before... it put the Wolf's handling of her and Alex in a completely new light. One where, in some ways, he almost looked kind by comparison.

Or maybe he just wasn't interested in the same things as Dr. Margolis. Because he seemed to like fucking with their heads more than anything. Otherwise, why would she have been given the drug to take away several hours of her life from her memory BEFORE she was given over to the doctor? Talk about a mind fuck. She didn't even know what she'd been punished for. If she'd been punished and then given the drug, she wouldn't have even remembered it.

Then again, that would have been pretty frightening. To have her body feel like this and not know why or what had been done to it.

So what was the Wolf? Compassionate or cruel? Although those didn't even seem like the right words. Were there words to describe his twisted brand of mind games, implications of concern and moments of brutality?

Curled up next to Alex, underneath the tree, she was able to forget about it all for a little bit while they talked. To think about her old life, which seemed so very far away, and get to know Alex a little better. They'd talked before, of course, but never really like this. The way a couple might as they got to know each other. The fact that he could make her giggle, in a situation like this, seemed even more significant than the way he made her feel safe.

After their time outside, they were brought back into the compound, heading for the main room where the Wolf so often held court, and Bella couldn't stop the fine tremor that went through her. She clung even closer to Alex. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him glance down at her before he wrapped his arm around her again. On another day, it might have just made her feel weaker, but today she needed it.

The Wolf was on the dais, along with Jordan, Cora and Trace. It took Bella a moment before she saw Trish, kneeling beside Jordan's chair rather than being on his lap. She had her head on his lap, his hand stroking through her hair. But her eyes were on Bella, her expression a combination of so many different emotions that Bella couldn't even begin to interpret them. Did some of her missing memories involve Trish?

She had the feeling that they did, but she couldn't tell if it was just because of what she was picking up from looking at the other woman or if she had actually retained something during those lose hours or if it she was just imagining it.

When Cora looked up at them, her slow smile made Bella's trembling increase.

The soldiers led them over to the side of the Wolf's dais and Alex immediately pushed Bella behind him, onto the cushions that were there. He sat on the edge, blocking her from the view of most of the room, including those sitting on the dais, with his larger body. Grabbing one of the pillows, Bella held it against her stomach, curling around it as if it was the stuffed bear she'd slept with every night when she was a child.

"It'll be okay," Alex murmured, his hands smoothing over the top of her head in much the same way that Jordan stroked Trish's.

To her relief, they were mostly ignored, other than the soldiers who were obviously keeping an eye on Alex and the occasional glance from Cora or Trace. No one seemed to be keeping an eye on her. Alex let her cuddle up to him again, one hand on her leg as she leaned against his back, but he didn't put his arm around her again. Doing so would prevent him from keeping his big body between her and the rest of the room, so she just leaned against his back, resting her head against his smooth skin and tucking her leg up where he could easily hold onto it.

The room was abuzz with noise from the rest of the soldiers at their tables, but because of the acoustics it was still possible to hear occasional snippets of conversation from the dais. Enough that Bella picked up that yesterday's mission had been successful, they'd gotten everything they'd wanted from the raid - including the drug that had been used on her and Alex - and that there was something else they were waiting for from it.

Bella wondered what the drug was actually for... and why one of the side effects was memory loss. Unless... no. Even if someone on the Moon was helping the Wolf, why would the Moon need memory loss drugs? That made no sense. Maybe to help someone forget a trauma?

She rubbed her cheek against Alex's back, as if that could rub the strange sick feeling in the pit of her stomach. Too many things about the Wolf and the Moon didn't make sense. It was like she was seeing lots of little puzzle pieces, but couldn't find any two that fit together.

It wasn't until Alex tensed and his fingers sank into her thigh that she realized how deep in thought she'd been, she'd completely stopped listening to the conversations around her. Startled, she jerked her head up, looking over his shoulder, and her heart sank when she saw Cora looking back at her. Not at Alex. At her, specifically.

"No," Bella whimpered, so softly that the only person who could possibly hear her was Alex. It was an instinctive reaction, one without hope.

"Did you have a particular choice in mind?" asked the Wolf, standing up and looking over at her and Alex, his eyes glinting appreciatively as Alex shifted, the muscles in his shoulders rippling. "I do believe Toy wants to play."

Was the Wolf trying to direct Cora? Because it was fairly obvious to Bella who Cora wanted. And she didn't think she was just being paranoid.

"Toy was quite a bit of fun," Cora started to say, just as Alex picked up a cushion and hurled it at them.


"Alex, no," Bella whispered behind him, shock threaded through her voice.

But it was too late.

Throwing a cushion was stupid. It would never hurt anyone, it couldn't even be constituted a threat, but it did what it was meant to do. Cora's eyes locked onto him, and she raised her eyebrows, both amused and intrigued, taking her attention away from Bella. Which had been the goal. His skin crawled as both the Wolf and Cora focused on him.

"If Toy wants to play so badly, then I think we should oblige him," Cora said, with a smile that made Alex's fists clench, as if in preparation for a fight. Behind her, Trace scowled and leaned down to say something in her ear. Cora turned and patted his shoulder, saying something back to him.

With another wistful look towards Bella, Trace turned and loped off down the dais and into the crowd where two women immediately latched onto him. At the same time, Cora and the Wolf both refocused their attention on Alex.

The Wolf gestured to the soldiers nearby. "Take Pet to her room. We'll bring Alex to Cora's."

Even though they were being separated, Alex felt a spurt of relief. Unfortunately, Bella looked more upset than ever, tears filling her soft brown eyes as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

"I'm sorry, Alex, I'm so, so sorry," she whispered as the soldiers came closer.

"Worth it," he whispered back, planting a kiss on her forehead before the soldiers pulled her away.

When he looked back up at the Wolf and Cora, Cora had already turned away, but the Wolf was still watching him. There was no expression on the older man's face that Alex could read but there was something about the man's stance...

And then he turned away and the moment was lost.

Cora's room was huge. Decorative. Completely different from the room Bella and Alex occupied. As if he'd needed more indications on where he and Bella ranked in the scheme of things.

To his surprise, there was some obviously masculine clothing scattered around the room. Large masculine clothing. Was Cora sharing the room with someone? Was this why the Wolf hadn't been by the last few nights? Yet he hadn't seen all that much sexual tension between the two of them; even now they were both definitely more focused on him than on each other.

The Wolf was standing just behind Alex, but he could feel the man's presence, and out of the corner of his eye he could see that the Wolf was watching him and not Cora, who had moved to the foot of her very large bed already. The bed was easily as big as the one in the room Alex and Bella shared; sized for an orgy rather than just sleeping.

Stripping off her clothing, Cora let each piece drop to the floor. She wasn't trying to be seductive - she knew she didn't need to be. Alex was relieved that his dick didn't even stir at the sight of her naked body, despite the fact that she was a very attractive woman. After what she'd done to him before, he didn't think he could take actually responding to just the sight of her.

Just as the relief washed through him, the Wolf stroked one finger along Alex's spine, making him shiver and then tense, rigidly waiting for whatever was going to happen next. Cora stood by the bed, her legs slightly spread with one foot in front of the other, hands on her hips, and a small smile curving her face as she watched them. Alex refused to turn to look at the Wolf. Stoically, he stared at a point just over Cora's shoulder, doing his best to shut both of them out.

The Wolf chuckled. Never a reassuring sound. His finger stroked back down Alex's spine, barely touching him, so that all the hairs on Alex's body felt like they were standing straight up. As the Wolf's finger neared the crease of Alex's ass, it veered off, outlining the swell of Alex's buttocks. Automatically, Alex clenched, his hands balling into fists. The light touches made him want to flinch away, almost a ticklish reaction, but he refused to move.

"You were so eager before, Toy..." The Wolf's hot breath slid along the back of Alex's neck, except for where it was covered by the collar. "Perhaps you'd prefer that we trade you out for Pet instead?"

"No," Alex grated out. He wanted nothing more than to twist around and slam his fist in the Wolf's face. Him and his damn mind games.

Across the room, Cora tapped her foot impatiently. "Put him on his knees, Scott. I want him to crawl to me."

That trailing finger skittered back up Alex's spine and then a heavy hand gripped the back of his neck. "Down boy."

This is for Bella, Alex reminded himself as he knelt down without resisting. Some part of him didn't think the Wolf would bring Bella in, but that was the naive hopefulness of a child. Just look at what the Wolf had already allowed Dr. Margolis to do to her. Even if it had seemed like the Wolf was protecting Bella somewhat earlier, when Cora had been interested in her, that impression couldn't be trusted.

At least the floor in here was covered in a plush material, rather than being cold or hard. One small comfort for him.

"Come here, Toy," Cora practically purred, obviously enjoying seeing him down on his hands and knees. Her nipples were becoming more prominent, hardening into little buds, as she reveled in her dominance over him.

Feeling extremely vulnerable and exposed, with his cock and balls hanging down and his ass pointed straight at the Wolf, Alex gritted his teeth and crawled forward. He didn't bother to crane his neck to try and keep his eyes on Cora. There was no point. Staring at the floor, he just watched his hands as they sank into the softness of the floor covering, trying not to cringe as he thought about what the Wolf must be seeing from where he was still standing.

When he reached Cora's feet, he stared fixedly at a point between them. Looking up would feel too much like indicating he was ready for his next command. Fuck that. So he stared at her toes with their incongruous light pink polish and the small muscles in her feet moving as she waited.

After a few moments, he heard the burbling laugh of her amusement at his stubbornness.

"You are a treat, Toy," she said, as her fingers fisted in his hair and yanked. Alex barely managed to keep from shouting out in pain; it felt like she was going to tear out his scalp. Instinctively he followed the pull, which brought him almost all the way to his feet before she jerked her arm to the right and he was forced to follow, half-stumbling into the bed. Off balance, he reached out with one hand, hitting the bed from the side so that he tumbled onto his back, his legs mostly off the bed.

Snarling, he started to turn, lashing out defensively with his hand, and then his entire body jerked as the collar came painfully to life. Sizzling electricity shot through his throat, stunning him momentarily, so that he fell back, helpless.

Still laughing, Cora grabbed his ankle just as the electricity stopped. It took her mere moments, as Alex recovered, to flip him onto his stomach, attaching his ankles to the bedposts and forcibly spreading his legs apart, leaving his asshole exposed. Alex panted as the effects of the electric collar faded, gritting his teeth as he felt Cora tug gently on his balls. Her fingers were warm and teasing, rolling his balls between them, and he groaned as his body's inevitable reaction caused his cock to begin to swell.

He pushed back, almost as if he was pushing his ass at her, to keep his dick from becoming trapped in an uncomfortable position between his body and the bed, and then jerked forward as he felt a soft, wet lick across his sensitive anus. Every part of him was tensed, ready for pain from her, and instead she was confusing him with softness and pleasure.

The scraping of teeth against his thigh a moment later was more like what he expected, and he grunted as she bit down on the meaty part of his leg, hard enough that he knew it would leave a mark. It hurt, but at least it was less confusing than the way she was still gently fondling his balls, making his cock grow inside the tight confines of the cock ring. Blood pulsed, throbbing in his ears as she licked the underside of his buttock and then bit down right where she had licked.

A shift on the mattress made Alex opened his eyes. The Wolf was within reach, also naked now, and fisting his cock as he watched Alex's face. He tried to turn away, not wanting to give the Wolf the pleasure of seeing his reactions, but the Wolf reached out to grab his hair, forcing Alex to look at him. Holding onto him with one hand, the Wolf shifted to bring his cock closer to Alex's face.

"Cora, could you secure Toy's arms? I wouldn't want him to give into temptation." The Wolf rolled the words off of his tongue, for all the world as if he was saying something seductive instead of talking about Alex's obvious desire to do him bodily harm.

Not that Alex had made a move to. As much as he wanted to, he wouldn't risk Bella getting more punishment because he'd done something stupid. But he got the feeling that the Wolf just liked adding that extra bit of humiliation and vulnerability... or maybe the Wolf was going to do something that he really didn't think Alex would like.

With his wrists cuffed behind his back, there really was nothing Alex could do to stop his tormentors now. The Wolf grinned, his green eyes glinting, as he rubbed the tip of his cock over Alex's forehead. Doing his best to ignore the sticky pre-cum that clung to his skin, Alex closed his eyes, not willing to look at the Wolf any further.

It didn't seem that the Wolf cared too much. The head of his cock rubbed over Alex's face almost carelessly as Cora's attention settled on Alex's asshole. He groaned as she tongued his anus again, the soft wet heat of her mouth feeling so good it was unsettling. The sensation made his balls tighten and his cock throb inside the tight confines of the ring around it. When his mouth opened to groan, the Wolf's cock pressed against it, the Wolf's hand tightening in warning in Alex's hair.

Keeping his eyes closed, Alex let the Wolf's cock slide between his lips. He ached to bite down on the hard rod, to try and snap it off with his teeth, but this was one of the times when he had to bend. Yield. Live to fight another day.

In his mind, Bella's image, her soft brown eyes, stood out like a beacon, helping him to accept his current position. He was doing this for her. To protect her.

Which is how he managed to keep his calm when the Wolf shifted beneath him, laying back on the bed as he pushed Alex's mouth down onto his cock. The musky, male scent filled Alex's nose as the thick dick filled his throat. He gurgled, struggling to pull back up without the use of his hands. He managed to get high enough to suck in some air through his nose, and then the Wolf's hand was shoving him back down again, forcing the fat cock back down his throat.

At the same time, Cora was pushing something slick, thick and unyielding into Alex's anus, making him groan again as the Wolf's cock filled his throat. The vibrations of his vocal chords made the Wolf moan with pleasure. Alex's sphincter burned as it was violated; Cora was not being particularly gentle as she shoved the toy up his asshole, filling him quickly and uncomfortably. Squeezing his balls hard enough that they began to ache, his ass clenched around the invader, increasing his discomfort. He was impaled from both ends, his arms pinioned behind him. Trapped between his body and the soft sheets of the bed, his own cock was hard as a rock.

The dildo in his ass began to move back and forth; it had been liberally lubricated, but it was still uncomfortably large in his tight tunnel. He struggled to breathe, his muscles quickly growing tired from having to pull himself off of the Wolf's dick without the use of his arms. The movement made him rock against the bed, pleasant friction rubbing over his cock even while Cora twisted and squeezed his balls, mingling the pleasure and pain into a confusing swirl of sensation that would have made him breathless if he wasn't already struggling to breathe.

He felt himself giving in to the sensations, because his entire focus was just on trying to get enough air that he didn't pass out. The Wolf's fingers threaded through his hair, helping Alex to pull up enough to breathe, before shoving him back down. Alex's stomach muscles burned almost as much as his lungs; he didn't have the energy or the focus to try to fight back against Cora's toy in his ass or her tormenting hands on his balls, or even the pleasure of his cock as he rocked against the bed. Was this how Bella felt, when she gave in? As if she was floating, uncaring about what was happening to her as long as she survived it? There was something freeing in it, something Alex hadn't experienced before because he was always fighting the entire experience, and he hated the loss of control as much as it was almost a relief.

There was no way of telling how long they kept him like that, the Wolf thrusting up into his mouth, Cora both torturing and pleasuring him from behind, all while Alex could concentrate on only one thing: getting enough air.

Suddenly it stopped and the Wolf was pulling Alex completely up and off of his cock, while Cora withdrew whatever it was she'd been thrusting into his ass. As the Wolf shifted, moving away and letting Alex's head drop onto the bed, Alex was panting, finally able to breathe freely. As his head began to unfuzz, he began to notice other areas of discomfort that had been less important than breathing - his legs were trembling, his asshole felt both empty and still burning, Cora's treatment of his balls had made his lower back ache up into his kidneys, and his shoulders were tense and cramped from having his hands tied behind his back as well as his exertions to leverage himself up off of the Wolf's cock for air.

Alex stifled a groan as Cora slid onto the bed, grasping his hair and yanking him up by it so that she could slide her body underneath his.

Now what?

Cora squirmed her way down, not bothering to look at Alex's face, like he was nothing more than an obstacle to get around. Until she reached his dick. And then he realized he wasn't an obstacle, just a fuck-toy.

"Scott, lift him up a bit," Cora ordered.

Something pulled at his bound wrists, helping Cora to get exactly where she wanted. She squeezed his dick rather forcefully with her hand, making Alex gasp as tears sprung automatically into his eyes. Bitch. Looking up at his face to see his reaction, Cora practically purred.

One hand in his hair, the other around his dick, she wriggled until she had him exactly where she wanted him.


The tight, wet heat of her pussy engulfed his cock. He didn't want it to feel good, but it did. There was no way to stop the insertion of his dick, not while Cora and the Wolf had complete control of his body. She moaned with pleasure as he came down on top of her, still holding his head upright and away from her body.

At this moment, with her beneath him, Alex felt like he was seeing everything through a red haze. He was furious at the pleasure coursing through his body, at his cock's happy snugness in her pussy, and mostly at his two tormentors and their sick games. There was no doubt that Cora was getting off on more than just his pain or his cock, she liked that he didn't want to be anywhere near her but that his cock was sinking into her anyway.

"Oh yeah... fuck me Scott..." Cora said breathlessly.

Before Alex could wonder what she meant, the Wolf's cock was at his ass and thrusting forward.

"FUCK!" Alex let out a hoarse cry as his ass was split open. The Wolf's cock was larger than whatever Cora had been fucking his asshole with, stretching the tight hole with a burning sensation that had his hips thrusting forward, burying his dick in Cora until he couldn't move away from the implacable filling of his own ass.

Even though he'd been in this position before, with Bella, it felt completely different now. Cora was moaning and thrusting her hips upwards, rubbing her pussy against Alex's groin. He was surrounded by their eager bodies, the only one in the triad that didn't want to be there. Until now he hadn't realized how much having Bella by his side had helped him; having her there with and for him so that he wasn't alone. Being between Cora's feminine cries of pleasure, her encouragement for the Wolf to fuck them harder, and the Wolf's groaning grunts, was sickening.

With Bella he'd feel guilty over the sexual pleasure he derived, but at least he liked Bella, was attracted to her, had feelings for her that had been building... with Cora his only feeling was revulsion tinged with fear. But that didn't stop his cock from twitching inside of her, it didn't stop his ass from clenching around the Wolf's thrusts, and it didn't stop his own panting groans as he was wracked with pleasure and pain from both sides.

Frustration and anger grew in him as the Wolf pounded into him from behind, forcing him to thrust into Cora's wet, grasping cunt with hard strokes. She writhed and moaned beneath him, one hand still holding his hair, the other pinching and tugging on his nipples, occasionally making him jerk independently of the Wolf's thrusts. It was emotionally debilitating to be so out of control, and it was making him feel almost crazed even though he knew that there was nothing he could do about it.

Now that he wasn't struggling to breathe anymore, he didn't have a distraction to help him submit to what was happening. Instead he wanted to fight back. The Wolf's hands were hard on his hips, keeping the Wolf's body away from Alex's bound hands even as he fucked Alex forcefully from behind. Caught between them, unable to escape, unable to fight back, Alex bared his teeth and growled at Cora as she looked up at him.

"Harder!" she demanded, her hips pushing up as if she wasn't being rammed with the weight of two rather large, muscular men. Her legs wrapped around both of them, her thighs pressing against Alex's sides as she reached for the Wolf with her feet.

Then, suddenly, she let go of Alex's head, letting it fall against her shoulder.

He didn't even think, didn't ponder the consequences; his frustration and anger boiled over and he sank his teeth into the meaty flesh between Cora's shoulder and neck.

A high-pitched scream right in his ear nearly made him let go, her nails digging into his shoulders making him want to howl... but he didn't release until he felt her pussy convulse around him and realized that she was cumming. And her orgasm had started when his teeth had sunk into her flesh. Cora wasn't just a sadist, she got off on feeling pain too.

The forceful contractions of her pussy milked him as she writhed and screamed, nearly making his eyes cross. Behind him, the Wolf began to pound even more forcefully into Alex's ass, spearing him from behind, filling him in a way that was both awful and ecstatic. His cock felt like it was about to be wrenched off in Cora's body, so hard it actually hurt because he wasn't able to cum yet as the cock ring squeezed him...

Alex howled as his body protested the abuse, his hips moving to climax even as it was denied him. He could feel the ache in his cock and balls all through his legs and crawling along the skin of his back; Cora was beneath him, still in the throes of multiple orgasms, and the Wolf's cock was dragging over Alex's prostate with every thrust. His body wanted to cum, it needed to cum, and he thought he might seriously pass out if he was denied.

The Wolf grabbed Alex's bound wrists with one hand, using it to drag Alex's body onto his cock, forcing him down onto Cora's body with each hard thrust. It was painful hell and unending need; Alex couldn't support his own weight, or fight back... tears of rage and painful sexual need were practically blinding him.

And then hot jets of cum filled his ass and the tight leash of his cock ring was finally released. His cry of ecstasy was garbled by the way his hot jizz seemed to burn the inside of his dick as it came boiling out. It felt like the pulsing of the Wolf's cock in his ass, filling him, was actually shooting cum straight through Alex's body and into Cora's. He clenched and shuddered between them, giving himself over to the much needed release and allowing it to carry him away into welcoming darkness.


Pacing back and forth in their room, Bella rubbed her hands over her upper arms. She hated being separated from Alex, even if she was relieved that nothing awful was happening to her. Although the soldiers who had brought her back to the room had applied healing cream to her nipples, pussy and asshole - with great enthusiasm and fortunately only their fingers - her skin still felt achy and sensitive. Apparently the cream could only do so much against the lingering effects of electricity.

What was happening to Alex? Was he being punished? Pleasured? What was Cora doing to him? It was almost worse than when she'd had to watch him with the other woman, not knowing what was being done to him made her mind go spinning in all sorts of directions. Was the Wolf still with them? Would he make sure that Cora didn't break Alex?

He'd seemed at least somewhat concerned that Cora didn't break his 'toys,' although he also hadn't hesitated to hand her over to Dr. Margolis. What had she done dammit?

Realizing that she was staring at the wall, Bella shook her head, trying to focus herself as she started pacing again. She didn't know why the sigil on the wall had caught her eye; they were all over the compound, and there were three of them on the walls of this room alone.

If only the sigil was a clock that she could watch, so at least she would know how long Alex had been gone. Try to anticipate how long they might keep him.

Throwing herself down on the bed, Bella stared at the wall again, her eyes absent-mindedly tracing the sinuous curve of the sigil as her thoughts raced. All she could do was stay here and wait and hope that whatever was happening to Alex, it wasn't too horrible.


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