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Poker Loser

Novel By: goldeniangel

When spoiled cock-tease Allison rashly promises Todd anything he wants when it comes to her luscious body during a poker game, she never really thought he'd collect... View table of contents...


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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental. The author does not condone any of the actions taken by the characters depicted in this story, it is a figment of the imagination and should only be enjoyed as a work of fiction. Many adults indulge in non-consent / rape-play as part of their fantasies, that should only be done with the explicit consent of your partners, this author does not condone indulging in a fantasy without that consent. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.



Allison gasped as her voice came through her answering machine, loud and clear, her very words that she had used a week ago when Todd had taken her unwillingly after she'd lost a poker game. Unwillingly, but not unfairly, since she had bet him a night with her if she'd lost. Still, she hadn't expected to lose, or that he'd actually make her pay up on it in such a way. Closing her eyes to block out the memories, she listened to the rest of the message, Todd's voice.

"Hey princess, I'm sure you recognize where that's from. And I'm sure a lot of other people would be shocked to hear you say such dirty things! I'll bet Daddy would love to know what his little girl is up to..." Allison bit her knuckles, if her elitist father EVER found out... and there'd be no way to keep it from her mother if her dad knew. The ominous voice on the answering machine continued, "But I'm sure we can come to some kind of agreement where that won't be necessary. Meet me in the school library, sports section, at 10pm tonight. Oh, and you might want to check your email."

Allison rushed to the computer, her brown curls bouncing around her distraught and anxious face. She knew why Todd had chosen the sports section of the library that late at night, it was in the very back corner of the library and there'd be no one anywhere near there. Perfect for a private conversation - and a lot of other things according to college gossip. But she didn't have a choice, she had to get that tape. If only she hadn't fainted that night... she might've been able to convince him to give it to her at the end of the night....

The message in her email inbox showed her just how desperately she needed to get the tape back from him. And also the still frames off his computer. Picture after picture of her body tied to his bed, a couple of him shaving her pussy, far too many of his dick sliding between her tits, the revolting one of him shoving the previously owned vibrator into her pussy while she looked on in disgust, and a couple with his fingers sliding in her ass. But none of the actual anal sex... and she was obscurely disappointed somehow, until she got to the end of the email. There was a video clip.

Minute after minute, from the moment he first began to enter her ass - and the look of pain on her face made her wince in sympathy with the memory of that particular agony - to where he released her from the gag, to her obvious cascading climax. The worst part was watching after she had fainted, watching as he finished cumming in her ass, finally withdrawing, and then playing with her body after untying her. Dammit! How could she have remained unconscious through all that? There had to be at least ten minutes of footage of him fondling her breasts and playing with her pussy before he finally packed up and turned off the video camera. The only mercy had been that the clip didn't have sound, at least she didn't have to hear herself screaming for him to fuck her ass. There was no way that anyone watching this would take it for rape, it would look more like kinky sex games being played by oversexed college students. She groaned, sliding her hands over her head, trying to figure a way out of this mess. Nothing. There was absolutely nothing to be done except meet him and try to convince him to give her the tape and erase all the pictures.

As she got from the computer seat, she realized that she was wet and horny after watching her debasement.

DAMMIT! What the hell was wrong with her anyway?! Maybe she just needed a steady boyfriend, if she was getting orgasms from somewhere then she wouldn't be turned on by perverts. Definitely time for a cold shower.


At 9:55 Allison was sitting in the back corner of the library, at the one table in the sports section. Having decided that she was not going to encourage Todd in any way, she was wearing granny undies, baggy sweatpants, her thickest bra, and a turtleneck. In her wallet was a five thousand dollars in cash, almost her entire spending cash from her father for the semester, but it would be worth it if she could pay off Todd with money rather than any other way. Sitting quietly, hunched over, she was tapping her foot, impatient to get all of this over with.

Todd came around the corner, and was looking better than ever. She may have dressed to dissuade, but he was dressed to impress. A black tight shirt set off his muscle tone and hair, while worn jeans hung loosely from his hips. One lock of hair fell down in front of his forehead, drawing attention to his warm brown eyes. When they'd first met, she'd thought he had the kindest eyes she'd ever seen, now the warmth in them seemed more mocking than anything else. She gritted her teeth as he smiled at her, and she also noticed that he didn't appear to be carrying anything. Damn. They'd either have to meet again if she was going to pay him off for the video and deleting the pictures, or go to his place. On the other hand, going to his place might be better because then she'd be able to make sure that he deleted all the pictures... but did she really want to be alone in his apartment again?

Todd was decidedly amused at the consternation on Allison's face, she obviously was unsure of what was going to happen and what she was going to do about it. He was less amused at her choice of wardrobe, but there was nothing to be done about that now. And maybe he could play it to his advantage. Grinning malevolently at her, he sat in the seat directly next to hers and ignored her unwelcoming glare.

"So Allison, how are you doing?" His casual question caused her hazel eyes to burn with outrage.

"That's not what we're hear to talk about you asshole," her voice was barely above a whisper, not that there was anyone around to hear anyway, "I want that tape, and any copies you've made, and I want you to delete all the pictures off of your computer. I have five thousand dollars in my purse, I'll give it to you now and we'll go and take care of that immediately."

Todd leaned back in his chair, adopting a thoughtful expression; if looks could kill he'd be on the ground ice cold, Allison was not amused by his play-acting at all. Finally, in as casual a tone he could muster, "Well Allison. That's a great offer, but I'm not really interested in the money you see... and while I'd certainly like you back in my house," his wink told her exactly how he'd like to see her in his house, "We don't need to go there right now. But I'm sure we can come to an agreement on how you can get the tape and the five copies I've made." He grinned at her expression as his words revealed how many copies he'd made.

"And the pictures?" oh yes, she was definitely looking more nervous now.

"Already gone! No worries there, why do I need pictures when I have such lovely videos to watch?" the feeling of power over this snobbish, but definitely gorgeous even in her current outfit, co-ed was definitely intoxicating. Todd could feel himself taking on more and more of a persona of an arrogant, dominating bastard, the kind of person he'd always admired in movies. He definitely had it all together.

"What do you want." her voice was more of a hiss than a whisper, and the amount of blatant dislike in her eyes almost amounted to hatred.

He grinned at her, "I just want to take you on a date Allison! One date for each video... so that's six dates in all! That's not so bad is it?" The angry glare in her eyes gave way to confusion and suspicion as she tried to find the hidden meanings in his words.

"Dates? That's it?" Her voice was laden with sarcasm.

"Yes Allison... but there'd be some rules on these dates," he reached one hand out and began stroking her hair, ignoring her wince back away from him. Once he had his hand in her hair she stopped trying to pull back. "For one, I'd be completely in charge. Where we go, what we do... how it ends... what you wear..." trailing his fingers down her neck he reached her breasts and frowned at the thickness of the clothe between his hand and her flesh, "For instance, this would definitely not do." He lifted her shirt up, she moved as if to resist and then stiffly let her hands drop to her sides, turning her face away as he pulled her breasts from her bra, letting them rest on top of it. Pulling at her nipples, smiling as she tried to hide the arousal in her face, "You do whatever I say when we're on the date. At the end of each one... you get a tape. Six dates, that's it."

Biting her lip, "No overnighters."

He nodded, that was reasonable, "No overnighters, unless you decide to stay over of course." her glare told him that that was very unlikely, "And if you uh... repeat your performance from last time I won't be taking you home until you wake up of course, and if that's after I've fallen asleep, well you'll just have to wait until morning." she nodded stiffly, and then gasped as he began twisting her nipples. Placing his whole hands over her breasts, he began squeezing and kneading the globes, making her squirm in the seat.

"Fine," she nodded stiffly, "Deal." Starting to get up and reach her hands to push his away, he pinched her nipples tightly, making her whimper and then stop to stare at him.

"Time to seal the deal Allison." Grinning, he released her nipples and unzipped his pants, lacing his fingers behind his head he nodded at the opening, "And uh, stay as you are."

Her hands drifted away from the hem of her shirt and she glared at him. Dropping to her knees, she pulled the jeans away from his dick, and the thick meat sprang from the confines of his pants. Allison felt disgusted with herself, not only for getting wet while he was playing with her tits, but because she now had to suck his dick willingly. If only she could figure a way out of this mess... six dates. Six dates which would probably include practically being his sex slave and then she'd be out of this for good, and never have to see the bastard again.

With that thought in mind, she lowered her mouth to his dick, licking the tip of it reluctantly. After a few moments, he lowered his hands from behind his head and laced the right one through her hair, using the left to grab her nipple, "You can do better than that." Pushing her head and pulling her nipple, he leveraged her mouth onto his dick. Reluctantly she sucked the head of his dick, using her tongue to add to the sensations, hoping he'd just let her stay there; but his insistent tugging moved her downward. The thick cock was so massively wide that she could swear she felt her jaw pop as she tried to accommodate it in her mouth. It was thick and hard, pushing down on her tongue and nudging against the back of her tonsils.

It felt amazing to Todd as he finally got into her mouth, especially since he was there willingly. He hadn't been about to risk her biting his dick the last time, but this was completely different. And her mouth was as soft and wet as any guy could ask for; her perfect lips wrapped around his dick was intoxicating. No other guy in his kind of financial and social position had ever had this bitch on her knees in front of him before, and he was going to enjoy every second of it.

Fortunately, she didn't have a very sensitive gag reflex, although she didn't think he would've cared if she did. Her head was pushed down until her mouth was against his pubis, the head of his dick lodged in her throat. Todd held her there for a moment, groaning as he enjoyed the sensation of her throat fluttering around his cock, and her soft lips against his groin. Slowly he allowed her to move back, and then he let her pretty much go as she pleased, only occasionally forcing her mouth to accept his entire length.

Allison moved quickly now, hoping to get him off as quickly as possible. She hummed in the back of her throat, swallowing as much of him as she could on her own, knowing that the vibrations would add to the sensation. Concentrating on the task at hand, rather than the rather pleasant sensation he was causing by playing with her nipples, she sucked and tongued his shaft, bobbing her head as quickly as she could. Making use of her hands, she cupped his balls, squeezing gently and even tugging them downward a little. This seemed to have the best effect on him as he moaned and tightened his grip both on her hair and her nipple. Using two fingers she found the spot just behind his balls, and began making circular motions, pressing in firmly to increase the sensation. She moved her head quickly, sucking hard, fitting more and more of his length down her throat. Tugging his balls insistently, she worked him over, managing to press most of his length into her throat on her own.

Finally, he grasped her more firmly and began taking over the rhythm of their movements, forcing her to move at his pace, and to swallow the entire length of his dick. Mostly she just concentrated on not choking as he pushed back her gag reflex, that and trying to breath every time he pulled back. With her hands still massaging his balls, it didn't take long before he pushed her head down one last time, pinching her nipple even more tightly, as he began releasing his load down her throat. Unwillingly she swallowed him, she'd always spit before, it had seemed nasty to swallow a guy's fluids. It didn't taste as bad as she'd thought it would, unique tasting though, mostly just salty; but it made her nauseous to know that she'd just had to swallow this asshole's cum.

Pulling her mouth off his dick, she got to her feet, put her boobs back into her bra and pulled down her shirt. As she turned to leave, his voice stopped her.

"Allison, come here for a moment." For a moment, she considered running, but that wouldn't solve her problems. The library was about to close, they didn't have any more time for him to try and make her do anything else. She turned and walked back next to his chair, but refused to say anything: she just looked at him.

Casually, as if it was of no importance to him, he reached one hand into her pants and slid one finger across her slit. Allison, closed her eyes, knowing what he could find. "Ah..." his voice was full of smug satisfaction, she yearned to slap the smile off his face, "You are wet. Open up."

Uncomprehending, for a moment she just stared at him as he held the finger in front of her face. Then, slowly, she opened her mouth, just a little. He stuck the finger in, "Clean it." The sweet musky taste of her own pussy filled her mouth, mixing with the salt taste of his cum, as she sucked his finger clean.

"I'll send you an email about our first date. It'll tell you everything you need to know." He smiled at her and popped his finger out of her mouth. It was so fulfilling to see her standing there uncertainly, wondering if she dared try to leave again. "You can go."

Allison fled.


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