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Bradley and Christine go to Camp Kink to reconnect and renew their marriage. It works better, and hotter, than they'd ever thought. View table of contents...


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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any actual person is entirely coincidental. This is an erotic story and is intended to be read by adults only.

"Bye! Goodbye!"

Bradley and Christine waved out the window as they drove away, followed by the enthusiastic farewells of their daughters Brandi and Joyce.

Enthusiasm welled up in Christine as she reached over and caught Bradley's hand, just as his was leaving the steering wheel to reach out for hers. The mutual gesture made her breath catch in her throat; it was the first time in a long time that they'd both reached for each other simultaneously. The first time in a long time that they'd held hands at all.

It seemed like a good omen for the weekend. This was supposed to revitalize their marriage after all. Bradley had planned it and Christine had gone along with relief. They were only in their mid-thirties, but after two babies Christine had started to feel like she'd lost her mojo... it wasn't just the late nights and the dirty diapers, it was also the changes to her body. The sags, the wrinkles, the white stretch marks that were still marring what used to be a perfect stomach. She knew that it was partly her own insecurities that had fed into their dwindling sex life, along with the lack of time and energy, but the fading of their sex life had also fed into her insecurities.

Just ten years ago they'd been having plenty of wild kinky sex, both before and after their wedding. Then she'd had Joyce a year after their wedding and Brandi followed two years later... now they'd been married for eleven years and plenty of it had been wonderful but she'd started feeling like their closeness, their intimacy was dying. She didn't want to be one of those couples who only stayed together for the kids. And she'd also started worrying that Bradley might end up having an affair if she didn't start doing more in the bedroom.

Unfortunately while she had no problem getting horny when her husband wasn't around, as soon as he turned up again she couldn't stop obsessing over the way her body had changed and aged since their first year of marriage, the way their sex life had already started to die out, and whatever confidence her hormones had given her quickly shrank away. Then Bradley had come up to her and told her about a weekend camp, away in the woods, that couples could use to reconnect. There was even a camp ten miles away for the kids, a kind of joint venture that allowed the kids a fun weekend of activities while their parents worked on their relationship.

At one point in their marriage Christine might have protested that they didn't need something like this, that the premise was silly or unnecessary, but all she'd felt was relief that Bradley was on the same page as her - and that he'd rather work on their marriage than find an affair on the side. She just hoped he wasn't trying to rekindle their marriage purely for the kids. And she hoped that they didn't have to spend the entire weekend hashing out all the things that had gone wrong... he'd mentioned a nearby hot spring and "activities" so hopefully that meant they'd get to do things together.

Good grief, when was the last time they'd even gone on a date? And when they did go on a date, they always had to come home and quietly have sex. In the dark, at her insistence. While she worried about the fat rolls that he must been feeling and the way her thighs jiggled around his body even if he couldn't see her. Sex had become so stressful.

"Hear that?"

"What?" Christine asked, turning away from the window to look at her handsome husband. He'd aged too, of course, but she thought the grey in his dark hair made him look distinguished, the few wrinkles forming on his face lent him gravitas, and he'd barely gained any weight. A little, of course, and he'd lost some muscle tone, but for a guy in his mid-thirties he was still a fine specimen of a man and she'd seen more than one woman check him out when they were out together.

The blazing grin he gave her only enhanced his good looks. "Nothing! It's completely quiet! Isn't it great?"

Christine had to laugh even as she conceded that it was definitely very nice. Their girls' constant babbling was gone, the forest was silent, and for a moment it felt like they were the only two people in the world.

"I'm really glad we're doing this," she said enthusiastically, shyly giving his hand a squeeze. It almost felt strange to be alone with him, knowing that they were about to spend a weekend together. A little zip of excitement went through her body. A whole night alone together where they could be as vocal as they wanted... and she wouldn't have to feel bad about having him turn off the light because they'd be in a tent so it would be dark anyway!

"Me too," he said, squeezing her hand back as he turned onto a gravel road.

He was relieved to see the excitement in his wife's eyes. Hopefully she retained that excitement when she discovered exactly what kind of camp he'd brought her to. They'd always been pretty kinky and they'd had some damn interesting sex over the years, but he'd never pushed her boundaries like he was going to this weekend. It had only been by chance that he'd heard of Camp Kink in the first place, he'd been online cruising his regular porn sites when a forum about spouses who had lost their connection had caught his eye. One of the guys on the boards there swore up and down that Camp Kink had helped his marriage in a myriad of ways.

The Camp had several aspects going for it, according to him. It was a clothing optional camp, although the idea was the end the weekend as a nudist camp, and he said it helped him and his wife with some of their trust and communication issues. Bradley could definitely see where he'd have a major problem sustaining an argument with Christine if she was wonderfully, gloriously nude. That had given him more than one fantasy after talking with the guy on the forum. The camp was also a BDSM camp, the people who ran it had classes and various presentations throughout the weekend for all levels of interest. Or you could just hang out and do your own thing.

They'd done some domination and submission stuff earlier in their relationship, although that had slowly dwindled over the years, but it was something that Bradley would love to get back into. He thought Christine would too, once it had been presented correctly. Their sex life had gone from great to infrequent and he wasn't entirely sure what to do about it. Her responses to certain things had changed so much over the years and they didn't have time to explore what turned her on anymore. In some ways it had become easier to jerk off than to get his wife in the mood, and that was something he wanted to work on this weekend too.

Assuming that Christine didn't decide to run for the hills once she realized what kind of camping weekend he'd basically tricked her into taking.


They found their assigned campsite and got their tent set up without incident. Although they could hear voices, laughing and talking (although the words were indistinct), indicating that there were people nearby, they couldn't see any of them. Something Bradley was rather grateful for at the moment because he didn't know whether or not any other campers were already participating in the themes of the weekend.

The first of which, of course, was nudity.

Something that he would need to talk to Christine about as soon as possible. Definitely before she looked into her bag and discovered that he'd switched what she'd packed with a bag that he'd packed for her. At the time, surprising her had seemed like a good idea. Much easier than talking her into it. But now he was feeling rather nervous.

It had been a long time since they'd done anything with dominance and submission in the bedroom. What if she wasn't interested anymore? Especially considering that the weekend would require her to be submissive to him in front of other people. Something that they'd never done before, although when they'd shared fantasies with each other they'd both discovered that they each had a secret exhibitionist streak, they'd just never gotten up the courage to do anything with it. All of their play had been in the bedroom - although that had been hot and heavy for the first few years of their marriage. Bondage. Spankings. Role-play. Nothing too rough, but always a hell of a lot of fun.

Why had he let that slip away? WHEN had he let that slip away?

"Um... honey..." His wife's voice sounded a little faint, a strange questioning note in it as if she wanted his confirmation for something.

Bradley looked up to see her standing by the picnic table at their site, her hands still on the bag that she'd just set down on the table, and staring at something. His head swiveled around and he let out a low, almost inaudible groan.

So much for cluing in Christine gently.

"Hello neighbors!"

A cheerful looking couple that looked to be in their forties were descending upon them, completely bare-assed other than their sandals. Obviously they'd been to the camp before and felt completely comfortable walking around in their own skins and nothing else. The big, welcoming smiles on their faces said that they were friendly and there wasn't anything lascivious or blatantly sexual about them; if he had already had a chance to talk to Christine he might have even welcomed their presence. The man was mostly fit, mostly bald, and about the same height as Bradley, while the woman - Bradley guessed his wife since the only thing they WERE wearing besides footwear was the glitter of wedding bands on their ring fingers - was curvy in all the right places and a few places that most women considered the wrong ones, but she wore it well with her short blonde bob and completely shaved downstairs.

It was an effort for him to focus on their faces, but he did his utter best. From the rules he knew that Dominants were allowed to look and admire the more private areas of the submissives' bodies, but he didn't know which of these two was the submissive, and besides it felt a little wrong to be blatantly checking out their welcoming committee.

"Welcome to Camp Kink!" The woman beamed at them, bouncing up to Bradley and holding out her hand. She bounced quite nicely too. "My name's Jane and this is my husband Lucian."

Out of the corner of his eye Bradley could see his own wife mouthing a repetition of the name, although he couldn't hear her actually saying anything.

"Call me Luke," the man said cheerfully as he shook hands with Bradley, Jane already having moved on to greet Christine. "We just thought we'd come over and introduce ourselves, this is our fifth year here so we like to go around and meet all the newbies." He lowered his voice, his eyes flicking over to where Christine was putting on a brave front and desperately trying to go with the flow now that she'd been confronted by two completely naked people who apparently didn't care that they were showing their goods to the world at large. "Is she going to be okay? I know a lot of people start off shy, but we like to start as we mean to go on. We didn't mean to embarrass you two."

"Oh well..." Bradley hesitated and then shrugged. "I might not have been completely forthcoming with her about exactly the kind of camp this is."

Luke laughed, a loud guffaw that caught the women's attention. Looking over at them, Bradley caught the glare that Christine sent him. Obviously unhappy that he'd omitted a good bit of information about their upcoming weekend. But she wasn't throwing a fit. Yet.

"Well we won't stay too long then," Luke said, still chuckling as he looked at Bradley with unholy amusement in his eyes. "No wonder she looked so shocked to see us. Just remember to go over the rules with her before you come to the common area."

"Yeah, I'd planned on having a talk with her after we'd finished unpacking, before we went over there," Brad said with a rueful shrug.

"Is this a surprise vacation or something?"

"More like a surprise counseling session. We're here to reconnect and get some of the spark back."

Nodding, the other man clapped him on the shoulder. It felt a bit weird to be touched so uninhibitedly but a completely naked man that he'd just met, but at the same time it kinda felt natural too. "That's how Jane and I started out and let me tell you, the spark hasn't left since. It's about making the time for it, and you're already on the right path." He chuckled again. "As long as your wife doesn't spend the whole weekend shooting daggers at you."

"She won't," Brad said with more confidence than he felt. "If she hasn't already exploded all over me, she's not going to. Besides, she used to like it when I took control, which is another reason why we're here."

"Well best of luck to you, we'll be off then. We're one campsite over, take a left down the road to get to us. Feel free to stop by at any time for questions or just a chat, I'm sure we'll see a lot of you over the weekend."

"It was nice to meet you," said Brad.

They clapped hands together again and then Jane trotted back over, picking up on some secret signal that Luke was ready to leave. At least that's how it seemed to Bradley. Christine followed at a slower pace, her eyes both wary and angry. This was it. She was either going to demand they go home or she was going to fall in line with what he'd planned.

Drawing himself upwards, Brad crossed his arms over his chest and raised one eyebrow at her. His heart was pounding wildly. He really wanted them to stay, but he wasn't entirely sure why their sex life had changed so much over the years or if she even still wanted him to be the dominant, controlling man in the bedroom that he'd been when they first married. But if he was going to attempt to return them to that pattern then he was going to do it NOW. Either she agreed or she didn't, but he knew what he wanted and he hoped to get her on the same page.

Seeing Brad draw himself up, his deep brown eyes turning stern and uncompromising, sent a little zing through her body, despite the fact that she was angry with him. When was the last time he had looked at her like that? Like he was in completely in charge and if she didn't step lightly her butt was going to pay for it? And why did she find that so sexy even when she knew she should be furious?!

The things that Jane had just told her had shocked her. The other woman hadn't realized that Christine really hadn't known what kind of camp this was and she'd been enthusiastically describing some of the activities that the camp offered.

Flogging classes. Nude nature hikes. Spanking demonstrations.

It had excited Christine as much as it had made her anxious. Actually, if she were being honest with herself, if it wasn't for the whole "nude" thing, she would have just been pretty excited all around to have Bradley spring something like this on her. Talk about getting their sex life going again!

But she felt uncomfortable being naked in front of her husband, how could she go bare-assed in front of strangers?

"So..." she said, trying to figure out exactly what to say.

Bradley waited, feet firmly planted shoulder width apart, arms crossed over his chest. He looked relaxed and confident, which threw her completely off balance because some part of her had expected him to be apologetic, to be trying to explain to her why he'd done what he'd done. Instead he was looking at her like he was already mentally undressing her with his eyes. Everything about him said that he was in charge of the situation.

Her nerves ratcheted up another level. On one hand, she loved it when he looked at her that way, like he was going to pounce on her at any second and bend her over their picnic table to have his way with her. On the other hand, she couldn't help but worry that he was picturing her younger, twenty-year old, pre-child body. After all, the clothes she wore hid a multitude of sins and her body wasn't exactly visible through the large t-shirt and slightly baggy jeans she currently had on.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she finally asked rather than making any kind of wild accusations, since she really didn't know what his motivation might have been.

"I wasn't sure you'd say yes if I did," he said calmly, letting his arms drop as he walked to stand right in front of her. Christine's heart beat faster as he approached, her head tilting back to keep her eyes trained on his face. How long had it been since she'd felt this kind of sensual excitement? He held her gaze effortlessly, his dark eyes pinioning hers, and she was suddenly twenty four all over again - hot, aroused, and hopeful rather than her true depressed, uncertain and shy self. "I figured it would be easier to get you here and then tell you. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission."

"Are you going to ask for forgiveness?"

He studied her face, cupping his hand under her chin and almost making her jump with surprise as his thumb ran over her lower lip. It dropped open, leaving her panting as he pressed the tip of his thumb into her mouth and her tongue automatically flicked out to lick it.

"No. And I don't think you want me to."

Christine's pupils dilated as he pushed his thumb into her mouth, her lips closing around the digit and sucking like it was a small cock. He could feel her tongue rasping over the sensitive pad and he almost moaned, but he held it in. Instinctively he knew that this moment was important, he was starting the weekend the way he meant for it to continue - with him firmly in charge of where they were going.

At what point in their sexual relationship Christine had actively started pulling away, rather than just truly being too tired or stressed, he wasn't sure, but he could tell from her reaction right now that she needed this. She needed him to take charge. Not quite in the way he'd used to, when she'd been as likely to initiate sex as he'd been only to give him control once they'd started, but to push her boundaries and to push her into a place where she could let go of the control over her own emotions and sensuality that she'd bound herself in over the past years. And it felt good to take charge again, to see her responding; it gave him hope that their relationship wasn't just going to keep spiraling downward as they moved further and further away from each other.

All it would take was some effort. He was certainly willing to make the attempt.

In fact right now he just wanted to take her into their tent and pile drive her into the ground. But that wasn't what the weekend was about.

"Come on," he said, pulling his thumb away, enjoying the flash of disappointment across her face. "Let's finished setting up and then we can go find the bathrooms and the lodge."


Glaring at her husband's muscled back, Christine tramped along the path. Fortunately they didn't have to start off the weekend completely nude but Bradley had insisted that they not go to the common areas fully clothed. It was a good thing Luke and Jane had come by earlier or Christine would have never gone along with it, but she didn't want other people to feel uncomfortable that she was completely clothed while they weren't. That was the only reason she'd allowed herself to be talked into wearing nothing but a pair of panties and one of Bradley's t-shirts.

Sort of talked into, anyway. If that's what the threat of being spanked followed by capitulation could be called.

When Bradley had picked out what she was going to wear she knew that he was trying to ensure that she was mostly comfortable, because she'd immediately balked at going in nothing but her underwear. As if she was going to show a bunch of strangers her stomach's fat rolls! So he'd backed off of that and said she could wear his t-shirt - no bra - and her panties. She'd tried to balk at that too before he'd sternly told her to wear what he demanded or she'd be going in one of her t-shirts with a thong so that everyone could see her reddened bottom after he finished spanking her.

Desperately trying to hide how aroused his threat had made her - the spanking part, not the showing herself off part... she didn't think - she'd hurried into the tent and put on what he'd demanded. When she'd come out she'd found her husband standing in nothing but his boxers and sneakers. The slow smile he'd given her as he'd looked over her legs almost had her feel less self-conscious, although she still couldn't help worrying about what he thought when he saw her thighs, and she'd tugged at the hem of the t-shirt, trying to pull it lower. It was just barely long enough to cover more than a couple inches past her butt.

Now they were heading down the pathway that led to the Lodge - where all the activities were held / began if they were located in a different area - and the bathrooms. So far they hadn't seen anyone else, but she felt so damned exposed that she was jumping at every little noise.

Suddenly the pathway through the trees opened up into sunshine and a clearing and Christine stiffened up immediately. There were people gathered around a fire pit about fifty yards away from them, in front of a large wooden structure. Off to the left was what looked like bathrooms. It took her a moment to realize that the people were all in various states of undress - in fact she was one of the more modest ones!

Reluctantly she followed Bradley closer, going over the rules that they'd talked about in her head. Since she was wearing panties right now she didn't need to worry about setting down a towel or cloth before sitting down. Don't look at people's genitalia - although he'd informed her that rule was only enforced with the submissive partners. Be polite and respectful. No derogatory comments - so she shouldn't have to worry about someone saying anything mean about her, just thinking it. Hugging and casual touching was acceptable during group times, anyone wearing a collar should not be touched without the express permission of the dominant partner at any time, and any kind of sexual touching was not allowed without the permission of a dominant partner. Etc, etc. Most of the rules had to do with hygiene and personal boundaries, although Bradley told her that he'd be adding other rules throughout their weekend stay.

And enforcing them with a spanking, as per the rules for Dominants.

A secret little thrill of excitement went through her at the idea of being spanked in front of other people, that long-lost exhibitionist streak rearing its inexperienced head. If only they'd done this ten years ago when she'd been feeling good about her body she would have been completely excited. Now she was torn between wanting to be excited and the growing feeling of discomfort as she compared her fantasy with the reality.

The people gathered around the fire pit were in various states of undress. There were a few other couples who were completely naked, one of which was a woman who knelt on a soft cushion at the feet of a man sitting beside her, a collar around her neck. Frankly fascinated, Christine stared at the woman who looked entirely serene until a sharp smack on the ass brought her attention back to Bradley. Giving herself a little shake, she smiled and shook hands with the couple that he was talking to. They were both dressed in their underwear. Then again, if Christine looked like THAT in her underwear she wouldn't hesitate to take off her clothes either. Missy, the woman, had a great body with what looked like B cup breasts and a nice flat stomach.

There did seem to be a fair amount of body diversity, however, which consoled Christine somewhat. A few of the women who were just letting it all hang out were even curvier than she was and she envied them their careless self-confidence.

"You'd better be careful or I'm going to end up having to spank you in front of everyone rather than just keeping a tally and doing it when we get back to our tent," Bradley murmured in her ear as he caught her looking at another woman's bush for the umpteenth time. Fortunately Christine was discreet but he still saw her looking.

"It's in the shape of a lightning bolt!" she whispered back, sounding both shocked and intrigued.

"We could try that with you sometime," he whispered back, amused, as he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled in her close to him. Christine squirmed as he ran his hand over her front, her cheeks blushing hot red - she looked around a little desperately to see if anyone was watching.

"No thank you. Oh my goodness!" That last part was said with complete shock and Bradley immediately looked up to see what had taken his wife's attention away from his wandering hand. Across the fire from them one of the woman was sitting down with a man over her lap, spanking him as he blurted apologies, his hard cock bobbing next to her thigh.

More than one person had stopped whatever they were doing to watch with various reactions from amusement to interest to arousal. Christine trembled against him and he wondered what she was thinking. Shifting slightly to the side, so that he was standing directly behind her, he kept one hand over her lower pelvis while the other reached up to cup her breast. He could feel her quick intake of breath, her momentary attempt to pull away - which he ignored, and then he found her nipples which was already pebbled and hard.

"Do you wish that was you?" he whispered in her ear. He certainly wished that was her, but he didn't think they were ready for that yet. Just touching her in public where anyone might be watching them (although of course they weren't when there was something so much more interesting for them to watch) had him hard to the point of aching.

Not trusting her voice, Christine shook her head no. But she knew that she was lying, and she knew that Bradley knew she was lying. She was just too insecure to admit it.

"I wish that was you," he murmured, nibbling on the sensitive lobe of her ear and she actually thought her knees might buckle as he fondled her breast and pinched at her nipple. They were surrounded by people in various states of undress, most of whom were watching a public spanking, and others who were doing things very similar to what she and Bradley were doing. It was shocking... appalling... and incredibly arousing.

What kind of camp had her husband brought her to and what kind of woman and mother was she that being here for less than an hour already had her sopping wet and ready to beg to be fucked?

Later they found out that the submissive being spanked, Jeremy, had been caught by Dana, his mistress, blatantly checking out one of the Dom's cocks. Privately Christine couldn't blame him - the Dom in question, Bill, had a massively large cock and it was tattooed of all things! It was human nature to look and try to figure out what the man had inked on his most sensitive skin! But after Bradley whispered to her that he wouldn't hesitate to take her over his knee if he caught her being rude by staring at someone's genitals, she'd made sure to avoid Bill. While she could sneak little peeks at other people's privates without getting caught, she knew that it would be too hard not to try and figure out what Bill had going on down there.

There were surprisingly few spankings, although she noticed that all in all the people in the general area had a very casual air about them. Jane told her that people tended to be more relaxed the first night; tomorrow everyone was expected to be more settled and familiar with the rules of conduct. During dinner Bradley instituted a few rules of his own, one of which was that Christine must spread her legs wide when she was sitting down.

No demure knee crossing or even keeping them together; he wanted her knees wider than shoulder width apart. Under the picnic table it didn't matter - other than to give him easy access. He told her that once she was fully naked (as if! she thought privately) he wouldn't expect her to do so outdoors, but when they were in the Lodge and sitting down she would follow that rule. And if she wanted to wear panties then she would just have to put up with spreading her legs when she sat.

So it was with a lot of blushing that she joined the campfire circle, her thighs spread wide to show off the very damp patch on her panties. Bradley sat beside her, his arm curved around her waist, hand resting on her stomach. Normally that was something that would make her uncomfortable and she would try to shift his hand away, but here she was too worried about getting a spanking to try and move his hand - not to mention that she was already embarrassed about her bare legs and thunder thighs being exposed to everyone else to worry overmuch about her husband's reaction to her less-than-fit tummy.

On the other hand, she was feeling pretty good because she could see very clearly how much her husband was enjoying her spread legs and reduced attire. Of course she could help but worry that perhaps his bulging boxers were a reaction to the other women in the camp, who were wearing much less than she was (and several of whom had the bodies she wished she had), but even she couldn't miss how often his eyes were on her legs. Maybe the campfire light was helping to hide the worst of her flaws.

They'd barely finished dinner when Bradley decided they should go back to their tent. Eager to be alone with him, Christine happily snuggled up under his arm.

Already this weekend was reconnecting them, she realized. The whole nudity thing had really thrown her for a loop - even more than the BDSM themes of the weekend - but in a way that was good because it made Bradley her partner in crime. She felt more comfortable by his side than anywhere else and it gave them something to experience together. When they got home this definitely wouldn't be something they'd really talk about with their other friends, although she was sure that she would tell her best friend a few things, but it would be a memory of theirs together that no one else would really understand.

They were holding hands more, snuggling more, touching each other more because they were fish out of water and the connection made them feel better. Wrapping her other arm around his waist, even though it made her walk funny because she was now totally leaning into him, Christine pressed her face into his chest and let him lead them into the darkness, back to their tent.


Almost as soon as they were back in the tent, Bradley pressed his wife down to the ground, already kissing her with all the pent-up passion he'd had to keep under control while they were around the others. It wasn't as hard as it could have been; they had some very cushy egg foam beneath their sleeping bags, which were also nice and fluffy.

All night they'd been touching each other; just little touches, but enough to fill some of the void that he hadn't even realized had opened up during the time they'd been drifting apart. Enough to make his cock leak enough pre-cum that the front of his boxers were sticky and wet. Sure there had been plenty of other visual stimulus to help with that, but all he'd needed was the sight of his wife walking around in his shirt, her legs spread when she was sitting next to him, open and accessible to him.

"Bradley!" she gasped, shocked and delighted by his obvious need for her. A small part of her mind couldn't help but wonder if he was picturing the other women that they'd seen around the campfire, but she had to admit that she'd been just as excited and intrigued by some of the sights they'd seen so she couldn't hold that against him if he was and she told herself that she wasn't jealous. The hard bulge of his erection ground against her panty-clad crotch, only thin veneers of fabric keeping them apart.

"Do you have any idea how sexy it is to see you wearing my shirt and almost nothing else?" His voice was rough, low, his hands hard as he reached under the garment in question, sliding his hands up her soft stomach to squeeze her breasts. Frustrated, he yanked and buttons went flying through the tent.

"BRADLEY!" Christine stared up at him in shock, unable to see anything but the barest impression of his features as he squeezed her breasts, the pale globes now visible in the dim light of the moon that filtered into the tent, her nipples were dark shadows against the luminescent flesh. It had been years since they'd approached each other with this kind of uninhibited passion - and he was saying it was because she was wearing his shirt?

"Put your hands above your head," he whispered, squeezing her breasts again as he ground his lower body against hers. With her legs wrapped around his body, the length of his erection was pressing directly against her pussy, the wetness seeping through both layers of fabric. She was just as turned on as he was. "Hold them there."

With an erotic little whimper, Christine did as he said. The dim lighting helped her feel more confident as she bared her body to him, the sides of his shirt wide open so that nothing but her arms were covered by it. She couldn't see the expression on his face, it was in darkness, but she could feel him, see him, shifting so that he could get a better view of her breasts as he fondled the malleable flesh. Rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, he watched in fascination as she arched and moaned in a way that he hadn't heard in years.

"Please, Bradly, harder," she begged, wanting more from his touch than the light rubbing against her sensitive buds. Almost immediately he obliged her, pinching them tightly between two fingers so that pain and pleasure tingled through her breasts, lancing down to that needy ache between her legs. It hurt so good.

The foreplay was driving both of them wild, it had been so long since they'd done more than the bare minimum in the bedroom. Both of them were now wondering the same thing - why had they stopped taking the time to pleasure each other?

Lowering his mouth to her breast, Bradley sucked her nipple between his lips as his hand slid down and into her panties, seeking the slick wetness between her swollen pussy lips. Soft moans fell from Christine's lips as she wriggled beneath him, involuntary and encouraging. She couldn't have stopped them even if they'd heard people walking around outside... in fact the knowledge that anyone in the camp could walk by at any moment and hear her only made her body more excited. Shamefully so.

The sound of his fingers as he worked them into her slit, wet and sloppy, had him frantically pushing his hips against her body, pushing his fingers more roughly into her soft flesh. The suckling at her breast grew almost desperate as his fingers shoved inside of her, tunneling into her the way he wanted to plunge his cock in. As the heel of his hand ground against her clit she came almost immediately crying out and pulsing around him, her hands automatically moving to clutch at his shoulders. Nails dug in as he thrust his fingers hard, rubbing his palm over her outer lips and sinking his teeth into her tender flesh.

Feeling her come apart beneath him so easily, so naturally, overcame the last of Bradley's control. Withdrawing his hand from her warmth, he ripped away her panties and pushed his boxers down, thrusting into her rough and hard. It hurt as her insides stretched, a wonderful ache that had her writhing beneath him again as he pumped hard and fast into her. He felt huge and hard inside of her, enough so that it was almost hard to breathe as he pounded her into the ground, her sensitive folds throbbing from her orgasm and the rough thrusts of his body.

Christine clawed at him as she came again, the rippling walls of her pussy gripping him and sucking him deep into her body. He came shamefully fast, crying out as he rocked against her, feeling her soft body beneath his, every last massaging convulsion of her sheath as it sucked the cum from his balls, every stroke of her hands across his shoulders. It was the best sex they'd had in years.


The next morning they had their first argument. Christine wanted to wear more clothing, Bradley wanted her in less. After all, that was the point of the weekend.

Part of her wanted to go along with what he asked. She was still glowing from the incredibly hot and passionate sex they'd had the night before, but she didn't trust that the glow would keep him from noticing the less attractive parts of her body in the harsh light of day. It would be even worse than at home with the soft lighting of their lamps!

"You heard that people won't be wearing as much today," he said with affected casualty as they washed up the last of their breakfast dishes. They'd decided to make eggs and bacon on their camp grill and enjoy some morning privacy before joining the rest of the couples for various activities at the lodge. "The goal is to have everyone naked by tomorrow."

The very thought made Christine quail. She knew that Bradley would be disappointed if she didn't bare all by tomorrow, but she still wanted to put it off for as long as possible.

"You're wearing the same thing as yesterday," she pointed out, although she knew her argument wasn't a very good one since last night he'd been wearing boxers and nothing else. Today's were her favorites, boxer-briefs that covered just as much as the boxers, but it a more revealing way. He wouldn't be able to hide his arousal at all.

Bradley raised his eyebrows. "Are you saying if I take these off, you'll get naked too?"

"No," she said stubbornly, placing down the last pot to try. She crossed her arms defensively over her chest, almost as if she was hugging his shirt to her body. "Not totally naked."

"Well that doesn't really seem fair, does it?" he murmured, coming around to her side of the picnic table.

His approach, with the admiring and seductive look he cast over her body, sent her senses buzzing. It was as if her body had awoken after a long hibernation last night, and now it was HUNGRY. Hungry for him. For the passion, the sex... the domination and submission. As if they'd taken sips from those pools, enough to sustain them without starving over the years, and now they were being presented with a banquet.

Her body wanted him, wanted to strip down and get hot and heavy out here in the open, even while her mind was screaming that every roll of the extra pounds she'd gained would be exposed under the harsh sunlight. Didn't matter that it was trickling through the trees, sunlight was still far too revealing.

Stopping about two feet away from her, watching as she continued to clutch the shirt to herself, Bradley thought about his options. He didn't want to push Christine into something that she was truly uncomfortable with, but he acknowledged that she did need a push. The thing he couldn't understand was why. Last night they'd broken their sexuality wide open again and he'd thought that this morning she'd be eagerly getting into the swing of things. So why was she holding herself as though she felt like she needed to protect herself?

"Let's start slow," he suggested softly, his hands hanging at his sides, keeping him open to her. She looked up at him with those beautiful, wide eyes, so wonderfully expressive and filled with hope. Trust. Love. And just a tinge of fear. Was it wrong that the fear turned him on even while the rest of his emotions surged to match hers? "You're wearing one of my button down shirts. Every hour, we'll undo a button."

She nibbled at her soft lower lip, shifting back and forth on her feet in a way that said she didn't entirely like the idea but couldn't find a good reason not to agree with the compromise. Standing, feigning a patience he didn't feel, Bradley let her come to her own decision. While he might be fantasizing about showing off his wife's gorgeous body to the rest of the camp, if her hidden exhibitionist streak no longer matched his then he would just have to deal with that. But he hoped that once he started coaxing it out to play then she would match him, fulfilling some of the fantasies they'd discussed in their more adventurous, youthful past.

"Alright," she whispered finally.

"Good girl," he said, and was rewarded with a flush of pleasure to her cheeks and one of her shy little looks that said she was feeling both vulnerable and happy, peeking out at him from underneath her lashes. "Put your hands to your sides."

Watching him from beneath hooded eyelids, she lowered her hands. Little bumps at the front of her shirt said that her nipples were hard. She was turned on. By his orders or by the idea of being slowly exposed throughout the day? He wasn't sure. Stepping forward he unbuttoned the first button. Since she hadn't been buttoned up all the way this meant that a fair amount of skin was exposed in a sexy V and if she leaned forward he'd be able to see right into the shirt.

As it was, he managed to get a pretty good glimpse of cleavage and breast flesh just looking down at her.

Reluctantly he stepped away without unbuttoning her further and exploring that tempting expanse of skin.

"Ready to go?" he asked, holding out his hand. Christine smiled up at him as she slid her fingers between his and they headed for the Lodge.


The amount of people who had pretty much completely stripped down for the day unnerved Christine. They were all so comfortable in their own skins! She rather stood out since she was wearing the most amount of clothing; more than one person cast appreciative eyes at her legs and curious ones at her covered torso. In fact the Doms and Dommes seemed to be particularly amused by her since several of the subs were caught trying to peek and see if she was wearing any underwear. She and Bradley ended up watching more than one impromptu spanking demonstration and it made her panties unbearably wet.

Every hour seemed to pass too quickly as they watched a Shibari bondage presentation, went on a nature hike and returned to the Lodge for lunch. The worst time for the buttons to gape open over stomach.

"Please," she whispered to her husband, angling her body away from the other people who were heading into the Lodge, talking and laughing, only a few of them still covered by underwear. Bradley had taken off his own underwear after breakfast, apparently encouraged by the fact that almost no one was wearing any. "Can't we just wait another hour or two for the next button?"

Truthfully she knew that she would beg again then, anything to put off exposing her body to all these confident people, giving Bradley a side-by-side comparison to the other, more in-shape women in the camp.

Looking down at his wife's pleading expression, Bradley was more confused than ever, although he didn't let it show. Instead he just raised an eyebrow at her. They'd already compromised earlier that morning and he could tell from the way she was unknowingly licking her lips and the hard little bumps at the front of his shirt that she was still aroused.

Deciding to push her a bit, to test her -- maybe she just needed him to take the option away from her -- he shook his head. "No Christine. We already made a deal. Unbutton the next button."

He was particularly looking forward to this button since it was right above her belly button and he knew that it would make the shirt gape open attractively, showing off the rounded curves of her breasts and making it impossible not to see right into the shirt if she leaned forward even just the slightest. Already he'd been getting peeks of her luscious breasts all morning, a tantalizing tease that he'd enjoyed, but the tease was supposed to go somewhere and it was time to take the next step.

Watching her glance flick to the other people as she fingered the button, without actually unbuttoning it, she wasn't disobeying - yet.

"Christine, unbutton the next button or I'm going to take you over my knee and give you a spanking."

She might gasp with outrage, but he could also see the interest and excitement spark in her eyes as her fingers stiffened. Her tongue flicked out over her lower lip again and he almost groaned. Yeah, they both liked that idea. Ducking her head, his wife looked down at the button in question and then back up at him, a kind of curious defiance on her face. As if now that he'd made a threat, she wanted to test him and see if he would follow through on it.

Little brat.

"No," she said, very, very softly.

If she was expecting any kind of hesitation from him, she was sorely disappointed. Bradley reached out and had her tucked under one of his arms before she could do more than let out a startled yelp. His arm was like an iron band around her middle, her head hanging down next to the back of his thigh, her panty-clad bottom all too easily accessible now. The shirt rode up with her bent over like that, exposing her completely.

With the way she was positioned, Christine couldn't see whether or not anyone who was entering the Lodge had seen Bradley position her and she covered her mouth with her hands to muffle her first yelp as he smacked her bottom with a sharp, short slap. This might not be exactly over his knee, but it was a more than adequate position to spank her in she very quickly found!

It had been a long time since she felt this vulnerable, this delicate... Bradley was holding her like her weight was nothing, his leg braced against the front of hers to help keep her in position as she wiggled and squirmed, doing her best to take the hot peppering of her bottom quietly.


The muffled squeal as he landed a blow directly to her bare sit-spot, which didn't even have the dubious protection of her thin panties, was much louder than she'd intended. No matter how much she tried to choke back the sounds or cover her lips with her hand, to her ears it sounded like she was shouting. The spanking continued, turning her bottom hot and pink, and she started squirming even more, releasing her mouth from her hands so that she could beg Bradley to stop. She'd gladly undo the button to stop the pain!

And yet it was turning her on too, especially as she pictured others watching the humiliating discipline. They could have an entire audience, lined up in front of the Lodge right now, watching her bottom turn a dark pink under the paddle-like hand of her husband! They would see her feet dancing, her thighs twitching, and the ever-growing wet spot on the crotch of her panties, which just got even wetter as she pictured the scene.

Resting his hand on his wife's hot little bottom, feeling the heat rising through her panties, especially hot where the undergarments hadn't protected her, Bradley paused. "Are you ready to undo the button now?"


"Why didn't you want to in the first place?" he asked, mostly out of curiosity. "Not that I minded the excuse to spank you sweetheart... and I don't think you did either." He dug his fingers into the hot pink flesh and received a moan from his wife, as well as the little squirming movements that came from sexual need rather than pain.

"I just didn't want to!"

"I don't think that's entirely true," he mused, thinking to himself out loud more than talking to her. "You weren't trying to get a spanking originally, you just didn't want to undo the button... why not?"

Christine felt her face heat in mortification. There was no way she was going to point out her flaws to Bradley! If, by some miracle, he hadn't noticed the things that were wrong with her body she wasn't going to clue him in. Not to mention that it was embarrassing to reveal how insecure she was when they were surrounded by people who were obviously confident about their bodies.

"I don't want to talk about it!"

"Well that's too bad, because I could do this all day. Although I think I'll switch hands to give myself a fresh start."

She only got a glimpse of her husband's stern, handsome face as he stood her up and then tucked her back under his other arm. A resounding smack landed on her already chastised bottom and Christine yelped loudly and then gasped with horror as she realized his intentions. He was going to spank her all over again, with a fresh hand! The cheeks of her bottom were already burning, that little rest hadn't been nearly enough to allow them to return to their normal hue and the tenderness of her beaten flesh made that new smack feel a hundred times worse!


Bradley rested his hand on her bottom again, finger tapping almost warningly. "Tell me why you didn't want to undo the next button."

Silence. He raised his hand again and brought it crashing down on her other cheek just as Christine squealed "Wait!"

Watching her darkened flesh jiggling in the aftermath of his smack, Bradley took the opportunity to grip his cock as he waited for her answer. His erection was practically smacking against his stomach he was so hard, the blood throbbing through the tip. It looked almost angry with the plum head so red it was even darker than her bottom. And if she didn't answer him soon then he was going to make them match.

Panting, Christine decided to give in. She knew that she would sooner or later and it was better to make it sooner so that she didn't have the extra humiliation of another spanking.

"I didn't want anyone to see me," she whispered.

"What?" Bradley pulled her back upright so that he could look at her tear stained face. Except that she couldn't meet his eyes.

"I didn't want anyone to see me." Her eyes welled up with tears as she tugged at the edges of the shirt, trying to bring them together over her breasts. Bradley held her biceps, his hands rubbing up and down in a comforting motion and it proved to be her undoing. "I don't look like I did before I had the girls... I don't have that body anymore. I've got rolls and stretch marks and -"

He cut her off with a kiss, pulling her into his arms as his heart ached a little bit to see the sad resignation and vulnerability that had been etched across her face. Wrapping his arms around the soft, curvy body that he adored, he castigated himself for not having realized sooner what the problem was - not just here at camp, but at home too. Hadn't he thought it was a shame that she'd stopped wearing bikinis at the pool and beach? Hadn't he hated how she always insisted on turning out the light? Hadn't he noticed that she no longer wanted impromptu sex during the day?

And yet he'd rarely thought about why.

Of course she hadn't ever hinted at her insecurities, and before the girls she'd always been so supremely confident that it hadn't occurred to him that might have changed. Especially because he loved her body the way it was. Her heavy breasts, the little marks that said she'd carried his children, the imperfections that showed what a wonderfully real, live, sexy woman she was.

They'd both made mistakes and now it was time to start fixing them.

Pulling away he looked down into her eyes which were staring up at him through a watery sheen, filled with anxiety and just a dash of hope.

"I love your body." He said it firmly, holding her with one arm as the other slid into the front of her shirt and cupped her breast. "I love seeing the proof that you've had our children. It turns me on that I can look at you and know that I've marked your body irrevocably. That those changes are because of me. I love your curves." He squeezed the heavy flesh in his hand and felt her shudder against him. The hope was rising in her eyes, so beautiful and warm. "Part of the reason I brought us here this weekend was because we'd talked about exhibitionist fantasies when we were younger, and I want to show you off now as much as I did then."


He pinched her nipple. "Really. So no more of this." With a few sharp movements he ripped the shirt from her body, buttons went flying everywhere as he grinned and she gaped at him in disbelief. "No more buttons to undo, sweetheart. When we go into the Lodge I want you to look at people's eyes. Their expressions. I want you to see the admiration, the acceptance, and that you have nothing to be ashamed of. And then I want you to look at me and see how much I love you and how much I love your body."

Holding her away from him, his hands having moved down to her hips, he gave her a frankly lascivious appraising once-over. That look did a lot to shore up the bolsters that his words had just given her confidence. Any lingering doubts that he might have just been saying the words without meaning them were swept away as he practically devoured her with his eyes. Standing in nothing but her panties, she felt both brave and terrified, vulnerable and excited.

Dropping the shirt to the ground in between them, Bradley nodded his head at it. "On your knees sweetheart. Just being around you, looking at you, has an immediate and profound effect on me that you need to take care of."

Yeah... if she ever had any doubts about her attractiveness to him, all she needed to do was look at the throbbing length of his erection. Almost mesmerized, she knelt down in front of him, the soft grass beneath them providing extra padding beneath the shirt. Out of the corner of her eye she could see some movement around the front of the lodge and she moaned a little, incredibly aroused by the proof that they were blatantly visible to someone.

"Play with your breasts," her husband ordered in a grating voice as he gripped his cock with one hand and pointed it towards her lips, his other hand on her head, guiding her forward. As she cupped her breasts, her lips parted and she eagerly sucked him into her mouth.

For the first time in years she felt impossibly sexy. Confident. Erotic. On her knees, with a warm cock in her mouth, bottom still hot and burning from a spanking, people watching... and completely naked other than her underwear. If someone had told her two days ago that she would be in such a position, she would have been horrified and disbelieving. Now she found it much easier to push away her doubts and insecurities, especially with Bradley's eyes glowing down at her like that as he watched her take him into her mouth, her hands squeezing her breasts to complete the visual.

And of course he loved to play with her hair while he fed the length of his cock between her lips, moving it this way and that, pulling it into his hands and using it to move her head back and forth. She moaned around the thick rod of flesh, sending shivering tendrils of sensation up his spine. Watching her roll her nipples between her fingers, he groaned and began to pump his hips hard and fast in and out of her mouth.

As much as he wanted to take his time, he knew that he could do that later. They still had lunch to get to. And his cock was so wretchedly hard from spanking and then stripping her that he was feeling an almost desperate need to cum. No reason he shouldn't get his rocks off quickly now and take his time with her later.

Gripping her head hard, he let out a strangled shout as the cum boiled up and shot out into her mouth. He could feel her jerk in surprise, not because she had an objection to swallowing but because she hadn't expected him so cum so quickly. The warm suction of her mouth made his knees feel weak as he emptied himself, her throat and tongue working to milk him dry.

"Fuck baby... that's right... swallow me down... fuck that feels amazing..."

He rocked his hips back and forth as the last shudders of his orgasm were wrung from him. Opening his eyes, he looked down into the needy eyes of his wife; she was twisting her cherry red nipples hard, obviously in need of her own release. She was a sex goddess on her knees before him, lips swollen from the rough use he'd just put them to, eyes glassy with desire, nipples dark and hard...

Rather wickedly, Bradley decided to leave her like that. It would help her face the others without the protection of his shirt if she was distracted by how horny she was. He didn't want to get her off and then have all of her other emotions come crowding back in.

"That was wonderful sweetheart," he said as he removed her hands from her breasts. Christine let out a little whimper but allowed him to help her to her feet. He kissed her, hard and deep and passionately, claiming her mouth and tasting the familiar sweetness of her lips and slight salty tang of himself. "Come on, appetizers are over. Time for lunch."


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