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How To Make Love To An Enemy

Novel By: GoddessMari17

(Complete) Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies in your bed....... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 16, 2014    Reads: 969    Comments: 4    Likes: 8   

Chapter Six: Alike

She must have spewed out "Oh hell no" over ninety times that day, her entire week was nothing but pure unadulterated bull shit. Shit to the bull, just to wrap things up with a pretty ass pink bow. Is for Satan to come bend her over and have wild, ball slappy, dirty, messy, and frightening anal sex. Then later Kalani will give birth to a beautiful baby boy named Gilgamesh! She jabbed her finger on the 'down' button and waited impatiently for the elevator doors to open, from her being humiliated in an airport to her car being vandalized. She is surprised she hasn't completely lost it, she was just ready to go home and drink so much that she might get alcohol poisoning. When the doors finally opened she marched in, before the doors closed a hand stopped the door. It was her boss Sandra David, Kalani greeted her with a forced friendly smile. Smiling is something that has eluded her, she's been making angry faces all week. The only highlights of this entire week were her sister and the sex with Vance, Kalani doesn't understand why this was happening. She is a good person ninety nine percent of the time, what is the damn problem?!

"Rough week huh?" Sandra asked after a long moment of silence, rough isn't even a word to describe the current situation. "You could say that." Kalani answered, her phone buzzed in her purse. She looked, it was another threatening message from Oscar. How in the hell?, she blocked his number and yesterday she had a restraining order placed on him. She thought this would be over with by now, but he just wouldn't quit.

"Still being harassed by your ex?"


Sandra could relate her ex Fiancé still harasses her from time to time, no matter how many times she changes her number or move he still finds her. Each email, text, phone call, or package that comes to her is more violent than the first. "I understand, my ex is doing the same to me. Four years and he still hasn't left me alone." Sandra confessed.

"Wow, four years?" Kalani thought she had it bad, but Sandra had a legit psycho.

"I broke up with him while we supposed to be on a romantic getaway in Jamaica, I had enough of his possessiveness so I just left him." Sandra said.

"Jamaica, funny I met my ex there. I was on spring break and I kind of slept with him, I thought it would be the end of it but he tracked me down and damn near forced me to be in a relationship with him." Kalani looked at the doors "Now here he is breaking my car, I had two more payments."

They continued their elevator ride in silence, when they got off they said their goodbyes and went to their cars. Both of them received a text message, one was a half assed apology and the other was a rape threat with gruesome details. Both women uneasily got it into their cars and pulled off, they didn't notice Oscar's car follow both of them out. He made a decision to either go after Kalani or Sandra, he scratched his chin then made his choice.........

He was going to pay Sandra a little visit.


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