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How To Make Love To An Enemy

Novel By: GoddessMari17

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies in your bed....... View table of contents...


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Chapter Two: Waiting To Exhale

Kalani waited in the airport for her little sister, it wasn't very oft when she got to see Codie. They usually only saw each other on holidays and occasionally birthdays, Kalani and her job got in the way of her going to visit any of her family. Oscar sucked up a lot of her time too, he wanted her to be with him on the weekends and her paid vacations. She was so glad Codie was flying in from San Francisco to spend the week with her, she and her friends were the only people that weren't driving her completely insane. "I need something to eat!" Kalani cringed and clenched her fists, she hoped that she would see her sister by herself but Oscar and his Mama Barbara had to come. Kalani has been listening to her complain about everything for the past hour, she actually thought about yelling "I got a bomb!" just to get away. "We can go get something." Oscar said talking about one of the restaurants in the airport. Kalani perked up when she heard a familiar salacious voice call her name, Codie was appeared out of the mess of people. Kalani know realized how long it's been since they last saw each other, Codie has dyed her hair burgundy purple ombre. She could see the tattoos on her, they reminded her to of the ones Cervena Fox has. She knew that Codie wanted tattoos, but she didn't know that she would get that many. Kalani must admit that Codie's new look matched her eccentric personality, when Codie got close enough they hugged. "Hey, I missed you. What have you been up to?" Kalani helped her with her bags.

Codie shrugged "Doing me and nobody else." She smiled, when her eyes landed on Oscar her smile turned into a sneer. Codie wasn't too fond of him, the last time they saw each other he and Barbara made her day a living Hell. Kalani came to San Francisco to celebrate Christmas with the family like she always did, Oscar invited himself and Barbara to come along. Christmas was supposed to be full of joy, laughter, and family, instead it was about everyone damn near losing their minds. Oscar ridiculed everything Codie did, he constantly compared her to Kalani. Oscar thought she was an absolute failure, he was the one to talk. He was a complete loser in hers and everyone else's opinion, when Kalani broke up with him and told him to leave he cried like a little bitch. Barbara was no better, she complained about everything and insulted their Mother on several occasions. She also tried to sleep with their Father, after that incident Kalani left and took them with her. Needless to say that torn between the family, Codie tried to get their parents to get back to talking to Kalani. Slowly but surely everyone is getting back together, Codie was thankful for that. Codie fished a pink bag out of her suitcase "Before I forget, Happy Birthday Lani!" She said excitedly. Kalani thanked her and began to open it, she pulled out a Kinky Weekend Kit. Before anyone could she she shoved it back into the bag "Codie!" She looked around "What is......why?!" each year Codie got her something weird for her birthday and each year there was a joke to go along with the gift. "I thought I'd spice up your sex life." Codie bit her bottom lip in an attempt to prevent herself from laughing, she knew that Kalani doesn't have sex on the regular. Hell, it's been fourteen weeks since she had sex. "You're wrong for this." Kalani looked through the bag some more, the fact that she knew Codie was not embarrassed while going through security made this situation worse.

"Let's go eat." Codie gathered her bags and walked away, Oscar reached out and grabbed Kalani before she could follow "Babe, maybe we should meet up with your sister later." He tried to convince her to go with him. She snatched her arm away and glared at him "Let me be perfectly clear, we. broke. up. this. morning! I don't have to see you anymore." Kalani barked.

"I didn't agree to breaking up." He responded.

"You don't agree to breaking up, you just do it." She started to walk away. Oscar ran in front of her, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a box. He got down on one knee, a crowd formed. He cleared his throat and opened the box "Kalani Aaliyah Rouge, would do me the honor of becoming my wife?" All eyes were on her now. "No." She said without missing a beat, Oscar stood up and looked at her with a shocked expression "No, I don't understand!" He started making a scene, suddenly Codie appeared beside Kalani with a huge grin on her face.

"I was plain and simple, my answer is no." Kalani declared.

"You can't say no to me, we are meant to be together. I love you Kalani, I want to spend the rest of my life with you! You can't just say no, I have done everything right by you! I was there for you, I sacrificed so much to be with you! Baby please, I worked hard I deserve you! You can't just hurt me and toss me to the side, tell me what I got to do! Tell me what I need to do so we can make this work, I can't just let you walk away and leave me hear!" He yelled so loud the entire airport went silent.

Why does he insist on embarrassing the both of them?, she has told him before that she was not ready to get married and they broke up. "Oscar stop, you are making a fool of yourself." Kalani spoke quietly.

"The one who is making a fool of me is you!" He pointed "You can't do this to me, I am asking for you to marry me and you just reject me! I don't care about what you say, you will be my wife!" Oscar starts crying.

"You're throwing a tantrum because she won't marry your sorry ass?" Codie chided in "This beyond pathetic."

"Oscar stop it, people are staring." Kalani tried to keep her voice down, she hated being embarrassed and right now she was completely embarrassed. Oscar was making noises as he cried, he was never the person to to cry silently, they got kicked out of a movie because of his noisy cry.

"You bitches leave my son alone!" Barbara stepped forward and began to cradle the sobbing man "Oscar doesn't need you Kalani, he can find a better woman than you. You don't deserve my son, you don't deserve any man!" She screamed.

"You know what, fuck both of you." Kalani said before walking away, Codie scoffed and followed her.

"You see that ladies and gentlemen, that no good slut is running away! She knows she's wrong, she knows she lost a good man." Barbara yelled to the crowd "Fuck you Kalani, no one will ever love you like Oscar!" Barbara was grabbed by security guards along with a weeping Oscar.


"He is still calling you?" Codie asked as she came out of the kitchen with two apple martinis, it's been hours since the airport incident and Oscar has been calling Kalani nonstop "He just texted me." She took a martini."Listen to this." She opened the text "Baby I'm sorry, please talk to me. I know I did some fucked up things to you and I know I hurt you, can you try giving us another chance? Mama was just upset, she didn't mean any of those things. I swear if you just talk to me everything will work out, please Kalani I don't want to lose you." She finished and dropped her phone on the couch.

Codie threw her head back and laughed "Nah uh, hell no!" She laughed harder "After that shit he pulled he thinks that you will go back to him." She got serious for a moment "You aren't going back to him are you?"

"No." Kalani made a disgusted face.

"Hallelujah!" Codie yelled like she caught the holy ghost "My sister is free at last, free at last!" She danced around the living room singing "Let's go to the club, let's get to the club!" Codie ran upstairs to find something to wear.

Kalani had to admit she did deserve this little outting.

"Oh he got clothes over................let's burn 'em!"

"Codie............there's a lighter in my desk drawer."

This is about to be a Angela Bassett Waiting To Exhale moment!


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