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The Playmates of 1969

Novel By: GlobeTwo

1969 was an epic year for Playboy Playmates, so many iconic figures month after month, so many Bunny Playmates. Features: Nancy Mcneil, Claudia Jennings, Helena Antonaccio, Kathy Macdonald, and Shay Knuth View table of contents...


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He looked down at his prize. Her Irish eyes were bright with excitement and expectation. Now that he was above her

she could breath and she was panting rapidly. Her lush breasts quivered and the nipples were bright red. She was squeezing her thighs back and forth against his.

"OK Nancy, I've been good to you. Giving you what you need. And you are one fine piece. This box is so good. But now you're gonna take care of me. What's good for me is good for you girl. I'm gonna give you a good hard hammering and then hammer some more. You ready little baby doll?"

Nancy had no idea what he was saying but she nodded eagerly. She felt his shaft move backwards, tearing away the tender flesh inside her. The motion seemed to pull all the nerves in her body. When he was almost complete out he

rammed back in with all his force.

Hammering is what it was. He slammed against her over and over again in a steady unrelenting beat.

Her body was like an anvil; sparks burst inside her with each blow, each stroke seemed to go in deeper and if she could think she would have thought that he was about to burst through her skull. But the ecstasy and agony smashing together had carried her to a different place. First her mind filled with bright colors as the hammer of his body crashed into her deepest corners. Then a heavenly mist took over and her body had no feeling except bliss. Each thrust brought on another orgasm and each orgasm just took her higher into the clouds.

Suddenly the pace of his attack accelerated. He had been watching her body, enjoying the way her lovely breasts bounced as he pounded her and the sweetly evil smile in her eyes as she engulfed him entirely. But now he was getting ready to really come. The shots before were his to control but now a violent storm was gathering inside his shaft. Faster and faster he went. Her sheath seemed to get tighter and tighter as his rod expanded with the massive load; everything in him was flooding into his cock and straining to burst in her fragile body. Still he pumped; there was no rhythm now, just a frenzied pounding accompanied by the banshee screams of the bed springs.

Then it happened.

His eyes rolled up in his head. He stopped moving. The tip of his cock glowed red hot and then exploded.

Now he was shaking over and over as an endless stream jammed into her tiny body. She was quaking and rattling and letting out silent groans. His orgasm mixed with a climax of her own and flew her into another dimension.

When she came to her senses finally she felt herself being lifted up like a child's doll. He was now on his back, the bed so small that he had to have his feet flat on the sheets and his knees up in the air. He was lifting her up and he rested her plump bottom on his knees.

She looked like an angel up there, a very sexy angel. Her eyes twinkled warmly and her cute little nose flared with lust. A carnal grin was on her face. Her hair was disheveled but caught the dim light from the ceiling lamp creating a halo around her.

Her breasts stood out, firm and proud, the nipples straining to be touched. Her flat belly fluttered with each of her shallow breaths and her bush shimmered like a jewel. He pushed the tip of his cock to the slight opening of her pussy. "Here we go baby," he said as he plunged her down. She slid along his thighs like she was sledding and as his cock filled her up she landed at its base. She was screaming with joy and he lifted her up and down the rod over and over again.

That was how it went. As promised, it went all night. All morning too. When

Claudia came at lunch time she was sent away. Only the command performance of the bunny lineup got him to give up his precious toy.

Later on he joined the publisher in his office as they waited for the little man to return and pick his three playmates for the party; the mysterious man had slipped off with one of the bunnies right after the lineup. The tall man told the publisher about his evening activities and by the glow of the pipe the tall man could tell publisher was intrigued.

The mysterious little man came to the room and they worked on the selection. When Nancy McNeil's name came up the publisher vetoed it; he had other plans for her. The meeting broke up and as the tall man left the office he brushed against the bare shoulder of Lorrie Manconi who was still wearing her bunny costume. She giggled nervously and wiggled down the hall.

The tall man watched her round ass twitching as she moved away. He pulled a list out of his pocket and checked it. He seemed to make a mental note to himself then he rushed down the hall to catch up with her. She giggled again as he put a strong arm around her and sheparded her toward his little room.


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