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Susie Scott

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Susie Scott, Miss May 1983, and her adventures as a playmate View table of contents...


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Susie Scott looked mighty cute in the tiny black dress; the studio was in the usual buzz of production chaos with last minute adjustments to the lights but Miss May looked serene as she sat on a stool on the no-scene set, just an endless expanse of sky blue behind her. Her body length hair draped over one shoulder, she sat barefoot, her cute toes flexing and unflexing as her feet arched up and down as she waited. The dress rode high on her thighs and her bare legs were parted but her hands were between her legs gripping the edge of the stool as she rocked softly back and forth. The strapless dress showed the graceful curves of her throat and shoulders and under the heat of the lights a few drops of moisture were forming in the deep cleavage shown by the low cut outfit.

Finally she heard the words she'd been waiting for: "Quiet on the set!" Somebody stood in front of her with a clap-board. "Roll cameras!" Susie licked her lips to moisten them. "Mark." The clap-board snapped sharply right in front of her face making her wince; then the board was gone. "Action."

Susie smiled at the center camera and started to giggle. "Hi," she said breathlessly.

"What's your name?" The voice came from behind the camera.

"Susie," she said shyly. "My name Susie Scott." She sat up straighter and tried to concentrate.

"Where are you from?"

"I'm from San Diego."

"What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here?"

"Um, I'm going to be, um, a playmate?"

"No, what are you doing here in this studio today?"

"Today?" She glanced at the floor as if thinking then as she lifted her head she noticed the man sitting in a lotus position near the camera. "What's he doing?"

"What?" The director followed her gaze. "Tony? He's meditating. Getting ready. Susie, we need to stay on task." The young girl blushed like a school girl reprimanded by her teacher. Her shyness was not lost on the crew; glances were exchanged and the anticipation in the air was palpable.

The slim but sexy nymphet looked so soft and demure the director lightened his tone. "You're being such a good girl, Susie. Let's go back. What are you doing here in the studio? What are we going to shoot today?" He gestured to the cue card held by the script girl.

Susie gulped. She had read through it before and it had all been explained but still it was scary. She looked back at Tony but he was lost in meditation, his face a blank. She looked at the lens and gave a brave smile. "I'm doing spanking and bound…." She glanced back at Tony for a reaction but none was forthcoming. She ignored the cue cards and improvised. "Yeah, um, bound and spanked and, um that thing…tortured and stuff?" She hesitated and looked to Tony with a sidelong glance. "And like, you know…pleasured….?" Her voice trailed into a nervous giggle.

"Pleasured?" The director sensed that this would be a good scene and he went off the cue cards too.

"Yeah." A soft incredulous whisper.

"What does that mean, pleasured?"

"You know, silly." Her pointing finger was in her mouth and she was nervously biting the nail as she giggled.

"No, tell me. Look at the camera and tell the people watching. What will they see?"

Susie giggled girlishly. "Well, they'll see me get spanked 'cause, you know, I've been naughty."

"You've been naughty? How?"

"You know, posing all naked and stuff." Susie was nervously twisting the hem of her dress so that without her realizing it her bush was almost visible.

"You posed naked."

"Uh uh. For my centerfold and stuff."

"You're a playmate?"

"Miss May."

"Miss May? Maybe you should be Miss April."

"Why?" She was swaying back and forth and her firm breasts seemed to ripen under the dress.

"Well, the poet said that April is the cruelest month."

"Oh, is that about the stuff they're gonna do?"

"What are they going to do? What will the people watching see? You said spanking. What else?"

"Oh, I don't know. Things, you know? I'll be tied up and stuff. And there's whips and these clamps?" Her voice was a lilting singsong. "You know, the torture and things like that."

"But you said something else too."

Susie cocked her pretty head, her brow in cute little furrows of deep thought, her golden hair streaming down like a glistening waterfall. "Pleasuring?" she said finally, biting her lip after she uttered the word.

"Yes, what does that mean?"

"Um, after they do the, um, torture stuff? Then they're going to, like, do me. You know…" Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, "Sex."


"Yeah." She looked over at Tony again, wishing he would say something or act like he was noticing her but he was still in his contemplative position.

"You like it?" the off camera voice asked.

"Yeah." She didn't seem that sure about it though.

"What do you like?"

"What ever."

"Do you like to be tied up?"



"Why?" Her voice was meek and shy.

"Yeah, why?"

"'Cause I can't …I can't get away…It turns me on." She giggled some more.

"I see. OK. What's your safe word?"

"Um, bunny?"

"Bunny, OK. Are you ready to start? What are you looking forward to the most?"

"Um, the sex?" She giggled, twirling her long locks in her fingers.

"I'll bet everybody is looking forward to that." The director, from behind the camera, clapped once like a magician starting a spell. "OK. Let's get started then." Behind Susie's stool two girls dressed in short black dresses like hers wheeled a simple metal bed into the frame. One girl escorted the cute little blonde to the bed while the other took the stool away. Although the two escorts wore masks like it was Marti Gras Susie recognized Miss April and Miss June. "April is the cruelest month," she whispered to Christina Ferguson.

"Shhh," Jolanda Eggers said, pressing a finger over Miss May's mouth. "You have work to do now."

Susie dropped down onto the sheets in a slow hypnotic drift and spread her limps out; slowly and carefully her wrists and ankles were tied to each corner of the bed frame. The ropes seemed to embrace her slender limbs like snakes capturing delicate birds. The sheets were a dark purple in harmony with the no-scene blue background; in the carefully balanced color scheme her limbs looked lovely and pale as the dress clung tightly to her curves. Submissive and shy, as if in a trance just like Tony, she lifted her head slightly and Miss April lovingly arranged her long blonde hair over her arm and draped it down one side; the Miss June gently pressed the ball gag between her lips and strapped it behind before softly lowering her head to the sheet.

Susie turned to the center camera and gazed in wide-eyed anticipation. She tentatively tugged on the bonds and made soft mews into the gag. The camera in the rigging above slowly wandered over her helpless body as she tested each of the ropes.

The actor who had been meditating rose and entered the frame. While in his meditation pose he looked placid and calm; as he rose his face became animated and mocking. "Look who's here. My sex slave." His voice was foreign and exotic; he spoke with a harsh snarl. Susie moaned sweetly.

He brushed a rough palm across her cheek. "You going to make me happy today?"

She nodded frantically and groaned.

"You're going to service my cock, all right?"


"I can't hear you." He held her face in one hand and shook it gruffly.


He tapped her cheek in a pretend slap. "Good." His palm caressed down her face and throat and over her body. He rubbed over the flatness of her belly. He lifted the long strands of her hair and teased the ends over her face and then down along her naked thighs. The tiny girl squirmed and moaned. He dropped the hair and fondled her thighs pushing the dress up so a few wisps of her bush showed from under the hem. He abruptly slapped her inner thigh. "Spread wider," he demanded. Susie groaned into the gag and complied.

He fondled her breasts through the fabric. "You going to be a good girl today?" She nodded. "Yeah?" he demanded, clutching her face.

"Umhum," she grunted into the gag.

"I can't hear you," he snarled, his face close to hers.



She began to giggle and with the ends of her long strands of hair he teased her into more giggling; she squirmed helplessly into the tickling under her arms and shoulders. She began to writhe and arched her back as she laughed uncontrollably into the gag.

"Shut up," he demanded suddenly, his hand on her cheek. She froze and gazed up at him. But she couldn't stop her girlish giggles.

"Shut up." He leaned in closer. But her giggling continued, even more giddy and lively. He rose and tugged her dress down revealing the eager glow of her breasts. Without warning he pulled a flail from his belt loop and snapped it over her naked nipples. She let out a sharp yelp.

"Shut up," he growled and whipped her arms; the flail was designed to sting and make noise rather than inflict pain but the playmate writhed over the bed and shuddered with each blow.

"Can you take it?" he asked between blows.


"I can't hear you."


The lash came down hard several times but slapping more against the sheets than her skin but still the girl writhed and wriggled prettily. "Do you like it?"



"UHMUM!" She squirmed and groaned, her brown eyes sparkling.


She nodded eagerly.

"Do you like it?"

"Mi rlike ith," she mumbled into the gag.

"Louder." The flail came down, caressing her ribs.

"I like it."

Another snap of the flail. "Louder!"

"I love it!" she screamed into the gag.

"Yeah, you're my slave today."

She nodded frantically, wincing as the flail kissed her skin.

"You deserve it," he snarled and dropped the flail. He bent down and crudely mauled over her breasts. Then leaned in closer, holding her face. "You suck my cock today?"


"I can't hear you."

"Yes, sir," she mumbled urgently.

"You want to?" He tapped her cheek slightly as if slapping.


"Say please?"

"Pleasssse," she moaned in a desperate mumble.

"You suck my cock today?"

"Mmmmm, yesss."

"Yes, master," he insisted.

He rose and worked over her body with the flail for awhile longer. The camera studied the girl's blushing skin as she bucked and writhed over the sheets.

"Yeah, you're my sex slave." Slap. "This is what you want." Slap. "OK now."

Pretty little Susie writhed and bucked with each crack of the whip. He was playing for the camera and most of the whip's swipes snapped in the space just above her but the sharp sting in the air still scared her enough. It was all pretend but even pretend could be scary.

"Are you my slave" he demanded.

"Yes," she wailed.

"I can't hear you."


"Yes, what?" The whip snapped over her heaving breasts.

"I'm your slave!!!"

"Are you my slut?"

"I'm your slut."

He bent in close and squeezed her soft face between his thumb and fingers. "Say it like you mean it."

"I'm your slut. I'm your sex slave. Master, I want you to do everything to me."

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?"

"Yes, Master." She looked at the camera lens close to her face, giving it her soft doe-eyed gaze.

"Do you want me to make your pussy happy?"

"Yes." She directed her reply, a soft whisper, directly to the camera.


"Make my pussy happy," she screamed, bending her head back and jutting out her chest.

"Say please." He slapped her sweet face.


"OK, then." He sat up. In his hand was a big black vibrator, a long rod with a large ball on the end.

"Oh," she squealed, wide-eyed, and struggling with her bonds.

At first he just caressed the ball over the lips of her sex. It was even gentle, the machine with no power pulsing through it felt solid and dangerous but her pussy tingled with pleasure.

"You like this?"


"Say it." He slapped her with his free hand.

"I like you to make my pussy happy."

"That's right." The hard knob tickled over her sex. Then with a flick of his thumb the power came on. The humming was like a thousand volts shooting into her. "Is this good?" he asked over her squeals.

Her body quivered like Jello as the knob pulsated over her pussy. He worked the tool like a conductor's baton, orchestrating the music of her ecstasy. But as a climax rose quickly inside her he denied her that pleasure. "Don't you come without my permission." He slapped her belly with his free hand to emphasize the point.

"Yes, master," she gasped, but ecstasy was flooding over her. "Oh master, I feel something…" She wheezed in panic, "Please, master, can I come?"

"Not yet," and he urged the tool between the pussy lips and she screamed and wailed, bucking and trashing against the ropes. But she didn't dare come.

She lifted her head to watch him working. "Thank you, master," she pleaded.

"You better thank me, all the way."

"Yes, thank you, thank you; oh god, please let me come."

He plunged the vibrator in deeper. "Oh shit," she wailed, twisting her head in anguish, her long hair flying. He had to hold her down now so he could keep the vibrator on her pussy. "I need to come, master, please. Oh god!"

"Do you want to come? Do you deserve to come?"

"Please, let me come," she begged in a little girl voice, breathless as a Hollywood starlet. "Please."

"Ok then."

She came in a tsunami of ecstasy, her body relaxing as her pussy absorbed all sensation and all consciousness. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream.

She came in wave after wave and tool never stopped. At some pointed she realized that this endless orgasm was a new torture; her body was going to explode in ecstasy and she began to writhe and kick again. "Shit, please, oh shit, I'm coming, fuck, fuck, oh please, please," she wailed. "No more, master, please! No more."

"Beg me!"


The vibrator stopped and she snapped into reality. His face was close to hers. "You'll do anything I say."


"You'll suck my cock."


"You're mine."

"I'll do anything you want."



"This is what I want today." He began to tickle under her arms. Immediately the sweet girl reacted with sweet giggles, her face bright with joy. But she was tied to the bed and he could tickle her endlessly. She screeched with pleasure, then she screeched with agony, kicking and wriggling. "Stop!" she screamed and she snapped her teeth at his face in defiance.

He pinned her down and she froze, wide-eyed with fear. "I'm the master," he said coldly. "You don't say no to anything, you understand?"

"Yes, master," she said meekly.

"Cut." The director approached with a clipboard. The actor's face, so vicious a moment ago, was suddenly calm and emotionless. He accepted the glass of water an assistant handed him and went back to his yoga position.

The director kneeled close, undoing Susie's bonds himself. "You are doing great Susie," he said happily. "Very nice."

"It's kind of scary," she said, rubbing her wrists as two assistants undid her ankles. She sat up, not even slightly embarrassed by her nudity. After what she just went through it couldn't matter. She glanced over at Miss April and Miss June who looked completely dumbfounded. Miss May giggled a little victory giggle.

The costume girl helped Susie wriggle out of what was left of the dress so she was totally nude. A make-up girl worked on her long hair and touched up the rouge on her lips. Susie took some water and turned to the director. "What's next?"

The assistants tied her this time, face down, her wrists tied to the foot of the bed, her ankles tied to ropes that went under the mattress. Her thighs were in a rope harness hanging from the ceiling, lifting her hips just enough so that her pussy didn't touch the sheets. With the call of action, the actor strolled back into the scene.

Of course, the flail was in his hand, and of course, the leather strands kissed her plump and juicy bottom. She moaned, vamping to the camera close to her face.

"You ready for sex?" Snap.

"Oooo, yes," she sobbed.

"You want me to fuck you?" Snap.


"Yes, who?" Snap.

"Yes, master."

He gave a few more whacks and her head dropped as she groaned. He pressed his hand into her hair. "I can do whatever I want?"

"Yes, master," she moaned.

She whimpered as he leaned in closer. "You'll suck my cock?"

"Yes, oh, yes."

Whack, whack, whack. She screamed but she still heard the demand. "Yes who?"


"Right away?"

"Yes, sir," she lifted her head to be ready. He gave another whack, then stepped to the foot of the bed. His pants were open and his cock extended between the bars. She stretched her slender throat forward and took the throbbing snake into her mouth. He gave her a few more strokes with the lash as she bobbed her pretty soft mouth over his monster organ.

"Show me you like it," he demanded with another slap of the flail on her ass.

She sucked and slurped vigorously, her eyes bright for the camera.

Her head bobbed up and down in rhythm with her flogging and she made a lot of cute noises as she sucked him. "Yeah, I like that," he said and gave her a few whacks to show appreciation.

"Take it all the way," he demanded, putting his hand on the back of her head while he whipped with his other hand. She resisted but he pulled her head in, shoving his cock down her throat. "Look at me! Yeah, like that," he purred into her doe-eyed gaze. He shot into her mouth and she gagged. He gave her ass a whack as he released her head. She gasped for air but in a moment the cock was back in her mouth and her head was bobbing over it again.

The harness was slowly rising so she was swinging slightly adding to the velocity of her sweet mouth lunging over his shaft; she gagged and sucked as best she could as he slapped her juicy ass with the flail. He clearly liked the way she gave head so he kept the poor girl busy for a long time. She would pull away sometimes to gulp some air but he simply rammed her face back over the shaft. Her sweet mouth was warm and moist and velvet and she sucked deeply and sincerely.

"Don't stop," he insisted and gave her another whack. "Faster!"

"Master, I'm trying," she gasped when she lifted her head for air.

"You want to please me?"

She nodded eagerly.

"OK, go ahead."

She went at it with even more energy, desperate to make him come again. The cameras circled around her luscious body, studying her naked skin, fine as porcelain as she sucked wildly on his cock.

"Maybe I should just fuck you," he said, finally denying her the pleasure of his shaft in her mouth.

"Yes, master," she pleaded and her eyes followed him as he was already moving to the other end of the bed. He knelt between her legs and gruffly grabbed her hips and with no further ceremony rammed his cock into her pussy. One of the cameras caught her sweet face in close up as her eyes closed and her jaw dropped in surprise at the ferocity of his onslaught.

"Owww, ooooh," she groaned as the cock shoved in but he grabbed the ropes of the harness and started drilling into her in rapid greedy strokes. She shook and grunted in rhythm with his fucking. "You like it?" he demanded.


"Tell me."


He began to slap her ass in rhythm as he fucked her and she squealed with each slap.

"Who's the boss now?"

"You are master, oh shit, you are."

"Pray to my cock."

"I love your cock. I love your cock inside me."

Holding the ropes of the harness he pulled them back and forth to increase his velocity and he slammed in harder while vigorously slapping her ass. At this angle he was able to penetrate really deeply and probe in many different spots; the girl's natural tightness was like a glove around his shaft and her girlish hips, limber and lithe, gyrated like she was dancing, adding even more pleasure. Her long golden tress flew out like bolts of lightning. She screamed and grunted with each thrust, desperately praying, "I love your cock, master, I love your cock." Her pretty face twisted in anguished ecstasy.

"You like it?"

"Yes, yes, master."

"You're my sex slave."

"Let me come, master, please. Oh master."

"Go ahead," he growled and she came in explosions and sobs but he kept balling into her, sharp thrusts as he came too.

"Say thank you master," he insisted, slapping her hard on the ass.

"Thank you master," she sobbed, still trembling with ecstasy. "Thank you."

"Thank you for what?"

"Thank you for fucking me and letting me come."

"And what else?"

"Thank you for coming deep inside me."


Suddenly the set was a bustle of activity again. The actor went into his mediation mode and the girls helped the still trembling Susie out of her bonds. She was allowed a shower and some rest but when she returned to the set the bed was gone, replaced by a small leather covered podium. Dangling over the podium were chains and dangling from the chains was an iron V frame; at the top of the V were shackles for her ankles, at the base was a collar for her neck and in between manacles for her wrists.

Susie gulped as she was guided onto the leather pad; it was just long enough to accommodate her lying face up with her legs dangling over the end, and her hair dangling over the other end. But her legs were lifted and her ankles clamped into the shackles so her legs were spread wide and her pussy was exposed prettily. A dog collar was snapped around her neck and her wrists were caught in handcuffs. Her lithe body and fragile flesh seemed to glow with innocence against the harsh metal frame and cool dark leather. She looked angelic, an angel being offered up to demons.

As soon as she was bound the director called action and the actor stood at the end of the podium and began banging her. Hard.

The camera zoomed in close for a close-up of her beautiful face as he drilled into her bound body. "Oh, oh, oh," she groaned helplessly. He slapped her ass as he balled her harder and harder.

"Come for me," he demanded. He put a foot on the podium for leverage and rammed into her. She came in sobbing screams. Her beautiful hair brushed over the floor as her head twisted back and forth.

"You have a tight pussy," he growled.

"It's yours," she sobbed between screams.

She came in gallons now and she came until she passed out.


The last scene. Susie, nude and glowing with health and vigor as she sat on a stool and gazed at the camera.

"So Susie," asked a voice off stage, "How was it?"

"It was great; I loved it," she said with a girlish giggle, swaying cutely on the stool and running her fingers through her long blonde hair.

"What did you like the most?"

"What did I like the most?" Her face was thoughtful and a finger hooked into her mouth as she pondered. "The vibrator?"

"What else?"

"I liked getting fucked hard."


"Really," she said with a giggle.

"What didn't you like?"

"Um, it's not that I didn't like it? But the metal thing?" She traced a V in the air. "It was scary. But being scared made me come too." She started to play with her nipple as she spoke. "I like the whole thing," she said sincerely. "It was fun."


Susie blinked. "You mean we're, like, finished?" She peered into the bright lights like a doe in headlights.

"Yes, Susie, we're finished.

She wrinkled her nose cutely, smelling something familiar that she couldn't place. A pipe? Then a voice she could place came from beyond the lights. She let the smoke from his pipe swirl around her. "Susie," the voice said kindly. "I watched the show and you were magnificent." She squirmed in her seat, bursting with pride. "I'd like to discuss some other video work with you."

The luscious playmate sprang off the stool and sashayed past the lights. There was the publisher waiting with an avuncular smile. In his hands were some props he had collected from the shoot, a riding crop and some handcuffs. She gave him a megawatt smile, slid her arm under his and let him escort her nude body to his bedroom.


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