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Susie Scott

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Susie Scott, Miss May 1983, and her adventures as a playmate View table of contents...


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He got right to it, squeezing her breasts together and plunging his face into the sweet valley; his tongue slurped wide circles around them and she moaned when it touched the tender flesh under the breasts. He gobbled up her nipples, sucking them like candy. She was so delicious he opened his mouth wide, trying to suck all the mound deep into his voracious maw.

Finally sated, he started on her belly, licking her like ice cream, twirling his tongue in her navel. She arched her back as the tickling sent chills down her spine. When his lips moved towards her bush her head snapped up.

"Mmmmmm," she purred like a kitten. "What are we doing?" she asked dreamily almost forgetting the cameras and the lustful audience.

"Sweet little thing like you, just gotta have your pussy eaten."

"What?" she asked again, now a gentle whisper.

She jolted when his lips touched her soft inner thigh.

"What are doing?" Her voice urgent and tense now.

"Shhh, you be a good girl and let daddy have his treat."

He sat up and lifted her to a sitting position. With the deliberate grace of a waltz she helped him finish removing the dress, moving her arms like a graceful ballerina as the fabric slid away.

She used his shoulder for support, lifting her delicious bottom so he could remove her panties. He tossed the tiny fragment of lace over his shoulder. The cameras clicked and she smiled proudly.

"You're a good little Playboy Playmate."

"I hope so," she sighed.

With a firm hand he caressed her velvety skin; arranging her body so her legs dangled over the edge. She looked into the cameras, her face angelic and helpless and eager.

He knelt down on the floor between her legs and gazed at the glistening petals unfolding before him. He gently stroked her thighs, making her spread her legs; she raised herself on her elbows and watched him, mesmerized by what was to come.

He bent in to claim his prize.

Nothing could give him more pleasure than devouring this sweetly tantalizing young girl. Her essence was pure and innocent sensuality; she burned with yearning and sexual promise.

He had to have her; so fresh and innocent, her head cocked to one side as she watched him with glowing eyes. He wanted to prolong the pleasure. He rose and bent over her, gently kissing her neck and shoulders. With caresses, kisses and licks he worked his way down her chest, lingering on her breasts. He circled the firm mounds with both lips and fingers, then lightly squeezed her nipples; she felt the vibration right down to her vibrant pussy.

He moved down her body; his lips hovered over her skin causing tingling sparks where ever he brushed by. He dropped down between her legs again; she was aching and eager for his tongue.

He took his time, savoring the sight, the smell, and the succulence of it all. He kissed her treasure, caressed her innocence, rubbed his thumbs all over the soft folds of exquisite flesh. Deliberate and meticulous he worked magic over her tender body. He licked her outside and inside pussy lips first, with broad, flat strokes of his tongue, licked around the inside of her sheath using his stiffened tongue like a magic wand, twirling it inside and outside of her delicious depths.

The tiny girl writhed into her pleasure but somewhere in her brain the cameras were another lover heightening her erotic energy; her fervent eyes gazed into the lenses and they received the beauty of her gaze. She was vibrating, moaning her pleasure; he moved his tongue up to her clit and toyed with it ruthlessly, licking around the nub in circles, licking over the top, around the bottom - A short piercing shriek burst from the trembling girl because he was suddenly sucking her clit into his mouth and licking it fast with the tip of his tongue. While his tongue was dancing on her clit, his huge black hand gripped her slim sexy ass. She squealed at the power of his touch; it just felt so good. As she got closer to climax, he continued to devour her until she was breathing heavily…getting very close. Now he squeezed her ass tightly and increased the pace of his tongue and lips. She screamed with pleasure, her orgasm went off like explosion; she began bucking her hips against the chaos deep inside her.

Still he worked her. With his tongue on her clit, he reached up, and gently held her breasts. Still sucking her clit, he circled her mounds lightly; her breathing and writhing heralded another impending orgasm, he squeezed her nipples, sending her crashing into climax at warp speed. Her hands squeezed his head like a vise. Her moans and cries were accompanied by the rapid clicks of the camera shutters; she realized her passion was on film and her heart soared.

His legs were tightened springs and Susie felt herself lifted as he moved his massive body up onto the mattress, his mouth never leaving her pussy. With grunts and cries from the tender girl he wormed his way onto his back while she straddled his face, and she began to grind her pussy into his face as hard as she could. The cameras saw her glorious body in action. He reached up to play with her breasts sending her to the stratosphere. Still not done he flipped her body so he was eating her from behind while she was on all fours in the doggie position. Again she came while he was happily lapping her juices. He twisted her body, standing her up; then he was lying under her spread legs. Her knees wobbled and she fell backwards, bucking and gyrating in another climax.

He attacked her again. When he held her clit in his lips and hummed, it worked like a small vibrator, and the vibrations spread from her clit to all areas, making her tingle like a tuning fork. She sang out another climax.

Still he was sucking on her clit and she was squirming and shaking, her breath coming in gasps, her clit-- the center of her universe.

When he finally finished the bed was a mess, the sheet tangled into knots where she gripped it tightly. Their limbs were twisted together; his goatee was slick with the sweet nectar he drew out of her. He untangled himself and sat next to her. Her body glowed with satisfaction and she stretched lazily, trying to calm the rapid beating of her heart; she smiled demurely for the cameras, her flawless skin glowing with the flush of sex.

"Susie Q, you are one tasty little playmate. Didn't I tell you I'd take good care of you." He gestured out beyond the lights towards the cameras and crews. "The pages of Playboy are gonna be smoking with your pictures." Murmurs of agreement from both men and women came from the other side of the bright lights and Susie suddenly remembered all the people watching: the crew, the publisher, all those beautiful playmates; she was one of those beautiful playmates.

She nodded contentedly, closing her eyes and sinking into the satin sheets as if to sleep. "Hold up, little baby," he growled, shaking her tiny foot. "This here is more than an audition." He gestured at his big cock. "You got to take care of your daddy."

The helpless young girl finally had an epiphany. Her frantic brain at last was able to re-play the tape and she saw herself bare foot in her gown, back in the awe-inspiring living room, surrounded by the three men; now she could hear what she didn't pay attention to before: The publisher had been speaking with an eager tone in his voice; he explained how anxious they were to make her a playmate. Then his voice became sincere, even serious. "Susie, we understand that you come to us, shall we say, inexperienced? I want you to know that your test would go so much better if, well, one of us helped you along. Gave you the proper experience so that you can express yourself sexually for the shoot." She had stared at him blankly, a star-struck look in her eyes. "Well, my dear, would you like that?" She had nodded her head eagerly. And all three men had laughed warmly at the ardor of the guileless girl.

The elemental power of the three men had confused her; now once again, under the bright light of the studio her senses conjured up the overwhelming memory of the large cavernous room, from the lush deep carpeting tickling her toes, to the glowing wood paneling and furniture and glittering lights of the crystal chandelier, to the erotically rich perfume of the enormous tropical flowers in the vase nearby. She heard again the fateful question from the publisher, "Well, my dear, which one of us? Me, or Peter, or Wilt."

She heard her breathless, unknowing answer: Wilt.

She gasped in surprise as she realized that she herself had chosen this massive cock to take her virginity.

For the first time the tiny girl found the courage to actually look at the mammoth monster the huge and powerful black man displayed to her. He held it like a bat and it seemed like his large hand could not go all around its girth. The ebony shaft gleamed sleek with sweat and radiated an intense heat. Her bright brown eyes grew into saucers as they traveled up its length; it went on and on and the innocent girl imagined that it was as big as she was. She slowly sat up drawn to the beast like a virgin drawn to the sacrificial altar.

He chuckled with pride. "Yeah, I know what you're thinking baby doll, but trust me, it'll fit." He pulled her closer, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pinning her to his side. She leaned her head on his chest and protectively covered her breasts with her hands. Her eyes could not stop wandering up and down the length of the tall black shaft standing so close to her.

His large hand stroked her cheek and she drew his pinky into her mouth, sucking it provocatively, then her lips moved onto his ring finger, then the middle finger; she sucked each in turn dancing her lively tongue over every joint. When she got to his thumb she sucked deep and hard and at the same time she stared at his cock.

"Yeah, you're a good little girl." She smiled with pleasure at his words.

With another chuckle he pulled one of her little hands away from her breast; she gave no resistance. His large fingers formed a ring around her slender wrist and guided her hand to the heat of his weapon. Holding her fingers straight up and her palm flat she let him press her hand against the side of the shaft, a pilgrim touching a holy shrine. At the first touch, as if a spark burst between skin and skin, her fingers and palms flitted away but he held firm. Slowly he eased the flat of her palm along the rock hard surface. Her touch was delicate and warm and sweet; innocent and inquisitive she held her breath and bit her lower lip as her hand glided over the hot black steel.

"It's so…" Her voice was prayerful and timid.

"Yeah," he said smugly, "Big, I know."

She giggled nervously, watching her pale white hand caress the giant ebony beast. "It's very…"

"That's right, babe," He chortled softly, enjoying her trepidation, "It's black; yeah, I thought you noticed that I am a black man."

Her other hand now pressed the other side and she moved both palms together stroking up and down in a slow sensuous dance. "I can't…"

"Sure you can, baby. I'm gonna go real easy with you, take you 'round the world while they take pretty pictures of my little playmate doll."

She stroked softly, worshipfully, hopefully; his shaft throbbed in appreciation of her loving touch and she squealed with surprise but he eased her back into her gentle caresses. "Good girl, good girl," he soothed her. Her delicate hands stroked his big cock over and over; she was so sweet and alluring leaning against his muscled body while her warm palms stoked his shaft; she felt overwhelmed by his power yet cozy too feeling his strength possess her.

"I never…I mean…I'm still…"

"Shhhh, little baby, I know, I know; I'm here to make you a playmate. I'll take care of you real good."

She stroked the big black monster, her palms gliding slowly and softly over the hot hard surface. "Can I…?"

"You want to kiss it, don't you doll?" Still leaning against his chest her pretty head nodded up and down like a girl agreeing to an ice cream sundae. With a large hand under her chin he turned her innocent and eager face up to his and impaled her mouth, savoring the honeyed sweetness of her lips, capturing her helpless tongue, and plunging his own tongue deep into her as a prelude for the ceremony soon to come. She tasted of fresh berries and sweet intoxicating wine. She was, indeed, the first day of spring. As he kissed her deeply her tiny hands continued their gentle caresses over the blazing heat of his hard hard cock.

The kiss broke and she smiled a vixen's smile, batted her lashes seductively and playfully. Without taking her palms off of his skin she shifted her naked body so that she was on her knees next to him. She dipped down and twisted her head so that long blonde hair splayed out in front of her. As she raised her torso her golden locks, soft and gossamer feathers, fluttered along the length of his shaft. She stretched her neck over the head of the beast and brushed her hair over the throbbing and sensitive tip.

Pleased with the groan she elicited from the huge black man she dipped again and repeated the dance. She dipped once more but this time, instead of feathery strands of hair, her soft wet pink tongue stretched out against the black skin and flittered up the shaft. Again she stretched her neck, and with her eyes burning into his, she danced her tongue into the hole at the very tip of his cock. He groaned with pleasure and she leaned back and the camera caught her victorious smile.

Now she moved in earnest, licking and kissing and nibbling, stroking and caressing, all up and down the length of him; her head bobbed and her hair danced as she worked zealously to stoke his fires. Each time her head quickly rose to kiss the head of his cock her long hair feathered and flitted over his face in erotic caresses. Her hands cupped his balls and she could feel the lava tremulous at the base of his shaft gathering force for a massive eruption. Her honey mouth was noisy and eager, her entire body humming with her playful pleasure; "Mmmmm," her gleeful song floated out to the cameras and the crowd watching the beauty as she kissed the man's cock. Over and over her mouth and hair and fingers worked over his throbbing shaft. At just the right moment she sprang up and gave him one more delicious fresh kiss, her perky breasts stabbing into his chest; she kissed him wantonly and wildly like a cheerleader with the quarterback after the big game, and her hands continued to stroke him. But just as he was about to explode her head twisted, whipping her hair across his face, and her soft mouth opened wide to engulf the huge head barely in time for the first burst of lava to fire against the back of her throat. She swallowed and gulped, swallowed and gulped, over and over as his white hot lava flowed into her sweet innocent mouth.

With the eruption subsided she fell back exhausted but a burst of applause swept over her from beyond the lights. She flushed with pride and perplexity and sexual energy. Without warning a trio of make-up girls rushed to her, lifting her limp body. One commenced brushing her long silken hair, another patted her moist skin with a towel, while the third touched up her make-up. One of them offered her some deliciously sweet wine which the tiny girl gulped down eagerly. They cooed and mewed over her, complementing her beauty and work captured by the photographers. Another pair of girls was rearranging the sheets and pillows. Susie looked over and a yet another pair of make-up girls was working on the athlete. Then she saw the coal black stare in his eyes and she gulped. She suddenly realized that this was like after the bell of round one of a boxing match. This contest was not over yet.

The chatter of the girls primping and stroking her confirmed the young beauty's thoughts. "Oh, your pictures are going to look so sexy." "He's so good; all the playmates love him." "He loves to come once before he does you so he lasts longer inside you." "He's big but he uses that thing like an artist." "You really a virgin honey? You look so sweet. I know he's going to take good care of you." "It's OK to cry if it hurts." "You look so sexy, sweetie." "You're so pretty, I know you're going to make a great playmate." "Oh, I know he just loves cute little blonde girls; I can tell he's really horny for you""He's so big but don't be scared."

A sudden snarl silenced the girls. With a sweep of his hand he sent them off the set. Susie looked up at him; her frail body trembling. Her long hair covered her nakedness and she slowly edged backwards away from him.

His firm hand caught her slender ankle. "We got some business, little girl."

Susie let out little whimpers as he arranged her pliant body on the bed. Her long hair spread over the shimmering pink satin forming a warm golden next for the delicate bird-like girl. He nudged her slender legs apart and knelt between her thighs, hovering over her a long time. The flat of her palms pressed his belly and her trembling hands walked up his torso to his shoulders, both pushing him away and drawing him closer at the same time. He lifted the heavy hard cock and rested it on her bush and belly and she finally spoke.

"Is it going to, you know, hurt?"

"Sure, baby, it's gonna hurt real nice. You just relax and let daddy do his thing for you."

She looked at him with pleading eyes. Her hands dropped down on either side of her head as if she were surrendering. She was surrendering.

"You are so pretty, baby; you just smile pretty for the cameras." He gestured towards the lights.

She obeyed and the shutters captured her again and again.

"I'm gonna give you a nice long drilling, babe. You want a nice big drill in you?"

"OK," she said meekly.

"That's a good little girl. You get ready for the big thing now."

She just shook her head in trepidation.

"You can do it, baby."

She nodded slightly, her eyes bright with tenseness.

The man looked down on the soft pliant girl; her nude body was warm and moist. She watched him with her eyes shimmering with tears not quite released. Ripe and ready, he thought to himself.

"OK, little doll, I'm gonna take you around the world; you just follow me." Now a thrill rushed through him, not merely the thrill of possessing this young nubile girl. No, it was the familiar dance, the pleasure of pleasuring a virgin. His body throbbed with energy but he stayed calm and focused on the trembling creature beneath him.

She trembled and mewed sweetly, a virgin on the altar. She nodded once, sealing her fate. The ritual began. He slipped his arms under her shoulders and rocked his hips up and down; the cock glided over her bush and belly. She watched it transfixed. "It's so big," she murmured disbelieving her eyes, "It's so big, so big, so big." Her voice was a gentle purring.

Over and over he glided across her soft moist skin, the cock a huge black snake slithering over her. Now he pulled back farther, stretching his body so the head of his cock caressed her pussy lips before pushing through her bush and onto her tummy.

The weight of the cock on her soft belly made her sob. His torso dipped back and the head touched her delicate gate, then pressed -- nudging the lips apart.

"No, no, please," she groaned and her tiny hands slid down in a futile effort to protect her treasure.

"Easy girl, easy," he droned calmly and smoothly, still nudging with all his weight. Her tiny fingers held the cock and guided it back to the tender trembling gates. "Good girl," he soothed, his voice the velvety sin of a saxophone. "Pretty little playmate, so pretty, so fine." He gently rocked her body; she held that hot tip against her wet soft gates.

"Do it!!" a sharp feminine voice hissed from beyond the lights. Susie's head snapped towards the sound and the camera caught her surprise and the kiss of the shutter gave her courage.

"Do it," she heard herself hissing quietly but her voice sizzling with desire. Her body tensed for the onslaught that didn't come. Instead he growled and gently rocked her, his cock seemed to get harder and harder with each moment of anticipation. And Susie's soft innocent body eased and relaxed into her fate. The long thick shaft glowed its heat over her. "So big," she murmured, "I love your big black cock," she cooed, "So big, so big," she babbled sweetly.

Her breasts heaved and, as he rocked up and down, his chest caressed her nipples, twisting her nerve endings tightly.

Susie was purring, glancing with misty eyes towards the camera. Her palms lightly caressed over the veins of the throbbing shaft. Her thighs opened and closed in the same rhythm as his rocking. Her eyes were open wide, staring into his. Over and over the rocking soft and smooth but the girl held firm. "Be gentle please," she purred softly.

She sensed his arms stiffening over her shoulders; she rocked gently in the rhythm. The cockhead nudged those sweet swelling lips, caressed them gently. "You hold on, pretty little girl; you be good," he growled, his eyes burning to take what was his, his cock throbbing to finish the ceremony.

She purred with a soft smile on her face; her eyes misted over but still stared into his. Their bodies rocked gently. The tender virgin, nodded again, submitting to the ancient ritual, giving her body to him. He nodded too, ready to dance the same delicious dance once more.

"Do it!" that voice in the crowd hissed again and more voices joined in: "Do it! Do it!"

"Do it," Susie begged.

The cockhead nudged those silky soft lips and rammed in brutally. He dove down, using the weight of his body to drive his cock deep into her like a spike.

She howled in that sacred primitive language of virgins in surrender, her innocence bursting out of her; she fought, clawing, biting, kicking. He rode the wrath and writhing of her body using the strength of his body to slowly push in deep into the tight tight sheath. Pulling her shoulders down he began to pump into her, letting her struggle create the rhythm as her body arched like a bridge and snapped back. Over and over. In and out. Her eyes blazed with fury -- she cursed him, gasping for air. Over and over he thrust into her. Each touch into her depths setting off an explosion. The dance was repeating itself for him like so many times before and like each time before the pleasure was fresh and rare and memorable. He held firm wanting to savor the pleasure of this moment.

From deep down inside her another rhythm rose; still in agony she began to undulate with him, allowing him to set the pace. In and out he thrust and it was sweet agony. Her arms gripped his neck and she kissed him hard, fucking his mouth the way he was fucking her pussy. Her nipples stabbed into him; her legs wrapped over him, pulling him in. In and out in the ancient dance.

He fucked her for a long, long, long time before he gentled her into the flow; her tight sheath got tighter with every stroke as she learned to put pressure on his cock. The sacred honey dripped over the cock in little jewels, more with each stroke. In and out of her he moved carrying her to holy bliss; by now she was wide eyed and smiling, proudly riding his cock with delight, squeezing it, teasing it. In and out and she purred.

She lifted her face to his and kissed him as he pumped into her, first rapid wet pecks, then a deep soulful kiss of surrender.

"Yeah, you're a fine little playmate. You like being my playmate."

"Yesss," she breathed out.

"Good girl, pretty baby." With a large hand he nudged her face towards the lights. "You smile pretty now." With his other arm he lifted his torso so the cameras could see her heaving chest. "Yeah, you make a good little playmate."

"I want to be good," she panted, each syllable in rhythm with his pumping.

In and out, in and out of that magnificent sheath.

"Am I good? Do I feel good?" she breathed, her face flush with the sweet agony of his drilling.

"Oh yeah, babe, you're real fine."

In and out-her sex was so tight and sweet; he never wanted to leave. Her pale slim body undulated beneath his dark mass. "Mmmmm," she purred, "You're right…it hurts so good." Her eyes flashed bright with tears and inspiration. "Will you come in me?"

"Oh yeah, you're sweet."

"I want you to come in me," she panted frantically.

"Sure, sure."

"Will it hurt?"


In and out and she swooned with the dance.

"Please come inside me."

In and out and she sobbed with the painful pleasure.

"It hurts…No…don't stop. Deeper. Deeper please, deeper."

In and out and her body lifted and dropped, riding the brutally delicious torture of his cock.

"Come in me."

In and out.

"Come in me."

Her tiny hand reached down and tickled his balls and it was like she had popped the cork on a bottle of champagne.

He shot into her long and hard and fast. She thrashed and bucked as fire devoured her insides. She swooned as his heat seemed to flood every vein and nerve of her body. She screamed herself into the stars as one touch of his finger on her clit released the pent up fury of her climax.

Susie finally sank back into the pink satin with a gasp. Her long locks were heavy with her sex sweat. She could feel the stunned silence of the crowd beyond the lights.

"Wow!" she breathed in appreciation.

"You like that, little girl? Don't worry; we'll go again soon." He was standing at the foot of the bed.

"Where are you going?" she said with a pout.

He gestured towards the lights. "You gotta pose for more pictures now," he chuckled, stepping beyond the lights and disappearing from view. Susie blinked and rose slowly. Her bare feet touched the hard floor and she curled her toes, feeling the wood warmed by the studio lights. She moved unhurriedly, with care and precision. She kept her eyes down, demure and meek. She ran her graceful fingers through her long locks, combing through the sweat damp strands and stroking them into place, delicate arranging her hair over her shoulders. She held her breath and pulled back her shoulders, jutting her firm breasts forward. She shook her head slightly, her golden hair shimmering in the light, then she proudly lifted her chin and gazed fearlessly into the camera. Her naked body glowed gloriously; she looked like a Botticelli painting, the Birth of Venus. One shutter clicked; after a long pensive pause another click followed, then another, then another, the rhythm of the cameras' lust arousing the girl. She held her head high and proud; she still looked the innocent fresh young thing even as she moistened her full red lips. She shook her golden mane and it flowed behind her. She saw herself now new in the lens of the camera; she was delicious, sensuous, and gorgeous.

Slowly, her soft pale flesh covered with a sheen of sweat, the pretty young girl began to pose and vamp flawlessly, her face an angelic vixen's, her naked skin glistening smooth and soft and rosy with arousal, a genuine playmate.


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