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Susie Scott

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Susie Scott, Miss May 1983, and her adventures as a playmate View table of contents...


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The publisher leaned into the backgammon board and sucked his pipe thoughtfully. Or as thoughtfully as he could with tiny little Linda Rhys Vaughn kneeling between his legs and noisily sucking and slurping. Across from him his opponent had Lourdes Estores doing the same, both girls trying hard to distract the two champions from their games. All in fun, of course; Wilt had been the publisher's friend now for almost two decades and they both shared an interest in competition. The tall black basketball star was almost as fierce with board games as he was on the court and the publisher was equally passionate, at least when it came to the board games. Both were equally passionate in their pursuit of beautiful women where their competition for playmates was equally fierce.

Now the basketball star eyed the publisher and chuckled. "Come on, make your move man." He could tell that the playmate's efforts with her mouth were beginning effect the man's game. "Looks like little Linda is doing a good job on you." He patted his own playmate on the head. "You too, girl; you're doin' fine." Lourdes' response was only a muffled giggle as she worked her head in position to deep throat the enormous cock.

Sitting off to one side, Peter watched it all with an amused expression. With a shrug he returned his focus to the publisher's more pressing problem. Here it was only November of 1981 and he already had enough potential playmate material to last well into 1983. Some cuts might have to be made. Peter shuffled through the headshots, rearranging the rankings and the order. Decisions, decisions. Then he paused as one photo in the 'maybe' stack caught his eye; the girl had a special sparkle of innocence and charm that, even in this collection of beauties, stood out.

She was a real California girl, with a petite frame but a body that was sensuous and slender, athletic and supple. Her brown eyes were full of vitality and warmth and her long blonde hair streamed over her shoulders in shimmering gold. He glanced at her data: Susie Scott, 5'5" with a 34-24-34 figure. She had not done any nudes yet but the tight clothes revealed a delicious body, a real athletic and outdoors type; even with the slender and slight school girl build she projected an intense erotic aura. He noticed she had just turned eighteen so he shifted her into 1983 batch; she could afford to wait. He fingered through the rest of the 1983 stack in search of a model to eliminate or shift to make room for Susie.

The backgammon game was going slowly as the girls continued their efforts in delightful distraction. Peter could tell that neither man was focusing on the game; in fact, the basketball player looked ready to explode. Peter kept his mind on the photos before him; something made him slide out Susie Scott's photo again. He was studiously ignoring the grunts of both men as the playmates sucked and slurped with obvious success. Instead Peter looked at the lovely eighteen year old in the picture, her gaze so inviting. What was it about her he wondered. He looked at that face again; Her eyes were large and brown, her face was porcelain perfect. She looked so fresh that she must have smelled of the first day of spring. He wondered how he could arrange a meeting and he found himself almost hypnotized by the sweet sensuality in those bright brown eyes. He must have been looking for a long while because he didn't notice the basketball player and the publisher standing behind him staring at the nubile girl's beauty.

The slap on his back broke his reverie. "You like this little cutie, huh?" the basketball star chuckled. "I have my eye on her too." He turned to the publisher. "You do her yet?"

The publisher shrugged and tapped her data sheet where her birthday was entered. All three men nodded knowingly and yearningly, as if they were collectively sighing "Ahhh." After a pause the publisher continued. "She hasn't even done her test shots yet. The photo editors are very excited about her though. That hair is stunning isn't it? We were very successful with Debra Jo Fondren so we're hopeful." He glanced at the calendar on the table covered with potential playmate photos. "In fact, she is due to arrive at the Mansion today for her test."

Susie Scott was nervous; she stood alone in the middle of the grand living room and she was uncertain what she was doing here. The driver had led her to the door of the Mansion and a beautiful girl, tall and exotic, opened the door. "Hi, I'm Victoria," the tall beauty said, "You must be Susie." She turned to the driver. "Just take those bags inside here. Susie, you come with me." The tall blonde took Susie's hand and led her into the center of the living room. "Just wait here," she said warmly. "They are all in an uproar about your arrival."

Now the tiny girl waited, nervously biting her thumb as she waited. She was wearing a simple white dress, light and soft, and the afternoon sun beaming through the windows outlined her slender body. Her tiny feet were covered by soft white leather slippers and she held her slim body with the grace of a young dancer. She shuddered, feeling tiny and helpless in the large elegant room, and she wondered if they had decided to reject her already; she so wanted to be a playmate. In her anxiety she slipped out of her flat shoes and curled her tiny toes into the plush carpet. Her entire body tingled with the tangible lushness of the thick pile.

Peter, Wilt, and the publisher paused before entering room, stunned by the luscious vision of blonde beauty. The rich oak paneling reflected the rays of the sun onto the girl's pale alabaster skin and she glowed with warmth as the sunbeams flashed through the flimsy dress. Her long blonde hair flowed down her back like a golden stream of stars. She radiated innocence and vitality and she looked like a Renaissance painting, a virgin princess waiting to seduce the unicorn.

"Susie, so glad you could make it," the publisher said jovially as he crossed the floor to the young girl, his friends following behind. The petite beauty almost leapt in the air because the words caught her by surprise. Then the sight of the three imposing men heading towards made her tremble like a fawn; she barely registered the introductions the publisher was making. She recognized him of course, but her eyes were fixed on the tall black man grinning down at her. Like everyone in California she recognized him too, knowing him only for his fame. She limply let her hand be shaken by all three; her legs were weak and she couldn't focus or think. Suddenly star-struck she realized that she was really was at the Playboy Mansion and she finally understood the glamour of the Playmate life. The publisher was talking earnestly, explaining something and gesturing to the two men but Susie could barely understand a word of it. Her gaze went from man to man: the publisher she knew well because she studied the magazine and Playboy lore carefully in her aspirations to become a Playmate; the man next to him was dressed with a casual elegance that spoke of both wealth and power and he gave the tiny young girl a benevolent look and she could almost feel herself falling in love. The basketball player was the one she knew the best; all her life she watched his fierce and skilled playing on TV and she admired his graceful unstoppable power. Now she felt herself melting under the heat of his lust-filled gaze.

The publisher continued talking and all three men continued to smile at her wolfishly. Susie, completely star-struck and numb, tried to focus on what was being said, but all she could do was let her eyes wander from man to man, admiring the muscles and fine clothes and their obvious lust for her; the inexperienced girl felt a thrill realizing that she was going to be a playmate! Images of red carpets and night clubs and flashing cameras and adoring crowds and popping Champagne corks exploded in her brain pushing out whatever was being said to her right now. The publisher asked her a question and without understanding she nodded her head eagerly. All three men laughed warmly at the ardor of the guileless girl.

The room fell silent except for the pounding of Susie's heart; she looked from face to face, each man looking back and expecting an answer. Clearly the nod was not enough. An answer to what? She tried to rewind the tape in her brain so she could review the publisher's words; the elemental power of the three men confused her, the large cavernous room filled her senses with distractions, from the lush deep carpeting tickling her toes, to the glowing wood paneling and furniture and glittering lights of the crystal chandelier, to the erotically rich perfume of the enormous tropical flowers in the vase nearby. She looked from face to face, almost in panic; what did they want from her?

The publisher gently repeated the question, "Well, my dear, which one of us? Me, or Peter, or Wilt."

Which one? Why was she choosing? What was she choosing?

The basketball star answered for her in a teasing voice, "Come on, little girl; you know it's me."

Of course, it was simple. She looked at the gleam in the tall black man's eyes; he towered nearly two feet above her. Yes, of course. "Wilt," she said shyly, demurely dropping her gaze to the floor.

Peter nodded and good naturedly patted his friend on the back. The publisher looked slightly chagrined, even disappointed, but he nodded too. The tall black athlete seemed almost taken aback by his good fortune; he stood silent and pleased with himself, not moving at all but hovering over the girl as if to take possession of her.

The publisher clapped his hands together, as if punctuating the moment. "Well, that's settled. I know you're going to be happy with your choice Susie, although, frankly, I think our Wilt here is a lucky fool." The basketball player chuckled, still eying the tender beauty before him. The publisher eyed the young girl again, his expression almost rueful. "Shall we head down to the studio?"

"St, st, studio?" the tiny girl stuttered, uncertain to what she had agreed.

"For the test shoot," the publisher explained, as if reminding her of the obvious. "You don't mind that Peter and I watch?"

The basketball player answered before she could, "'Course we don't mind. I'll show you how to do her up right!" At the same time he swept her legs from under her and carried her towards the door, with Peter and the publisher following.

Her first thought was exhilaration as she flew into the air and was cradled in his arms; her next thought was trepidation as his powerful muscles engulfed her and she laid a soft rosy cheek against his broad hard chest. Then she felt a strange and arousing tranquility when the heat of his body began to warm her flesh as he held her close. His long strides took them out into the corridor where she saw several beautiful girls, some already playmates and some soon to become playmates. She felt pride as they watched with wide-eyed admiration her abduction. "Come along, girls," the giant black man boasted, "You don't want to miss this." Like a collection of exotic birds the flock of beauties joined the procession to the studio. Finally the lovely tiny Susie felt foreboding when she took once last glance behind her and saw her soft slippers still on the carpet in the enormous and elegant and now empty living room. She sensed that she was somehow leaving her innocence behind.

If the living room was overwhelming to Susie because of its cavernous sophistication and its silent emptiness, then the studio was more overwhelming to the pretty young thing for its hectic turmoil and animated throng. Everywhere she looked workmen were busy with cables and lights and equipment the inexperienced girl could not figure out; each of the workers gave the girl a warm welcoming smile and she snuggled contentedly like a kitten in the athlete's arms. More gorgeous women were gathered in the large noisy space; everybody wanted to see this test and Susie felt pride and embarrassment co-mingled inside her as she realized that she would be part of this heavenly collection of beauties.

In the middle of the room was a circle of bright lights all focused on a simple set on a raised platform; the lights were too bright for Susie to see what the set really looked like, but behind the lights she saw several cameras, including video cameras, all waiting to capture her. She gulped feeling unprepared for her close-up.

"Come on little doll," the basketball player murmured, sensing her disquiet. "You are gonna be fine." With a few long strides he carried the fair maiden into the bright circle of lights.

The pretty little girl blinked, adjusting to the brilliance of the atmosphere on the set; the lighting was bold and clear but the air seemed thick with a portentous and sensual electricity. Finally she could make out the set. The one wall, cut low to allow for lights to shine in was covered with a frilly and delicate and feminine wallpaper, the fake window dressed in pink sheer curtains. A chair by the window held several cute stuffed animals and the dresser next to that was covered with more stuffed toys and dolls. Susie snuggled again but then she saw the bed. It stood in the center of the ring of lights, its pink satin sheets shimmering like clouds at sunset. The fluffy pillows were covered in lace and floated on the sheets like more soft clouds. It all could have been her own room, warm and inviting, but Susie shuddered; the bed reminded her that this shoot was for Playboy. She would be expected to be naked in a moment.

Without her really understanding what was happening to her the big man lowered his precious cargo to the floor. Her tiny feet fluttered to the ground and she sighed as the bare soles touched the wood, already warmed by the lights beaming onto the set.

Like a cavalier in a ballet he gracefully stepped back to give the girl center stage to herself. She stood, shy and beautiful, blushing and disquieted-- uncertain but anxious to please. She traced a small circle with her big toe, caressing the grain of the wood floor as if looking for a rabbit hole for escape. She held her hands behind her back and stared silently at the floor, awaiting a command. The cameras suddenly buzzed with activity and she raised her pretty head and a pleasing warmth filled her body. They were taking her picture! They thought she was beautiful enough to be a Playmate. She lifted her streaming locks of blonde hair and let it tumble down around her shoulders and over her tight firm bottom. She could sense that the thin fabric of her white dress did little to hide the rising and hardening of her perky nipples. Each click of a camera shutter was a kiss from an ardent lover; somewhere from beyond the lights she could sense the appreciative gaze of the video cameras and she could hear the approving murmurings of the playmate gathered to watch the innocent girl join their ranks. Her innocent and fresh face radiated a kaleidoscope of different emotions; she wore her feelings like make up on a little girl: spread all over her face.

Her animated delight was briefly pushed aside by a frowning concern as she sensed something troubling too. To one side, silhouetted by the spot light behind him was the basketball player; he was a dark tower, his silent strength commanding her to make love to the cameras. This turned her attention back to the lenses, eager to drink her up, and she was eager to please with her bright and lively and fresh beauty.

Flushing with prideful simplicity she vamped and mewed for the cameras and the audience, pursing her lips like a screen star, giving innocently seductive glances to the lenses recording her debut. She shook her mane and it shimmered in the light; she put a hand on her hip and coyly sucked her thumbnail as her brown eyes sparkled for the cameras. She was enjoying herself boundlessly and grew more and more giddy as she pranced for the lenses.

"OK, little doll; that's cute an' all." The basketball player's voice was a smooth drawl. "But it's time to nude up, sweetie. You know. Show us the goodies."

Susie froze in place under the bright hot light, her brown eyes wide with alarm. The cameras stilled, waiting in hushed anticipation. The tiny girl could sense the crowd leaning forward, hoping and yearning. Her nipples stabbed straight out under the fabric as she held her breath. One of her willowy hands fluttered up and gently touched the bare spot under her throat. Her skin tingled and her lithe fingers slid down to the top of the fragile dress. Her hand trembled as she touched the pearly button. Her dainty fingers struggled to push it through the hole. A camera clicked and lightning flashed up her spine. The hand wavered then slowly dropped to her side. She could feel the hush of the crowd and the rush of the murmur; the button remained fastened.

"Susie Q," the athlete growled, "Time to show some skin. You know what to do." But the poor girl stood still. "Tell ya what, I'll show you how." He was still in silhouette but she could hear the sound of his belt buckle jingling; an alarm bell clanged in her blushing ears.

Under the hot white lights, under the demanding gaze of the lenses, surrounded by the urging silence of the crowd in the studio, the tremulous girl's senses were all heightened. The jangling of the belt continued to roar in her ears, the smooth snarl of the zipper shook her already quivering body. The expensive silk trousers slid off him, shushing like steam. She watched in terror as the silhouetted figure slipped easily out of his shoes. The steel of the belt clanged to the floor and she gulped, still frozen and afraid. She watched the shadow of his shirt flutter like a pirate flag then drop to the floor.

"See, nothing to it, Susie Q." His confident voice was a slap on her face. Then without warning, the ebony muscular form stepped tall and brazen into the lights.

"Susie…Little Susie Q…Come on." He held out his hand.

Susie took a step back, but paused; she couldn't take her eyes off of the weapon he displayed.

The man stepped forward and took her hand and led her towards the bed. "So little girl; no good playing all stuck up. No good having the sweet little princess keeping the jewels to herself." Susie's brown eyes gazed over the pink sheen of the satin sheets; the rosy glow was sensuous and sinful.

Like an angel, Susie floated; her white dress fluttered with her hesitant motion as he guided the future playmate to the foot of the bed and gently lowered her to the mattress. She moved as if hovering in space, her eyes still watching him.

"Come on, Susie Q, you know what's what."

The cameras clicked ferociously.

Susie trembled noticeably, but a smile appeared, a smile of pride that the lenses wanted to kiss her, a smile giving the man confidence. "You are a fine little doll; you're gonna look so fine all naked." He looked at the lovely blonde on the bed; she was lying flat out and her breasts swelled and rocked as she breathed. She moved her knees up and pushed her feet into the mattress hiking the skirt up her legs; her thighs opened and closed nervously.

The cameras caressed her skin.

"You want me to take care of you Susie Q?"

"I'm scared." Her voice was a whisper. She sucked on her pinkie coyly and fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"See," he said with glee, talking to the crowd beyond the lights but smiling wickedly at Susie. "She's gonna be fine. Real fine, real pretty, all ready to show us her pretty little body." Susie's tongue darted out, a fragile little hummingbird, there one second, then gone. She smiled coyly and fluttered her eyes again.

"Yeah, you're a good little girl. You're gonna be so good to your daddy."

The words weaved around the tiny helpless girl. She kept her eyes on his to avoid glancing down there.

He lowered himself on to the bed, a black vulture looming over Susie's tiny sparrow body. He stretched out next to her, resting on his side; she looked like a petite and fragile bird next to him. She trembled and the cameras clicked, a roar in her ears.

"You ready for me little girl?"

Susie's brow furrowed for a moment, unsure of what he meant. She shook her head quickly.

"You sure look ready, ready to get all naked for me." His face was close to hers. "And I'm naked for you doll, make it easy for you to get my goodies."

Their lips pressed together; he overpowered her with his lust. Her eager mouth unfolded to him, a soft quivering sparrow; their tongues flitted back and forth, entwined in the taste of his lust for her. She jutted her chest up, feeling his fingers nimbly undo the top button of her dress. She was still on her back with her hands racing over the muscles of the black man looming over her.

He lifted his head and looked down at her body, his black finger scratching lightly over the edge of the fabric and spreading the top of the dress open like a curtain to reveal the slightest bit of cleavage. Susie gasped to see her warm white flesh glowing next to this huge black man. He licked his lips, admiring the banquet before him; he couldn't wait to gorge himself. She couldn't bear the electric tingle of his nail, sharp against her delicate soft skin so she intertwined her fingers into his with her left hand and with her right timidly held the wrist of his other hand. "Go slow," she whispered.

"Don't be shy Susie Q," he purred. "We all want a peek at these cute little titties of yours." He licked his lips and without warning his mouth swooped down and sucked a breast through the light fabric; her nipple grew hard and firm under the ministrations of his tongue and teeth and she wriggled in ecstasy. Her willowy fingers danced a writhing dance over his thick black digits, revealing her anxious arousal to the camera. The slender and graceful pink of her fingers flowed through the hard and thick black of his hands, a tiny portrait of the erotic anguish flooding through the young girl. His tongue twisted and writhed over her hard pink nipple and her pale white body writhed under his thick black torso and her tiny fingers twisted and writhed through his large hands.

When he lifted his head the fabric was soaked to translucency and he grinned in victory. "Now that is a pretty little treat," he gloated. His fingers still wrapped in hers, he guided her quivering hand to the next button. "Come on little baby, show your big daddy what you got."

"'Kay," she said meekly, her eyes burning. But her fingers trembled over the button still. His own fingers began to guide the tiny pearl through the hole and her hand gently danced with his.

The next button came undone. Then the next, the frantic girl uncertain whose fingers were stripping her. Another button flew open and she held her breath but she let go off his fingers and did the next button herself, her eyes gleaming brightly.

"Yeah, Susie Q, you're gonna be a fine little playmate." His voice was smooth like a film noir saxophone. His hands spread the dress open as she undid the last button, but as he unveiled her nakedness she demurely covered her breasts. But he was firm. A large black hand slid under her back and sat her up. Her body turned and her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and he sat behind her; she blinked and blushed, realizing she was facing the cameras. His hands dipped under the mass of golden hair and gently squeezed her shoulders. She felt the dress sliding down her arms. A short futile tussle with his hands as she tried to hide her nakedness for one more brief moment and then one at a time she submissively lifted each arm so the straps of the dress could be pushed over her hands but she still managed to use her arms to hide her breasts from the eagerly clicking cameras.

Kneeling behind her he reached around and gripped her wrists. She wanted the cameras to capture her nudity but her resistance was strong too. She feverishly shook her head sending her golden mane flying and some of the waist length locks tumbled over her chest so that she looked like a painting of Lady Godiva on her horse or Eve in the Garden of Eden.

"Shhhh, little Susie," he gentled her, urging her arms off her chest and firmly drawing her hands to behind her head. The strands of hair covered her breasts like a veil; and holding her wrists behind her head with one hand, he used the other to tenderly brush the locks off of her chest.

"No," she whispered but her chest jutted forward, her nipples bright red with excitement as the lights of the cameras warmed her soft naked flesh.

"Good girl, so fine," he cooed smoothly in his sinful saxophone tones as he nuzzled into her golden mane.

Susie smiled alluringly for the camera; she was going to be a centerfold.

"You having fun now, baby doll?" he purred with confidence, "Didn't I say I'd show you how to do it?" He softly leaned her back onto the bed. She mewed softly, formless words of meek submission; she let him display her bare chest to his voracious eyes and to the hungry lenses.

"Baby doll, you look good enough to eat."

Her breasts were two firm cones longing to be licked; she held her stomach tight and her pale skin looked succulent and moist; she spread her thighs slightly to give him a peek at the dew drops on her dark bush through her lace panties.

continued in the next chapter


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