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Monique St. Pierre

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Monique St. Pierre, Miss November 1978 and Playmate of the Year 1979 has sexual adventures. View table of contents...


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It had been a long day. Monique St. Pierre had been thrilled to be back in Denver just a month after her Playmate of the Year pictorial came out. She was making a promotional appearance at the Alzado-Ali exhibition bout in Mile High Stadium. When she stepped into the ring the crowd went wild, cheering and saluting her more than either boxer. She flashed her exquisite elfin grin, beaming seductively into the flashbulbs and the eyes of the thousands of men lusting for her in the packed stadium; she felt an bestial sensual charge rolling over her like a powerful spell. Of course she was a hometown girl coming home victorious; and, even better, she was sheathed in a slinky gown, a copy of the Bob Mackie dress she wore on the cover of her Playmate of the Year issue of Playboy.

The dress gave the impression of being nothing more than a shimmering mist enveloping her gorgeous body; she seemed nude underneath, with the gown clinging tightly and caressing all her curves. She loved the effect it had on men but she was relieved that it was not quite as tight as the original. That dress had to be sewn onto her. She hugged herself and rocked under the crazed beat and vibrations of the all the feet stomping the floor and the palms slapping together; a cacophonic chorus of wolf whistles and rebel yells echoed endless through the rafters of the hall washing over the pretty girl, gripping her slender body like a giant fist.

Monique blinked as more and more flashlights burst. Finally the crowd fell silent, everyone on the edge of his seat anxious for the sweet playmate's voice.

"Hello, Denver!" she gushed into the mike and the crows went berserk again. Programs were torn into confetti and floated over the gorgeous blonde as if she was in a snow storm of adulation; arms stretched out to touch her lovely skin.

She tried to make her short speech but the wild screams drowned her out; her body filled with the uncontrollable lust of the thousands of men longing to possess her frail beauty.

Yes, it had been a long day. Now she walked down the narrow hall of the hotel where the boxing promoters had put her up. She balanced an ice-bucket in one hand and take-out in the other. Hooked in the middle finger of each hand was one of her spiked heels. After an entire day on her feet, greeting fans, hanging out with celebrities at the fights and the party afterwards, she loved the cool feel of the floor on her feet; now she was exhausted and looking forward to some quiet, a hot bath, and a long sleep.

She turned the corner and went up a flight, then plunged back into the maze of corridors lined with rooms, her bare feet on auto-pilot; her tiny toes peaked out from under the hem of the now too long gown .

This floor of the hotel was quiet; she laughed to herself over the contrast with the rest of the day-- the empty, almost abandoned corridor was a pleasant change after shouts and press of the crowd all day. The after-bout party was still going full swing just two floors down. She was relieved that she was put on an upper floor so she'd have privacy. Her room was at the end of the hallway; the door next to hers was open but no raucous noise or spill of people were flooding out. There was just a single man, a silhouette really with the bright light of his room behind him; he was leaning in the doorway, watching her approach, the slight smile betraying his calm amusement. She flashed him her own best stranger-to-stranger smile and nodded in greeting as she came closer. He actually chuckled as she walked by.

"Interesting fashion statement there, ma'am. Or are you part of the festivities downstairs?" He dryly asked, standing up straight now; the light cast his shadow towards her.

Her face flamed as she suddenly realized that she was still in the skimpy dress and in the dim light of the hallway she looked nude except for the faint outline of the bunny logo that strategically covered her breasts and crotch. She smiled shyly and stammered an affirmative, "Oh, I was at the party for Mohammed Ali down stairs; it was pretty wild."

The man grinned, "Well, that's a dress to make a dick stand up and take notice."

Monique furrowed her pretty brow for a second. Even after 15 years in the US she was sometimes unsure of what people meant when they spoke in slang. She wasn't sure how to react now so she just nodded and started to quickly juggle the ice bucket and dinner as she fumbled for her key to open her door. All she wanted at that moment was to retreat into her room and forget this man's obvious leering. He stepped towards her and in an almost old-fashioned half-bow reached out his hands for her burdens.

"Here, let me help you...never let it be said I didn't ride to the aid of a lady in distress." His voice was warm and deep, with just a hint of laughter hidden beneath the words. She straightened up and graciously allowed the man to take her bundles and turned to reach into her pocketbook for her key. She was completely taken by surprise, then, when large strong hands grabbed her shoulders from behind and propelled her into the open door.

In the time it took Monique's mind to process what just happened, the door was shut behind the man and her ice and dinner were unceremoniously dumped onto a table.

She turned, her jaw gaping, to march right back out the door; her nostrils flared and her chest jutted forward as she marched furiously back to the door. She was stopped, however, by an immovable, broad and very muscular chest. The man's arms came around her waist, pulling her up tightly against him. She looked up into his face, sure that she would see a sign that this was some kind of a practical joke her fellow playmates or Denver friends had pulled on her. But, besides that calm amused half-smile, all she saw was the man's astonishing power.

The first flutter of panic flickered in Monique's stomach and she started to squirm; she pushed and kicked, raging - anything to break his hold and let her get away; she still held the spiked heels and swung them at him. Her eyes, though, never pulled away from his.

They were locked with his gaze as though mesmerized. One of his large hands pressed down her back until it gripped her bottom and pulled her hips tight against his, and when she felt the huge, hard length of him, she opened her mouth to scream.

In a split second, she was spun around and one hand was clapped over her mouth, muffling her cries. He pulled Monique backwards and held her against him, one arm wrapped around her waist, squeezing tighter and tighter. She writhed helpless, not realizing her lithe body was grinding into his cock and getting it harder and hungrier as it pressed over the round curves of her ass.

Her struggling subsided as he let her feel his strength, just enough to let her know that she would not get away unless he wished it. A loud groan burst from deep inside her but faded into a soft and yielding purr.

She froze and trembled; with an ominous thud each of her shoes dropped in turn from her slender fingers.

Her hands reached behind and towards him, finally resting on his hips. She stopped struggling entirely now and sagged against him in surrender, swaying slightly, just enough to continue the stoking of his flaming cock. She closed her eyes and let out another low groan.

He held her thus for several heartbeats. Then Monique felt his lips graze the corner of her ear, his breath whispered through her hair as he murmured, "Now be a good girl and relax. We're going to have a fine time…Oh, yeah, babe, you feel so good. You look so sweet baby, so pretty. Just be nice and quiet girl…You're a real sweet girl; I'm gonna take real good care of you. Hush now darlin'" That same cool, amused tone that he had used with her in the hallway was now a magician's spell, and in her panic she clung to it as a lifeline. She nodded her head that she understood, that she wouldn't scream, and the hand was slowly taken away from her mouth. But she wasn't let go. The arm that held her so tightly against him now started stroking her waist; the hand that was on her mouth now wandered lovingly over the curves of her body and touched her bare neck, her lush chest, her supple arms.

Trapped like a tiny frail bird under the hypnotic gaze of a cobra, Monique slowly twisted her body in his arms until her creamy breasts were squeezed against his chest and her warm sex was pressed over his throbbing shaft. Again her soft hands rested on his hips in a gentle embrace.

He spent a long time caressing the smooth expanse of soft skin on her back where the dress scooped down low. His rough nails and fingers scratched over her silky soft skin. Monique shivered as she felt the hand explore the edge of the gown, creeping in slightly to caress the warm flesh underneath.

His hand explored her back until it found the tiny zipper. A sharp tug, then a slow sensuous sweep-- the closure was pulled down in one fluid motion from below her shoulders to the middle of her deliciously plump bottom.

The sound of the zipper slowly separating was an erotic melody filling the room. Monique shuttered again as the back of the dress parted and the cool air of the room kissed her skin. His hand felt hot as it pressed into her spine and glided up until it rested on the back of her head and entwined in her hair. He tugged her head back and with her eyes still closed she parted her lips, yielding to his eager tongue.

His tongue burned her mouth as it pierced her and poked inside her, digging deep into her. Her hands flew around his neck and she pulled herself up and into his face, rubbing her hot body against his as she staggered on her toes.

Their tongues wrestled and struggled; each second bringing Monique more and more under his spell. Her tongue dashed over his and swirled in his mouth as she moaned with excitement.

Monique took a deep breath as he broke the kiss finally. He backed away from her slightly, enough so that he could take in the full view of her sexy body. The gown still shimmered as it hung loosely from her shoulders but it still covered the treasures beneath. She still had her arms around his neck but her eyes were open now.
Monique's eyes were glimmering and mysterious pools of light, flashing with an erotic hunger. She closed them again and gasped as his hands dropped to her hips.

Slowly his fingers began to gather up the fabric of her gown; with exquisitely erotic motion gradually he pulled it like a curtain over her shapely legs. The palms of his hands caressed her waist as he revealed her flat belly. As he pulled the dress over her chest she lifted her arms into the air in a gesture of surrender; he swept the dress up and over her head in one fluid movement. The glittery gown fluttered in the air like a spirit when he tossed it away and it made a soft rustling sound as it fell to the floor and formed a pool of glistening sparkles.

The gorgeous playmate was standing there in nothing but her flimsy bra and panties. In slow motion, with the grace of a dancer, her arms floated to her sides and palms turned out to him in a sign of acquiescence. Her mystifying, almost Asian eyes flashed with an erotic yearning. She felt his gaze absorbing the sensual beauty before him. He smiled as he moistened his lips. His left hand gripped her right shoulder and in tiny delicate steps she turned around so he could see her ass. She pressed her eyes closed to lock in the bliss exploding in her skull.

Monique yelped softly as his finger pressed into the crack between those two juicy cheeks and he pushed the sheer flimsy fabric of her panties between her sweet buns.

When she felt hands on her shoulders turning her around to face him she gasped, knowing what was a few seconds away. Then she heard him sigh, his breathing getting deeper, and her eyes flew open in alarm. He was looking at her almost-naked body with undisguised lust. This was worse-- she suddenly FELT naked-- more naked than she ever felt in front of the camera, more naked than in the millions of her photos in the hands of millions of eager men. She wrapped her arms around herself to hide her body. He grabbed her wrists and held them outstretched, stepping close, his eyes traveling over every inch of her. He brought her hands together and held them stretched up over her head in one of his hands as he reached out with a finger and unsnapped the front-hook of her bra. The bra flew open like it was spring-loaded, and her large breasts were completely exposed. Again, she was spun around to have her back pressed against the man's chest, but this time his hands were slowly running up her belly to cup and weigh both breasts. Her breasts, always seeming so large, looked small and vulnerable as they were possessed by him. His hands were so warm, so masculine, as he took his agonizingly slow time running the palms up the undersides, to finally rub small circles around the nipples. With a small shock, Monique realized that they were actually hard. Her mind took on the role of observer, watching her body reluctantly respond to the man's touches. He noticed too, and chuckled again, the sound rumbling up through his chest to vibrate against her.

He spun her around again and with one hand gripping her ass and the other wrapped behind her waist he lifted her and engulfed one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and gnawing wolfishly. Monique's head dropped back and her arms dangled helplessly; each breast became a creamy and silky cone as it was sucked deep into the maw of his mouth, his tongue beating and taunting the nipple and clamping down with his teeth.
Her skin was fresh and warm and tasted sweeter than the sweetest cream.

After feasting on the sweet flesh of each perfect mound of honeyed cream he lowered her slowly and turned her around, leaning her ass against his rock solid shaft.
He cupped her mounds lovingly, "So, my little girl is not so scared after all. If her nipples are this hard already, I wonder if her panties are getting damp as well? Shall we check?"

One of his hands drifted away from Monique's breasts and down, trailing a pattern of heat over her belly, teasing her, almost tickling, as it got closer and closer to her panties. Meanwhile, the other hand had taken her nipple between thumb and forefinger and was rolling, lightly, softly, teasing the nipple to an even greater hardness. The feeling was almost too intense, sending bolts of electricity straight down to her now, god help her, throbbing sex. She knew what he would find when his fingers reached their destination. She knew now that this was not going to be a physical rape but a rape of her will. This man, this stranger, was going to make her submit her treasures to him.

His hand slid over the soft gossamer silk of her panties, his fingers curling to just press against her opening. He sighed softly in her ear,

"Yes indeed, just what I thought. I can feel your hot, wet pussy even through your panties. I bet your clit is throbbing already, just aching for my finger...isn't it?" His crude words contrasted with his calm tone to send waves of desire through her. No one had ever talked to her like that, used that kind of language with her, and it shocked her to discover that it turned her on. But she couldn't speak, couldn't admit any of this to the man. She just closed her eyes and let out a soft moan of both pleasure and despair as his fingers pressed harder against her nipple. The hand that was cupping her sex started a slow pulse in time with the other hand firmly pinching and pulling her breast. Her nerves zinged with sensation, her knees wobbled and her head fell back against his chest, her long cool corn silk hair caressing him. An electric current charged up and down her spine with each contact with him.

Just by touching her this way, this man was bringing Monique to the brink of an orgasm. She refused to believe it, she couldn't believe it, she COULDN'T let this happen. She weakly started to struggle, the tears coming finally as she fought against him, against herself. Gripping his arm, digging her nails into his muscles she pushed away, attempting to escape.

"No, no," she whispered, struggling desperately but weakly.

But he grabbed her hand and snatched her back, slamming her chest into his.

Suddenly her mouth was impaled by his tongue again. She wriggled and writhed, bucking against him; still he held her and kissed her furiously. Slowly her struggling eased into a gentle sensuous swaying as she yielded to his kiss and returned it eagerly.

"That's more like it," he finally growled as he lifted her chin and looked into her eyes, commanding her with his gaze. Monique saw a black fire there and nodded, ready to accept her fate.

The arms came back around her waist and he gradually guided her over to the bed. Monique moved to her fate as if she was floating. At the foot of the bed she turned and lowered her body down, swooning with the touch of the soft scarlet silk. She watched as his fingers hooked themselves under the elastic of her panties and slowly drew the flimsy lingerie down the smooth skin of her thighs and legs. The panties were tossed away carelessly and they felt to the floor like a feather.

He looked down at the nude form of his sweet prisoner and stared as if he intended to memorize every curve. Monique rolled on the bed and jiggled her plump bottom at him, giving him a full view of every inch of her delicious flesh.

Without warning he gripped her side and flipped her onto her back. His hands grabbed her wrists and extended them up, over her head. Before she could think again, a loop of soft rope was wrapped around both wrists and then pulled snug, and she was bound.

"Can't have you running away little rabbit, now can we? I think it's time I got as comfortable as you are." He stepped back from the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. Monique's eyes widened as more of his chest was exposed, then as he shrugged out of his shirt she let out a small mew of appreciation at his masculine form. He grinned at her, flipping off his shoes before slowly unbuckling his belt. Monique swallowed against a sudden lump in her throat; she had felt his size as he was pressed against her, now she'd get to see first-hand the cock that was going to be ravishing her. Cock, she thought, I have to have it now. A blush started on her cheeks as she realized that even thinking the word made her wetter.

He had the button of his jeans undone now, and was slowly sliding the zipper down. Finally he pushed the jeans off his hips and down, and stepped out of them. There he was, naked. Her eyes focused for the first time on his huge, hard cock. Oh, it was beautiful. She unconsciously licked her lips, a film of sweat forming across her brow as a flood of images crossed her mind of what that cock was going to do to her. He saw that she was staring at him and chuckled again, low and sexy.

He stretched his body along side hers and Monique twitched for a moment, feeling the heat of his skin against hers; she slowly writhed in the bonds as his hand lightly touched her cheek. His finger gently traced a circle around her moist lips. She strained against the ropes trying to twist her chest closer to his lips.

Using the slightest bit of pressure he forced his finger between her lips; with sultry eyes Monique watched his reaction as her sweet pink tongue flitted out and danced over the finger. Then sucking her cheeks she drew it into her mouth.

He grinned as her teeth softly bit down on his finger; he probed her mouth, then withdrew but her tongue frantically covered his entire hand with her wet essence as he rolled it over her face. Suddenly gripping her chin he bent down and kissed her as she twisted her body to thrust herself against him.

His hand, now wet from her warm mouth, slid down her neck and pushed her body down into the sheets. He drew dewy circles around her heaving breasts as he stared at her body. She watched, wide-eyed as her flesh was mauled by him.

"You're a hungry little playmate, aren't you?"

She could only moan in helpless response.

"You want my dick in your tight little snatch." As he spoke his hand flattened over her chest and glided down towards her smooth belly.

She stared into his face, her mysterious eyes burning with passion.

"You want me to put my big dick in you."

Again she moaned as his hand pressed over her navel.

"I bet you can't wait to feel me come inside you."

Monique froze, feeling the tip of his finger slide between the lips of her pussy. She bit down on the bottom lip of her mouth as she thrust up to receive him.

Without warning he shoved the finger all the way in and Monique gasped in sweet surprise. He pulled his hand in and out rapidly, digitally fucking the gorgeous playmate. Still he softly taunted her, "You want me to fuck you?"

Monique nodded, her breath a shallow panting.

"You want my cock?"

"Yes," she hissed, riding his hand like she was at a rodeo.

He laughed as his hand fucked her and she clenched her eyes closed, lost in passion. Still vibrating his hand and plunging his finger into her, he twisted his body so his mouth could cover her pussy.

Her scent was the sweetest seductive flower and he lapped up her nectar like a bee in a summer field. His tongue plunged in and flicked up spoonfuls of her juices which he swallowed voraciously.

Bound by the ropes and pinned down by his head over her pussy, Monique's body undulated like a stormy sea as she burst into ecstasy. Finally sated he picked up his head and watched his victim slowly pant and writhe until she drifted back to consciousness.

He reached down and started lightly stroking himself as he moved his crotch towards her head.

"Is this what you want? Are you thinking about all the ways you are going to get this? Or do you want a taste first? Hmm? Answer me."

The first hint of steel came into his voice at the last, and Monique stiffened a bit. She struggled to find her voice, finally looking up into his eyes and nodding slightly. He grinned down at her and leaned in, supporting himself against the headboard as his cock brushed across her lips. Her tongue flicked out to lick across the head and he purred.

The scent, the taste of him broke open another floodgate inside Monique; she suddenly leaned up and buried her face in his crotch, kissing and licking him all over, everywhere she could reach, her tongue flitting like a hummingbird over his crotch. He let out a delighted laugh of triumph and reached down to untie her hands.

"No more running away little girl, not from me and not from yourself." He murmured as his hands reached down to cradle her head, pulling her up to his hard cock. She wrapped one hand around the base and started licking, from bottom to top, tasting every inch of him. She finally opened her lips and let the head slip inside her mouth. Oh but he was so big, how was she going to take him deep like she wanted to?

As if he could read her thoughts, he spun her around so her head was right at the edge of the bed then stood over her, his cock hanging right in her face. He fed her his cock, moving his hips back and forth as Monique positioned herself to get the most of him in her mouth. She could feel him sliding over her tongue, her lips pressing to make a snug fit around him. Deeper and deeper, a little further with each thrust. He was being slow and deliberate, letting her get used to him. She learned to match her breathing with his motion, calming the gag reflex as he hit the back of her tongue. Her eyes were closed, but she could hear his groan as she pressed her tongue against him, massaging as he pushed in and held himself deep in her mouth. The she let out a moan of her own as he reached down and slid his fingers over her exposed sex. She could feel how wet she was as his fingers parted her easily, slipping along the lips to tease her clit. Then they slipped lower, one finger slowly sliding inside her, shocking her with the intensity of pleasure it gave.

She gasped around his cock as he started a rhythm with both his finger and his hips. Matching movements in and out, her mouth and sex both opening for him, her hips lifting in time with him and her hands coming around to hold onto his legs for support. She could feel her juices flowing onto his hand as his leg muscles started to jump and twitch. She felt him get harder in her mouth, he growled and flexed, and she knew he was about to come in her mouth. Suddenly he pulled away from her, sliding out of both her mouth and pussy. She lay gasping, her body on fire from the pleasure denied her. He reached down and flipped her up and around so that her head was on the pillows, then covered her body with his.

His knees pushed her legs apart as he settled his hips into the saddle of her thighs. The head of his cock was nudging along her open sex, and she gasped again at the strange intimacy it aroused in her. One hand came up to cradle her head, the other slid beneath to her bottom, pulling her up tightly against him. In a flash of clarity the fog of lust cleared and she knew he was going to take her now, to fuck her. Her eyes squeezed shut and her body stiffened, all warm feelings of arousal gone in a split second as she prepared herself to endure the onslaught. But it didn't come.

The hand cradling her head gave a slight shake, jarring her eyes open to look up at him. Dark eyes gazed down at her, intense and intent upon his prey. He whispered, "I want to see your eyes, I want you to see mine, as I take you. Your body is going to respond, you can't help it. I'm going to fuck.your brains out. I'm going to enjoy watching you writhe with pleasure, I'll hear your moans and screams as you come on my dick." As he was speaking, his hips were slowly moving, his cock rubbing insistently against her sex. The head bumped against her clit and she jumped, then she suddenly realized that her hips were moving with his. Oh god. He was right, she was too far gone in lust to fight it.

His eyes warmed as he sensed her surrender, and with a shift and a slight thrust the head of his cock slid into her. His hand under her bottom held her still as he slowly, achingly slowly, pushed his way inside her warm moist velvet sheath. He was big, and she was so hungry for him and so dreading him, it felt like she was a virgin again. Her body fought to adjust as she felt herself filled and stretched more than she could remember ever experiencing. He shifted and pulled her hips in minute motions, fitting himself more firmly inside her as he finally sank the last inch of his cock into her sweet depths. He held himself there, letting her feel the pulsing length of him, letting her muscles relax and stretch around him. Then his mouth came down on hers for a mind-shattering kiss as he started to move.

Slowly, so slowly, drawing out then back in, he was manipulating her body in exactly the right way. His lips were warm against hers and his gaze was still locked on her eyes. He shifted again, and the head of his cock pushed against that secret spot inside her. She jumped and moaned, her lips opening against his. He growled deep in his chest and his arms tightened around her, pulling her hips up to grind against his as he started to really fuck her. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body as he took her, harder and harder. Her legs came up to wrap around his waist and she started to kiss him back hard, tears of passion and surrender flowing down her cheeks as he took her higher and higher. Her moans and half-spoken pleas spurred him on to even harder strokes.

Her eyes flew open again as the first pulses, the prelude to her orgasm, hit her. He was watching, drinking in her lust; he was smiling down at her, as she lost control. Her arms came up to wrap around his shoulders as she flew over the edge into a full-blown orgasm, her body arching and convulsing, her sex clenching around his cock as she screamed aloud at the indescribable pleasure. She was out of her mind with it, her whole psyche was screaming at the release. At the height of it, she was dimly aware of him roaring out his own orgasm, flooding her with his seed. She groaned as her delicate womb was invaded by the fiery hot bolts he shot into her. Over and over he exploded, his cock a roaring cannon. One final blast crashed through his weapon and smashed her body and soul.

He rolled off her and onto his back panting with the heaviness of his labors. His strong leg pinned hers to the bed.

"Christ, you're not just Playmate of the Year; you're the Fucking Lay of the Year."

Still dizzy with bliss, the sexy beauty managed to smile softly to herself. She tingled with pleasure, floating in a cloud of bliss.

Monique was dazed and excited unsure of what was coming next but she didn't have long to wait. Like some savage beast from a horror movie he was suddenly on her again.

He quickly covered her mouth, kissing her, thrusting his tongue in and out of her. He moved his legs between hers, and with one quick thrust he penetrated her again. Her muscles tightened around him; the erotic heat of him burned in her.

Monque could smell him, his sweat and his excitement. "Oh god," she groaned as her body melted.

His cock throbbed inside of her and he pumped in her and out of her driving her to endless ecstasy.

"Oh, oh, oh," she groaned in rhythm with his thrusts.

His cock throbbed and vibrated in her stirring something deeper inside her drawing it to the surface.
"Oh God, fuck me, baby," she said as she thrust her hips against his hard cock.

Her invitation was all he needed. His cock hardened even more inside her wet pussy; he needed no more words. He thrust his hard cock in and out of her while his mouth took hers; their tongues danced, darting back and forth, in a frenzied dance.

His climax was close, and he struggled to hold it in; but he popped once she started to gush around him as the huge flame of her own ecstasy rose from her depths and burned them both. The bliss in each of them crashed together and they collapsed in the explosions, again and again fireworks shooting into her.

As she writhed in dreamy ecstasy he recovered and sat up and looked lovingly at her dewy body. Taking her in his arms, he made her sit up on the bed, and she met him in the middle. Both of them on their knees, facing each other chest to chest, her hard excited nipples rubbing across the hair on his chest.

Kissing him, wanting to devour him, to possess him, she reached down between his legs and took his hard cock into her hand, stroking it while kissing him possessively, her other hand lightly running up and down his side. He moaned as she touched him; he felt like an all powerful good, possessing her completely. His hands caressed her back, and her ass. He grabbed her by the waist, turning her around so that her back was to his chest. He took his hard cock in his hand, and ran it up and down the crack of her ass. He wanted to be in her. Taking his other hand, he pushed on her shoulders, pushing back down towards the bed. Grabbing her hips and pulling them back towards him, he pushed the head of his hard cock into her sex, penetrating her slowly; she was wet, but very tight. She began opening up for him, her muscles loosened as he pushed his way in. He moaned out his pleasure. She was so tight; her hot wet pussy wrapped around him, squeezing his hard cock gently, sending tingling sensations over his entire body.

"Oh my God," she moaned, when he was in her fully, imbedding his sword all the way to the hilt.

Slowly he began thrusting back and forth, back and forth; she loosened up just enough to allow him to increase the pace. Her moans of pleasure spurred him on, faster and harder.

He felt her muscles tensing just as he felt his own climax rising. Together they came, swiftly, powerfully, and passionately. His own hard cock throbbed inside of her while her muscles seemed to milk his hard cock as they contracted in their own state of intense orgasm. When the climax subsided, he bent over and began kissing her sweat soaked back; he could still feel her clit throbbing in its post-orgasmic state. Again her hips started to rock, and her pussy muscles contracted around him.

"Oh god yes," she moaned.

He thrust hard back and forth to prolong the feeling, not wanting to leave that hot wet pussy yet. He continued to kiss her back as her spasms continued.

She fell onto the bed utterly depleted, yet extremely content. He rolled over to her side, lightly running his hands over her back, sending quivering sensations up her spine and back down again.

He gazed at her; her back, and the curve of her tight ass, her long well shaped legs. He lovingly began to stroke the sexy sweaty skin of her body which just added to the ecstasy. She moaned again as her overloaded brain started to shut down. Her last conscious thoughts were how was she going to get out of this, and did she really want to?


Monique woke up the next morning, back in her bed, in her room, at the hotel. Her purse and clothes were neatly stacked on the chair next to the bed. She lay there, disbelieving. Then suddenly she jumped up, wincing at the soreness between her legs, and went through her purse. Car keys, wallet, driver's license, credit card, cash...everything was there. She heaved a sigh of relief that she wasn't also a victim of robbery and went in to take a long shower. Standing under the hot spray of water, she gingerly touched the puffy, swollen lips of her sex and wondered if she should call the police. She could still feel the seed he had rammed into her, now a fiery comet deep in her womb; her body still tingled with the sensation of his rock hard shaft hammering into her sweet soft body.

She stepped out of the shower and drops of water covered her white skin like tiny diamonds, then she stopped in surprise. A huge bouquet of flowers was sitting on the table. They were beautiful: orchids, iris, sprigs of honeysuckle and other wildflowers in an explosion of color that made her smile in spite of her tense nerves. She picked up the small florist's envelope from the middle of the bouquet. Her name was on the front. A lump formed in her throat and her heart was pounding as she withdrew the card. All it said was, "See you soon."


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