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Lynda Weismeier

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Lynda Weismeier, Playboy Playmate of the Month July 1982 and Hollywood starlet, in her many adventures. View table of contents...


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Continued from the previous chapter

The next morning she returned to the set excited and motivated to do her best work yet. Something she noticed was that each day the crew for the shoot got bigger and bigger, but instead of making her more nervous the admiring eyes inspired her to become even more playful. The third day of shooting was outside again. She wore a bright red blouse tied snuggly at the waist and some red hotpants for her skating scene and it all came easy and natural; she loved cavorting for the camera and the crew seemed to love her mugging and giggling. She felt like a movie star for sure.

At the end of the shoot she began to skate back to the wardrobe trailer where she would change; she wondered why none of the men showed her a card but when she got to the door there was the wardrobe girl smiling sweetly and holding the queen of spades.

Lynda pouted, again unsure of what this could mean. "Whatcha doin?" she asked, breaking on her skates but still unsteady on her feet.

Amy moved closer to the girl; even with Lynda on roller-skates the wardrobe girl was taller. "Well, Lynda," she held up the card again. "I won the draw."

"Yeah?" she said, letting the idea flutter to the ground like a losing ticket at the track. Lynda scrunched up her face in confusion. "So one of the crew takes YOU home?"

"No, sweet pea, I take YOU home."

"Yeah?" Lynda sounded doubtful. She was finding it hard to stay up on her skates and Amy was toying with the knot holding the blouse closed. Suddenly the wheels slipped out from under the playmate and she went down with her legs shooting out in front of her. Amy was still holding the ends of the knot so the blouse sprang open and Lynda's big juicy breasts popped out. Lynda managed to grab Amy's hips just before her butt hit the ground but pulling herself up she pushed her face into the taller girl's crotch.

Amy pulled her up, the playmate's bare breasts caressing over her as she rose but she was still wobbly on her skates. Amy put an arm around her shoulder but the young girl slipped again and Amy's other hand accidently slid into the girl's hotpants. The playmate, surprised by the woman's touch on her bush, jumped back but with Amy's arm around her she bounced forward again on the wheels of the skates and Amy's finger slid into the juicy lips of her sex. More shocked now, Lynda wobbled back and forth and actually fucked herself to near orgasm on Amy's finger. As Lynda's bliss rose she bent her head back and Amy kissed her; rocking back and forth on the wheels of the skates Lynda began to tremble with ecstasy and without understanding the tremulous feelings rising in her body returned the kiss lovingly.

With Amy's arm holding her up and Amy's hand throbbing in her sex, Lynda wriggled the hotpants down around her ankles and wriggled and squirmed in excitement. Suddenly the orgasm hit and she shook enough to flop onto the ground, sinking slowly with the rising tide of her ecstasy. Amy stood back in the doorway and watched the girl's face flush a rosy red as she came in a series of rapid climaxes. "You better get in here," Amy said and smiled as the girl struggled to skate naked, with the shorts almost down around her ankles. She held the door for the tiny girl and licked her lips as the young playmate came in.

Lynda blinked in surprise when she saw all the outfits assembled on the racks in the wardrobe trailer. "Golly," she said, her eyes wide in amazement.

"Do you like these outfits?" Amy asked kindly.

"Well, sure, it looks so glamorous and stuff."

Amy held up an outfit. "Time for you to change."

"Really? Can I try it on?"

She watched as Lynda exchanged her sexy skating clothes for stocking, heels and a tight latex dress which just about hid the splendid melons of her breasts and obscured only the tiniest of thongs. She stood behind Lynda, and placed her hands on the girl's bare shoulders, and smiled at her reflection in the mirror with its newly applied bright red lipstick. "It's going to be so good, isn't it?" she gushed enthusiastically.

Without comment, Lynda raised her hands to her shoulders and shyly removed Amy's hands, which rather startled her. She smiled sadly meekly. "I guess so." Then she turned her head round and looked into Amy's face. "You will be gentle with me, won't you? At least at first."

Amy was too put back by Lynda's rejection of her advances to do anything but nod. "Yes, of course," she replied, as an uncharacteristic blush spread over her cheeks. How dare Lynda! What, she could only let the men do her?

However, such fears were misplaced, when the young girl turned around and took her hand. As soon as they were in action, Lynda was as warm and intimate as a girl could be. An expert improviser, sensing Amy's most sensual spots, and neither hurried nor too slow. Just right, in fact. The two stripped each other. The stockings were pulled down, the dress was hauled up, hands groped over breast, back and even the precious shoulders. Their tongues waggled at a distance, and then with warmth and passion, their mouths interlocked while their hands felt around each other's spine and bottom.

And soon the fingers, tongues and teeth were on each other's vagina and bottom. Amy was suitably impressed. Although, unlike her, Lynda clearly never shaved her pubic hairs or even trimmed them, they were perfectly shaped and not too long. And in amongst the hairs were the beautiful folds of a perfect vagina, which kept its glory inside rather than dropping it out like so many of the other girls. And the flavor of it. Sweet to the taste and rich in odor. Just as she preferred.

But true to her word, Amy probed only with her fingers, and left it up to Lynda to do the penetration, which she did efficiently and expertly with the clear purple dildo that Amy had provided for the job. All she was really conscious of was Lynda and her fingers and the way it made her vagina ache from pleasure.

Amy quickly kissed Lynda full on the lips. "That was fucking great!" She said. "You're a real fucking lay."

Lynda carefully wiped her lips with the back of her hand and made no comment.

Amy wasn't that easily put off. "So, after we've finished, are you coming back with me? To my place. I've got a great place, you know. And a really big comfortable bed. And then we can carry on where we've just left off."

Lynda frowned. "Are you asking me back to your place to have sex with you?" she asked shyly.

Amy smiled broadly. "Of course. It'd be such good fun!"

Lynda carefully sat down on her chair by the mirror, still with a frown on her face. She looked up at Amy. "I'm very flattered, er, Amy," she said politely. "And, no offence. You are a very attractive girl. And I'm sure your feelings are genuine. But, er, Amy. I'm going not to do that."

And then Lynda turned her head to face her reflection, ignoring Amy while she tidied up the lipstick on her mouth.

Amy wasn't that easily put off. "You can't be meaning that! I mean, you were so good. Why can't we do the same thing more intimately and more privately? I know you'd enjoy it."

"Amy," said Lynda firmly and not facing Amy at all. "I can't."

For the second time that evening, and for only the second time she could ever recall in her entire memory, Amy reddened from the humiliation of rejection. She attempted to say something, but her tongue, despite still tasting of Lynda's vulva, was somehow tied and she lost all ability for coherent response. Without a word, she wandered off to her own chair by the mirror and studied her own freckled face, damp strands of hair plastered to the forehead, with its oriental eyes and full red lips, and tried to reassure herself that in some way that she'd never before suspected she was not after all unattractive.

How could it be that anyone, male or female, would not succumb to her beauty? Especially a woman who only moments ago was clearly enjoying her body, and whose stated preference was indeed for women and not for men at all. What strange thing was this? And had she done anything to deserve this rebuff?

Amy wasn't a girl who gave up easily; Lynda was passionate, sensual and sexy. In no way did she seem abashed or reluctant, expressing her joy unambiguously as Amy penetrated her with a dildo or licked her clitoris. Her passion didn't seem to be at all feigned.

However, Lynda was more of a challenge than even Amy could crack. However much she pleaded and begged and cajoled, Lynda was steadily adamant that she couldn't go home with her. "I mean, don't you have any other girlfriends you can spend the night with?" Lynda inquired ingenuously.

Amy sighed resignedly. "Lynda, I won the draw; you have to come home with me."

"But I don't want to turn into a lesbian," the young girl whined.

Amy finally smiled. "No chance of that, look." She gestured toward the doorway where a trio of burly stage hands were waiting. "They're coming with us."

Lynda looked at the three men and they smiled at her happily. She turned back to Amy. "You mean they're gonna do me too?" Amy nodded. "And you?"

"Yes, I'm going to do you too."

Lynda scrunched up her face, deep in thought. "I guess if they do me too I won't be a lesbian after all." She slipped her arm in Amy's and headed towards the trio. "Besides," she whispered to Amy, "You're such a good kisser."

For the next shoot the sweet young playmate had to eat, and eat a lot. Noticing her voracious appetite the producers arranged to shoot her at a restaurant and she devoured the food with a sexy gusto, even pretending to suck on a banana as if it were a cock. At the end of the shoot one of the cameramen won the privilege of taking her home. Lynda looked at him earnestly as he helped her into his car. "Is it ok if I suck your dick on the way home?" she asked prettily.

Much to everybody's dismay the final day of shooting arrived. The last scene was a workout in a gym. This came naturally to the athletic girl and she practically bounced onto the shoot pirouetting and giggling as her tight leotard displayed every curve of her buxom body.

The workout was easy for such a young and energetic girl as Lynda. She was flexible and strong in all the right places and curvaceous and soft where it mattered most for the camera. The crowd murmured approval each time she bent forward and stretched the leotard over the scrumptious globes of her bottom, displaying plenty cleavage too as she bent; and they almost applauded when she bent back and the leotard stretched over her breasts and displayed her rock hard nipples. She lifted weights and did bends and each exercise displayed another delightfully sexy aspect of her anatomy.

She threw herself into the shoot with zeal, working up a phenomenal sweat in the process. She worked mostly in silence, just her own deep breathing and the encouraging murmurs from the crew. She exercised with vigor, giggling with each crunch and bend, feeling more and more sexy by the minute. Each routine had been planned the day before so she could just keep going, a warm tingling feeling growing in her as she pranced around the gym, a feeling of vitality, health, and sensuality.

She knew the crew was out there beyond the lights and she knew they were ogling her body as she stretched and preened and it felt good to have them watching her. When the producer's voice came out from beyond the lights it sounded almost other worldly, the disembodied voice of a god. "Lynda, are you feeling good?"

"Yeah," she enthused in a husky breathless voice, girlish and sexy at the same time. She planted her feet on the floor and bent her arms over her head, lifting her body as she faced the ceiling.

"You look really fine, Lynda."

"Yeah?" she continued to stretch, arching her back so her breasts stood out like a feast for the eyes. The crowd murmured approval and she jutted her breasts up for them in a teasing display.

"That leotard looks awfully tight and uncomfortable Lynda."

"Uh uh." She flipped over and stuck her rear in the air.

"Do you remember what we talked about at the production meeting yesterday?"

She hesitated, then answered softly, "Yeah."

"It's time, don't you think, Lynda?"


She rose slowly and slowly peeled the sweaty sticky nylon off of one shoulder then the other. She tugged until the fabric slid down her moist skin and her lush breasts sprang out into the light. A voice rang out and she paused. She knew that voice. "Oh yeah," came the growl, a low bass rumbling over her. She knew that voice. The basketball star was a fixture at the Mansion and every playmate knew that she would eventually be treated to his massive cock. Lynda hadn't realized he was here until now. She hadn't realized that it was her turn until now.

She hesitated, her hands trembling. "Go on, Lynda," the producer's voice said firmly.


She pushed the leotard over her hips and her bush glistened under the lights of the cameras. The crowd was too stunned by her voluptuous nakedness to speak. She delicately stepped out of the leotard and stood shyly under the blaze of the camera lights.

The leotard was dripping when she peeled it off and she drabbed it suggestively over an exercise bar. Fighting her nervousness she began a routine of nude erotic yoga. She sat down on the floor; the polished wood was cool against her bare skin. She stretched out her legs in front of her and focused on bending forward in a perfect sweep, caressing her legs as she leaned over. She gripped her ankles and stretched her spine; she could feel all the eyes on her and the gaze from beyond the lights mingled with the arousal of the relaxing exercise.

She breathed deeply then rose slowly, turning and looking back over her bare shoulder to give the camera a smoldering look; she was turned on completely now and her soft nubile body tingled with yearning. She spread her legs wide in almost a perfect split, her spine straight, her bottom tight and round. She trembled not from exertion but from the murmurs of appreciation from the crowd beyond the lights.

Up on her feet now she bent forward and caught herself on her palms. She stretched her legs, her arms straight as she swayed from side to side, flexing and bending. Her breasts dangled freely, looking delicious as they danced and her bottom preened for the mirror behind her. By time she lay on the floor and began rocking her hips from side to side she was in a completely erotic reverie, sweaty and blissful, her mind dizzy with desire.

Lynda could sense the crowd of men around her; the aura of masculine power and desire thrilled her. The lights kept them just out of view though but she knew they were close. The producer crouched down, close to her head and she could see him in silhouette.

"You look so pretty, Linda," he said softly.

The girl heard the voice as if it were coming from another dimension, still it excited her even in her blissful state. "Yeah?" she breathed girlishly.

"Do you feel pretty, Lynda?"

"Yeah," she gasped, yearning to be touched.

"You look so sexy, Lynda?"


"Do you feel sexy Lynda?"


"Do you want to get yourself off?"

"Is that Ok?" She blinked shyly into the lights still warming her glistening sweat moist skin. "Is the camera on?"

"We're keeping the camera on Lynda. You look so sexy. Can you pleasure yourself for us


Maybe it was the words that began to stir and arouse her as if he were speaking directly to her soul. Perhaps it was the fact that the dark desires of the shadowy figures beyond the lights matched her own so closely. Maybe it was the fact that they seemed unattainable, separated by distance and circumstance. Maybe it was simply because lust had a presence that touched her, transcending space and rationality. But her lust remained constant, sometimes smoldering beneath the surface one moment, raging like a furnace the next.

She was in one of these states that found her imagining a provocative fuck. It was a hot sweaty fuck in a deserted gym. She would be taken by a mysterious stranger. He'd come upon her while she was exercising and before she could object he was tying her to a machine. The one that worked the inside of her thigh muscles. His long fingers ripped at her leotard tearing it to shreds, freeing her sweaty breasts and exposing her wet pussy so he could plunge into her warmth while she lay there helplessly quivering. She moaned in pleasure as his cock buried itself in her, fucking her with an intensity that left her weak and helpless with desire. No words were spoken; just the sounds of primal fucking filled the air. Little gasps, grunts, moans and the slapping of their bodies. But then, just as she was ready to climax, her cunt muscles clenching wildly around his meaty shaft, he'd pulled out and shot his seed all over her fevered body denying her the release she craved.

She trembled shamelessly as she pictured her own violation. Her hips rocked from side to side synchronized with the deep fucking she imagined for herself; her breasts swayed in a gentle dance and her hair shimmered in the bright light as her head twisted in pleasure. A low groan escaped her lips.

She loved it - the way her heart raced, the lustful heat spilling from between her thighs as her body responded shamelessly. Release did not come easily. She had not touched herself at all, savoring the aching throb between her thighs and she had avoided touching herself, deliberately keeping her body on an agonizingly slow boil.

As she writhed on the floor and she moaned sweetly. She had to touch herself now; her fingers found their way down her body, to her breasts. Her nipples had always been very responsive; touching them, pulling on them sent sharp sparks down to her groin. She pictured her mysterious lover. He'd love them, she was certain of that. Sweet dusky pink nubs under his lips, between his teeth. She groaned softly and let her hand wander down over her flat belly to the juncture nestling between her thighs. Her fingers slid through her freshly honeyed lips as if letting them know more was to follow.

Inexplicably her hands trembled as if she had been handed a vibrator, one of those special toys the publisher would use on her sometimes. She groaned and her hips rocked and her body quaked in deep arousal. It was part provocation and part something else. Something bigger. An unexplained excitement that had her heart racing as if she'd run a mile. The shadowy figures were watching, and she was doing this for them, especially for them, and she was terribly excited. And the camera caught it she knew somewhere deep in her libido; men would watch her come and she would come for them. She was sexy.

An insistent throb had started up between her legs fuelled by the touch of her finger hovering in her so decadently. She ran her hand over her breasts and felt the hard points of her nipples poking into her palms. This was going to be good, she just knew it.

She could picture it. The thick cock, around seven inches long and curved upwards for G spot stimulation lay within her reach. She imagined herself stroking the well defined network of veins on the cock and grasping the thick girth as she groaned. Her fingers just managed to close around it and she shivered with excitement. It was thick and it would stretch her, making her feel like a slut being fucked open when it got all the way inside her.

Her pussy was wet; the juice had begun to seep in anticipation of gripping the thickness between her pussy lips. She caressed it and teased herself a little longer by prolonging the inevitable.

The hand hummed, and as she groaned, she hitched up her hips and let her fingers run over the wet curls of her pussy. God it felt exciting, running her long nails over herself and teasing her soft flesh by slipping a finger inside her own slit. It was already very wet, so wet it surprised her.

Usually, she would be anxious to come but now she prolonged it, as if playing with herself mentally forcing herself to hold off giving into her body, notching up the excitement. They were watching her and the camera was watching, getting her more excited because of what she was doing.

She sobbed while she pushed two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed her clit with her thumb. She stifled a groan and a sweet tear trickled down her face.

Jesus, it felt good, her cunt was leaking. She could smell the muskiness of her excitement.

Never one to deprive herself of pleasure when she wanted it, she worked quickly, reaching for the thick cock in her mind's eye. She slipped it inside her pussy and moaned aloud as she felt the hardness pressing between her lips. She watched as it slid inside. Now it was a massive vibrator, one of the cruel toys the publisher used on her innocent body. The curved part pressed up against the walls and roof of her pussy and she flipped the switch to the lowest speed as she pushed it in as far as it would go. This one normally took time to accommodate fully; the publisher had to work diligently and cruelly to work it into her tiny body, but today in her dream there were no problems. It slid inside like a hot knife slicing through butter. All the way deep into her cunt up to about an inch or so from the top, where it flared out. The tightness was overwhelming, but the way she was half sitting, half laying back with her right leg bent added to the pressure. The shadowy figures murmured as they watched her finger imitate the fucking actions of the vibrator. The innocent girl moaned melodiously, a siren song of lust.

Her pussy lips were a bright reddish pink color. They glistened with juice as they gripped fingers and she could see her swollen clit was pressed tightly against the part her hand remaining outside of her pussy.

It looked so fucking hot, like something you might see in a hardcore fuck magazine. A wet pussy wrapped around an eager hand, and an excited clit, screaming to be licked or sucked, while the woman lay on the floor with a dozen men watching from the shadows. She began to pull her hand from her cunt, watching as the lips moved wetly along her finger before she thrust back sharply into herself again. The sensations were powerful, like she was being fucked hard. Like a man would fuck her in that dark gym.

She imagined what the men were seeing: her body, her face, her eyes. She liked that, to see the wild look of need and pleasure glazing over her eyes. She still wished she might see herself fully at orgasm, the look on her face as she lost herself completely, but she never had. Maybe one day…

She thrust hard again and slid the hand back out again, and did it again, struggling now to keep focused on the sensations. She dropped her leg and lay back. The hand deeply imbedded in her cunt. She pressed down and her hand quivered as if she turned the speed up to high and she cried out as her ass muscles clenched in excitement. At once her clit jumped, from excitement and from having the glorious vibration tease it.

She closed her eyes and cupped her breasts so she could play with her nipple and then gave her body over to the pleasure. She could feel her orgasm building fast, waves of pleasure tripping over her, starting slowly and then building faster and faster. Her ass clenched while her cunt muscles clamped and tensed around the thickness of the imaginary cock inside her. Her breathing was fast and raspy as she felt it happen; the exquisite pleasure that she craved, that she had become a slave to crashed around her.

During that time there was a murmur of approval from the crowd around her but she was only dimly aware of it. Just some faint sound along with the burst of heat and joy that radiated out between her thighs. She may have moaned, she usually did, and cried out at orgasm, but she was not sure if she did. She'd planned to say a name as she came. Perhaps she did but it was not something she could recall. All she was certain of was the incredible clenching and contractions in both her pussy and ass that accompanied her intense orgasm and the exquisite peace that followed.

"That was so good, Lynda, so pretty."


"You came Lynda. You came for us didn't you Lynda?"


"You're such a good girl Lynda. You came for the camera."


"Do you know who's here, Lynda, who watched you come?"


"The Stilt is here, Lynda."


"He likes you Lynda."


"He thinks you're pretty."


"He thinks you're sexy."


"Do you know what he wants Lynda?"

The tiny girl was silent. She knew what he wanted.

"Do you know what he wants, Lynda?

"Yeah." Her voice small and meek and trembling.

"What does he want?"

More silence as the innocent girl pondered what he wanted; she had heard about his skill and his massive size.

"You're a good girl Lynda. Tell us what he wants. Tell the camera what the Stilt wants to do to you."

"He wants to ball me?"

"That right, Lynda. You're such a good girl."


"Do you like to ball Lynda? Would you like the Stilt to ball you?"


"Is it ok if we shoot him doing you?"


The murmur of approval from the shadowy figures buzzed in the girl's ears. Strong hands helped her sit up and she blinked again into the lights. Standing before her in silhouette was a hulking figure; it seemed twelve feet tall to the trembling girl but the reality of the seven foot height would have been frightening enough. He moved forward into the light and Lynda gasped as the gleaming skin of the giant black man sparkled in the bright lights now, but it was the dark fire in his lust filled eyes that frightened her the most.

She shyly crossed her arms over her breasts and crooked her head towards the floor, giving him tentative glances with upturned eyes. "Don't be too rough, OK?" she pleaded meekly, but then her eyes saw the huge cock coming towards her. "Oh my god," she gasped.

He approached slowly, savoring the look of shock on her face. As he drew closer the tiny girl leaned back on her palms and her luscious chest jutted forward; she stretched her legs out in front, her toes pointing at him. Her face calmed as she contemplated her fate and she cocked her head to one side awaiting his touch. She glanced nervously where she knew the camera to be then she turned her attention to the large man's confident approach.

"Hey little girl," he chuckled sitting on the floor alongside her. She eagerly climbed into his lap, mewing like a kitten. He chuckled again and adjusted her body so her back was leaning against his chest. "We gotta make sure the camera can see your goodies."

She mewed some more and his cock rose up between her legs and she hugged it over her belly and between her breasts like it was a small tree. He leaned over her and while she still wrapped one arm around his shaft she snaked the other over his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. She squirmed as his tongue possessed her, a huge snake foreshadowing the massive weapon about to enter her. She squirmed and her breasts caressed over his cock, a soft flower foreshadowing the softness of her sweet pussy about to squeeze around the rock hard shaft. She squirmed and she mewed with delight as her tongue flitted over his and licked the deep black of his face.

While they kissed he fondled her breasts and when he pinched a nipple she finally yelped. She wriggled and writhed anxious to have her breast in his mouth. She squirmed in his arms until her legs were around him, his cock pressed between them, its base nestled in the warm curls of her bush. She looked over her shoulders gazing lovingly at the camera. "Is this OK, can you see my bottom at least?"

"You look real good, Lynda," a voice from beyond the lights reassured her. "Do you feel good?"

"Yeah," she whispered, then "Yes!" A sharp squeal as his mouth engulfed a breast and began to nibble and suckle. She dropped her head back as every fiber of her being was concentrated in the soft flesh being pulled into his voracious mouth and the tender flesh being rubbed against the solidity of his shaft. Her hair, damp with sweat but still radiant, tumbled down her shoulders and back in golden waves. She squirmed and wriggled and writhed uncontrollably as he devoured her nipples. He buried his face over her chest and nuzzled then he held her arms and she bent all the way back, her pussy rubbing over the base of his cock.

He slowly lowered her to the gym floor and slowly shifted himself over her. She sobbed when the tip of his cock touched the lips of her pussy and she yelped in anguish as the head pushed past the gates of her sex and she cried out in agonizing bliss as his shaft began to push deep into her tight moist sheath. Her eyes widened to bright shocked saucers, her mouth formed a wide circle around a silent scream; still he pushed in further. His massive body shifted so his outstretched arms supported his torso above her; he leaned on his palms and kneeled. Lynda dangled, her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He thrust his hips and rammed more of his huge black cock into her. Her head hung upside down with her hair sweeping over the floor. He rocked his body and she swayed under him; each headword swing pulled the cock out slightly but each swing back impaled her further on the shaft.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh," she mewed helplessly as more and more of him jammed into her. Her white arms and legs looked frail and tiny squeezing urgently over the ebony muscles of his neck and hips. He loved being inside her because she squirmed and writhed screwing herself tighter and tighter onto his gigantic cock.

Suddenly her strength gave and her arms slipped open; she caught herself on her palms and now dangled upside down, completely impaled on his shaft. He rammed down and she pushed up to meet him thrust for thrust. The action was wild and frantic now, the girl screaming and thrashing desperately. She was coming in bursts of lightning and she was coming over and over. He came too, shooting into her like a cannon, one blast after another until she exploded in a frenzied dance of ecstasy, bucking and writhing and arching her body in impossible contortions while she screamed over and over in her bliss.

She dropped to the floor, helpless and quivering and moaning with pleasure. The Stilt rose and bounced on his feet in victory. The voice from beyond the lights called to her gently. "That was so fine, Lynda. So good."


"Can the rest of us do you?"

Lynda was silent, breathing rapidly and still trying to recover from the Stilt's workout.

"We all want to do you, Lynda." The voice was insistent.

"One at a time, OK?" she whispered softly, blinking into the lights.

The murmurs of approval rang in her ears and she could sense the crowd forming a line. "Lynda?" the voice asked, "we're going to film this too, OK?"

"OK," she breathed meekly and opened her legs for the first in line.


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