Lynda Weismeier

By: GlobeTwo

Chapter 4,

When Lynda shot her beach scene for her Playmate Video Centerfold she felt like a movie star. The whole crew was so nice; the work consisted of running along in the sand and water and playing with a puppy. Easy. And the fond attentions of the crew were enough to keep her smiling and giggling through the whole day.

She seemed completely unaware of her ability to entice men. Was it an act or was she really that naive? It didn't matter; very man on the crew knew he had to have her either way.

She was driving them nuts and consuming all their energy. Her perky and warm attitude matched her perky and luscious breasts! That ass was really driving everybody insane. Something had to give that was for sure.

Looking sweet and innocent Lynda had come bouncing across the camp set up on the beach to accommodate the shoot. She noticed the circle of men watching her and she noticed they were all pulling cards out of a deck. She skipped closer; she loved games.

“Whatcha doing?” she asked happily.

The producer was just about to pull his card when he replied. “We’re drawing to see who gets to take you home.” He glanced at his card, the three of spades, and scowled.

One of the roadies let out a whoop and held up his card, the king of diamonds. Everybody had pulled a card now.

“Can I have one too,” Lynda asked, scrunching up her nose cutely.

She pulled out the ace of hearts. “Wait, if I won, I guess I’d have to drive myself home.”

All the men laughed and the producer nodded as he took her card, patting another man on the back. “That’s OK, sweetheart, Danny here gets to take you home. Don’t worry about it.”

"OK, Danny. Just you and me!" Lynda said encouragingly, with a wide-eyed innocence that froze Danny. He decided he definitely was one lucky guy.

"Okay, Lynda. You lead the way," Danny made a sweeping gesture toward the parking lot, waited for her, and fell in behind. He couldn't take his eyes off her plump little ass as she went joyfully bouncing up the path.

At one point, she had to climb over some rocks.

"Can you help me up, Danny? Then maybe I can help you get up!"

Danny gave her a " hand up" by placing it squarely on her butt with his finger pressed into the crack of her ass.

"OOOOOOHHHHHHH!" she cried as his finger grazed the lips of her pussy. "That tiicc-klees! He-he!"

"OOPS, sorry, Lynda. My hand must have slipped when I was lifting you by your leg...." Danny let his statement trail away.

“That's okay, Danny. Here, let me get you up," she said and reached down to pull him up.

Later, while Lynda was well above him on the path, she turned around and could see Danny was looking right up at her butt. She couldn't figure out why he was so interested. Why didn't he just get over it?

The way he had stroked her pussy had just sent shivers down her spine. She remembered that she had felt that feeling when she was posing for her centerfold and all the crew was watching her.

Thinking about the photo shoot for her centerfold had made her even more aroused and she shivered and unconsciously wiggled her ass a little, putting on a nice little show for Danny.

They finally came to the car and Danny chivalrously opened the door for her. She slid into the seat and Danny moved to the other side but just as he got the driver’s door open he was called back down to the set. “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere,” he said with a scowl.

Lynda sat in the car with her hands demurely folded in her lap. She was excited thinking about what happened today. This was her first time being filmed and it seemed so easy. And it was so nice that all the guys liked her; she thought about how nice it was that Danny would take her home after the busy day. She pouted a cute little pout, the kind of lips meant for kissing babies. Danny definitely had a "hard-on" and was excited by pressing it against her ass, she could tell by his heavy breathing against her neck.

It was so exciting when he was rubbing it fast and hard against her pussy! She started fantasizing about what might have happened if he had put that cock into her.

She wondered if Danny would even want to fuck her. Her hand reached between her legs. She was wet. She started rubbing her pussy and it felt good.

What if he had ripped her pants down and taken her right there! She was attracted to him and loved the fact he was unable to control himself. She started rubbing her clit harder. She became flush and short of breath. She stroked her nipples with her left hand squeezing one nipple then the other.

She had no idea how sexy her nipples were. They stuck out really nicely when hard and were as thick as a pencil eraser. She did however know the slightest contact with them made her dizzy with desire so she had always been careful to keep them tucked away in a soft bra.

Her right hand was busy lightly stroking her clit to match the movements of her left hand on her tits. She started to run a finger frantically along her slit as she thought about Danny's hard dick pressed firmly against her ass.

This sent fire up and down her spine and she stroked faster and faster. Her hips rocked to the movement of her fingers and she started to squirm. She thought about how Danny's dick pulsed and throbbed.

Is it possible he came? She wondered. She could still feel his dick throbbing as he pressed into her ass. God, what if he actually came just by pressing against her tushy!

The thought of him coming sent her over the edge. Wave after wave of intense pleasure rolled over her body as she stroked herself to a terrific climax.

"Oh, oh-oh, oh-ooohhh-oooooooohhhhhhh yey. Yes unnngggg, yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss! I want you so bad Danny. I want you to FUCK ME. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME HARD!" she cried as she stroked her clit in circular motions riding her climax out to the end by bucking her hips hard against her fingers.

By time Danny came back she had gotten herself straightened out and only her blush of embarrassment showed that something might have been up. The car roared out of the lot. They drove in silence and only at a red light did Danny strike up some conversation. “Did you like doing the shoot today?”


“You did real good. Everybody was impressed.”


The light changed and the car started up again. “You looked real sexy.” He glanced over to gauge her reaction.

“Yeah?” Her eyes were straight ahead.

“Did you feel sexy?”

The young girl was silent. “Did you feel sexy, Lynda?”

“Was that OK?” She asked, worried that she had made a mistake.

“No, that was real good; you’re a good girl, Lynda.”

She beamed with pride. “I’m gonna work even harder tomorrow!” she enthused.

“You’re doing the nurse scene right?”

She giggled. “Yeah, I bet you want to play doctor.” Her laugh was ringing with delight.

“Sure, let’s play doctor.” He glanced at her again. “Lynda, you know I’m taking you home right?”

“Yeah, I got a big day tomorrow.”

“No, Lynda, I’m taking you back to my place. I won the draw.”

“Oh, is that so I can get on the set on time tomorrow?” She nodded, thinking hard. “I guess we’ll play doctor after all.” Her brow furrowed cutely. Then she spoke again softly, “Danny, are you gonna, um, do me when we get home?”

“Do you want me to, Lynda?”


He stepped on the gas.

Once inside his apartment he led her directly to the bedroom.

She looked at him with innocent eyes. “Are we still going to play doctor? You know, to practice for the shoot tomorrow?”

He looked at her, almost tempted to pinch himself to see if he were dreaming his good fortune. “Sure, Lynda, we’ll play doctor to practice. Let me get ready.” He rummaged around briefly as the sweet girl beamed at him.

Finally he stood close to her. “Should I get undressed, Doctor?” she giggled. He nodded and grinned.

Lynda furrowed her brow as if concentrating on the game. She slowly unpeeled her tight low cut top and he could see her hands were trembling. She unclasped her bra and let it slide off her breasts.

He smiled, happy with himself, as she crossed her arms over her breasts and looked away. Here she was naked from the waist up, alone with the man she wanted to take her! She was a little embarrassed.

Danny didn't comment on this touch of modesty. It was, after all, really turning him on that she was acting so shy and demure. He pressed closer and brought a makeshift stethoscope to his ears. He made the stethoscope out of tie and a watch he had laying around. It looked fun but was totally useless for listening to her heart.

"I'm going to listen to your breathing Lynda. Breathe deep and release it when I tell you."

He placed the stethoscope on her back and told her to take a deep breath and let it out.

He then moved the instrument around and repeated the scenarios a few times. He felt her relaxing and getting comfortable being naked with him.

"Drop your arms," he commanded and she did so. Now he knew why she was covering up. She had the longest nipples he had ever seen. They stood out proud and long and were as big at the end, not tapered at all.

WOW! MAGNIFICENT TITS! His mind screamed.

He decided he had to get his hands on those tits right now! He kept his left hand on her shoulder and with his right hand moved the stethoscope to her right breast. He held the metal part of the stethoscope in the V of his fingers so the tips of his fingers were free. He let his fingers stretch out until they came into contact with her nipple.

He lodged her nipple between two fingers while he moved to different examination points. He gently squeezed the nipple between his fingers and was amazed at its size and thickness as he pretending to carry on the exam.

"Ohhh!" she cried, as her nipples had always been extremely sensitive. She jumped as Danny applied more pressure to her breast and gentle rolled her nipple between his fingers.

"Breathe deeply." He said and, as she inhaled, he cupped her entire expanding breast in his hand.

"Hold it in," he said.

He couldn't believe her nipple grew even larger and stuck out a good half inch past his fingers! He repeat the same examination to her other nipple and when he was done they were both rock hard and pointing straight at him.

He finally put down the stethoscope and said; "Okay, that's done. Now we need to check your breasts. He placed one hand on each mound and began to knead them gently in a circular pattern.

"This is real good, Lynda." He was squeezing her breasts together and pinching them. Danny then moved to another area and began pinching it. He was taking his time and squeezing her breasts ever so slowly!

She had her eyes closed and her breathing was becoming rather ragged as he continued to stroke her breast. He was now gently twisting her nipples between his thumb and forefinger with just the slightest pressure. She felt dizzy and disoriented but loved how he was making her feel.

Part of her wanted him to stop and part of her just wanted to let it happen. She decided she should just be quiet and try to enjoy the game. It was like rehearsing for tomorrow’s shoot  after all!

Danny, tired of just rubbing her breasts, decided to move on. He took out a flashlight and shined it into both ears and then down her throat.

"You have your tonsils still?"

"Yep. I never had them out," Lynda replied.

She felt funny. She wished Danny hadn't stopped checking her breast. Her pussy was on fire. She crossed and uncrossed her legs quickly trying to press some part of her thigh against her inflamed pussy. She wanted to rub her clit and come like before.

It was just playing doctor to practice for her video, she told herself, think about something else and you can go make yourself come when he's finished.

Danny left her and went to a table, which was full of books. He grabbed a big, professional-looking tome. It was actually a world atlas but it had a big and important looking cover and gold-lined pages. He flipped through the pages pretending to look something up.

"Tonsils, tonsils, lets see…throat problems…ptomaine poisoning…ahh… here it is, tonsillitis."

He frowned and looked at her. "You don't like shots, do you?"

"No. No shots!" she pleaded.

"Well, here, it recommends a shot of potassium-sulfated-chloride to prevent infection of the tonsils in an adult female. It is, I'm afraid, a very large and painful injection, Lynda."

"No, no shots!" She started to tremble again as her face turned to fear. " Please, no shots, Danny."

"I am afraid that that's the remedy," he lied. He flipped a page and pretended to find something, "Wait there's a homeopathic remedy here on the back of this page. Let me read what it says."

"Anything, oh please, I'll do anything to avoid a shot," Lynda said.

This was too easy. He was thinking this stuff up on the spot too! He was proud of himself as he stated, "It says here that native tribes in tropical rain forests use "Mans-seed" on a daily basis to cleanse the tonsils and prevent infection. Lab studies proved it effective in 1953."

He was so proud of himself when she brightened immediately and said, "No shots?"

"No shots!" he replied.

She threw her arms around him and rocked forward in her relief practically throwing him off balance in her excitement. His cock made contact with the front of her cunt. He ground away while her hard bare nipples poked through his shirt and pressed into his chest.

"Danny?" She asked.


"What's in "Mans-Seed" and what do we have to do to get it?" she was pretty sure what it was but wanted to make sure.

He almost came right there. Lord, this child is so naive! he thought. What a sweet innocence this woman contained.

"Well, Mans-seed comes out of a man's penis. Getting "Mans-Seed" to come out of a penis can be very difficult, Lynda. I'm not sure you can do it. It takes a special talent. You will have to take my cock in your mouth and suck it with all your might, just right, for a long time. Your jaws will probably get sore before you will get any sperm, which is what "Mans-Seed" is."

"Oh please, Danny, please. I'll do exactly what you tell me to do! I'll try really hard and do whatever you tell me!"

"Are you sure you'll do everything exactly as I tell you?"

She shook her head eagerly and he smiled. He laid her down on the bed and she curled into the fetal position on her side with her face at cock level. He unzipped his fly and took out his cock, stroking it as he approached her mouth.

She couldn't take her eyes off his cock! It was so big but she wanted to reach out and feel it. She could feel juices flowing out of her pussy as he approached her. She remained transfixed on his hand stroking his throbbing member.

W-w-what are you gong to do with it?" she asked finally.

"Well, Lynda, sperm comes out the end of a man's dick when he gets over-stimulated. What you need to do is suck my cock until my sperm heats up and sprays down your throat. That will coat your tonsils and prevent any chance of infection, understand? You will have to listen to my instructions and suck hard or it won't work."

She shook her head yes that she understood and opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. He moved forward and slowly eased his cock into her mouth about an inch and then pulled it out. He slowly increased the depth and the speed of his motion. She lay motionless as his cock moved slowly in and out of her mouth a few more times.

"Wrap your lips around your teeth and lick the shaft, right here, a few times like it was a lollipop." He pointed to his favorite location.

She licked the underside of his cock and, like a pro, zoomed in on his most sensitive spot. Making slurping and sucking sounds as she licked along his shaft.

"That's it! Right there!" he cried as her tongue circled the head of his shaft. "Lick it hard right there! Good!" he said as her tongue kept up its circular motion around his cock.

She eagerly did it all. She was concentrating hard at her task of trying to make him come. He placed her right hand on the base of his cock and started stroking his balls with it.

"Hold the base of my cock with one hand and stroke my balls with the other." He then took her pigtails in his hand and started using them to aid in fucking her mouth. He pressed deeper into her throat but met resistance. He knew she was close to a gag reflex. He felt he was getting close to coming and wanted to prolong it. He decided it was time for her lesson in deep throating.

"Ummmp, ummmp, ummmp," was all she could manage and he thrust deeper and harder trying to get his whole cock down her throat. He was now pumping about half of his cock in her mouth.

He was getting even more excited thinking that she would do anything he instructed. It was time to turn this sweet girl into a full-fledged cocksucker. He pulled his cock out of her mouth to get her attention.

"That's not deep enough in your mouth, Lynda. Now, I'm going to have push my cock deep in your mouth, all the way in, to come. You might be tempted to gag but you have to overcome that and let it go all the way down your throat. When my cock is all the way in, start rubbing my balls hard, okay? This will get my sperm hot enough to come out the end of my dick. Otherwise...."

She shook her head yes but wasn't sure she could do it. She had to try! Relax and just have fun with it! She told herself and that calmed her down.

She knew she could do it if she just opened her throat and let him drive his cock home. She wanted so badly to make him come. She was so excited she couldn't believe how much she wanted to feel Danny come!

Danny decided to take charge by gripping her pigtails and driving his cock all the way down her throat hard with the first stroke. It took her by surprise and when she swallowed, she ended up with his dick completely buried in her mouth. He started humping her hard and fast giving her no chance to catch her breath.

At first, she thought she was going to gag, but she overcame her fear. She relaxed her throat and started to time her breathing to the thrust of his cock. She was also using just her nails on his balls, stoking them lightly with each push of his cock down her throat. He found a rhythm and she sucked hard on every thrust.

"Ugh, uh sllupp uh slllupppppp um-um-um. Slllupp." The noises coming from her mouth were incredible! He was driving as fast and deep as he could and she was taking it all!

He then reached down and cupped her pussy in his hand and it was too much for him. Her sweet mouth was giving him the best blowjob of his life and soon he knew he'd be fucking the tight little pussy he felt in his hand! He felt his balls swell and his load rise to the surface and there was no stopping it. He was going to come in her mouth.

"Here it comes, Lynda. Swallow hard," he commanded her, "You need to swallow every drop."

With a wicked smile on his face he slammed his cock into her mouth and exploded, forcing her head onto him and holding it there.


She felt his cock force its way deep into her throat and he held it there. Then she felt the explosion of fire in her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed and she thought she would never swallow it all! She was determined to get every drop but she felt some leak out and run down her chin. His seed had a salty taste to it, but otherwise wasn't bad. When he removed his dick she wiped the seed off her face with her fingers and sucked them dry by sticking them in her mouth.

He was so glad he decided to skip jerking off that morning so he had a full load for her.

He removed his hand from her pussy as she sat up. He knew she was still on fire because her cotton shorts were soaked and he could smell her sex on his hand. He was, on the other hand, drained. He needed to recharge.

She couldn't believe he grabbed her pussy and stroked her clit like that. It felt soooo goood! She was extremely horny now and wished he hadn't stopped rubbing her. She was fidgeting, crossing and uncrossing her legs subconsciously trying to get some relief.

Danny decided it was time for some range of motion exercises. This would give him some much-needed time to recoup. Touching the thick pile of his carpet he traced two footprints facing the wall on the floor and had Lynda step into them.

He then had her bend this way and that. He always kept at least one hand on her and brushed her pussy, tits, or ass constantly as he positioned her. He especially enjoyed when she had to bend over forward and reach as far as possible behind her spread legs. Her shorts road up the outline of her pussy showed.

He placed his left hand on her ass as he bent to get the measurement, letting his hand "slip" and caress the folds of her pussy. This measurement for some reason had to be taken over a few times. Each time he took the opportunity to stroke her pussy again, just enough stimulation to keep her excited.

He stood her up. "Okay. Good. Take off your shorts and panties for the next part of the examination," She complied willingly. She was so hot and ready, she was ripped her clothes off. He sat her back up on the bed and spread her legs at the knees slightly, stepping between them.

"Now I am going to give you a reflex test. Now, I don't have a suitable hammer so I am going to use my tongue. I will lick you in sensitive spots and see how your reflexes react."

Lynda looked hesitant. She didn't like to be tickled. "Are you sure this is the best way?"

"I can honestly say it's the best way I can think of."

He had one hand on each thigh now, looking into her eyes reassuringly. He was slowly rubbing his hands up and down the inside of her thighs. It was driving her crazy! She just wanted to come so bad!

"Okay," she said.

So he laid her back with her knees in the air and placed her feet up on the edge of the table. He kept his hands on the inside of her thighs and knelt down by her ankles.

"I have to feel the muscle in the inside of your thighs to see if one or both legs respond to my tongue since I can't lick you and see them at the same time."

His hand had slid up her thighs to just below her pussy. If he rotated his hands, he could touch her pussy easily. Danny then licked the length of the bottom of her right foot.

"UHHHGGGHHH!" she cried as she tried to pull her foot away. When she returned, he had repositioned his hand, so it caressed her pussy. He then moved his hand away.

"Okay, Lynda?"

“Oh, yes, you just caught me off guard and it tickles." The sensation of having his hand touching her pussy was too much for her. She wanted it again. "Go ahead when you're ready Danny." She braced for the next onslaught.

Danny continued licking. First, he licked her feet and the inside of her ankles and then, the back of her calves and the inside of her knees. He eventually dropped the pretense of pulling his hand away from her pussy after each lick. Instead he let one finger rest along the length of her slit and let it ride up and down each time she jump from one of his tongue lashings.

Finally, he lifted her legs straight up and held them by the back of her knees. He then lowered his head down to the crease on side of her pussy and gave a long slow lick,

"OOOHHHHH! OHHHH MY! UH-UH UH," she cried.

Danny then licked the other side of her pussy the same way. He shoved his tongue deep into her honeypot, and then finding her clit and circling it with his tongue.

She was wiggling her ass, lost in passion. The sensations were unbelievable. His tongue kept stroking her clit and he placed a finger at the entrance of her pussy.

"EEEEEYYYYEEEEEE AH! OOH! OH! UHUHUH!" she screamed as his finger entered her. Her breathing was keeping time with her hips. He knew she was going to come soon. He stood up and backed away from her, holding her legs up in the same position.

"NOOooooooooooo don't stop please!" she suddenly pleaded. She was sooo close!

He stood and enjoyed the sight of Lynda grinding her hips into the air trying to find something to rub against so she could come. She was hoping to make contact with anything that might finish her off. She was now ready for him and she was going to get it good!

"Oh, I'm so close! Please, Danny, help me!" she begged.

"Well, Lynda, your reflexes are perfect," he said just to tease her, "Now I need to take your temperature. I going to place a long hard object in your pussy to see just how hot it is!" He chuckled to himself as he approached her pussy with his now rock-hard cock.

He was standing, cock in hand, at the entrance of her pussy. He slowly eased forward until the head made contact with her cunt lips, then slowly slid it into her waiting pussy. Finally, the moment he had been dreaming about was here! HE WAS ABOUT TO FUCK LYNDA WEISMEIR, A PLAYBOY PLAYMATE!

He pumped a couple inches of his cock in and out slowly because she was so unbelievably tight. She had her eyes closed and was rocking her head from side to side.

He pressed forward until he felt her tighten even more, then he pressed through and shoved his cock in to the hilt.

" OOOWWWW OHH OOWWWW OHH MY GOD THAT FEELS SOOO GOOOOD!!!!" She screamed. "I want you to FUCCCKK MEEEE!" There, she had said it. She really wanted it to be Danny.

He waited buried deep inside her feeling her pussy spasm around his cock.


He was glad he had just come from her blowjob or he would have shot into her right away now.

Danny continued to pump his cock in and out as she came for several minutes. He played with her clit and her tits while he continued to fuck her hard. He stopped and rolled her over on the bed so she was doubled over it. He readjusted his cock, found her pussy, and started pumping her from behind. He was watching his dick be sucked in and out of her pussy. He pushed his dick in to the hilt and held it there. He waited and felt his load well up in his balls.

"Okay that's good," he mumbled to no one. He then slid his dick slowly out of her cunt forcing her to shift her ass back to try and keep him in her pussy. He finally fell right out. He had come up with yet another brilliant idea.

"Just one more exam, Lynda!" He stuck his fingers in the coconut oil on the side of the table. He spread it lightly over her cheeks and started to work a finger in and out of her ass.

"Oh, that feels funny." She didn't know if she liked the sensation or not. She spread her legs and relaxed her spincter muscle, making it easier for him.

"It will feel a lot better in a moment." He said as he worked his whole finger into her ass and then began to rotate it around.

"Humm, what's this?" he tried to sound professional. He then drove his finger in to the hilt and rotated it. He continued forcing his finger deep and twisting it around as if he was trying to feel something.

"Do you feel that?"

"I don't know!" she stammered. The twisting of his finger drove her wild. She rocked her hips on his finger. She knew she didn't want him to stop. His fingers had her all hot again.

"I think I fell something Danny."

He removed his finger.

"OHHHH NOOO! Can you try feeling it again?" she asked, holding her ass high in the air and rotating it in slow circular motions.

It was such a turn on to see her so hot!

"Yes, I can try again," he said. This time he returned to her ass, shoved two fingers deep in her asshole, and twisted them wickedly.

"OOHHHHH! OHHH YES!" she cried with happiness. " Can you feel it now, Danny?"

He twisted and rammed his fingers around and around again. "No I'm afraid I can't quite reach it to make it out. I'll have to use something longer."

With that, he pulled his finger from her ass and placed his still throbbing erection at the entrance of her ass. He dipped his fingers into the coconut oil again and spread it over his cock.

"Here, let me try this." He pushed his coconut-oiled cock against her ass and, once past her sphincter muscle, rammed his cock home.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes that's sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooood! Ohhhh stick in deep Danny! OHH YEEEESSSSSSS!"

"I can feel something deep in there but I can't make it out. Let's me see if I can feel it by rubbing against it," Danny then proceeded to pump his cock in and out of her tight round ass, eventually losing all control. He knelt up on the step stool and went crazy driving his cock as deep and hard as he could.

"Yes, I believe this will work," he moaned as he started to increase his speed. He reached underneath her and put two fingers in her cunt. He started stroking his cock through the thin wall separating her ass and her pussy. He felt his cock explode in her ass as he slammed it home.

"Oh, fucking yes. Oh fuck me good!" cried Danny as he finished filling her with fire. She felt him come and it sent her over the edge. She came with Danny as he filled her ass with his load.

When he finished, he pulled his cock out and squeezed both cheeks of her ass in his hands and said, "Remember, you need a dose of mans-seed every day."

"Could you take my temperature every day too?" she asked sheepishly.

"Of course Lynda. I'm as concerned about your health as you are."

"Oh this is so much better than some silly old shot, Danny."

"I couldn't agree with you more, Lynda. I couldn't agree with you more!"

He watched as she jumped off the bed and into the bathroom. “Danny,” she said sweetly, “Could you help me practice for the shower scene too?”

On the set the next day Lynda was nervous about the office shoot but everybody worked hard to make her comfortable so it was another fun day for the vivacious girl.

When she had to strip out of her nurse’s uniform she was nervous again; but once again, by time she was naked she was already warmed by the appreciative gazes of the crew and the director’s gentle guidance. The shower scene was even easier; she felt sexy and bold enough to use the shower nozzle to pleasure herself to orgasm on camera, at least nearly anyway. When the scene was over she was flush with arousal and she giggled when another stage hand approached her, proudly holding up his winning card, a one eyed jack. Lynda saw the card and shrugged agreeably. He had a Volkwagon minibus and didn’t wait to get home before enjoying the playmate’s favors; the rest of the crew watched the van rocking back and forth vigorously as they pulled out of the lot. The dancing of the van was accompanied by the gleeful squeals of the cute little playmate as he did her in the missionary position, then doggie style, then began to explore positions the girl had never heard of. When he finally brought her home he was almost too tired to play with her anymore but Lynda was too alluring and too sweet to resist.

Continued in the next chapter

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