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Lynda Weismeier

Novel By: GlobeTwo

Lynda Weismeier, Playboy Playmate of the Month July 1982 and Hollywood starlet, in her many adventures. View table of contents...


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Lynda Weismeier was having the time of her life in the summer of 1982. Her centerfold had come out and she was staying at the mansion enjoying plenty of sun and plenty of parties. She felt like a queen with all the attention she was getting and she had really been looking forward to the party tonight, a benefit for the Public Justice Legal Center. 250 lawyers paid $1,000 each to support pro-bono work and mingle with celebrities and beautiful centerfolds on the grounds of the Playboy Mansion.

She'd spent most of the party giving tours of the mansion to rich lawyers willing to pay $500 each for the privilege. The money went to the charity and Lynda felt like she was doing a good deed, plus she was meeting plenty of wealthy handsome men. As an added bonus she did the tour dressed in one of the sexy outfits she wore in her playmate layout and posed on the set used for the shoot.

After a few hours of this fun Lynda had to go to a changing room in the studio to switch clothes. Since this was her month, as Miss July, the teenage beauty had a special part in the charity auction. A group of playmates were auctioning off activities like a dance, or a private tour of the mansion, but also stunts like playing spin the bottle with a set of playmates, or passing a Life Saver candy with a toothpick. The winner of Lynda's auction would eat a bowl of Jell-O with her; even as she got ready Lynda smiled as she pictured what would happen.

Standing in front of a mirror the beautiful young playmate examined her fresh warm body. She was only wearing a brief white bikini bottom. She tied a sheer white sarong around her waist, letting it hang low on her hips so plenty of her flat belly would be exposed. She took one of her luscious mounds in each hand. Her skin was tanned except for the milky white of her lovely teenaged breasts. In contrast was the pink and red glow of her perky nipples.

She pulled a white wife beater shirt over her head; the thin fabric stretched tight over the curves of her mounds, her nipples poking through. So short was the shirt that it hung just over the curves of the bottom of her breasts.

Lynda's golden yellow hair hung in waves around her pretty and innocent face; her eyes couldn't help but sparkle with mischief and delight. Each of her shapely calves stretched out and slipped on a flat sandal, emphasizing her petite but curvaceous 36-22-36 body. She turned and looked over her shoulder, jiggling her delicious round ass. The gossamer threads of the sarong revealed sweet hints in the curves of her plump thighs and bottom.

Blowing herself a giggly kiss she practically skipped out of her room and down the hall. She could hear the music and hum of the party and she got more excited and more breathless as she hurried to the Great Hall.

An electric charge was in the crisp night air; the moon hung low, a thin red crescent in the clear starry sky. The party was a throng of prosperous and fit men and women enjoying rich food, fine liquor, and each other. A scent of sex was in the air.

Lynda saw some of her girlfriends across the room and hurried towards them. Wriggling through the crowd she accidentally bumped a man's arm and the drink he was holding splashed a little. Some wine fell on her breast immediately turning the cloth around the nipple almost invisible. Some wine fell onto his pants leg.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Lynda cried. She blushed but an idea flashed across her face as a waiter walked by with more drinks. She grabbed a napkin from his tray and began to pat the wet spot on the man's thigh. His cock eagerly sprang to life and she instantly saw the bulge under his pants. Her pretty young face was now scarlet. "Oh, I'm so sorry," she gushed now in embarrassment. She dropped the napkin and pressed her delicate fingers to her lips.

A stunning brunette was standing next to the man and had her arm under his. "You seem a little nervous, sweetheart," she chuckled softly.

Lynda's lovely head bent down in shame and then she saw the soaking spot on her tight thin shirt and the practically bare breast underneath. She crossed her arms protectively and turned to escape.

His hand held her elbow, "Wait, don't go." He brought her around to face the other woman. "Barbara, this is the girl I was telling you about, the one I'm going to bid on; this is Lynda Weismeier." He turned to grin at the still blushing playmate.

Barbara was perhaps an inch shorter than the petite Lynda but her body was also a dream of soft lines and curves. She wore a tight black dress that highlighted her stunning figure. She had the looks to be a playmate herself by the expensively elegant dress she wore identified her as another powerful lawyer. She looked at Lynda with one eyebrow raised and a quietly hungry smile on her face. The young blonde's face glowed red as Barbara's intentions were made clear by the flicker in her eyes.

Feeling trapped under Barbara's lustful gaze, Lynda glanced over to the man. He had a wide eager grin on his face and was holding out his hand in greeting. "Hi, I'm Matthew."

Towering over the two gorgeous girls, Matthew exuded confidence and power. He was dressed in a casual light summer suit that was discreetly expensive, signaling his vast wealth without being flashy. He was fit and tanned and his shaved head added to his commanding presence. Before he could speak again a waiter came over and explained to Lynda that it was her turn in the auction. All three hurried to the stage.

A small jazz combo was playing and when the host saw Lynda approach he waved them to close the number. "Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the last auction of the evening and I know you've been looking forward to this as much as I have. Let's hear it for the fabulous Miss July, the lovely Lynda Weismeier."

Several pairs of hands helped her to the stage and the crowd went berserk when it caught sight of the sexy young playmate. Lynda turned slowly to display her dazzling body revealed in the skimpy white outfit. The host tried calm the din but another roar burst out in appreciation of a slight jiggle of her curvy ass.

The host was holding a small bowl of Jell-o up, "OK, OK, you all know what this is for." Cheers and hoots and knowing glances circulated through the mob. Lynda giggled prettily.

The bidding was fast and furious; the price for playing with Miss July quickly jumped to $5,000. Matthew bid frequently and in a flourish decided to destroy his competition. "Six thousand dollars," he said firmly. Lynda smiled down at him as the crowded murmured its approval.

That bid seemed to do the trick and Matthew grinned as the auction spiraled down. "Going once, going twice…"

"Seven thousand," rang out another voice. The crowd seemed to part to reveal to Lynda's new suitor. She gasped when she realized the new bidder was Barbara. Barbara blew a kiss up to the pretty blonde on the stage.

Matthew glanced over to his friend. He ran his hand over the top of his bald head in a nervous gesture; he knew his friend well enough to know that he was defeated but he tried anyway. "Seven five."



"Ten thousand dollars for the sweet pretty girl," sang out Barbara happily.

Matthew bowed in salute to his rival and the gavel came down.

An eerie quiet came over the crowd as Barbara sultrily strutted to the stage; she wore a satisfied smirk on her face. Lynda was almost trembling as the dark beauty locked the timid young girl in her gaze.

Barbara sat in a chair on the stage and two girls dressed as bunnies led Lynda over to her. The host was talking but the two beauties were ignoring him as they watched each other. Lynda lifted one leg and straddled Barbara's hips. Her skirt was hiked up and she could feel the warmth of Barbara's bare legs against her plump thighs. Their pelvises were jammed together and the heat of Barbara's sex burned against the fabric of Lynda's bikini bottom.

Smiling with satisfaction, Barbara wriggled her body into Lynda as she reached around the young girl's waist and locked her fingers to hold her in place. "This is going to be fun," the dark haired beauty whispered.

Suddenly the cold slimy Jell-o poured between Lynda's breasts. Barbara's face dove into

the young girl's cleavage and she didn't even bother to lick the Jell-o; her mouth bit and kissed Lynda's soft creamy mounds as if they were the desert. She kept her arms locked around her victim's slender waist.

Between the cool stickiness of the Jell-o and the moist heat of Barbara's voracious mouth Lynda was lost in strange erotic sensations she never knew before. The crowd's excited whispers as they watched Barbara maul the pretty young girl seemed to urge both Barbara and Lynda on to even more wild writhing. Lynda had never been touched by a woman this way but her head dropped down and her wavy hair tumbled down off her shoulders as her chest jutted forward into Barbara's hungry mouth. The last thing Lynda saw before closing her eyes in bliss was Matthew staring at her with evil lust.

The crowd began to clap in rhythm as Lynda bucked against Barbara. Her breasts were sore and red as they were devoured and sucked by the brunette. Barbara's tongue darted under the fabric and she bit on the young girl's ripe nipples through the shirt.

With reluctance the host finally broke up this game; the bunnies lifted Lynda off of Barbara's lap and her lips made a popping sound as the nipple was pulled from her mouth. When Lynda stood, the front of her shirt was stained with Jell-O. The host handed Barbara a hose and told her to spray down the girl which she did with glee. Lynda's flimsy clothes all but disappeared in the soaking and her white tan lines made her look even more sexy. With a hardy laugh Barbara turned the hose on herself; now her black dress was transparent too, revealing her firm breasts and thick bush. The bellow of the crowd was uncontrollable and the bunnies hustled the two beauties to the back of the stage to a cabana a few feet away, telling the girls they could find some dry clothes there.

Once inside Lynda crossed the room then turned and looked at Barbara. The brunette padded over to where the young girl was standing. "Did you have fun out there?" she asked as she reached up to brush a stray strand of hair away from Lynda's face. "We don't have to stop you know."

The pretty playmate's heart skipped a beat as the meaning of the words hit her full force. "You mean..."

"Yes." She sat on the day bed and pulled Lynda down with her, her arms hugging the sweet beauty as she gently laid her back on the soft mattress. All the blood rushed to her head as Barbara's lips touched hers for the first time. It was like she was suffocating... like she couldn't breathe, but it wasn't born of fear or disgust. The powerful emotion of being in a woman's arms for the first time was overwhelming.

When Barbara broke the kiss and looked down at Lynda with her soft blue eyes, it was as if the world had suddenly shifted. She smiled and grasped the hem of the damp t-shirt and pulled it up and off. Her black dress joined Lynda's shirt on the floor, and Lynda's eyes were drawn to Barbara's breasts. It was almost like staring in the mirror. They were round and full, drooping very slightly on her chest from the weight. The only difference was her large areola and flat nipples were light brown instead pink.

Lynda unconsciously licked her lips and Barbara laughed lustily. "Like what you see?"

"Yes," Lynda whispered as she hesitantly reached out to touch them. Even though they were heavy and firm, they were still soft, and her fingers sunk into them when she squeezed. Barbara sat there and let the innocent blonde explore her breasts, her eyes closing as Lynda's thumb grazed over a nipple. She watched in amazement as it hardened beneath her touch.

Barbara opened her eyes and took Lynda's hands in hers and pulled them up above her head. "Leave them there," she murmured in her ear as she bent forward. A shiver raced up her spine as Barbara's hair tickled her face and intensified when her lips brushed across Lynda's earlobe and then down her neck. As she cupped Lynda's breast, a soft moan oozed from the young girl; there was no way Barbara couldn't feel the thunderous beating of Lynda's heart as her lips skimmed across the swell.

The blonde gasped; a bolt of electricity surged through her body. Barbara's tongue, flicking out, had made teasing contact with the girl's nipple. It swirled around the pink peak, coaxing it to stiffen and sending tingles of pleasure straight to Lynda's pussy. Lynda moaned softly as the woman did the same to the other nipple, and the blonde squeezed her thighs together instinctively, sending another jolt of quivering pleasure through her tender body. When Barbara released the erect bud from her mouth, Lynda's pink peaks throbbed with need, and she arched against her lover, wanting more.

Barbara lay on her, her breasts pressing against the girl's soft mounds as she stroked her soft fresh face. Leaning down, she pressed her lips to Lynda's. Her tongue licked across her bottom lip, and Lynda opened her mouth hungrily. They moaned together as their tongues danced, the slow sensuous movements of the fleshy muscles growing more frantic as the kiss deepened. Barbara's fingers tangled in the blond tresses as they reveled in the passion of their mouths mating. When the kiss ended, both of them were breathing heavily, and Barbara's ocean eyes were glazed with lust.

She kissed down Lynda's shimmering skin, drawing whimpered moans from her victim when her fingers found the young girl's nipples and squeezed as she slid downwards. Lynda's belly quivered and her stomach did a flip when Barbara grabbed the drawstring of the white sarong and pulled it open. Lynda raised her ass from the bed, and Barbara yanked the skirt down her legs and tossed it aside.

Pressing her hands against the inside of Lynda's thighs, Barbara nudged them open. A slight flush crept across Lynda's cheeks as Barbara's eyes glanced at the thin strip of white cotton between her legs. Lynda knew her arousal was evident because she could feel the dampness of the material clinging to her pussy lips. Barbara lay between her spread legs and buried her face in the juncture of Lynda's trembling thighs.

A tremor ran through the young girl when the lips pressed against the crotch of her bikini briefs. She sucked on the fabric, drawing the tangy juices from them. The taste stoked her lust, and she curled her fingers in the elastic and yanked them off Lynda in one fluid motion. Lynda stunning sex was now revealed; the almost strawberry blonde curls of her bush glistened with her dewy juices, the lips were red and swelling with desire. Barbara lunged back between the playmate's thighs, and Lynda jerked as the woman licked from the bottom of her pussy lips to the top.

Her tongue stabbed between them, flicking across the clit, and Lynda cried out as heat speared her pussy. Sliding up the young girl's sides, Barbara's hands caressed her skin as she sought her breasts. She kneaded them softly as she feathered Lynda's clit with strokes of varied pressure. The pleasure building within Lynda blotted out everything else. The only sensations gripping her were Barbara's fingers tweaking and pinching her nipples and her tongue slathering the engorged clit.

Lynda bucked on the bed, grinding her pussy against Barbara's mouth as small tremors quaked within them both. One of Barbara's hands left her breast and a moan ripped from Lynda when a finger pushed inside her throbbing pussy. As the tender blonde girl fucked against the one finger, Barbara added a second a then a third. She plastered her lips over the clit and sucked hard, and Lynda screamed as her pussy rippled reflexively around the woman's fingers. Her hungry suckling ignited an explosion, and Lynda shook and trembled with the spasms wracking her body. She kept sucking and fucking the young girl until the tremors subsided and the only movement of Lynda's body was the heaving of her delicious chest.

Barbara slid back up Lynda's body and kissed her, the tangy taste of pussy juices noticeable on her lips. As their tongues swirled around each other, Lynda brought her arms around Barbara and rolled until Barbara was on her back and she was on top of her. Now it was Lynda's turn to explore a woman's body and bring her lover pleasure. Barbara's eyes were wide in excited expectation.

A knock on the door changed the mood. A soft voice on the other side whispered, "Lynda, it's time for your curfew."

Now looking at Lynda with questioning eyes, Barbara pouted in disappointment. "What's going on?" she whispered.

Now Lynda was pouting. "Because I'm playmate of the month I have a curfew. They want to keep track of where I am." She scrambled off the bed and grabbed a white robe.

"Wait," Barbara called out, but it was too late. Lynda was out the door.


In the history of the Playboy Mansion several men stand out as legends, men who have used the playmates staying there as their own personal harem, some famous men like Shel Silverstein or Wilt Chamberlain or James Cann, but also discreet men you've never heard of.

Paul was one of those men. He was a successful lawyer and enjoyed the finest of cars, wine, and especially women. He had been coming to the Mansion for years and tasted the treasures of dozens of playmates. He, too, had come tonight with intentions of possessing the lovely young Miss July. When he saw Matthew's efforts at the auction Paul put Barbara up to bidding against him; Paul knew she would take pleasure in the sweet young thing and get her primed for his approach.

He was sitting near the cabana imagining the delights Barbara was finding in the pretty centerfold's nubile flesh. As the bunny led Lynda back to the mansion he stood up and blocked their way. "I'll take care of things now, Jennifer."

"But, Mr…."

"I've taken care of things. I've arranged for Lynda to give me a tour of the grounds."

Lynda blushed prettily; she knew that Paul knew the grounds better than she did. She had heard of his conquests and felt both honored and alarmed that he was courting her. Lynda had not had a lot of experiences with men but all the girls talked about Paul as if he was a god. Right now she felt his firm hand take hers and she still wasn't sure what she should do. Part of her wanted to run away; part of her wanted to leap on his cock and suck it.

"Shall we?" he said with a smile; something about the way he led her along told her that he was completely in charge. They strolled through the grounds and Lynda began to relax, chattering cutely about the animals and art and activities at the mansion. They came to the door leading to the photo studio.

Lynda's face was always animated; sometimes she was a sexy pixie, sometimes a sensuous angel. Right now she peered into Paul's face with innocence and uncertainty. If they went into the studio they would be completely alone. As if reading her mind, the man chuckled and reached behind her and opened the door, firmly guiding her in. "Shall we?" he said again.

In one corner of the large room a set had been built replicating an old barn, right down to the inviting piles of golden hay. "So this is where your centerfold was shot. You know, I'd like to take some pictures myself. Would you like to pose for me?" Lynda nodded slowly, holding her breath in fear. Her eyes looked up at him shyly as she bent her head down submissively. "Why don't you change into something while I look at the cameras.'

Lynda disappeared into one of the changing rooms; she knew exactly what to do. So did Paul; he'd been here with other playmates and kept his own camera here to record his conquests. He set up a tripod and cable release and turned on the lights on the set.

Lynda, modest and shy, stepped into the room. She had pinned her soft blonde hair up but delicate wisps of curls surrounded her face. She wore the cowboy boots featured in her layout and white silk stockings covered her shapely calves up to her knees; one stocking had slid down a bit in a cute way. The pink crocheted top revealed plenty of the curves of her soft shoulders and Lynda's lush cleavage was displayed above the delicate buttons. She tugged at the bottom edge of the garment demurely trying to cover her belly and waist and crotch but managed only to reveal even more of her creamy breasts. The pink panties were merely a light sheen of gossamer fabric stretched over her plump hips and swelling pussy. Her bush gleamed with moisture underneath.

Paul stood for a moment taking in her frail beauty, then he grinned with lust, handing her a glass of Champagne. Lynda's cute little nose twitched like a bunny's as the bubbles tickled her and her light delightful giggle filled the room.

He asked her to do a few poses and she vamped and strutted in front of the camera alternating between looks of deep sensual yearning and wild giddy sexual fun. He shot a number of frames and stopped while she was leaning her arms against the 'barn' door with her lovely round ass waving at the camera. "Lynda, darling, this doesn't look quite right." He stepped forward and before she could react his finger reached down and ran along the line of her pussy lips and up over her ass, pushing the sheer fabric of the panties into the crack. Lynda shook from his abrupt touch then wiggled some more as he happily snapped more pictures.

Finally he needed to load more film. Lynda took a break and sat down, sipping more Champagne and watching him work with curiosity. Her eyes were sparkling with excitement but a feeling of dread knotted in her stomach as he moved the tripod over the pile of hay. She knew the next set would be of her lying down and she felt helpless, knowing where it would lead. "Have you…do you…have you photographed a lot of playmates this way?" she asked shyly.

He glanced at the girl as he worked; her tanned skin glowed with an aura of raw sex, her eyes were large and questioning; she was a doe stepping into the hunter's lair. "A few," he replied. "Tell me Lynda, have you been with a lot of men?"

The young girl's stomach jumped and her ears turned scarlet, "A couple," she managed to gasp.

Avoiding the intense gaze of his commanding eyes, Lynda glanced around the room. Paul moved in front of her, his strong fingers brushing the golden strands from her face. "Such a shame to hide your beautiful face behind all that hair," he murmured.

"I'm not beautiful," she protested.

"I know beauty when I see it." Paul took her by the hand and led her over to the bed of straw where he gently pushed her to a sitting position. "Lynda, I'm sure you have men falling all over themselves to be with you."

Her face blushed crimson at his words. Lynda's eyes remained locked onto Paul's athletic body as he rummaged among his equipment and attached a long cable release to the camera. He checked the focus and repositioned the tripod slightly. Understanding slowly began to dawn on her as he stepped away from the camera and began to undress. She couldn't take her eyes off him as bit by bit his lean, toned body was revealed. It was the first time she'd ever seen a man completely naked and her curiosity over powered her shyness.

She shuddered quietly as he lay down next to her. His body was smooth and tanned, the only hair she could see started sparsely at his navel and grew thicker as it trailed down to his cock. Tentatively, she reached out as if to touch it but jerked her hand back before it ever made contact.

"It's okay," he whispered as he moved closer to her and took her hand, guiding it to his semi-erect rod. "You can touch it."

She marveled at the softness of the still wrinkly skin, her fingers playing over his shaft as she explored him. A gasp echoed from her mouth as it began to swell in her hand, the wrinkled skin smoothing out and tightening as his cock grew hard and erect in her grasp. Her eyes flew up to his to find a reassuring gaze and a smile on his face. "It's supposed to do that."

"I know... I just... wasn't expecting it..." Lynda's pretty face furrowed into deep thought; she looked so cute and innocent lying on the straw in her miniscule pink outfit. Her gentle hands gingerly touched his sex with eager curiosity.

She continued her exploration, her fingers running down the veined and now totally erect shaft to gently cup his heavy sac. Black hair covered the dangling balls in downy softness as she moved her slender digits around them. A thrill shot through her when a low groan was forced from Paul's lips.

"Oh," she gasped in surprise when he traced the outline of her hard nubs beneath her top. Warmth spread through her as tingles followed the trail of his fingertips. She sighed as his hands conquered her, guiding her to experience pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. If the simple touch of his fingers on her nipples could cause such a rush, she couldn't imagine what the rest of the night would bring.

He shifted closer to her, his mouth closing over hers as his tongue flicked lightly against her lips, licking softly against them. She opened them to him, allowing his tongue to enter and dance against hers. Her head swam with awakening desire as the passionate kiss sent a wave of heat rolling through her body. A damp circle formed on the pink crotch of her panties as her juices began to flow in arousal.

Lost in the kiss, in the hot sweeping of his tongue against hers, she didn't notice his fingers undoing the closures of her garment. It wasn't until she felt the straps slipping down her arms that she realized he was baring her breasts. Her arms started to rise as if to hide her nakedness, but she forced them down. She refused to let her timidity get in the way of what was shaping up to be a wildly pleasurable experience.

Another gush wetted her panties when he bent down and ran his tongue around her rock hard nipple. She had to grab onto his shoulders to steady herself as her body went weak with desire. A soft moan escaped from her kiss-swollen lips when he sucked the hard pink nub into his hot mouth. Her hips reflexively bucked forward as a dull ache of want throbbed in her pussy.

He switched breasts, his lips closing over the engorged peak as his tongue swirled around it. She arched against him as he sucked it hungrily. "Oh my god." The words burst from her lips when he pushed his hand between her trembling thighs and brushed his fingers across her panty clad pussy. She couldn't stop herself from rocking her hips, dragging her lips across his rubbing fingers.

Shoving the panties over her hips, he pushed them to her knees. As she spread her legs, yielding to him, the panties stretched into a flimsy pink spider web.

Paul pushed her back into the straw bed, his hips nudging between her legs as he used the cable release to take some photos; his fingers tangled gently in her hair. He tenderly tilted her head back and once again captured her mouth with his. His tongue darted into her mouth, searching for hers as it swept around the wet softness of her interior cheeks. Leaning on her hands, she arched her back as his hand cupped her breast, his thumb grazing across the nipple.

A shudder ran through her body when his fingers delved between her thighs and stroked her slippery lips. The first contact of another's skin upon her pussy lips sent a bolt of furious energy through her. Her eyes flew open as her mouth pulled from his. Her fingers curled around fistfuls of the straw when his finger slid between her lips and trailed up the pink petals of her sex in search of her hidden pearl.

"Oh god," she moaned as another spark of fire shot through her body. He had found the nub nestled beneath the hood and had begun to rub it. Though Lynda regularly masturbated, the sensation of his finger on her clit was an altogether different sensation. She rocked against his hand as he stroked her, bringing her to the edge as lustful craving swelled within.

She cried out in surprise, her body shaking, when he slid a finger inside the moist tightness of her pussy; her tiny voice still girlish and shy yet sensuous and hungry. Her hips bucked forward as waves of intense pleasure crashed through her. A haze of lust formed over her blue irises as her head lolled back into the straw, her chest heaving from the ragged breaths pushing out between her lips. Her arms flew above her head and she lifted her ass in the air grind against his hand; a tremor shook her then a wave of bliss engulfed her. Her sweet face was soft and dreamy as she lost herself in pleasure. The pink top was pushed down to display her magnificent breasts. She moaned and giggled until no sound could come out; she floated on the dream of lust.

When awareness came back to her, she saw Paul's face smiling down at her. "That was amazing..."

"We're far from finished," he replied with a wink. He held her in place and pressed the shutter open for more photos.

Lynda took the opportunity to explore his body with her eyes and then her fingers as they trailed over his hard, smooth chest. Wonderingly, she circled around his nipples. She was surprised to discover that like hers, his also hardened with touch. His stomach sucked in slightly as her fingertips brushed over his navel before continuing downward.

As he carefully caressed her writhing body, she grasped his erect cock and stroked it slowly. The relaxing massaging of his fingers on her skin soothed her as she lay in the straw and slid her hand up and down his shaft. She could tell her attentions were having an effect on him when he moaned softly or his fingers halted their movements over her flesh.

Paul's fingers danced over her lovely body. All the while, Lynda's fingers continued to stroke up and down his cock. He leaned back and relished the sensation of her hand gliding over his shaft, giving himself over to the pleasure running through his body.

She watched him curiously as she brought her other hand up to fondle his sack, drawing a moan from deep inside him. His hips rocked in motion with her strokes as the tension built within him. With a guttural moan, his body jerked and thick bolt of his seed spurted from the tip of his cock. Surprised at the white liquid shooting from his dick, Lynda jumped as it splashed to the ground; she giggled with delight.

Once the spasms rippling through his body subsided, Paul pressed his lips against hers. His hands explored her supple body as his tongue licked across her bottom lip. A soft moan escaped her and vibrated against his mouth when he squeezed her ass and pulled her against him, his hardening cock pressing into her stomach. He kissed down her body, pausing for a moment when he reached her breasts. A sharp thrill ran through her as his tongue circled around her pink nipple. Arching against him, she moaned as he sucked the delicious peak into his mouth. Her fingers tangled in his hair as he swirled his tongue around her hard nub.

A whimper of protest passed her lips when his mouth released her nipple. His lips trailed downward, leaving wet spots on her skin as he traveled down her flat stomach. When he reached the soft curls on her mound, he diverted towards her thighs, which trembled under the brush of his lips. She bucked her hips upwards, trying to guide him to her pussy, which pulsed with need. He ignored her motions and continued down the inside of her thigh. When he reached her knee, he moved to the other leg and kissed upwards until he once again reached the area where her thigh and pussy joined.

Her sex was a vision of heaven, her waist narrow, her belly fluttering softly and the deep navel pulsing up and down with each breath. The pale tan lines pointed to the triangle of her bush; her thighs plump and glowed with warmth. The dewy curls over her slit over her slit dripped with her sweet nectar, but the lips of her sex burned red and hungry as they parted in offering.

He gripped the panties and ripped them away causing her to yelp and giggle. But then she saw the lust in his eyes and she held her breath. Her stomach flattened and her chest jutted out. She spread out her arms in surrender as she parted her legs to him.

She moaned lustily when the flat of his tongue slid up one outer puffy lip and then down the other. He circled around and around until she felt she'd go mad with need. "Please," she begged as she pushed her pussy against his mouth. A hot stab of pleasure shot through her when his tongue delved between her swollen labia and flicked across her clit. He flicked her hot honey into his mouth.

He circled around her nub and she thrust against him, yearning for more direct contact. Teasing her, he'd go around and around, then flick against her clit before moving away once more. He brought her to the brink several times this way, and her skin was flushed pink as passion flowed through her body.

Moaning loudly, she bucked against him when he slid a finger inside her tight, wet pussy. She fucked against it as his tongue returned to her swollen nub more often, lashing against it and sending waves of pleasure rolling through her. Crying out, she pushed hard as he pressed a second finger inside her, stretching her virgin opening around his digits.

Now continually flicking against her clit, his tongue worked its magic, lapping at the engorged button as he fucked her with his fingers. A wave of heat suffused her, and her fingers dug into the straw as spasms rocked her body. Her blonde tresses whipped across her face as her head shook from side to side. As she came down from the passion high, he kissed back up her body and then lay beside her, pulling her into his arms. He wanted her to recover some from the pleasure enveloping her body before he showed her what it was like to have a cock slide deep inside her moist depths and bring her to a level of passion she'd never known.

Lynda lay sleepily embraced in Paul's strong arms. Her body still throbbed pleasurably from the wonderful use of his tongue on her pussy.

She knew he was holding back for her. His hard cock pressed against her stomach, letting her know that he wanted her badly. A small spot of sticky fluid rubbed against her skin, and she idly wondered what it would taste like. Emboldened by the confidence of her lover, Lynda slid down his body until her face was even with his hard cock.

Marveling at the sight of the bumpy veins on its surface, she ran her fingertips over the shaft, delighting in how silky smooth the flesh felt while being hot to the touch at the same time. Tentatively, she flicked her tongue over the tip, which brought a moan from Paul's mouth. The salty taste of his milky fluid bloomed on her tongue, and she ran it over the head, cleaning the rest of the pearly essence from the skin.

In the same way she had let her fingers play over the shaft, her tongue flitted over the warm flesh, tracing the lines of the veins as she coated his cock in glistening saliva. Circling her fingers around the base, she pulled it slightly away from his body and hesitantly wrapped her lips around the head. Sliding down, she engulfed the head, letting her tongue flick over the sensitive ridge at the bottom of the crown.

Slowly, she sank down, squeezing her lips against his shaft as she moved. When she took him as far inside her mouth as she could manage, she slid back up. Paul placed his hands lightly on her head and guided her up and down. His hips rocked slightly, pushing his cock deeper inside the warmth of her mouth. Despite her timidity and inexperience, the feeling of her lips wrapped around his dick was divine.

He grunted softly as she sucked him, and he fought to keep control. He didn't want to blow his load before sinking inside the wet tightness of her virgin pussy. Once within those snug walls, he knew it would be a losing battle to maintain control. When his toes began to curl with the immense pleasure running through his body, he pushed her away.

Paul rolled Lynda onto her back and covered her body with his. Pressing his lips against hers, he darted his tongue into her mouth. His hands curled into her hair as their tongues danced together in unison. His cock throbbed against her mound, and she rocked her hips slowly, rubbing the soft curls of her downy pubic hair against the saliva slick shaft.

She opened her legs wide in invitation, and he guided the tip of his cock to her virgin entrance. Biting her lip, she arched against him as he pushed the head of his dick inside her. She felt her lips stretching to accommodate his thickness and a wave of pleasure rolled through her body.

He slowly thrust just the head of his cock in and out of her to get her pussy adjusted to his size. When she started gasping and rocking against him, he slid in further and met with the resistance of her hymen. The thin membrane was the only thing that remained in the education of her sexual experience. A few more shallow strokes had her breathing harshly, her arms wrapped around his back and her fingers digging into his skin.

When he met the barrier once more, he pulled back and then thrust forward forcefully, tearing the membrane and sinking deep inside her tight pussy. She cried out and tensed as her nails raked over the flesh of his back.

"Relax," he whispered as he moved slowly inside her.

The stinging pain melted away as his cock slid back and forth inside her. Pleasure rolled through her body, and she bucked against him as his thrusts drove her passions higher. She moaned lustfully when his lips drew her nipple into his mouth and he sucked eagerly. Warmth flowed through her breast as he worked the rock hard tip.

Sweat beaded on their bodies as they rocked together. A pink flush stole over Lynda's skin as she panted with the exertion of their lovemaking. Her head swam with delicious sensations as his cock plunged deep into the tight depths of her wet pussy. Sparks of pleasure flowed through her each time he buried himself, his pelvis rubbing against the swollen nub of her clit.

He rammed into her and she brought her hips up to meet her. Each thrust caused her tender sheath to twist tighter and tighter in its grip. Her lush breasts quivered with each blow to her body. Her breathing was shallow and desperate and thousands of emotions gushed over her face, a look of anguish as her body was ripped open, a pixie grin from a sexy vixen as ecstasy raced up her spin with the feel of his hot shaft drilling into her womb, the blissed out sleepy-eyed gaze of an erotic angel as she floated into another orgasm.

The heels of her boots were digging into his ass as she wrapped her legs around him. She throbbed and moaned with pleasure.

She clung to him, her fingers pressed against his skin as her head thrashed against the straw. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and loud cries tore from her mouth as her body was wracked with orgasmic spasms. The clutching tightness of her convulsing pussy ripped the unstable reins of control from Paul's grasp, and he tumbled headlong into the oblivion of release. His seed bathed the inside of her deflowered pussy as he let go and spurted inside her. His cock twitched and shot into her; the sensation of release as he flooded into her soft body searing it with the heat of his seed drove him over the edge and he began to thrash into her brutally, fucking as if to smash her. But her joy was endless each stab made her happier and she rode him in a frenzy of painful bliss.

Suddenly he froze. Propped up on his arms he looked into the dancing fires of her eyes and he collapsed. His body dropped down, knocking the wind out of her but driving his cock in deeper than it had ever been in any woman. He gushed into her, an endless flow causing her to writhe helplessly and his seed burned her and her orgasms danced over the flames.

A tangle of arms and legs, they lay gasping on the bed as aftershocks rang through their bodies. A satisfied smile was plastered on Lynda's face.

"You told me you weren't a virgin," he said finally.

"Well, I'm not anymore," she giggled as she sat up and lift up his semi-erect shaft and began to suck it. Soon he was hard enough to do her again.

A few days later the lovely Lynda was having lunch at one of those stylish outdoor health food cafes so popular in LA. She had met some friends and they all passed a lazy afternoon chatting and giggling and drinking herbal teas. Lynda gleamed like a star with her wide giddy smile and sparkling vivacious eyes, all surrounded by her flowing locks of golden hair. She wore white shorts, extremely tight of course and a red blouse equally tight.

After lunch she strolled down the street towards her car. A voice whispered close in her ear from behind and she felt something press into her back.

"Just keep walking. Over to that van."

Something deep inside Lynda warned her to obey. Her body stiffened and she walked to the dark van parked nearby.

"Open the door." The frightened girl opened the back door; it made a ominous dragging sound as she pulled it out. "Get in."

Now she hesitated. "I don't…" But she was pushed from behind and another pair of hands grabbed her from inside. The person in the van moved quickly behind her.

"Don't move; keep your eyes straight ahead," a harsh voice commanded. "Give me your bag."

"I don't have much cash," Lynda whined but even as she said it she knew that cash was not what they wanted. She heard the sound of a hand rummaging through her bag and she heard her car keys jingle as they were pulled out. "Here you go," her captor said and Lynda realized her keys were being passed out to the other person.

The door of the van slammed closed with great finality.

"Please…," she sobbed and started to turn around.

"Don't move!" The command was hissed out. Lynda was trembling uncontrollably, then a blindfold covered her eyes and she started to moan. A gag in her mouth soon muffled that noise. Her slender wrists were tied and she was pushed down to the floor where some blankets were laid out and her ankles were bound. A rope around her waist and another rope from her ankles kept her in place.

The engine started and the poor girl was carried off.

She didn't struggle and she stopped crying; she went into a trance almost hypnotized by the dull hum of the traveling vehicle. With no sense of the amount of time passing or the distance travel Lynda kept still, using all her energy to block out of her mind the images of what she knew was coming.

Finally the van slowed down and made several turns, as if it was in a neighborhood on its way home. It stopped and in the silence Lynda could hear the sound of a garage door opening. Then the van pulled in. Lynda groaned into the gag; a strange silence filled the van until a short moment later another vehicle pulled up next to it. It was Lynda's own car.

The sound of a car door, then the van's door opened on the driver's side. Lynda could hear two voices speaking urgently outside. Suddenly the back door of the van opened and the two climbed in.

Now she struggled and writhed in resistance as the ropes pinning her to the floor were untied. Four hands grabbed her and carried her out of the van; the whole time she bucked and thrashed against her captors while she screamed into her gag.

In a short horrible moment she was carried into another room and her arms held above her head. She felt a rope being tied to the bindings on her wrists and she was hung in place, her feet barely touching the floor.

Lynda hung there twisting and struggling and forcing out muffled yells. She couldn't tell where her two captors were but she could hear sounds in different parts of the room. Suddenly she sense someone behind her and her blindfold was pulled off. Standing in front of her was a man with a black mask and a very bad toupee. All he wore were black briefs. His leer was vicious and lustful.

"Lynda, you've got to quiet down so we can tell you the rules. You've been caught and you're ours, so make it easy on yourself."

Lynda stopped screaming but her eyes blazed with fury. "OK, we're going to play with you and if you're a good playmate you'll be home before your curfew. If not…well, no need to think about that is there? Are you going to be good?"

Lynda nodded angrily. The other captor was behind her and two hands removed the gag.

The pretty young blonde took a hungry gulp of air then let loose her fury. "You son of a bitch. I'll kill you, you bastard. You won't get away with this."

The man just laughed as she ranted on and on, threatening murder and vengeance. Then he stepped closer and before she could spit in his face he held up a gleaming knife. "Lynda, I don't think you want to be talking about killing." She froze and her eyes followed the blade as he moved closer still.

"Please don't hurt me," she gasped.

The knife lowered to her waist and Lynda felt the cold steel against her belly then felt the blade rip open her blouse. He put the knife in a sheath on his belt and parted the blouse like a curtain to reveal her luscious heaving breasts. The other captor stepped around for the show and even as Lynda blushed in frustration and shame she could see that the other person was a woman also disguised in a black mask and cheap wig. She wore a tight black tee shirt and black panties. "Aren't they better in real life?" the woman chuckled; her eyes, and the man's eyes her glued to Lynda's beautiful body.

The man didn't respond but the way he licked his lips made his satisfaction obvious. He put his hands on Lynda's breasts and she jumped in fright. "Shssh, little girl, don't be afraid. I'm just going to take a little taste." Lynda's head dropped back in surrender as his mouth covered one nipple and sucked and bit at her flesh.

Lynda's breast was magnificent; the texture warm and moist and soft, velvety smooth and vivaciously electric to the touch, and the taste, sweet and fresh as the richest ice cream.

The delicious sensation of devouring Lynda took over the man's body and soul. In the same way Lynda's resistance melted; she writhed against his facing, pushing herself on her toes to feed her flesh to his voracious mouth.

The woman was behind the struggling captive; her hands reached around the young girl's slender waist tracing the ribs and squeezing between the man and his captive so she could caress the girl's flat belly. The woman began to grind her pelvis into Lynda's plump ass.

Erotic images flashed through the girl; she felt the heat of the woman's sex behind her and even as she strained forward to have her breasts sucked more and more. Now the woman's hands dropped down but Lynda jut her ass back to keep the warmth of the woman against her plump cheeks. The woman's face was buried in her soft blonde hair and her lips and tongue were running over the smooth skin of Lynda's throat.

The woman's fingers slithered between the captive's thighs and when the tips touched the hot wet spot at the crotch a spark flashed between the two females and they both let out a yelp of excitement. The eager fingers began squirm under the edge of the fabric of Lynda's tight shorts, edging their way to her throbbing pussy.

Lynda was now moaning a soft melody of desire as she writhed between her two captors. The man's head finally came up and immediately she covered his mouth with hers, their tongue smashing together and twisting into knots, his hands kneading and rubbing the nubs of her quivering breasts.

Somehow the woman managed to open Lynda's shorts and push them down over her rear. She used her foot to shove the garment down around the girl's bound ankles. Her finger now could plunge deep into the girl's sex and when it did Lynda began to scream even as the man's tongue filled her mouth.

Sweet juices flooded over the woman's hand and Lynda thrust into the fingers and guided them to her clit. The man stepped back and watched the two writhe together. Lynda stiffened as a wave of bliss shook her spine.

The woman pulled her fingers out; the captive gave a small growl of protest but then the sticky finger were pressed against her lips and she licked the juices franticly, twisting her tongue over the hand that had just possessed her.

The woman chuckled and turned Lynda's head into a lust filled kiss. When Lynda finally pulled her head back gasping for air, her captor leaned into her ear and hissed, "Are you ready to be fucked now?"

The harsh word set Lynda off and she fought against her bonds as she hung there helpless. "NO!! Let me go. Leave me alone. Please, no."

The two ignored her pathetic pleas as they prepared her for her violation. He bent down and untied her ankles but not before she managed to kick at his face a few times. But the woman held her legs while he cut the ropes and shorts off her ankles as she struggled furiously.

He stepped back and watched her dance hopelessly with her arms tied above her head. She kept losing her footing and dangling from the rope as she fought futilely.

The woman came behind him and hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her briefs and pulled them down. As he stepped forward leaving the underwear on the floor the woman took hold of his massive cock and pointed it at Lynda. "Believe me," she taunted, "This club is going to hurt."

As Lynda stared at the beast it did, indeed, look like a giant club; the head was an angry red and the veins along the sides throbbed with lust. The frail girl's screams became incoherent babbles as the two approached her tender captive body.

The woman was behind her and lifting her by the waist; the girl's struggles were weak and futile. The man stood in front of her and grinned as Lynda's gaze locked onto his shaft.

He pulled up both her legs and rested them on his chest. His burning spear glided along her wet pussy and tickled the flesh on her belly. His hands cupped her plush bottom and he and his partner lifted her up slowly.

Now began a slow rocking up and down. He guided her body along his shaft, first in little motions, but carefully increasing the journey until sometimes the tip of his shaft brushed against her swelling lips and then pushed up against her flat belly. Her nipples caressed his chest as her body floated up and down.

Lynda continued to make helpless little mewing sounds as

Her two captors mauled her body.

When his face came close to hers she lost control and dove on him with her mouth wide open.

They were kissing wildly; her sweet fiery tongue rolled around in his mouth and slathered his face. Suddenly he bit hard on her lower lip; at the same moment the tip of his hot sword broke into her juicy sheath. She froze for a second and a tear ran down her soft pale face. But then a wave of pleasure overtook her as the warm glow of his shaft took hold of her nerves. She grinned evilly and drove her tongue into him.

Now he lowered his prize onto his cock, slowly tearing into her soft body. Lynda's resistance faded as his massive pole filled her inside, a throbbing muscle pressing her sheath apart. Her head rocked back and forth and her tickled the woman behind her. She moaned sweetly when she was finally fully impaled.

Then he lifted her still tearing and ripping as her sheath held his rod tightly. She felt herself gushing over him as the grip of her body got tighter and tighter around his cock. At first he raised her up and down with great care and slowness but soon she grew accustomed to his bulk inside her and began to sway in rhythm with him. Soon she was bouncing along and moaning with pleasure. His cock felt red hot but the tip was even hotter. She panicked as it seemed to glow and then explode. His seed was filling her and sending darts of heat throughout her veins. She screeched when that salvo burst and then screeched when another followed. Her eyes blazed as she realized that he had come inside her. She instinctively squeezed her thighs together to pump him dry. He had stopped lifting her and she had to thrust herself up and down now. He was spellbound by the tight hold her body had on him as he exploded into her again and again.

Even as his explosions faded Lynda's fireworks were bursting in her pussy, shoot flames up her spine. She bucked like a wild mare now until she finally melted down, totally consumed by ecstasy.

Her body collapsed between them and she felt into an erotic haze. She yielded completely as they untied her carried her to the bed.

Lynda purred like a kitten as her body was laid out across the bed and her limbs were tied to the bed. Her eyes had been closed since the wild orgasm had gripped her earlier. She felt a hungry mouth engulf her tasty pussy and begin to lick and suck. She began to writhe against the rope as a slender finger slipped into her rear.

The tongue went deeper into her pussy and the finger dug deeper too. A warmth covered her face and her own tongue instinctively darted out and shot into the woman's sex.

The two bodies bucked and thrashed together; hot juices flooded into Lynda's mouth and a fire rushed up her spine shooting off of the woman's tongue.

Lynda faded into an endless cycle of orgasms and barely noticed when the woman rolled off her exhausted. She watched through half closed lids as the man untied her legs and lifted them up off the bed and folded them over her chest. The heat of his cock burned against her ass and then with a brutal shove he rammed into her.

Her screams filled the room; her legs pinned under him tried to kick. Her body was split in two as he pounded in again and again. His seed erupted into her like lava but still she struggled and squirmed. He fell down next to her and stroked her hair as she sobbed and shook.

She eventually recovered enough to turn her head and look at him. "Please, let me go," she pleaded gazing at him with her soft angel face.

He leaned over and kissed her but as he raised his head his wig slipped off revealing his bald head. "Oh, my god!" she gasped.

Matthew laughed and called out to Barbara who had been in the bathroom to wash up, "The gig's up; she'd made us."

Barbara came over tossing away her wig and mask. "Well, have made her too haven't we?" she laughed.

All three were on the bed now. Lynda's eyes darted from face to face. "Why did you to this?" she whined.

"Well, babycakes," Barbara said as she stroked one of Lynda's nipples, "We were a little disappointed when you ran off the other night.

Lynda thought for a second and then the pixie smile spread across her face. "Untie me," she whispered, "I want to fuck."


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