Kimberly McArthur : Tie her up and she lets go

By: GlobeTwo

Chapter 3,

With that a door opens and, true to her word, the whole crew, including Charlotte, the make-up girl, walks in.  Barbara gets them organized and slowly she and Kimberly begin to fuck them all. 


The first one on the bed is the director.   Kim is still tied down and Barbara hangs over her face.  She leans over and tells the director that she want him to fuck Kim so hard that Barbara will  feel his cock through Kim's tongue. Kim groans with joy as she digs her tongue deep into Barbara's pussy.  Every thrust of the man's cock drives her further into her girlfriend.  She can look up in the mirror and watch as Barbara kisses the director and she sees her own eyes widen as she is pounded again and again.  Barbara can't keep her hands off of Kimberly's nipples and she squeezes them until they are rock hard with pain and pleasure.  The director grunts and comes and as he does he falls out of Kim.  "Next!" shouts Barbara with glee.

"Wait," Kim begs. "Untie me so I can have your delicious breasts in my hands."

"Plenty of time for that," Barbara whispers, "I've got something special first."  She stretches her body over Kim's and begins to eat out her pussy, sucking up what's left of the director's load. 


She looks back at Kim and says, "That was just to get you ready."  She rolls off the bed and goes to where the make-up girl is on her knees sucking a young man who can't be more than 18.  She kisses the boy as she slips her gown off her shoulders.  Completely nude now she takes the boy's hand, while she says to the make-up girl, "Thanks for getting him started, Charlotte.  You'll be next in the bed."  Charlotte looks up and grins as the boy is led away.


Barbara stands at the foot of the bed and still holding the boy's hand says, "Kimberly, this is Peter and for your birthday you get to do him.  He's never been laid so this will be sensational I'm sure."  Kim moans and watches as Barbara lifts Peter's cock, still wet from Charlotte's mouth, and plunges it deep inside of Kim's tender pussy.  The boy falls onto her chest and he starts to greedily bite and suck on her nipples.  Barbara is still holding his cock, even as it drills deep into Kim.  Barbara is leaning over the boy's back controlling his rhythm.  She stares into Kim's eyes and whispers, "It's like I'm a virgin fucking you for the first time." 


Kimberly begins to cry as she comes and keeps coming.  "I love you," she sobs over and over, unable to take her eyes off of Barbara's lovely face, red now with wild passion.  The boy is kissing Kim's neck.  "I love you," he moans.  Kim looks in his eyes.  "I love you, Peter.  You're being so good.  Oh, sweetie! You're so good."  She kisses him gently, then Barbara leans down and kisses them both. 


Kimberly can feel Barbara's left hand guiding Peter's cock.  She is squeezing him to keep him from coming.  Kim's eyes widen in wonder as she realizes that Barbara is plunging her thumb of her right hand into Peter's ass and tickling his balls with her fingers.  "I can't hold it,"  he gasps and he begins to explode inside her.  It seems an endless flow of warm passion.  It just keeps emptying inside her like a water fall.  Kim keeps kissing Peter and sighing, "Oh baby, oh sweetheart.  This is so good.  I love you baby."


She feels Barbara's fingers dipping into her pussy.  Barbara takes her hand now covered in both Kim and Peter's juices and slips it into Kim's sweet mouth.  And Peter is still coming.  Finally Barbara takes him out of Kim and brings his cock to the bound girl’s lips.  Kim moves her head up to take all of him in her mouth; she is now thrashing uncontrollably against her bonds. Peter begins to flow inside her and she keeps gulping and swallowing hungrily.  Barbara's face is next to hers and she is licking Peter's balls.  Kim and Barbara seem  to be kissing each other as they work their tongues over Peter's cock. 


This goes on endlessly until Peter has no more juices to give.  He presses his face against Kim's angelic face and moans. Kim keeps whispering, "I love you, Peter.  You're so sweet, baby."  Finally Barbara takes his hand to lead him away.  "I'm going to get Peter cleaned up and send him home to his mother,“ she smiles with mischief as she leans in and whispers, “Don’t worry; I’ll give him your phone number.“ Then her smile turns to an evil grin, “But I have someone to take care of you too."  With that she wiggles her perfect bottom in Kim’s face and skips away. And as she leaves Charlotte moves towards the bed.


Charlotte is dressed in a black bustier with black silk panties and black sheer knee high stockings.  The panties have a slit that reveal the lips of her hungry pussy.  As Charlotte climbs onto the bed Kimberly lays back languidly and admires her sensational figure.  Charlotte has a voluptuous body with a rear made for spanking and huge breasts that jiggle and pour out over the top of her bustier.  She leans over Kim. “I’ve been longing for this,” she says as her soft dark hair tumbles across Kimberly’s face.  Kim watches as Charlotte’s breasts heave with each deep breath. 


Then Charlotte turns and begins to untie Kim’s legs, taking her time, tickling and sucking her toes.  Both girls are giggling with delight.  Then Charlotte loosens the other ropes and helps Kim sit up. Kim shakes her mane of dewy golden hair and Charlotte presses the curls to her own face sucking in the scent of sweat and tears from Kim’s long night of loving.  She smiles to herself as she contemplates what’s still in store for the birthday girl. 


She gives Kimberly some cool water while she rubs her supple glistening skin with a softly scented oil.  As she massages Kim’s tender breasts she sees the nipples stand up begging to be sucked.  Charlotte obeys the command and giggles, “Oh, you’re delicious.  Are you tasty all over?” With that she leans into Kim’s lap and begins to nibble on Kim’s clit, sucking up the juices from the previous lovemaking.  Kim begins to groan but then she’s startled to find the ropes on her wrists pulling her up into a standing position.  She looks anxiously at Charlotte and sees her pick up a leather riding crop.


Kim is standing on the bed naked with her arms tied above her head.  Her breasts stand out and her skin glows with the oils from the loving massage. She looks down with wide eyes at Charlotte lying beneath her running the tip of the crop up and down Kim’s legs. Abruptly a mask is thrown over her eyes from behind.  Kim can get out just one fearful cry before the gag is forced into her mouth.


Kimberly’s heart is racing and her breathing is quick and shallow.  Her thoughts are racing too.  She’s afraid of the gag, afraid of the blindfold, and she’s afraid of the bonds.  She knows now that she is in for some delicious pain and her skin is tingling with anticipation, but she fears what heights her captors will try for after all she’s been through tonight.


All this time the tip of the crop has been tickling her legs.  It disappears and she feels Charlotte standing up on the bed.  “You’ve been a naughty girl, Kimmy.”  And there’s a whooshing sound and the crop slaps against Kim’s white legs.  “A very naughty girl.” Whoosh and a sharp slap of leather on her ass.  Her bottom reddens and tingles with pain.  Kim begins to writhe slowly as she feels the crop come down across her breasts.  Her nipples stand up excited, about to burst.  The crop hits against her belly and Kim begins to come, screaming into her gag. 


Now Charlotte is whipping her ass wildly.  “Naughty girl.  Bad girl. Naughty girl,” she’s shrieking. Kim is writhing and dangling from the ropes; her legs can’t hold her.  She screams again and again into the gag.  Her pink flesh is glowing red with pain and wave after wave of honey pours from her pussy.


Kimberly feels herself gradually lifted into the air as the spanking continues.  Then Charlotte wraps her arms around Kim’s legs and begins to kiss her raw, red bottom.  Kim feels Charlotte’s tears wetting her tender skin.  Then Charlotte twists Kim around and throws Kim’s legs over her shoulders.  Suddenly Charlotte’s mouth is on her pussy and with her hands gripping Kim’s rear she begins to kiss and lick and suck.


Kim is thrashing and bending in the air, arching her back and pressing herself deeper into Charlotte’s face.  She has not stopped screaming her muffled screams since the spanking had started.  Now she screams more as a tongue drives deeper inside her.  In the next moment her body stiffens and she bends back further; she trembles and shakes with bliss and moans a deep animal sound as her body melts and she hangs limp from the ropes. 


Charlotte has taken her mouth off of Kim and holds her legs as she’s slowly lowered towards the bed, but before her feet touch the sheets Kim feels pressure against her ass and pussy.  She groans with the realization that she’s being lowered onto two hungry cocks.  Charlotte is still holding her legs and mounting them onto the chest of the man in front.  Kim's body folds tightly as she's squeezed between the two men. But as the tips of the shafts begin to penetrate Kim starts to buck and thrash between the two men.  Her groaning grows into an animal scream as the two shafts alternate their pounding.  Charlotte is moving around the trio slapping their thighs with her riding crop. 


The two men are pawing all over Kim’s flesh grapping her breasts and gnawing  as they drive into her. Their alternating rhythm continues and Kim bucks and screams between them.  The crop stings her flesh and with each sting of leather the shafts drive deeper.  Kim can’t tell which of the men comes first but they are coming furiously as her screams rolls into a moan.  She is exhausted and melting as her glistening body slides down between the two men.


She feels herself lowered to the bed  and limp with satisfaction she rests her head in Charlotte’s warm lap.  Charlotte is stroking her hair and gently removing the gag and blindfold.  Kimberly is weak and placid as she looks up at her with her sweet innocent eyes.  She tries to speak but she has no voice left.  She gulps some of the water Charlotte offers but is shocked to see two men attaching something to her ankles. 


The men are attaching gravity boots, like those she once wore for a magazine spread shot at the mansion.  She would also wear them and hang upside down as Hef ate her out and she sucked him dry.  She loved it.  Now she looks up dreamily at Charlotte as the two men begin to hoist her up.  She is too weak to resist as her sweaty body slides along the damp sheets.  Charlotte is moving along with her and supporting her as first her long legs lift into the air; then her round, plump, now soft and tender rear lifts off the bed. The sheets stick for a moment to her moist skin, seemingly reluctant to let go of that delicious flesh. Charlotte holds her shoulders as her body is lifted into the air.


Blissed out and bleary-eyed Kim dangles upside down with Charlotte under her holding her up.  She is humming softly to herself; she has not really stopped moaning since the last double screwing.  She dreamily looks out at Charlotte, too tired to care what happens to her next.  Her lovely arms hang loosely down over Charlotte, and her beautiful breasts look wonderful hanging there shapely and ready for kisses.  Her belly is flat and smooth and leads up to the ever dewy bush; between her thighs the swollen lips of her pussy glow with invitation.  She hums and sways and loses herself in wave after wave of joy as each stroke of the evening seems to repeat itself inside her.


Then she feels a loving tender touch on her rear.  Somebody is caressing her bottom with one hand while the other runs its nails slightly up her spine.  She feels a warm cheek rest against her buns.  "Barbara," she moans, or thinks she moans; all that comes out is a long passionate hungry sigh.


Barbara  gives Kim's ass a gentle pat and steps in front of her. She's dressed the same as Charlotte except she's not wearing any panties.  "Mmmm, Kimmy, you look positively yummy.  Like candy in the fudge shop window.  Are you as yummy as you look?"  Barbara, holding Kimberly's buns in her hands begins to dart her tongue gently over the lips of her pussy.  "Oh, this is sweet." Her tongue flicks over her thighs and her belly but always return for a quick, delicate lick in that glorious snatch.  Kim looks up and can see Barbara's pussy moist and ready in front of her.  She's still moaning quietly and slowly writhing in the air as Barbara's tongue works over her legs and tummy and pussy.


After a few dreamy moments Kim begins to hum louder. Charlotte is also moaning and crying as she watches Barbara work her mouth on Kim.  Slowly Kim lifts one arm and puts a hand on Barbara's rear.  Then the other hand comes up.  Charlotte gently lifts Kim's head as Barbara moves her own bush into Kim's sweet face. Kim's tongue has a mind of its own as it slips out to meet the lips of Barbara's hungry pussy.   Everything is moving slowly and deliberately; Kim's tongue is licking and tasting delicately, so is Barbara‘s.  Charlotte is looking up and admiring the glories of the two playmates giving pleasure to each other. 


Reflexively Kim gulps and swallows some of the hot juices; as the honey drips down her throat she tightens her grip on Barbara’s rear. Kim’s tongue goes a little deeper and she squeezes even harder.  Each of her actions is matched by Barbara.  Gradually she begins to come out of her blissful haze and dig more hungrily into Barbara.  At the same time her body stiffens and trembles with ecstasy.  Her thighs tighten around Barbara’s head while Barbara’s tongue seems to reach down through Kim’s pussy to lick her heart.  Charlotte starts rocking back and forth whispering, then shouting, “Yes, yes, yes!”  This starts both Kim and Barbara writhing against each other. 


At this point Kim has no thoughts; her gorgeous, perfect body and her sweet, innocent soul have turned into a machine of sex and lust.  Her translucent skin flushes and the blood pounds through her veins.  Her round breasts tremble and her green eyes are flashing as they take in the sight of Barbara's thighs pressed against her.  Perhaps she is dizzy from being dangled upside down or perhaps it’s the memory of all the fingers and tongues and cocks that have pierced her tonight but suddenly her body straightens, her toes point to the ceiling, her nipples push out as far as they can go, her bottom clinches, her legs press against Barbara's head, while her fingers dig into Barbara's buns, and with one low, deep, soulful groan she faints.


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