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To Make A Sex Addict

Novel By: GabyMarie04

Ivey Flores has been kidnapped. Her old life-It's gone now. He's got her and he's not letting go. He's forced her into his car. Into their house. Into this sick life. What else is he going to force Ivey into doing? She really doesn't want to know. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6

When Marcus comes back into the room a few minutes later Diana is trailing behind him. I blink at her, surprised and she smiles a wicked smile at me. She's wearing even less clothes than before, and I can't help but feel my face burn. Something about how little clothes she's wearing makes me warm.

"Have some fun with Diana, Ivey. I'll be back in a few minutes to join in." he winks before leaving the room again. Um, what? Diana takes a couple steps closer to me and I think I know.

"Have you ever wanted to experiment with a girl, Ivey?" I feel my cheeks burn.

"I...What?" She moves even closer to me and I can feel her breathing on my face. My pulse quickens.

"Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to do what you do with a guy...but with the soft, gentle touch of a girl instead?" Diana's hand touches the outside of my thigh and when I don't move she slides it to the inside. I can't help it but my lower body starts to burn. I can't move, even if I wanted to. "Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to feel things on your naked body that a guy can't offer? Like these?" She leans forward and presses her tits against mine. A shakey breath leaves my throat as I feel how hard her nipple are. I feel myself getting wet. Diana slides her hand up and skims her finger against the outside of my panties, skimming my folds. "Say something, Ivey." She whispers into my ear.

I can't take it anymore.

"Touch me, Diana." She smiles naughtily at me and bites her bottom lip.

"I knew you'd say that." Within a second her lips are smashed against mine. They're even softer than Marcus' and skimmed slightly with lip gloss. Her tongue pushes my lips open and as it melts against mine I loose myself. My arms wrap around her waist and I mold her against me, feeling her rock hard nipples press against mine. I pant out a breath and let her kiss me hard, her tongue going everywhere it can as I rub my chest against hers. The urge to shove her against a wall and lock my mouth around her tit is almost too much. I never for a second thought I wanted girls like this until now.

Diana backs me up until I feel the bed pressing against my knees. I stand there for a second before she pulls away from me. Before I can even react she pushes me onto my back and is laying on top of me. Her hands skim everywhere on my body that they can reach as she drags her lips down my jaw line. Diana's hand finds its way under my lace and bra. Her soft fingers tweak and pull on my nipple as she sucks on my neck. I moan and grab her hips, holding them against mine. I let her tease me for a couple minutes before I can't take it anymore and I roll us over. Gripping the edge of her lace, I shove it and her bra up and out of my way. My mouth latches onto her left tit and she shrieks, her hand finding my panties.

As I suck at her as if I were a child, she pushes my panties to the side and skims her fingers against my clit. We moan at the same time and I bite down her nipple. She screams and pinches my clit, making me scream in response. Moving to her other boob, I lave and suck feverishly, bitting and nipping all around it. Diana moans and pumps her hand against my clit. Pushing me off her, she climbs back on top and removes my panties.

"Oh, this is when I wish I had a dick.I'd fuck the shit out of you right now." Sitting on my knees, she shoves her fingers inside of me. I'm so wet by now that her fingers slide right in. Diana yankes them back out and forces them back in, then spins her hand. I groan low in my throat and she fingers me harder, shofing her figers in over and over again.

Reaching down, i grab my own clit into my hand and push down on it as Diana fingers me. I whimper and push on it again, wantign to find my release. Pushing my hand out of her way, Diana uses her free hand to tweak and push on my clit. I pant and moan until finally my cunt grips her fingers and I release on her. She pulls her fingers out and smiles at me before standing up.

Marcus is standing behind her, a look of complete lust on his face.

"That was just about the hottest thing I have ever seen." Diana laughs.

"Well she's all yours now, big boy. Have fun" She waves and winks at me before leaving the room. What the hell just happend?
Before I can think about it, Marcus is on top of me. And his clothes are definetly gone.

"Are you ready for some real cock in you instead of fingers?" My body reacts almost instantly and I nod, rubbing against him. Marcus groans. "Good. Because after that, I'm definetly ready to fuck you hard. Be ready to beg for mercy." Grabbing my wrists in his hands, he pins them over head and positions himself between my legs. As he sliips his head in me I moan and wrap my legs around his waist. He chuckles before pushing into me more. My eyes close and i dig my nails into my palms. He just feels so good.

When he's all the way in, he stops and kisses me. His tongue dances slowly with mine as he slips out and pushes back in. I moan against his lips. He continues to go slow for a long time. Over and over his dick slides in slowly, inch by inch, then pulls out the same way. My pussy burns with a warm glowing fire. Until he bites my lip. His teeth bite hard on my lower lip and my body ignites with more than just a glow. I'm on fire and Marcus must feel it because he starts going faster. My body screams for more.

Almost there, I think to myself. But when I hear Marcus groan in reply, I realize I've said it out loud.

Deeper. Harder.

So close.

I feel it.

It's coming.

Marcus grinds his hips into mine and moans, long and low. His cock seems to grow thicker and he shoves it in and yanks it out. It pushes against my walls, sending my head spinning. I wish I could stay here forever. To have Marcus fuck me all day until I finally give a mind blowing orgasm that's so amazing it's the last thing I ever experiance. If only-

"Ahh! Marcus, I'm gonna come!" I scream, bitting my lip. He slices in harder, hitting the bed against the wall with bangs so loud I feel like the walls going to crumble down. But I don't care. the only thing I care about right now is Marcus' thick cock as it thrusts in and out of me. "Harder!" Marcue goes even harder, making me scream in pleasure with ever mind numbing thrust. My legs fall from around him but I met his every thrust, shoving my hips up to meet his.

"Ivey!" Marcus moans in my ear. The sound of his voice sends me over the edge. My cunt clenches him so suddenly and grunts and has to stop moving. His head falls onto my shoulder as I scream my release. He groans and I feel his hips jerking as he shoots into me. I gasp slowly as he fills me entirely. Nothing could feel better than this.


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