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To Make A Sex Addict

Novel By: GabyMarie04

Ivey Flores has been kidnapped. Her old life-It's gone now. He's got her and he's not letting go. He's forced her into his car. Into their house. Into this sick life. What else is he going to force Ivey into doing? She really doesn't want to know. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5

"Ivey, you drive me insane." Marcus murmurs in my ear as he slips out of me. I sigh deeply andn run my fingers through his sweat-thick hair. He smiles down at me and kisses me on my nose before getting up. I give him a confused look. Where is he going? "What?" He asks innocently. "You can't tell me you're not hungry. You've been here for about eighteen hours already; you have to be hungry." As if on cue, my stomach growls.

"Well, you got me there." I admit, blushing up at him. Marcus just laughs.

"Get dressed, gorgeous. I'll take you downstairs so you can eat and meet the girls." I'm about to tell him that I already met some of them, but he steps into the bathroom before I can say anything. I shrug and start tugging on clothes that are laying on the dresser as I think about what he said. Eighteen hours? I've only been in here for eighteen hours and I've already lost my virginity and slept with the guy twice?


Ehh, oh well. I tell myself, and the little voice of reason. I should have been doing this a long time ago. I've been missing out.

When Marcus steps back out of the bathroom he's fully dressed and I have to admit that I'm a little dissapointed. I kind of hoped he'd change his mind and come back out buck naked and want to go for round three. But hey, he does look pretty damn sexy. With that tight, black long sleeve and jeans he looks pretty hot. Especially with his long black hair still slightly glistened with sweat from when we...I shiver and bite my lip as I look up at him. Again I'm dissapointed when he doesn't jump on me for looking at him like that, but he's distracted.

His eyes are glued onto my body. Looking down, I realize what the 'clothes' on the dresser really were. Lingerie, and the smallest kind. Bright red bra and matching panties, the lace on top reaching my knees and entirely see-through black. I can't help but notice how the bra gives me a little more push up then I really have; it's shoving my tits up almost to my chin. They're pretty squished, if you want me to be honest. But if it gets Marcus to look at me like that, I don't care.

"Damn, Ivey." Marcus says, eyes still stuck on my chest. "Took two seconds and I'm already getting a hard on. If I wasn't to damn hungry I'd fuck you again right now." Reaching down, he rubs his hand against a bulge growing in his jeans. I stare at it for a second too long before looking back up into his eye. "Oh, how the guys are gonna love you." Letting go of himself, Marcus reaches for my hand instead. He threads his fingers through mine before opening the door to my room and tugging me out.

The house is just like any other mansion; huge as fuck and covered in expensive looking furniture. We're upstairs, so as Marcus takes me downstairs I try not to look around too much. I don't want him thinking i'm looking for an escape. I don't want to leave. If I can get fucked like how I did today every night, I never want to leave.

When he takes me into the kitchen area I gasp. There's girls my age walking around everywhere, all wearing the lingerie. Some are even just wearing bras and panties. I gulp, suddenly self concious. These girls are gorgeous; a hell of a lot prettier than I am. Not to mention the fact that their boobs are huge. I'm afraid to look at how big their asses are compared to mine. When they all turn to look at me, I can't help but shrink behind Marcus' strong arm.

"Hey, ladies." He says, smiling over at them. Some smile, but most don't. Everyone mumbles their hellos. "This is Ivey." He tugs me out from behind him and shows me to the girls. I try to stand straight and act confident, but I can tell they're not buying it. Some look sympathetic. Others look pissed and envious. And then there's the two smiling faces.

"Ivey!" Diana yells, wrapping me in a hug. Clara's right behind her and gives me a big hug next.

"Hey," I smile at them, glad there's someone here that isn't looking at me weird.

"Well I see you've already made some friends. Good. Well, I have to go talk to the guys about keeping their meaty paws off you. Stay here, alright?" I nod and Marcus bends over to kiss my hand that's still twined with his before hurrying off into another doorway. Diana and Clara just stare at me with smiles.

"I see things went well?" Clara guesses, running her fingers through my sweaty hair. Diana laughs.

"Yeup." My smile widens. Diana runs her hand against my bra strap.

"Damn, girl. Isaiah never let's me walk around in this stuff." Diana's eyes sparkle with mischief. "I guess he really had fun. How many times did he fuck the shit out of you?"

"Diana!" Clara yells, covering my ears as we laugh. "Don't taint the poor girl yet. She just got here!"

"Oh, it's fine. And just twice." I can tell they hear the dissapointment in my voice. Clara looks slightly concered, but doesn't say anything.

"Just twice? Sounds like you want more. You were a virgin weren't you? Didn't it hurt?"

"Oh hell yeah it did. But I didn't even care." Diana laughs.

"I like you, Ivey. You're gonna be a whore quick. I love it. Soon you're gonna be addicted to Marcus' cock. How big is it, anyway-" Marcus walks back into the room and Diana quickly shuts up, her face turning red.

"What's big?" Marcus asks. But with the look in his eye, you can tell he knows exactly what we were talking about.

"My appetite!" I yell, trying to cover it up. How embarassing. "I'm so hungry."

"Well good, because lunch smells really good."

Turns out they have a cook. Damn. How rich are these guys? We eat multiple servings of some weird pasta that I'm too afraid to ask what it is. But I don't even care. Once that first bite reaches my stomach I can't get enough. I practically inhale it and afterwards Marcus looks at me with his cute smirk of his. We head back up to the room with finers threaded.

"Someone was pretty hungry."

"I told you I was." I respond, batting my eyelashes at him. He chuckles, a sly look in his eyes.

"I hope you're not too full though. Cause I definetly have-"

"Hey, Scott!" a voice calls from down thw hall. It's male, and is adressing Marcus by his last name. Weird. We both turn around to see a tall, extremely buff blond with sparkling blue eyes. He'd be extremely hot if he didn't carry himself like a cocky bastard and had a scary, all knowing look in his eyes. He looked over at me like he was seeing me completely naked--not that it was hard in these clothes, but whatever--and he liked what he sees and could get it in a second flat. Like all he had to do was smile and he's be in my panties. Marcus automatically molded me against his side.

"Jacobs." Marcus replies, his voice entirely too nuetral. By how close he held me and how stiff he was, I could tell he didn't like this Jacobs guy at all.

"Who's this gorgeous piece of work right here?" His eyes skim over my body again and I press closer into Marcus' side. This guy is creeping me that fuck out.

"This is my new pick up. I found her yesterday." Found? He'd known me since 7th grade. But he obviously didn't want pervy here to know that so I didn't say anything.

"How good is she at giving head? Look at those lips, I bet she's great. And she's probably fucking tight too; she was a virgin wasn't she?" Jacobs bites his lip as he looks at me and I shiver. Marcus snakes his arms around my waist.

"That's enough, Jacobs. I've already told the board I'm not sharing this one." There's a growl in Marcus' voice that I'd ever only heard once when he was in a fist fight with a guy at school. This could get bad.

"She's that tight, huh? You lucky shit." Jacobs looked down at me and I resisted the urge to jump behind Marcus with a girlish scream. I just hated the way this creep was looking at me. "I wish Diana was still that good. I think I worked her a little too hard--she's not as snug anymore. Not that it matters; I fuck her friend too anyway." This must be Isaiah. What a fucking punk ass-- "You know, if you came with me I'd work you out good. Ask any of the girls here: I'm the best. I'd even fuck you in the ass if you were nice." He winked and I shivered again, this time gripping the back of Marcus' shirt in my hand.

"Goto hell, Isaiah. You know the rules. You can't touch or say anything to her. And know that you did, I get a free ride." Marcus says before turning us around and pulling me down the hall. I couldn't be more relieved. The only thing Isaiah had to say to our backs was,

"Damn. Look at that ass." I resisted the urge to cover my butt up with my hands and let Marcus lead me to my room.

"I'm sorry for him." he says, leaning over and kissing me on my lips softly.

"It's okay." I murmur, wishing he'd feel really bad about it and just fuck his sorrow out on me. He smiles and for a seconnd I think he somehow read my mind.

"Wait here. I know someone who will love to cheer you up."


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