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I may be young...

Novel By: fight4thislove

Tags: Sex, Love, Death

the first chapter: when Natalie is suddenley dumped she is distraught...however then she meets..Him. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2010    Reads: 143    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Jessica's point of view (after Natalie had gone home) : I watched as another bottle of beer crashed to the floor. The beer that my dad had told me to stay clear of. This party was getting out of hand. But with my parents away for the week and the nearest adult around was an 16 years old and pissed out of his mind, i had no one to turn to. "All right everyone maybe you could make your way home now?" I shouted in an attempt to calm them down. However the only response i received was yet another bottle of beer thrown to my head.

Where the hell was Natalie? I wondered whilst clambering up the stairs. I decided i could wait up there for awhile until the party dies down. If it ever will.

I nudged open the door and to my surprise found Jason sat there on my bed. Ohhhh yes! Jason was probably my brother's sexiest friend. And he was in my room. Sat on my bed! Phoar ever since i met Jason i had a massive crush on him. But i have never been able to pluck up the courage to confront him. But tonight was special. I could feel it. Tonight was going to be the night!

I smoothed my hair and straightened out my clothes. "oh hello Jason!" I said in a high flirtatious voice. "What a surprise to see you here!" I strutted over to the bed and positioned myself close to him so that our thighs were touching.

"Um..Hello Natalie." He replied looking somewhat uncomfortable. Luckily the dress i was wearing barely went past my bum, and was so low you could practically see down my top. Slutty but worth it. And it was the perfect excuse to snuggle up to him. "brrrrr its so cold!" i shrieked nuzzling closer to him. His arm awkwardly rested round my shoulder. I made sure that my breasts pressed into him. "Thank you" i breathed into his neck. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was ready to make the first move. Slowly i undid the first two buttons on my dress. Then the next. He still hadn't noticed! He was too busy looking out of my window! I unbuttoned the last one. "close your eyes." I whispered gently.

"w..w..why?" He asked.

"Just do it" I pleaded. He reluctantly shut them. I hopped out of his arms to retrieve some string that i had. Then before slipping out of my dress i went over and tied his legs together, and then his hands. "what...what are you doing?" He questioned opening his eyes. I winked at him. "why aren't you wearin.."

But before he could finish his sentence i had pushed him so that he was lying down on the bed and then clambered on him. Wrapping my legs around him. I slid my hands underneath his top and caressed his six-pack. "I know you want me." I breathed licking my lips.


"I know you need me" i pulled his top off.

"listen i.." He started. But i pushed my lips against his. He was unable to fight back. My tongue lapped all around inside his mouth. My body began to move up and down him as if i was riding him. Ohh how i wish i was. I moaned in pleasure deep within the snog. I eventually left his lips and began licking up and down his six-pack whilst unzipping his jeans and pulling them down. "Jessica listen to me i cant..." But i shut him up by grabbing his boxers down and forcing him inside my mouth. He nearly cried out as i began sucking and licking. However i obviously didn't tighten the string hard enough because he had released his hands and was pulling me off him. As he sat up i clambered back on his lap wrapping my legs around his waist.

"Jessica what are you doing??" He said trying to get up.

"what do you mean?" I said pushing him back down.

"All this!" He replied frustratedly.

"I couldn't resist." I said inbetween licking his neck. "Your so sexy" I then passionately began snogging him.

He Stood up before i could prevent him. "I have to go" He growled throwing on his clothes. "So soon?" I said innocently. He didn't reply. He just barged out of the room. As for me i just sat there and cried.


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