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I may be young...

Novel By: fight4thislove

Tags: Sex, Love, Death

the first chapter: when Natalie is suddenley dumped she is distraught...however then she meets..Him. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 3, 2010    Reads: 993    Comments: 14    Likes: 5   

"y..y..Your dumping me??" I stuttered clutching my glass of cocktail juice trying to fight back the tears that were stinging my eyes.

"Look Natalie I'm sorry...I didn't think it would upset you." He said. He blatantly knew it would. Why wouldn't it?

And of all nights to dump me he picks now.At my best friend Jessica's 13th birthday party.Surrounded by everyone's watching eye. I don't understand. I mean...I know I'm 13 and relationships never last long at this age...And I know we never kissed...or held hands...or even hugged...but I really thought we had something.Chemistry.

I have to get out of here. Before I burst into tears.But where am I supposed to go? Jessica has been talking about this party nonstop since last year. She would be devastated if I left. I decided to head for her bedroom. At least there i could cry in peace. I dropped my glass and ran for the stairs. Leaving behind me cry's of people shouting for me. Tears were now streaming down my face as I shoved open Jessica's bedroom door and flung myself on her bed. I lay there sobbing into her pillow until I heard a movement.

"Woah...I..er..are you ok?" Said a male voice.

I looked up to find a Tall, slightly tanned boy about the age of 17 with dark brown hair sweeping across his slender face sat at the edge of the bed. His light hazelnut eyes looked concerned as they studied me. He was gorgeous. However I would never say that out loud.

It suddenly dawned on me how awful I must look. Mascara running down my red, blotchy face. My hair all scrunched up and tattered as though it had been backcombed using a broom. I sat up on the bed beside him.

And then...I found myself spilling out everything to him. About how I had been dumped. And how everyone is now going to think I am a total idiot. But he seemed to know exactly the right things to say to me. After I had finished I asked him why he was here alone. "Oh Jessica's brother was allowed to invite some friends round but..." He paused to let out a small sigh. "but what?" I asked gently.

"I recently split up with my long-term girlfriend. It kind of ended badly. And he tactfully invited her. I just can't see her right now." He muttered.

I may be wrong but I think could see a few tear drops misting over his eyes.

"I guess we're both pretty unlucky, huh?" I whispered. He nodded slowly. He then looked up. Our eyes met each other. Wow. I desperately wanted to kiss him right now. But would that be weird? Then again...He doesn't know my age does he? I slowly reached my hand out to place it on his neck, leaning in closer. He moved in and our lips touched. I placed both arms around his shoulder. He put his on my waist. His lips felt like heaven. I confidently pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He began to moan gently in pleasure. I climbed onto his lap flinging my legs around his waist. His hands roamed up and down my thighs.

I started swaying up and down as we kissed passionately. His hands climbed higher up my mini dress until it hovered just above the lace of my pants. He hesitated. "Go for it" I whispered in his ear whilst sliding my hands along his shirt. I started breathing harder as I pulled it off.

"Are you sure?" He whispered back. Gripping the lace of my pants in his hand.

"More than ever" I replied unzipping his jeans. I lay down on the bed. He softly Pulled my pants down and let them fall on the floor. We smiled at each other as his trousers came off. I let him pull of my dress leaving me lying on the bed in just my bra. "You're really beautiful." He sighed happily. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me. "And you are gorgeous" There. I said it. He kissed my neck as I began to pull down his boxers. His hands slipped around me and began unclipping my bra. Our eyes explored each other. He was sexy in every way. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed him inside me. I was ready to give myself to him. With one hand gently massaging my rosy nipple, his mouth gently sucked the other one. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. His tongue lapped at my tit leaving me in ecstasy. I grabbed his hard penis and massaged it with my fingers. He let out a loud moan. His lips kissed my stomach all the way down to my opening. He kissed the crease before shoving his tongue deep down inside it. I nearly let out a loud cry in pleasure but managed to hold it in by gripping the sides of the bed. His tongue roamed down deeper. My loud groans filled the room.

We rolled over so that I was on top. I clutched his penis in my hand and gently pushed it inside my mouth. He cried out loud and I knew that he couldn't hold it in any longer. I was right. It came bursting out allowing me to suck it all up. It tasted so amazing. It just kept flowing out. Until finally I drank up the last drops. I then lay down on top of him pressing my chest against his, and just snogged him. We passionately felt each other up as our lips entwined. We rolled around on the bed. Backwards and forwards. Until we rested with him on top. I closed my eyes, our hands tightly clenched together. That's when I felt him enter me. The tip of him pushed down inside. I winced in pain as I felt a sharp sting. He hesitated. "Am i hurting you?" His soothing voice asked.

"No no please its incredible!" I insisted. And it was. With every thrust he made I just felt so...so...oh words simply cannot describe how magnificent it felt. As he thrusted it down deeper I couldn't help myself. I just screamed so loud. Fortunately downstairs the music was so loud you could barely hear your own voice or pretty much anything. Jessica is going to have a pretty hard time with her neighbours tomorrow. I started to ride him ever so gently. Soon our bodies began to entwine together. Our soft movements as I rode him were like a dance.

I never wanted to this moment to end. I loved him. But all things come to an end. Suddenly I heard the beeping of my phone. Oh for goodness sake. He pulled out of me and lay on the bed. I clambered up to find that it was my Mum. My heart sunk. Apparently she needed me home urgently. I started panic. Urgent? What had happened?

I Practically threw on my clothes, racing around Jessica's room frantically, leaving him looking very confused on the bed.

"what's happened are you ok?" His gentle voice questioned.

"I...I..don't know" I stuttered. "apparently I need to go home urgently, look I'm so, so sorry I wish I could stay with you. I wish we could finis..."

"hey its ok!" He smiled. "your incredible. I promise we can see each other another time" He then started getting dressed. I placed my hands on either side of his head and drew him in for a big passionate kiss. I then ran out of the room. Thats when I realised...I had no idea what his name was.


Hey guys next chapter will be up shortly :)xxx


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