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darkened lust

Novel By: feastofanubis

Tags: Dark, Erotica

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Submitted:Feb 10, 2013    Reads: 1,840    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

I awoke ,my mind was but shards of broken glass... my body enveloped in a dark cryptlike tomb in the distance i see a light beckoning to touch my skin and veil the beauty of warmth upon my skin,i draw closer to the light forever to leave this dreaded place that was absent of life

i draw nearer and my eyes see a thing once forbidden to me in this vile tomb of a prison,i reach closer my eyes gaze the light my skin feels the warmth upon my breast feeling its energy titilate my skin ,craving it more i move further to it seeing it is a crack in this vile mausoleum of horror that kept me from the lusts within....to be free

as i get close to the light i find it is a hole in which i soon will find freedom,and my desires fulfilled

as i push the crevice shakes and crumbles upon my naked form and dew and dust trickles down my naked body

pushing harder as lovers in coitus ,i push it open with my strength to be truly free and feel the sun upon my body,to feel rain shower me with lustful thoughts of a new found life.......

As i tread my feet upon the ground i find the light burning my eyes ,wondering thoughts fill my mind,"who Am i?" Why was I imprisoned?these thoughts are forbidden to me for my memory is of loss,for they are but shards of fragmented thoughts."why was i put away in such a way to be hidden from the world,abandoned of life..

i curse the gods for such a cruel punishment not knowing what i have done,for it troubles me not ,for my lust for life begins a new

and why these gripping shackles and chains with their death rattle as i tread further in this new world.

as i breathe deep the air i smell a strange flora and water upon the air, as i approach the new scents i see column like structure ,hoping to find rest in this place a place of shelter from the elements. as i gaze forward into this temple like structure for it looks old and worn of ancients colomns remind me of something but it escapes the fathoms of my mind as i gaze forward i hear water splasing a pool and tread carefully further in and in my pleasure i see two youthful forms bathing so tread further to investigate. as my eyes gaze upon them a fiery passion burns in my loins a desire to look further.the first is a young woman blossoming with desire,the other a youthful man warrior like almost but has yet to see battle for his skin untouched of war.i see the water glistening off the woman slowly trickling down their naked beauty,and in awe i continue to consume my eyes upon their magnificent forms. as the couple continues to bathe i'm consumed with lustful thoughts deep inside my mind,watching their hands caress each others forms with such gentle and sensuous desire,i fel the fire in my thighs burn hot... watching the lovers inspire great thoughts of passion curious if they continue on before my presence is discovered.the warrior glazed with desire continues to caress the woman's shoulders caressing her back in such fashion brings fire to my loins. as his caress furthers down to her ass he cups it in such a way my nectar flows fom thighs craving to feel his hands upon my own and wanton desire to be filled with his love his manhood. i hear her whimper with hot desire craving her warrior to further on his exploration of her naked form. they then turn embraced with lustfuldesire .i see the warrior now kissing her slowly with the wettest of lips revealing his tongue upon her in a most desireful way my nectar begins to flow and trickle down my leg.....


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