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Novel By: EroticAuthorLana

SexAtional Satsuma
Confessions of a naughty Sex Therapist

**These novels are for age 18 and over!!! Due to the popularity in reading of the excerpts of "Sex dreams & Fantasies" (54 pages) and "Sexational Satsuma:Confessions of a Naughty Sex Therapist" (434 pages) both by Lana Yves, we have decided to give readers on Booksie a discounted price if you purchase both books. Regular Price on Amazon on both E-books is $5 but for both books if purchased directly from the Author is just $2.00. This discounted offer is expires on January 31st 2013 Go my website and order by Paypal: http://eroticafiction.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/35875 **

By Lana Yves


http://amzn.to/THt3X6 OR http://bit.ly/VkY1Ro

Beautiful Satsuma Larene, a Sex Therapist and Expert didn’t lose her virginity until she was twenty years old but before she had sex, she had studied the art of sex and was more familiar with every aspect of sex than many of her friends who had already had sex. Once she lost her virginity to Roberto, a tall, handsome London Lawyer, all bets were off. Satsuma embraced her sexuality and participated in exciting sexual activities with Roberto and other couples.
Satsuma didn’t believe in love until the very debonair and successful Dr. Michael King came into her life. Her excitement turned sour when she was dumped by Michael and she gave up on love but continued to explore sex with different people. When love found her again, she was reluctant to give up her exciting sex life.
Could she convince her new love to join her sexual hedonistic lifestyle? View table of contents...


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434 PAGE OF EROTICA FOR AGE 18+ ONLY!!! Adult content and R-Rated!

SexAtional SatsumaConfessions of a naughty Sex TherapistBy Lana Yves
LINK: http://amzn.to/THt3X6 OR http://bit.ly/VkY1Ro
Copyright 2012 @ Lana Yves! All Rights Reserved!

These novels are for age 18 and over!!! Due to the popularity in reading of the excerpts of \"Sex dreams & Fantasies\" (54 pages) and \"Sexational Satsuma:Confessions of a Naughty Sex Therapist\" (434 pages) both by Lana Yves, we have decided to give readers on Booksie a discounted price if you purchase both books. Regular Price on Amazon on both E-books is $5 but for both books if purchased directly from the Author is just $2.00. This discounted offer is only available from now until December 25th at 11pm. Go my website and order by Paypal: http://eroticafiction.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/35875

CHAPTER 1 - Sexational Virgin!

I deliberately got to Camilla's party later. I wanted to wait until the party was in full swing before making my grand entrance. I gave myself one quick look in the mirror as I walked out to the massive living room to gasps. I knew that all eyes were on me as I wiggled my hips and walked as slowly and sexily as I had been practicing. I knew I looked stunning. I was wearing a very short backless dress with slits at the front paired with six inch heels. None of my friends had ever seen me dress like this before.

I had been looking forward to my cousin and flat mate, Camilla's birthday party which was being held at our flat. This would be my "coming out as sexy party." When I was in school, I didn't garner as much attention as Camilla did. Now I'm in University and nearly twenty years old, I've learned how to use my sexuality to attract men and even women. My goal at this party was to make one particular popular boy take notice of me. William Sanders was a gorgeous boy from a wealthy family. He was popular in school and had many girlfriends but he ignored girls like me. My goal at the party was to lose my virginity to him. I wanted to know what it would feel like to have William fuck me. I wanted to do things to him that no other girl had done.

Being a late starter in sexual activities didn't hinder my desires for sex. I have remained a virgin due to pressures by my strict parents and my religious background. I also spent my secondary school years being a serious student however, I was an experienced virgin - maybe not physically but I have studied and analyzed different types of sex and sexual positions because I have always had a deeper interest in sex than many of my female friends. Everything I know about sex was self-taught. I knew that once I start having sex that I would enjoy it very much. I spend time reading about sex and I think about sex more than many women. My university degree will focus on sex therapy.

I've watched LIVE SEX, and I collect pornographic movies, sex magazines, DVDs and a variety of sex toys. Sex seems pleasurable to me based on my research.

I was nineteen years old going on twenty when I decided that I wanted to lose my virginity to William. I wasn't his girlfriend, just one of those pimply girls which boys like him ignored. He didn't fancy someone like me, I knew that! He was more interested in my cousin Camilla who was very pretty but she already had a boyfriend although she was always flirty with William. I used to talk to Camilla several times about William and told her that I fancied him but she always said to just forget about him because he was a heartbreaker and a troublemaker.

I wasn't interested in falling in love, I just wanted sex. I was a virgin with raging hormones.

Every girl I knew in my school had had sex by the age of 14 and here I was, still a virgin at nineteen years old, going on twenty. This was a result of a strict, Christian upbringing. My parents always said that I would go to hell if I had sex outside of wedlock. Who still waits for marriage to have sex? We were in the twenty-first century and times have changed. I was ready and I had my eyes on the one boy who could probably break my heart and that boy was William.

I walked around the party to chat with some of my friends and I noticed that William was at the party alone probably hoping to get as many girls as possible and maybe even to convince Camilla to fuck him.

The party was jam-packed with kids from our secondary school who also now attend the University of Westminster. I walked confidently around the room until I purposely bumped into William. I glanced at him briefly and walked away.

"Who's that girl?" I heard William ask! I was glad that I caught his attention.

I pretended like I hadn't noticed William and walked briskly over to where Camilla and her Roberto were standing. Everyone knew William was a popular boy and he had dated all the pretty girls in school. Here I was a blossoming young girl who had never been kissed before trying to get him to take notice of me which he did! My goal was to lose my virginity to William tonight. I didn't care about the ramifications or the nonsense my parents had told me. It was time to part with my virginity. I wanted William to be my first sex partner. I wanted to taste his cock. I wanted to give him a mind blowing cock sucking just as I had practiced several times with my dildo.

Mother taught me to be persistent if I wanted anything in life and I was determined to fuck William tonight. He was a slut so now that I got his attention, I doubt he would say NO to me. As I was chatting with my cousin and her boyfriend, William came over and asked me to dance.

Roberto whispered to me "be careful with him."

"I didn't know it was you Satsuma." William Said! "You look beautiful tonight. You've changed, you're a woman now!"

What an idiot, I thought to myself. He only liked girls who behaved and dressed like sluts eh! I would show him. He held me close and I pressed my lithe body into his. I placed my hand on his bum and squeezed his cheeks. I flirted with him relentlessly and shamelessly. I didn't want to marry William. He was not a boyfriend or a husband material. I just wanted to FUCK him tonight. I wanted him to be my FIRST.

I would be his slutty virgin tonight! I wanted to know what all the excitement about this boy was. What was the big deal about William anyway? Why was he so popular in school with all the girls? He had never made time to be nice to me. He always had a nasty remark for me when we were in school. He always teased me about the pimples on my face and my awkwardness. All the girls wanted to be with him and boys wanted to be just like him. He left a trail of broken hearts behind him in school but I was determined he was not going to break my heart. I wanted just one night with him to prove to myself that I could have a good looking bloke and also to put into practice what I learned from all my sex studies. I may be a virgin but I was an expert at sex. My friends always called me for advice about sex and they referred to me as the "virgin sexpert". Some have even called me a slutty virgin!

We danced seductively as we continued to flirt with each other.

"Do you want to come to my bedroom William?" I asked seductively in my silky, soft voice. It's a lot quieter in there, I said, trying to sound as sexy as I could!

William wasn't drunk. He had a couple of beers and was tipsy but not drunk so he wouldn't be able to claim that he had sex with me because he was drunk. I wasn't drunk either but I was very tipsy. I maybe young, naïve and inexperienced sexually, but I knew exactly what I was doing. I had planned this and tonight was going to be the night.

He followed me into my room and once the door was locked behind us, he didn't waste any time at all as he pulled me towards him and French kissed me. Okay, he's a fast one, I thought! I pushed him away gently.

"Slow down William." I barked at him!

"What's the matter Satsuma, don't you like me?" He asked!

"Of course I do William." I said in my sexiest voice which I had practiced in front of a mirror several times then I touched his shirt and caressed his nipples through his silk designer shirt before unbuttoning it and I kissed each of his nipples. I lifted up my face to meet his lips and we kissed! We teased each other' tongues and then went in for the deep, long kiss. This was my first proper kiss but you couldn't tell because I had practiced on a doll for many years and I kissed like I had been doing it for many years. His hands went up to unbutton my blouse but I stopped him as I wanted to be in control of tonight.

This was my night not William's!

I pulled him by the wrist and led him to my bed then pushed him on the bed and sat on him. I unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and rained kisses on his chest then made my way down to his stomach until I got to his cock area. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers down. When I looked up at him, there was a glint of surprise and excitement on his face. I was still clothed but climbed on top of William who was now fully naked. I reached into my bedside drawer and brought out my handcuffs and cuffed his hand to the bed post. He looked at me worryingly at first but I reassured him that he had nothing to worry about.

"Don't worry William I'm not going to hurt you". I whispered! I handcuffed his other hand before blindfolding him. I then took his cock in my hand and massaged his balls. He started to moan and groan as I massaged his balls and his erection was now double in size. Surprisingly, he was not well endowed. I let out a sigh and asked myself why all the girls in school threw themselves at him. I was sure he fucked many of the girls in school.

He wasn't overly small but he wasn't impressively endowed at all. I held his cock in my hands and teased the tip of his penis, swirling my tongue around the head. I then rained kisses up and down on his penis whilst pressing hard on his balls before sliding my mouth up and down to give him a blow job. I could hear his heart racing really loud. He was panting with excitement like a dog after a bone. It was now time for me to make my move. I kissed him on the lips one more time then I removed the handcuffs and blindfold and then got up from the bed.

"Did you like that William?" I asked! Before he could respond, I walked away from him.

"Why did you stop? I was enjoying that" He yelled at me, looking pissed off!

I walked towards the door, blew him a kiss and I drawled "Goodnight William".

I wasn't ready to lose my virginity, not tonight, and certainly not to this twit!

"You little tease, you fucking little tease come back here." He yelled and demanded as I slammed the door behind myself and smiled then I went to find Roberto.

"Roberto, can you remove William from my bedroom because he's drunk." I whispered! He was one of my best friends and Camilla's on and off boyfriend. William looked furious as Roberto escorted him out of my bedroom. He looked at me and scowled but continued to flirt with me hoping to get into my knickers and I turned him down each time and felt good saying no to me considering how he treated me in school. I couldn't believe how infatuated I was with William in school when he used to either make fun of me or ignored me until this party. I ignored his flirtatious moves and instead danced with every man who asked me to dance. I could feel William's eyes on me as I danced and flirted with other guys. I felt sexy with all the attention I was receiving from different guys. I had never received as much attention as I did tonight. It was a fantastic party and I loved every moment of it.

Roberto asked me to dance because Camilla was dancing with William. He pressed his body against mine and I could feel the thumping of his heart against mine.

"You look beautiful tonight Satsuma." Robert said!

I looked at him and smiled. I wished I hadn't let Camilla get her claws into Roberto. "Thank you." I responded to him. When the music stopped, we stared at each other. He let my hands go and walked away! The party went on into the early hours of the morning. When our last guests left, I went into my bedroom, locked my door and fell into a deep sleep.

The following day, Camilla and I spent the whole day cleaning up the mess from the party and I found myself looking forward to classes on Monday!

A few days after the party, I left the university and was making my way back to the flat when I bumped into Roberto who was looking for Camilla.

"Hello Satsuma", have you seen Camilla? Roberto asked!

"Mmmm…, I haven't. She may have gone home. I'm going to the flat now if you want to walk with me and if she's not there, you can wait for her there". I said.

As we got closer to my street, I thought I saw William's Jaguar parked across the street. What was his car doing near my flat? He didn't live near us so who was he visiting? I wondered! My flat was on the eight floor of the building so we got inside the elevator to ride it upstairs to the flat and as I opened the door to the flat and there were loud moans and groans coming from the living room. Roberto looked at me strangely and I shrugged as to say I didn't know anything. To my surprise, there was William and Camilla on the settee both naked and having sex. Camilla was on her knees and William had one hand on her breast was pounding her from behind. Roberto and I stood there shocked! Camilla and William who now realized they were no longer alone, jumped up. William was furious! At least he had a condom on! I couldn't help the smirk that crept on my lips. Had I been watching this sexual escapade on the television, I would have thought it was funny because William looked like a monkey, but the hurt on Roberto's face was painful to see so I contained my laughter.

It was nice to see Camilla speechless for once. She knew she had been caught red-handed and couldn't talk her way out of this one. William grabbed his trousers and walked past us to go to the toilet. When he came out of the toilet, he yelled "fucking asshole" at Roberto before walking out of the flat. Roberto was still silent and didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry," Camilla whispered to Roberto. "I just wanted to have fun. We're too young to be in a serious relationship anyway. I suppose I should have told you first before I fucked other people."

"How many other boys did you cheat on me with?" Roberto finally asked!

Poor Roberto, I thought! He's so naïve! He really thought Camilla was interested in a serious relationship with him? Then, he didn't know my cousin well! William was not the first guy Camilla had had sex with. Before I could interject, Roberto stormed out of our flat and stormed off.

"How could you do that to him Camilla?" "He's a nice boy."

Camilla grabbed my arm and said, "Listen to me Satsuma, Roberto bores me. I'm not looking for a husband. I shouldn't have fucked him that night when you brought him to the flat. Just in case you want him back, his big cock is all yours even if he doesn't know how to use it. He's really more your type so you can have him back, I don't want him anymore."

Camilla just didn't care! What a fucking bitch! Sometimes, I just want to shake my cousin and sometimes, I want to learn from her. She yawned, shrugged and walked away from me.

I was very upset with her and thought how dare she do this to Roberto? I met Robert first and we dated before Camilla got her claws into him. He couldn't resist her and fell for her. Although, I was upset at first, I got over it quickly because we had only been out on a date a couple of times before I introduced him to Camilla. Now, she just used him and spat him out? I suspected that Camilla and William had been sleeping together for a while or perhaps Camilla got jealous when she saw William and me together at her birthday party. She always seemed to like the guys who showed interest in me. She couldn't help it. She had to have any boy that showed any interest in me because of her insecurities. Camilla was a pretty girl and was more popular in school than I was. As far as everyone was concerned, I was just Camilla's cousin. I didn't command the type of attention like she did and despite the fact that she received most of the male attention she still wasn't satisfied until she got her hands on any boy who showed interest in me but these days, I was getting more attention from good looking men than she.

I sat in the living room trying to process what Roberto and I just witnessed. I hoped Camilla would talk to me but she stormed off to her bedroom and a few minutes later, I could hear her masturbating.

What a silly girl she was for cheating on Roberto!

After Roberto walked out of the flat, I called him several times but he didn't pick up his phone. I couldn't blame him for not wanting to talk to anyone. He was hurt and maybe embarrassed but hopefully, he'll soon get over it! I've never had a broken heart because I've never had a boyfriend. Mummy always told me to guard my heart and be careful of boys. She said boys were only after one thing and that's a girl's pussy! I couldn't focus on anything else. The thought of Roberto hurting made me sad. I wished he would pick up the phone and talk to me. Roberto consumed my thoughts and I jumped up when I heard the door hoping it was him but when I looked through the spy hole only to see William standing behind the door. The boy had no sense of shame! What was he doing back here?

"What do you want William, I yelled through the locked door?"

"Oh let me in you prude!" He screamed!

"Go away William!" I yelled!

"Camilla called me to come over to bring her some food, please open the door Satsuma," he begged!

I reluctantly opened the door and before I could walk away, William grabbed me and pinned me against the wall. He forced his mouth on mine and started to kiss me. I tried to push him off me but he was too strong but I managed to lift up my knee and kicked him in the groin!

"Ouch, ouch, that hurts you stupid bitch," he moaned out in pain.

"Serves you right you prick. Don't ever touch me again!" Camilla must have been awoken by the noise because she ran out of her bedroom and demanded to know what happened.

"Keep your stupid little boy under control," I snapped and ran to my bedroom.

I avoided Camilla for many days until I came home one evening and she and a guy were kissing in the living room. I went to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. A few minutes later, Camilla knocked on my door and wanted to know why I slammed my door.

"You can't keep bringing home strange men Camilla," I said angrily!

I was still angry at her over Roberto and told her that I was disgusted that she would bring a complete stranger she met in a bar to the flat and we had a fight over this.

"You're just jealous because you don't have a boyfriend and I have two." Camilla accused me!

"Don't be silly Camilla. I'm not jealous of your slutty behavior. You should not bring a stranger back to the flat. Why couldn't you go to his flat and fuck him there? This guy could be a "Jack the ripper" for all you know Camilla"!

"Well, he wasn't, he was a good fuck, that's all and I'm going to carry on seeing him and I will bring him back to the flat again." Camilla insisted defiantly!

As we continued to argue, the knock at the door jostled both of us. I walked to the front door to open the door and it was William. I turned and walked towards my bedroom.

"Hello to you too Satsuma", William yelled sarcastically!

I ignored him, walked to my bedroom and locked my bedroom door behind me. A few minutes later, I fell asleep. The argument with Camilla had worn me out. I could never win an argument with her. When I woke up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat and drink, I heard pleasure moaning coming out of Camilla's bedroom. I assumed that she and William were fucking. They were well suited for each other. They were birds of the same feather and they deserved each other. I didn't care. Camilla can fuck whomever she wants. I used to think my cousin was fun but all she wanted to do was drink and fuck.

Roberto was too good for Camilla anyway. He was more my type - gentle and naïve. He was a nice looking Italian boy from a wealthy family. His family lived in Rome, Italy but he had spent his teens in boarding schools in England and now at the University in London. Since he and Camilla broke up, Roberto had stopped coming round to the flat and I hardly saw him at the University. The few times I saw him and tried to talk to him, he made excuses about not being able to stop to talk to me so one evening I decided to pay a visit to Roberto at his flat.

He was surprised to see me but invited me inside!

"Hello Satsuma", Roberto greeted me warmly with peck on each cheek. "What are you doing here?" he asked!

"I've missed you Roberto. Have you been avoiding me?" I asked. "I've been trying to talk to you for weeks to find out how you're doing", I said!

"I'm doing really well actually" he said. "I'm embarrassed that I left you and went off with Camilla" Roberto continued!

"Oh no, don't feel bad about that. We were not a couple then". I tried to reassure him!

"I liked you a lot Satsuma but I thought you didn't like me. You wouldn't even let me hold your hand or kiss you and you seem more interested in William than you did in me". He continued!

"Oh yuk, William is an idiot. I can't stand that boy and by the way, and by the way, nothing happened between him and I at that party."

We continued chatting. We laughed and chatted for a while and before we knew it, it was dinner time so we walked to the shop to pick up some fish and chips. Roberto opened a bottle of wine. Surprisingly, we didn't talk about the day he caught Camilla and William having sex. In fact, we hardly talked about Camilla. I met Robert first and he and I had gone out on a few dates before Camilla had sex with him. We didn't get a chance to become have a boyfriend -girlfriend relationship when we were in school but we remained good friends.

We were laughing so much and having so much fun. I must have had one glass too many red wine that when Roberto moved closer to me and kissed me, I didn't try to stop him. I returned his kisses and teased his tongue with mine. He kissed me on my neck and squeezed a nipple before taking my nipple in between his teeth to gently bite them. I felt so desperate for his touch. He picked me up, took me to his bedroom and placed me delicately on his bed. We continued to kiss and caress.

"I want you Roberto", I said! If anyone deserved to be my FIRST, then it's Roberto. He gently kissed me all over, planting kisses on every part of my body.

"I'm a virgin", I said to him and he stopped momentarily and stared at me! He pulled away. I pulled him towards me and kissed him.

"It's okay Roberto I want you to be my first." I assured him!

I continued to kiss him until I got to his penis area which was now fully erect. Wow! Roberto was very well endowed as Camilla had mentioned to me. I sat on this large limp penis and rubbed my pussy on it with a rocking motion. Roberto squeezed my bum and I groaned, then he cupped my breasts in his hands and started teasing my nipples once between his teeth and the other in between his finger. I was dripping wet and horny and waiting for Roberto's hard cock. I just wanted this manhood inside me. I've waited so long to lose my virginity. This was the right time. Roberto picked me up and laid me down gently. He got on top me and rubbed my pussy then he gently eased his throbbing penis into my wet and waiting pussy. It was pain and pleasure at the same time as he gently thrust his penis inside my willing and waiting pussy slowly at first so as to get my pussy used to his large cock, then the rhythm increased. I already knew what to do as I matched his sexual rhythm with mine and we had sex for a long time, changing positions and styles often until we both climaxed. It was pure deliciousness!

"How did you learn how to do that if you were a virgin?" Roberto asked! "You are good Satsuma! Really good! You made me feel fantastic. This was the best sex I have ever had," he continued!

I felt good lying in Roberto's arms and as he pulled me tighter and closer to him, I said "I enjoyed my first time with you Roberto. I'm happy my first time was with you. I enjoyed everything about sex and I taught myself everything I know. I'm going to be a sex therapist when I finish my degree at the university." I explained!

My first time was everything I wanted it to be. It was painful at first but it got better and it became fun, exciting and titillating. I felt fulfilled in every way. I knew there was more inside me. I wanted to experience everything sexually. I was glad that I had lost my virginity to Roberto. I stayed at his flat that night and we had sex several times again until we both fell asleep.

The next morning, Roberto and I made breakfast together. We talked for a while before getting in shower together where we had sex again. Roberto went "down under" on me in the shower and licked my clitoris before sucking on my nipples. It drove me wild and I screamed out his name. Surely, this was heaven. It was pure pleasure! I wanted him to experience the pleasure he just gave me so I reciprocated by playing with his balls. I teased his penis until it grew hard and then I started to suck it. Roberto gently pushed me off his cock and then picked me up and lifted me up against the tiled wall. Somehow, his cock found its way into my wet pussy and he teased my clitoris with the tip of his cock. I was losing my mind with this tantalising pleasure.

"Put it in Roberto," I pleaded!

"Put what in?" He teased! "Beg for it Satsuma" "Beg" he whispered!

"Mmmm.., mmmm..", I continued to moan and couldn't take pleasure any more as Roberto carried on teasing my clitoris and wasn't listening to my pleading.

"Please Roberto, please Fuck me. Fuck me now before I explode."

He finally listened and shoved his big cock inside me. He was like a bear pounding a tree. He was merciless and wasn't as gentle as the first time. He pounded me so hard against the tiled wall and we both moaned out so loud. I loved every moment of this fuck! "mmmm..m…mmmm..mm, mmmm..mm." I was moaning so hard and sucked hard on my lips because I knew that any moment now, I would release and had an orgasm!

"Oh Satsuma, I'm about to cum, I'm going to cum now darling," Roberto groaned out loud before we both us climaxed at the same time!

It was better than the first time we had sex. We took a shower again and when we got out of the shower, I was going to dry the water off my body but Roberto stopped me. He took me to the bedroom and grabbed some baby oil and rubbed it all over my body. He gave me a sensual and slow massage which left me wanting more. He massaged my breasts teasing them with kisses before moving to my hips area where he lifted up my legs and massaged each one. He turned me over and poured more oil on my back then rubbed it all over my back. He grabbed my arse and massaged each cheek. It was like an out of body experience as he rubbed his hands in between my legs to rub my cunt and then back to my arse. I surrendered my body to him as he turned me over to massage my vagina and thighs before parting my legs and he bent down to lick my clitoris whilst continuing to rub my thigh. I was wild for him! His touch aroused an orgiastic and pure pleasure in me so much so that I couldn't think for a moment. I summoned up all strength to push him off me so I could pleasure him back. I grabbed his cock and begged him to let me suck it but he wouldn't let me.

"I just want to please you Satsuma." He said! Roberto continued to tease me and softly eat my pussy and I could feel an explosion bubbling inside me about to release as I moaned and groaned and couldn't take this pleasure anymore.

"Oh Roberto, oh darling, oh, mmmm..m, please, eat me more. I'm about to explode"! "ahhhh,ahhhh, ahhhh, I'm there! I'm cuming! Now." It was pure pleasure! Heavenly pleasure as I climaxed! I reached up and touched his beautiful lips and then leaned over to kiss them. "Lovely," I said! His mouth was fantastic and a smile tugged the corner of his mouth. He looked pleased with himself that he had brought me such pleasure with his mouth. My body was weak and tired as I fell asleep in Roberto's arms.

When I awoke, it was dark outside and Roberto had already ordered some Chinese food for dinner. We settled in front of the TV and ate our dinner in comfortable silence. Then we cuddled up to watch an erotic movie. By the middle of the movie, Roberto was getting excited. I rubbed his growing cock through his underwear as he caressed my earlobe. I went down and pulled his pants away to reveal his bulging cock at which time I took the entire cock in my mouth then worked my mouth in an upwards and downward motion whilst teasing the tip of the cock with my mouth. Roberto moaned. I started to play with his balls and at the same time, gently bit his cock before taking the full cock into mouth until it touched my throat and I gagged. We both stopped when we heard the doorbell rang. Roberto walked over to the door and looked through the spyhole. It was my cousin Camilla! I took our plates and walked to the kitchen and left Roberto to deal with her! I wasn't in the mood to talk to her!

When he came back, I asked him what Camilla wanted!

"She was looking for you and I told her we were busy," said Roberto! I was washing the dishes in the nude when Roberto came behind and started playing with my nipples. He nibbled my earlobe and my neck and pulled me over to the kitchen tabletop. He turned me over the table and pushed his hard cock into my pussy. He slapped my bum and grabbed the flesh. It felt so good. He fucked me over and over again, so hard from behind. It was a quick one and we both climaxed and laughed at ourselves.


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