Honor Thy Master: Journals of a Submissive

By: Eros Cupid

Chapter 22,

From the Diaries of Lauren Morrisey.

Dear Diary,

The end of The Lovers ended in applause, a standing ovation, and plenty of cheers from the crowd.  Like everyone else, I stood up, clapped my hands and demonstrated my appreciation of Tchaikovsky’s lost work with a few loud whistles.

Ricky laughed as I grabbed a hold of his arm and we headed back toward the lobby from the mezzanine.

“How did you like the show?” He asked me.

“Absolutely loved it.” I giggled.  “It’s such a unique twist where the princess chooses the sorcerer at the end.  It’s not your typical fairytale finale.  I kind of feel bad for the prince though.”  It’s true.  In my head, I kept picturing the princess coming to her senses and going back to the prince but I can understand her torn emotions.  In her heart, she truly loved the enchanter.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.” My date smiled.  “But as the plot pointed out.  True love can come in most unlikely of places.”

I nodded as I released a breath.  “Thank you, Ricky.”

“For what?”

“Taking me to the ballet.” I responded.  “Most guys aren’t into anything artsy unless it involves running up a beer tab.  It’s good to finally do something with a little more substance.”

He flinched.  “So you’re saying I have substance?  I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended.”

I held his arm tight and leaned in.  “Definitely flattered.  You’ve completely broken my scorecard for the night so you know what that means?”  I clutched his hand and pulled him forward.  He looked confused.

“Care to tell me or are we going to play twenty questions?” He stumbled for a bit which caused me to laugh.

Purring like an oversexed kitten, I shot him a lascivious grin.  “It means coming to your place for an after-party.”

His face turned white and I almost swear I heard him gulp.  Was he nervous concerning my bluntness?  I think he was.  An aww moment made me smile.  The man was completely naïve which attracted me to him even more.  I wanted to dance like the ballet performers from The Lovers but I don’t think the other patrons would appreciate cutting a rug right there in the lobby.  Though, I can do a mean Electric Slide.   I inhaled a sigh of satisfaction that I finally found a decent, nice guy out of the sea of losers I’ve been involved with in the past.  I suppose my tracking record was finally turning around.

“Um…sure.” Ricky hesitated.

His uncertainty made him much more appealing.  Not wanted to waste another second, I grabbed his hand and dragged toward the entrance.  We almost got outside to meet with our valet before a blond interloper blocked our path.

“Leaving so soon?”

Jason Kendall, and resident asshole, stood between the door and our night of intimate fun.  I quickly slipped my arm around Ricky’s and tried to remain calm.

“It’s been a wonderful evening, Mr. Kendall.” I said in a cold, polite tone.  “However, it’s getting late and both us have places to be tomorrow.”

The dark blond man clucked his tongue.  “I’m sorry to hear that.  I was hoping you two would stay a little longer to enjoy the gala.” His eyes mysterious fixated on Ricky.  “I would have liked to converse with you more throughout the night.”

My date bit his lip and frowned.  “I’m sorry, Jason, but it’s getting late and we both need our rest.  Thank you so much for the tickets.  Lauren and I enjoyed the ballet and the dinner.”

The tall man looked hurt.  Curiosity kept eating away at me at the business owner’s agonized expression but I quickly squelched any suspicious and instead focused my attention on Ricky.

“You’re welcome, Ricky.” Jason Kendall responded.  “Well I better not keep you two waiting.  I’m sure you want the valet to get your car.  Thank you so much coming and I hope to see you both sometime in the future.”

I rolled my eyes.  “We’ll see.”  I pushed my date forward toward the entrance.

“Thank you, Jason!” Ricky called out as we headed out the door of the theatre.  “I’ll contact you in regards to our working contract!”

Working contract?  I wondered what he meant by that.  Then I realized that Ricky must be really dedicated to his job and since Jason Kendall was his boss, he wanted to make a memorable impression.  I couldn’t fault the man for attempting to smooth things over with his employer.

The parking valet got our car for us and Ricky opened the passenger’s side for me to let me in.  We drove back to his apartment complex in Guillermo and walked up the steps to his place as he led me inside and offered me glass of wine from the kitchen.  Once again I perused his art work.

One, in particular, caught my eye.  Outlined in charcoal on the canvas of the easel was the body proportions of a human male, naked, muscular but missing a head.  My face glanced down and noticed how extremely gifted the specimen was down in his private.  I stifled a giggled as I drank my glass of wine.

“You really like penises, don’t you?” I smiled as he entered into the living room with his own wine glass.

“What makes you say that?” He asked.  Then he noticed me staring at his unfinished art work.  “Oh that!  I can explain.”  He defended himself.

I smirked.  “Do tell, Mr. Quinn.”

“Remember the art seminars I told you about?” He explained.  “The ones hosted by Vassey?”


“One of the workshops was life drawing.” Ricky informed me.  “The model they used was rather…um…endowed.”

Lifting my eyebrows, I laughed.  “I can see that.  Why is his head missing?”

“I’m trying something different.”  The dark haired man continued.  “Using a series of photographs, magazine pictures, and even my own memories, I want to combine elements of the symmetrical face and form a completely different human image.  It’s like morphing every aspect of the human body and bringing out the best physical qualities.  I’m naming this painting Face Off.  It’s a metaphor for the superficiality of beauty based upon everyone’s perception of the ideal.”

“And the body?” I asked in reference to the perfect physique displayed before me.

“I agree.” He said.  “The body is absolutely proportionate and flawless.  I’m considering aging it when I’m done with the piece.”

I agreed.  “I think you should do that.  It’ll make bolder statement.”  I glanced at him, stared into his dark eyes and he set down his wine on a nearby end table and began to touch my face.

“Does it bother you that you’re out with a guy who questions his sexuality?” He asked me.

“That depends.” I grinned.  “Are you attracted to only men or to women?”

Ricky shrugged.  “Why can’t I be attracted to both?”

Setting my wine glass down next to his on the end table, I folded my arms.  “What can’t you?  Look, Ricky, I’m not going to judge you on what you find sexually appealing.  I’m not one to talk especially when I a little bi and have been with women.  I just want you to know that I like you…a lot… and I want to know if I’m wasting my time while you’ll figuring this stuff out.”

“To be honest,” he paused.  “I like you too, Lauren… a lot.  I don’t want to lead you on.”

Reaching my arms around his neck, I placed my hands behind his dark hair and pressed him closer to me.  “You’re not.  I’m willing to give this a shot if you are.”

He smiled.  “I do.”

His face descended.   My mouth found his and we connected.  Lips parted and caressed the upper and lower lid as we both shut our eyes and gave in to the yearnings.  His bottom half pressed against the folds of my dress to which I detected his surging erection started to grow against my belly.  I pulled him tighter while his hands stroked by back as each touch of his fingers caused my nipples to harden.

Tongues eventually found each other.  We tasted and savored both our lips, groaning in between breaths as my body stiffened and clutched his neck to ensure that my hold on him didn’t break.  Finally, our mouths caressed each other for a few seconds before Ricky decided to move away.

Exhibiting a kind of shame in his eyes, I became concerned.

“Ricky, what’s wrong?”

“Lauren…I don’t have much experience…with women…” he stuttered.  “Actually, no experience.  The same goes for men.”

I was floored.  “You’re a virgin?”

“Kind of…sort of…” The young man spouted before he admitted the truth.  “Yeah.”

My eyes dashed toward the growing bulge in his tuxedo pants.  I cocked my head and grinned.  “Well.  I guess we’ll have to fix that.”  Turning around, I lifted the tendrils of my dark hair up so that back of my dress was showing.  “Would you kindly do the honors, Ricky, and unzip me?”

Eagerly, he stepped forward.  Locating the tiny metal device, he slowly slid the instrument down as I shimmied out of my emerald dress and kicked it off my feet.  Standing in my black Fashion Forms U-plunge bra, thong underwear, hosiery, and high heels, I placed my hands to both sides of my hips and remained confident.

“Like what you see?” I teased.

Slightly turning crimson, he nodded nervously.  “I…I…have to go to the bathroom.”  He continued to sputter.  “You know…to get some protection…”

“Don’t keep me waiting.” I grinned.  “Where’s your bedroom?”

He shyly pointed the room just down from the hallway.  I sauntered past him as he scrambled to the bathroom to grab a condom.  As I heard him strip off his clothes, I did the same the moment I crossed into his bedroom.  Kicking off my shoes, I slipped off my hosiery and then proceeded to unhook my bra.  I tossed both item to the floor as I crawled on to the bed only in my thong and laid on my side, waiting for him.

Ricky coolly entered the doorway.  Clad only his Calvin Klein black boxer briefs, his boyish innocence and young appearance made even more attractive.  For a slender lad, he had some muscle tone in his arms and his chest displayed some square contours of pectoral development.  Though his stomach didn’t carry a rock hard six pack, his flat belly made up for it as it the rest of his body complimented the entire package.

In his hand, he clutched a row of packaged condoms and shyly he padded toward the bed.

“More than one condom, huh?” I joked.  “Feeling confident that you can go several rounds tonight?”

He crawled on to the bed next to me.  “I hope so.”

Placing the condoms near us, he kneeled in front of me and pulled me off so that I was at the same level as him.  His hands cupped my face and found my mouth as we once again tasted, savored, and sampled our lips we both our tongues.

A few breaths passed between us as his hand lowered, palmed my breasts, and playfully squeezed my pink areolas and nipples.  I gasped but his mouth eased my surprise as our tongues reunited and cleansed our palates with our kisses.  We explored the fondness our lips and I felt Ricky’s hand lower down my belly to the silk black thong that I had on.  His fingers pulled apart the elastic, slipped into the material and found the soft nest of dark curls which he played with each digit of his hand.  Then reached down further, located my clit and with his middle finger played with until my folds quivered with delight.  I clutched his shoulders and melted.

“Ohhh Ricky….mmm….” My voice wavered.

He displayed a wicked grin, curved his finger toward my opening and sank through.  My petals parted easily and the pressure of his finger engulfed his wonderful tool but it was his thumb that proved to be the best accompanied.  It jiggled and wiggled my special pearl and shot a hundred delights throughout my body to the point I couldn’t contain myself.

“Oh Ricky….oh Ricky…” I moaned.

His desire of me showed no bonds as he withdrew his fingers.  A small line of sweet nectar drew from my folds and exhibited my moist womanhood, aching to be pleasured by him.  With both fingers, he pinched the elastic of my thong and slid them off me.  I fell back against the mattress, my hair spilling across the pillows as his body descended, parted my thighs and separated my slit with his thumbs.

“Beautiful.” The dark haired young man commented.  “Simply beautiful.”

Glancing down at his appreciation, I smiled.  “For a virgin, are you sure you know how to eat pussy?”

He giggled.  “I’ve watched instructional videos online.  I think I can figure it out.”

I had to give him credit.  He was determined.  Before for I knew it, his tongue lashed across my clit.  Holy shit!  The boy knew how to follow directions.  I have to ask him what sites he learned his techniques from but for now I was going to enjoy every moment.  He flicked it over again before spreading a load of saliva from my entrance to my precious pearl.  Waves of pleasure shot all across my body as I gripped the pillows and allowed his mouth to work its magic.  My toes curls and my body weakened.  Being with Ricky made me feel like heaven because I could experience my body leaving this plane of existence; in short, I was having an out of body occurrence.

Small droplets of dew fell from my opening to which he drank some of it and lifted his face up so that he could sit up near my knees.  Clutching his designer boxer briefs, he slipped them completely off and tossed them to the side of the bed.  My eyes gazed at his manhood, standing erect, and appearing quite ready.  He wasn’t a small or large man but his average size cock was something that I knew I would be definitely could enjoy.  I waited patiently for him to enter me but instead he returned his hand back to the spot in between my legs as his finger vibrated my clit.

“Mmm.” I moaned.  “Don’t stop.”

He smirked.  “Trust me.  I’ve only just begun.”

I was about inquire about his comment when suddenly he inserted his second index finger inside me and replaced one of his other digits with his thumb upon my clit.  I groaned and gave in to the wicked emotions.  However as promised, he continued to push my boundaries.  Slipping his third finger in, I experienced a fullness I never expected.  I panted to the invasion of two digits but little did I know that he had another in store for me.  His fourth index finger slid in.  I gasped.

“Ricky!” I exclaimed.  “What are you doing?”

All three of fingers curved upward and hit a sensitive area I never knew existed.  With his other hand palmed down on my pubic bone and his free thumb on my clit, he moved slowly inside me.

“I’m gonna make you cum.” The dark haired man explained.

In my head, I should have objected but this so-called inexperienced man vowed to make me reach orgasm.  His hand vibrated my womb, tingled my sacred pearl, and sent an endless wave of pleasure throughout my entire body.  Beginning at a slow pace, he got me adjusted to the invasion of his hand inside but quickly transformed his speed rapidly.  It increased and picked up the pace until something within my inner core pleaded to be let out.  It wanted to bust through.

“Cum for me!” Ricky demanded.  “Cum for me, Lauren!”

My toes arched, curled to a ballet pointe, as my fingers completely numbed out.  I gripped his wrists as my whole body writhed in total wantoness.

“Yes…Ricky…” I sensed my release arriving.  “I want to cum…I want to cum…for you…”

Little by little my sugar walls collapsed until the final flood of my climax erupted.  I didn’t drip out like a faucet.  I gushered.

“I’m cumming!  AAAAAHHHHH!”

Liquid silver spilled on to his hand as my orgasm drenched the sheets of his bed.  I clawed at the mattress unable to stop myself as Ricky withdrew and lowered his mouth to taste some of my nectar that I so willing provided for him.

“Mmm…delicious.” He snickered as he lapped me up.

I wanted to return the favor.  Still exhausted, I slid across my own pleasure on the bed and crawled over to him.  Positioned on his knees, I grabbed his cock and began to kiss it.  He closed his eyes and grunted.

“Yeah…like that.” He instructed.

My long hair covered my face in messy array but I ignored it.  All I wanted was a taste of my lover’s cock and now that I was given the opportunity, I wasn’t about to fuck it up.  I tongued around the surface of his head, licked the urethra before swallowing all the way to the back of my throat.  Ricky must have appreciated my skills because he moaned with delight as my nose nearly touched his belly.

“Oh…Lauren…suck my dick…”

I happily made his wish came true.  I continued to taste, slurp, and consume his hard-on while enjoying the nice salty taste of his flesh.  A bit of pre-cum dropped on my tongue but I didn’t care as the full flavor of his shaft made me anxious for him to take me fully inside my soaked pussy.  My folds craved him.  He gently pulled me away from his erection.

“I want you now!” He declared.  Gently he lowered me back on to the bed as my legs grazed against my own wet stain of the mattress.  Parting my thighs, he sat in between my entrance as I he grabbed a condom wrapper, ripped open the package and slipped on the rubber on his dick.  Clutching his hard-on, he pressed his hardness against my clit, rubbed it a few times before slowly entering my wet folds that continued to bask the reminder of my first climax.  I was ready for a second one.

Slowly, he entered.  His chest crushed my nipples as my arms wrapped around his bare back and clutched him tight.  With his cock deepening inside my soft petals, I hooked my legs around his thighs until my bottom limbs entwined completely around his tight bottom.  Finally his shaved groin tickled my nest of dark curls and I secretly wished I had groomed earlier before my date tonight.  I was little bit embarrassed by my large bush especially since the man obviously manscapes.  I regretted my unfairness.  His constant grinding of my pubic bone worried me about giving me rug burns but at this point I was too lost in my pleasure to even care.

As he sank further into me, his tight buttocks flexed.  I shut my eyes to any guilt and succumbed to the moist heat invading my womb.  Ricky rushed in and out of me and with each wonderful stroke of his cock.  I caught each flow, streaming through our carnal desires as we matched every single longing of our hungry bodies by sealing it with a kiss.  Lips, mouths and tongues touched.  The union of faces eventually connected at the same time our privates did which made our lovemaking even more powerful, stronger, and precise.  I didn’t want any of it to end.

“Ricky…Ricky…” I called out his name.

He mouthed the words of my name as he looked down at me.  “Lauren…”

We were finally connected.  We were finally one.  He flexed a few more times inside of me as the burning heat converted into something white and hot.  I sensed another orgasm coming.

“I’m gonna cum, Ricky!  I’m gonna cum!”

“Uhh…uhhh…cum for me, Lauren…”

Then I erupted again.  Liquid silver soaked the rubber searing through my womb.  Ricky continued to move as he threw his head back and screamed.

“I’m cumming too! AAAHHHHHH!”

His seed filled the rubber as my insides drenched with my own pleasure.  He flexed one more time, slammed into me, and then collapsed.  I held him tight within my arms as he slowly lifted his head and smiled at me.

“Hey you!” Ricky grinned as he looked at me.

“Hey stranger!” I giggled.

Withdrawing himself from my womanhood, he embraced me close, kissed a few more times before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

It was the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time.


Waking up the next morning with in glorious glow, my young lover welcomed me with another round of lovemaking.  Actually make that a few more rounds as we continued using up the rest of the condoms in the shower and on the breakfast table.  Let’s just I wasn’t hungry when I finally left his place around ten.

Driving to my apartment in Del Lydia where I changed out of my wrinkled dress and into my civilian clothes, I felt like I had landed on the moon.  Already, Ricky’s absent presence had affected me as headed to work in downtown Las Padres.  Officer Fields got another tip concerning another high school drug sting operation but this one right up Lieutenant Price’s alley.

“Morrisey, you and Vargas are once again partnered up on this case.” My supervisor announced.

I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.  “Thanks, Lieutenant.  Why the sudden change?”

“Our leads tipped off that a supplier connected to one of the Anatoles is making a drop off near one of the high schools near Porras Park.”  Lieutenant Price explained.  “You and Vargas are to go undercover as buyers and see if we can make a capture on one of the Antaoles’ men.  Fields will be backing you guys up.”

It looks like it was going to be a good day after all.  I’ve got some good nookie from a new guy I’m seeing and I’m being put back on the Hard Rock case.  It might not have any relation to the Zagreskis but I was willing to take down the Anatoles as the closest thing.

“Will do, Lieutenant.” I agreed.

Leaving his office, I reunited with my best friend as we got disguised ourselves in thuggish clothes and drove out to Porras Park a seedy area of Las Padres.  As we waited for our contact to show his or her face, I pulled out my phone to check the text message that he sent me this morning.  Sylvia became nosy and peeked at my screen.

“Is that your cub?” She teased me.

I rolled my eyes.  “He’s only three years younger.  That hardly makes me a cougar.”

My partner laughed.  “As long as you’re having fun, Lauren.  It’s good to see that you have new spring in your step.”  She decided to get more personal.  “So…have you two…?” She was hinting about Ricky’s and my potential intimate moments.

A wide grin displayed on my face.

Sylvia playful slapped my arm.  “You slut, you!  I knew you were finally getting some!”  She hugged me.  “I’m so happy for you, Lauren.  You’re finally dating a nice guy!”

I showed her the message.  “Look what he sent me.”

Thanks for last night and this morning.  Busy this week.  Will be off Friday.  Dinner at my mom’s?

Cocking an eyebrow, my Latin partner folded her arms.  “Meeting the parents already?  Are we moving a little too fast?”

“It’s just dinner,” I clucked.  “Plus, he half Mexican.  That means his family is traditional.  Don’t tell me your Latin roots don’t have the same thing in your culture, Sylvia?”

“Young, virile and with some fiery Spanish blood.”  My partner snorted.  “You sure picked a good one!”

“Let’s just hope it stays that way.” I answered.  Picking up my phone, I texted him back.

Sure.  Friday dinner will be fine.  Meet you at six.  Can’t wait.

“There, it’s done.” I said to Sylvia.  “Now I have no excuse not to meet his mother.”

“Good point.”

Some static came from our hidden wires and ear pieces.  It was Officer Fields.

“If you ladies are done playing the Dating Game, maybe you can focus on your jobs.  The contact is pulling up now!”

We got into position.  Dressed in a pair of faded jeans, torn shirts, dirty clothes and wearing bandanas, we approached a dark Lexus pulling up toward the edge of the curb near the park.  A rough looking gentleman in his early twenties popped out of the backseat as the dark tinted windows of vehicle prevented us from looking inside.  The hoodlum approached us.

“You got the money?” He asked me and Sylvia.

Reaching into our pockets, we pulled a wad of bills totaling up to five hundred dollars.

“You got the stuff?” I asked him as I kept the cash close.

The hoodlum reached into a shirt to pull out a stack of tiny plastic bags containing small grams of power.  Bound together by several rubber bands, he dangled the bags in front of our faces.

“Half a pound of Hard Rock,” smirked the dealer.  “Just a little bit can be sold at twenty a piece when melted.  You’re getting a good deal.”

“Just as long as there’s a demand for it.” Sylvia droned.  “What’s the difference between this and crack?”

“Baby,” the hoodlum cooed.  “It’s the purest high you can get.  Once your customers get hooked, they’ll keep coming back for more.  You can charge ten times for it the next time.”

“Deal.” I said.  I slapped the cash in his hand as he handed me the merchandise.  Once in my palm, the police sirens started to go off as the police cars started pulling into the park.  We reached into our pockets and pulled out our badges.

“Police!  Surrender!”

“FUCKING BITCHES!  YOU’RE NARCS!” The hoodlum began to race to the car.  Sylvia leaped on the man’s back, straddle his legs so that he was immobile so that she could cuff him.  I stared at the car as he began to pull out.

Suddenly from the dark tinted windows, the glass lowered as a shiny piece of metal peered out of the corner.  At the end of the hole, I could see it targeting Sylvia to which point I grabbed my gun concealed underneath my shirt and aimed at the driver.

“DROP YOUR WEAPON!” I screamed.  The gun aimed directly at my partner and I ran to cover her from the attack.

However, the gun didn’t fire.  Every side of each window of the vehicle cracked as loud explosions echoed in the park.  I shifted my position to see someone a few feet from us in civilian clothes shooting directly at the Lexus.  Distracted by the assailant, the driver redirected his focus and began shooting back at the gentleman.

Within seconds, blood poured from the stranger’s chest as he fell backwards against the grass.  I raised my gun and fired back but only hitting the passenger’s side of the car door.  The Lexus peeled out as the rest of the police cars closed in on the area.  It sped through the park, almost knocking down a few patrons before slamming through a fence and making its getaway through the backstreets of Porras Park.  Soon it disappeared.

As Sylvia read our suspect’s rights, Officer Field came rushing at me.

“Morrisey, are you okay?” He asked me with concern.

“I’m fine.” I responded.  My eyes focused on the mysterious man shooting at the vehicle.  We ran to the body which remained unmoving as I checked his pulse.  Sadly, he didn’t have any.  “He’s dead, Fields.”

“Fuck!” Our leading officer cursed.  “Did you get a good look at the license plate of the vehicle?”

“No,” I said.  “It happened too fast.  The driver was going to shoot Vargas and this guy came out of nowhere and started shooting at the car.”

“At least, we apprehended the dealer,” noted Fields.  “We’ll see what we can get from him.”  He turned toward the body.  “What about this guy?”

I knelt down to inspect the corpse.  He appeared to be African American, bald, in his mid-thirties with a stocky build.  I reached into his pocket to pull out his driver’s license.

“Name is Carl Lamb.” I told Fields.  Then something strange caught my eye as I pulled up a work I. D. from his wallet.  “Security for Kendall Conglomerate International.”

Seems to be Jason Kendall is once again involved with something illegal.  This time I wasn’t going to let him off the hook.









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