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A story of a student and her lecturer. A bit different.

I've never written anything before, so constructive criticism would be appreciated as well as overall thoughts.
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Sean wanted her so badly and had done for so long. She was perfect, small, sexy and vulnerable. He had seen her nearly every day this week. They made eye contact in lectures and it took everything Sean had not to get an erection right there and then. He couldn't make a move of course, he was her tutor. She was unreachable which made her all that more enticing.

"Dr Tanner?" she said, snapping him out of his reverie.

"Sorry, what?" he replied, sitting up straighter in his chair.

They were in his office again, being his tutee she came to him with all her problems and, naturally he was more than happy to help. He was important within the university and had a spacious office with a big desk and shelves stacked with books. He had a large window with a view of a courtyard where the tops of students' heads could be seen passing by. He had a lot to lose.

"Dr Tanner, I said I didn't quite understand the last part of the derivation you went through last lecture, would you mind helping me with it?"

She was so unsure of herself and always wore a puzzled look on her face despite being one of the smartest students in her year. She was wearing a tight jumper and jeans, her brown hair fell just below her shoulders and her hazel eyes looked at him expectantly. Sean moved around from his desk and placed himself behind her, leaning over her he put his hands on the arms of her chair and looked at her notes. The smell of her hair and perfume made his heart beat quicker and having her body so close to his made him crave her more than anything.

"There" he pointed, forcing himself to concentrate, "You've missed a minus sign here, and forgotten to square the velocity. If you do that then the answer should just drop out." He pulled himself away and leaned back against his desk facing her.

Clair bit her lip as she considered his corrections, she looked up and caught him staring at her; she half smiled unsure how to react. Dr Tanner was one of the more attractive members of staff but he had something about him that she couldn't quite place, something… Powerful? And it half frightened her.

Clair had a boyfriend and they had been going out for about a year now but she was still a virgin. She said that she 'just wasn't ready' what she actually meant was, she was absolutely terrified of having sex. What if she reacted the wrong way or made a fool of herself?

"So that's all I missed then?" she said, breaking their eye contact.

"Yep, that's all you missed."

"Okay, well um, thank you." She said awkwardly as she picked up her bag.

Clair got up to leave and he went after her. They reached the door at the same time and his hand went for the handle; at that moment he made the decision. Instead of opening the door for her, he kept it firmly shut. Their bodies were only inches apart and she looked up at him confused.

"Sir, what's wrong?"

She was so innocent; she had no clue what he was going to do to her and that turned him on even more.

He grabbed her shoulders and led her back towards his desk taking her bag from her as he did so. He pressed her against the wall with his forearm and undid his tie with his other hand.

"Dr Tanner, what are you doing? Please stop, you're hurting me" she said wriggling beneath his arm.

He spun her around and used his tie as a gag and whispered in her ear "We can't have you crying out too loudly now, can we?"

He didn't want to hurt her, but he needed to have her, the consequences would have to wait for now.

He pulled her over to the centre of his office and laid her on the floor and proceeded to unbutton her jeans and pull them down to her ankles. She immediately sat up and tried in vain to pull them back up but he slapped her across the face.

"You will not do that, do you understand?" She looked up at him shocked, her hazel eyes beginning to fill with tears.

He knelt over her, pushing her back down to the floor and brought his face close to hers.

"You can never tell anyone of this. If you do, things will go very badly for you. I will make things go very badly for you. Nod if you understand."

She nodded in submission; he nearly came with excitement, she was finally his to do with as he pleased!

"Good. Now lie still." He instructed.

His cock was rock solid by this point and nearly bursting out of his trousers. Not wanting to hurt his new plaything, he gently pulled down her underwear to reveal her shaven pussy. Sean was so turned on he only managed to grunt in approval.

Clair could feel her panic beginning to rise in her chest. He had caught her completely off guard and now she was his prisoner until he had finished with her. The cheek where he slapped her began to sting and she knew any wrong move on her part would result in a harsher punishment. The tears began to roll down her cheeks into her hair. She was completely paralyzed by fear. He towered above her undoing his shirt revealing his toned chest. He began unbuttoning his trousers and pulled them down with his boxers letting his hard cock stick out in front of him. She looked up at his naked body with wide eyes, 'it's huge' she thought. Suddenly she realised how far he was going to go with her and felt something, inexplicable.

Sean knelt over her letting his cock brush against her skin as he rubbed his fingers on her clit. To his surprize he found her pussy quickly getting wet. His shock must have been clear on his face because when he looked at her, her cheeks went red and she turned her head away from him. He grinned and brought his face up to hers, he pinned her arms above her head and let his chest rest on hers. He could feel her heart racing. He leant down so his mouth was next to her ear and whispered very deliberately, "Clair I'm going to make you a deal, if I make you come today then you belong to me. If I can't, then you are free to go. Now nod for me."

Clair nodded. Of course she nodded. What choice did she have? And to be perfectly honest it seemed like a good deal. All she had to do was not come.

Sean smiled and took his belt from his trousers and used it to bind her hands to the table leg above her head. Kneeling on her jeans he trapped her ankles rendering her completely helpless. He kissed her neck and inhaled her smell as he lowered his mouth down to her pussy. He slowly ran the tip of his tongue from her hole all way up to her clit and pulled away before doing it again. He noticed her chest was rising and falling a lot quicker now so he started flicking his tongue lightly over her swollen clit making it rise up to him. Without warning he pushed his mouth down over her clit and sucked at it and carried on licking it with the tip of his tongue. Clair clearly hadn't expected this because she gasped, in what he hoped was, pleasure. He ran two fingers up the inside of her leg, letting them get right up to her entrance before pulling them back down again. Sean watched as she held her breath each time. He was getting to her.

Clair had never felt like this before. She was completely vulnerable and terrified but it seemed everything he touched made her want more. She scolded herself for enjoying this, her only escape was to hate this and she was letting it- 'Oh my GOD!' she thought as he finally pushed his fingers inside of her, curling them slightly to push on a spot she never knew she had.

Her back arched as Sean slid his fingers into her, her clit was throbbing under his tongue and he knew he would make her come. He carried on flicking his tongue over her clit until he felt her begin to tighten around his fingers.

Clair was trying so hard not to come, she knew she had to fight it but she could feel it building up inside her and all she wanted was release. He reached up and pushed his hand under her jumper and bra and pinched her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Every slight movement sent shockwaves down to her clit. She couldn't fight it anymore. Her back arched and bucked as she came, hard. It felt like electricity was coursing through her and before she could stop herself she moaned aloud, "Oh god, Dr Tanner!" Thankfully the gag masked most of it.

'She's mine!' Sean thought as he gleefully licked her clit and slid his fingers in and out until the pulsing stopped. He pulled away and looked down at her.

"Enjoy that, did we?" he sneered.

Clair was flushed and breathing in gasps. She squirmed under his gaze as he revelled in the power he now had over her. His cock was still rock hard and her dripping wet pussy looked very inviting, he wanted to savour this moment. He leant forward on his elbows and put his face close to hers pressing his cock onto her.

"Oh Clair" he sighed, reaching down and running the tip his cock over her dripping wet entrance. "What have you done? You realise what this means, don't you?" he toyed.

She looked into his eyes her cheeks still red; her face was a mix of embarrassment and lust. She didn't know what he was going to do.

Clair didn't even know what she wanted him to do. Part of her was terrified and wanted the ground to open up and swallow her; but another part, a brand new part, wanted to find out what that hard cock of his could do.

"This means" he said, getting her attention, "that you are mine." And he slowly pushed his cock inside her making her feel every inch.


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