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Blood and Water

Novel By: Emerald Skye

22 year old Nicole though her life was normal. She had her chores around the house she, her brother and her brothers lover shared. She didn't know that her beloved friends were more than she thought or could imagine.
While a long banked passion for Storm ignites and flares into a full blown fire, she doesn't suspect that her life could be in danger. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 20, 2011    Reads: 159    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Nicole sat on the cold floor, hugging herself to keep warm. The wind outside blew harshly against the house making her bury her head in her arms. Nicole was 5 years old; she had long sable brown hair with wide brown eyes. She was just the right size for her age. The front door flew open and Nicole cowered lower on the floor, her heart beat wildly in her small chest.
The sound of heavy foot falls echoed through the halls and stopped at the door of the closet she sat in. She looked around wildly, searching for something to help her. She noticed an oak handle umbrella in the back and she reached for it. Hard hands grabbed her from behind and dragged her from the closet, before she could grasp it. She stumbled into the light and came face to face with her red faced father, he smelled strongly of spirits and the smell made her stomach flip and flop.
"You little wrench, I'll show you to hide from me, when I call you" he sneered his foul smelling breath wafting into her face. He dragged her behind him, she tried escaping, pulling and tugging at her imprisoned arm, and he yanked her forward roughly and smacked her across the face. She stumbled back dazed by the blow. He dragged her into the room and onto the bed. She kicked out and fought furiously, she didn't want to get hurt. Pain rocketed through her as her father took hold of her skinny arms and tied them behind her back.
"Nooo!" She screamed as he easily ripped the shirt she wore straight off. She felt him lick her neck and she wiggled in disgust. "Please don't hurt me," she begged crying pitifully, her whole body trembled with the force of her sobs. She watched her father smile evilly; he pulled off her shorts with a single tug, and unbuttoned his pants. Nicole let out a scream as he entered her. He continued to thrust harder and faster each time, encouraged by her shrieks of pain. After a while Nicole stopped feeling any pain, it was like a strange out of body experience, it was if she were watching from outside her body. When her father finally reached his climax, his semen pulsing inside her body, she had passed out, a big void spreading before her eyes and swallowing her.
"Nik, Nik, Nik?"
A hard hand shook her awake and Nicole groaned in annoyance and pain as she moved to push the hand away.
"Nik" came the voice again more insistent
"Wake up!" She woke slowly, squinting against the harsh sunlight.
"What do you want Drago?" she groaned sitting up and wincing in pain. Her brother Drago, as she called him after his fierce love of dragons, was sitting at the edge of her bed, his glossy black hair and brown eyes catching the morning sunlight.
"What happened to you?" he asked her taking in her strained expression and multiple bruises on her body, he helped her sit up on the bed.
"Nothing I fell" she answered automatically and tried to stem the guilt that rose inside her, too late. Drago's special gift caught her guilt and he frowned, "God damn, Nik don't lie to me, what happened?"
"He raped her," came a male voice from behind Drago, Nicole felt shock and then a hot wave of shame and fear, she had not noticed her brothers best friend and partner, Storm, standing in the door way.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw a million emotions flash across Drago's face, shock, anger, shame, guilt and fear.
"Oh Nik, I'm sorry, so sorry" Drago moaned his eyes misting with tears; he wrapped his arms around her small frame and hugged her tightly against him.
"I swear, that for long as I live, I will let nothing bad happen to you again" He said into her hair, he shared a secret glance with Storm that Nicole did not catch.


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