Breaking point (the breaking)

By: digidestined93

Chapter 1, How long will it take to push her to her breaking point. Join us in Hamlin manor and find out.

Blood slowly seeped from the long cuts in the otherwise flawless ivory skin, the crimson liquid running and pooling around the small figure lying nude on the hard stone floor. Long, slightly matted, ebony hair fell over the tear stained face of the figure as they pushed themselves back to their feet. They wobbled slightly upon standing but did not fall.

A large figure stepped from the shadows and looked the small but determined figure over. "Give up girl, you won't last the night if you continue to fight this." The figures voice was deep, mesmerizing, and chill inducing.

The girl tucked her hair behind her ears and fixed the man with a piercing blue eyed glare of hatred. She spat at his feet and smiled defiantly. She never said a word, but the tilt of her chin and look in her eyes said all that needed said. 'I'll die before I give in.'

His whip unfurled and the three, bladed tails whistled through the air. She barely had time to turn her back to him before the blades tore into her tender flesh. Never once did she cry out in pain, her strength far more impressive than he had thought.

Suddenly she heard the whip land on the floor with a muted thud. 'thank god' she thought to herself. She wasn't sure how much longer she would have been able to bite back the pained screams that she ached to let free.

He yanked her up by her matted hair and looked deep into her blue eyes. He smiled, his own steel grey eyes were filled with an unrelenting cruelty. "If whipping you won't work then we shall try something else."

He dragged her out of the room and down the hall to a room that glowed red from the large fire in an ornate fire place. He grabbed a long claw-like object and removed his ring. He grasped the ring with the claw and held it in the fire.

The ring glowed white hot and he pulled it from the fire. A cruel smile graced his lips and he threw her to the ground. She landed on her stomach and he pressed the hot metal ring against the smooth skin of her ass.

He eyes popped wide open and a blood curdling scream tore itself from her lips. More tears rose and spilled from her eyes, never in all her life had she felt such excruciating pain, and yet...some foreign part of her began to awaken.

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