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LIMO SERVICE (under new pen name)

Novel By: Diego Garcia

Tags: Wife, Mom

San Francisco. A wonderful town. Especially for a thirty-something brunette with a face to die for and a body to kill for finding herself on the loose from her husband and kids for a few days and maybe, just could be, looking for some excitement. View table of contents...


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Chapter Eight

Carolyn is floating somewhere in the deep of the ocean.

Slowly, she rises toward the surface. It's so peaceful down here, she thinks, I'd really like to stay. But I don't think I can. There is something I have to do, I'm sure. Kids ready for school? No, that's not it. Make lunches? No.... Well, maybe there is nothing to do. And my God, what a dream I had. Sam and Dale, and there were other men there, too... Worthy… Worthington? Does that mean something? And the things I did. Well, wait, was that a dream? It must have been a dream. I'd never do those things in real life... but why is my body sore… oooh, that feels good. Wait... what is that?

Carolyn awakes in a large bed with satin sheets. There is something between her legs... no, that's someone between her legs languidly licking her pussy. Her legs fall farther apart as her vagina floods with wetness. Ooohhh, that feels so good. Uunnhh, ooohhh, yes, so good. The tongue on her clit is smooth, warm and gentle but insistent, never stopping. Hands are under her knees now, pushing her legs up and farther apart. The tongue is now licking her entire crack from clit to anus. Carolyn is bouncing gently, up and down, to the rhythm of this gentle, welcome intruder. A finger tip touches her anus, probing, playing, then gently enters that secret passage. Carolyn is ready to cum; the tongue seems to know and does just the right things to her clit to carry her over the edge then stays with her until she subsides.

A head is moving up under the sheets. Carolyn feels a body moving onto her own. Who the hell is this, she thinks. Bill? How can he be here? But it doesn't feel right. The head comes forth from under the covers. At first Carolyn thinks she is dreaming, seeing herself. First long dark hair appears, then beautiful eyes, nose, mouth.....

A woman.

They look at each other a moment and before Carolyn can speak she is kissed by lips so full and soft that she can't help but be taken by them. Great, she thinks, I'm kissing a woman and liking it. What's happening to me? That wasn't a dream last night, was it. Is there anybody I'm not willing to fuck?

"Who are you?" Carolyn stammers.

"I'm Tess. I drive the limo. You are so beautiful."

"Thank you. You're very beautiful, too. You're the limo driver?"

"Yes, Sam and Dale always ask for me. I saw and heard everything last night. At least what happened in the limo. You were fantastic. I can imagine what happened here later."

"Oh, God," Carolyn groans. "Did I really do what I think I did?"

"Oh, yes, and you were fantastic. I almost came just listening to you guys."

"You were listening? Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. Wait, where am I?"

"This is Sam's room."

"And where are Sam and Dale?"

"They're downstairs working out. They were supposed to leave this morning but decided to stay because you're here."

"Oh, great, what do they think, I'm going to lay around here screwing them and their friends all day long? And who the hell is Worthington?"

"Worthington? Don't know. Why?"

"I don't know, that name keeps coming into my head."

"Hmmm, I don't know. But, I don't think they expect you to do anything. They like you. You can really have fun with them. They will never make you do anything you don't want to do. If I were you, I'd just relax and go with the flow. You deserve it."

"And are you part of "the flow"?"

"If you want. You didn't seem to mind me a few minutes ago."

"This is so embarrassing. Did you and I have sex too?"

"No, except for just now. But that was just me, you didn't do anything."

"Well, something happened between us. I'm very thirsty. It there any water handy?"

Tess gets out of bed to get Carolyn water. She is naked. Carolyn finds herself looking at Tess. And liking her.

Carolyn gratefully drinking the water.

"Do Sam and Dale always do this sort of thing?"

"No, nothing like last night… like you, before. Sometimes they'll each get a woman, usually a pro. A couple of times they paid me extra and we had some fun. They're good guys. But I think they're in love with you."

"Had some fun... I've never done anything like this before in my life. I've got kids and a husband. I'm a classroom volunteer at my kid's school. All my friends are moms. We talk about kids, schools and foods. This isn't me. God! What got into me last night? What am I going to do? I feel awful."

"Well, what got into you was a couple of Texas sized hardons and you loved it. And I would guess that later on a few more big ones got into you, too. And so what about having kids and a husband and volunteering? I'm married. I have a son and I volunteer, too. It doesn't mean that's all we can be, does it? It doesn't mean you can't be a sexy, sensual woman too. Your husband doesn't have to know if you think he shouldn't. You don't know, it might even turn him on. My husband gets turned on thinking about me with other guys, although he doesn't want me to actually do it. He isn't ready for that yet and may never be. I respect that and I see no reason to tell him about Sam and Dale."

"Thank you so skillfully rationalizing the completely irrational thing I did last night. Why don't I feel better?"

"Because you haven't yet admitted to yourself the entirety of who you are. Now, enough talk. How are you feeling? Are you hungry?"

"I'm sore everywhere, I'm laying in a puddle of something I don't want to think about, I need a bath and I'm starving. I have to call my sister. Where are my clothes?"

"You go take a bath. There's a phone in there. I'll take care of everything else, ok? What do you want to eat?"

"Is there a breakfast menu?"

"Of course."

"I'll have two of everything. And coffee. Lots of coffee."

"You got it, beautiful."


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