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LIMO SERVICE (under new pen name)

Novel By: Diego Garcia

Tags: Wife, Mom

San Francisco. A wonderful town. Especially for a thirty-something brunette with a face to die for and a body to kill for finding herself on the loose from her husband and kids for a few days and maybe, just could be, looking for some excitement. View table of contents...


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Chapter Seven

Carolyn feeling quite invigorated after her bath. Considering the wardrobe. Hmmm. What does one wear post orgy? Selecting jeans and a tee-shirt. Neither of which does much to hide her figure. Now then, shoes… hmmm, forget shoes. I think sandals instead. Yes. But earrings for sure. At the mirror, brushing her hair, a touch of makeup. There, that's about a good as I'm going to get tonight.

"I hope you don't mind that I've changed into jeans," she calls into the other room. "The other things are nice, but these are so comfortable."

"Jeans are fine by us," says Sam. "We're quite casual ourselves."

Carolyn walking into the sitting room.

"Well, now, look at you," says Sam. "You look great! Hey, how about something to eat. What's your pleasure?"

Carolyn asking for a sandwich with a bit of everything on rye. And a coke, lots of ice. Just now realizing how hungry she is. Trying not to wolf her food. And wondering. Now what?

The three of them sitting on the floor around a coffee table, eating, drinking cokes. Sam and Dale going on about various topics, filling the space with neutral conversation. Until finally Sam says "How about something a little stronger than that coke, Carolyn?"

"No, thanks, I'd throw up if I drank anything stronger right now."

"That wouldn't be good. But, you know, Dale and I aren't exclusively alcoholic, right Dale?"

"No sir, we like other things too," says Dale.

"Other things... like what?"

"Well, for instance, we're not adverse to the occasional puff of primo bud," says Dale.

"Bud? You mean, like, grass? Marijuana?"

"Why, yes, that's exactly what we mean."

"You have to be kidding. I haven't smoked that stuff in fifteen years. Are you saying you have some?"

"Yes, at great personal risk to ourselves we have procured a small supply for our smoking pleasure here tonight," Dale says.

Carolyn laughing. "This is too funny. Two high powered, not to say "stuffy", insurance guys sneaking around copping dime bags of grass."

"Well, actually, it's a little more than that, but, ok, that's the general picture. Hey, we used to have long hair you know," says Sam.

"Did you now. Well, then, I guess that qualifies us all as closet hippies, doesn't it." She gives them the peace sign. "Oh, wow, man, peace. Love. Far out. I'd like to see you two smoking a joint. That would be funny."

"Oh, yeah? Get me the dope Dale. I'm gonna show miss smarty pants here how to roll a Texas size J."

Sam rolling a joint. Carolyn looking on in disbelief. Sam handing the reefer to her.

"Feast you eyes on that little number, darlin'. There's enough smoke there to blow us all away."

"I don't want to be blown away," Carolyn replies.

"Oh, hell, it's nothing. Just a little something to get us mellow, right Dale?"

"That's right, Sam. We're not dope addicts here."

"That's right. Why don't you do the honors, Carolyn?"

Carolyn tentatively fingering the joint. Putting it to her mouth in a caricature of someone smoking a joint. Sam, Dale and Carolyn laughing. Saying, hell, we're already high and we haven't even lit up yet. More laughter. And then Sam holding a match for Carolyn who hesitates a final moment and then puts the reefer to her lips. Sucking to light it. The long forgotten and exotic smell of weed assailing her nose. Taking a drag and inhaling… this is so weird, this is exactly what I don't want my kids to do… holding the smoke in her lungs as she passes the joint to Dale. Exhaling a cloud of smoke, her throat hot and dry. Coughing. God, that's strong. Only the best for you, doll. Sam and Dale each sucking on the joint, passing it back to her. Her second lung full goes down easier. Her head seems to be expanding. Oh, my, she thinks, two hits and I'm stoned. Sam and Dale holding in lungs full of smoke, lips compressed, croaking, wow, good shit man, trying not to let any escape. Finally exhaling with big blows. Their heads surrounded with smoke. Carolyn laughing at them, taking another hit. The room looking distinctly… different. But… ok. Carolyn exhaling, saying that's it for me. Sam and Dale laughing, going into a "no mas, no mas" routine. Carolyn laughing now, too, thinking these guys are really fun. And really kind of handsome, too.

She becomes aware of music coming from somewhere. Hmmm, didn't notice that before, she thinks. This is really… nice… music...

Sam and Dale sitting on the floor on either side of her, their backs against the front of the sofa. Three heads leaning back against the cushions. The music hypnotic.

Carolyn in a dream… now what was it I was thinking before… or was that a dream I was having… wait, did I dream that or… mmmm, a little cold in here… Sam feels warm, I'll snuggle up to him… no, I shouldn't be doing that… mmmm his shoulder feels good… now his arm around me…

Dale getting up, going to the VCR. Putting in a disc. Saying, I think we need a little entertainment. Pushing play. The American flag is shown flapping in the wind. An announcer starts blabbing about freedom of speech. Then some kind of really stupid music starts playing. What in the world is this Carolyn wonders. Opening her eyes. Focusing with effort on the TV screen. Just in time to see a blond woman take a large penis into her mouth. Shock and excitement shoot through Carolyn's body. Oh god, what is this… the scene shifts to a pretty brunette on her stomach, her face turned toward the camera, eyes closed, lips parted in an expression of intense pleasure… a black man holding himself above her, his long penis disappearing between the beautiful round globes of her upthrust buttocks… . The image hits Carolyn and she sees…herself and … Raymond… Raymond fucking her in the ass… but wait, how can… that can't be Raymond… and that's certainly not me, she thinks. No matter, the image has set her on fire. This is so confusing... She looks around at Dale and Sam.

The men are intent on the screen, transfixed by what they are seeing. Dale's penis is rock hard inside his cutoffs… look at her take that thing… fucking a black guy… I'd love to see Carolyn like that…

Sam is throbbing also… beautiful woman, looks like Carolyn… gorgeous ass… look at the size of that dong… wonder if she's ever…

He notices Carolyn looking at them.

"What is it, Carolyn," Sam asks.

"How did you know," she asks.

"Know what," Sam says.

"That I… oh, nothing."

"No, wait, know what," Sam asks again.

"That I was thinking about… that."

"That?" Sam says, pointing to the screen.

Carolyn nods her head.

Sam thinking this is too good to be true… wonder if I'll die tonight…

"Hey, Dale, hit pause."

"What? Why?" says Dale, still fixed on the TV.

"She was thinking about… that," Sam says, still pointing to the screen.

"That?" says Dale, now also pointing at the TV

"Yeah, that," says Sam.

"Who," says Dale.

"Who what," says Sam.

"Who that," says Dale.

"What the fuck… what is this, Cheech and Chong?" Sam says.

Suddenly they are all laughing hysterically, their veins popping and faces turning red.

"Shit," Sam says, gasping as he finally stops laughing. "I thought I was going to have a fucking heart attack."

More gales of laughter.

"Oh, god, come on, stop it," Carolyn says. "My stomach hurts from laughing."

"Yeah, Sam, stop it," Dale says.

"Me stop it, what about you, dickhead," Sam replies.

More laughter. Finally subsiding into pants and sighs.

"I really need something to drink," Carolyn says.

Getting up to refill her coke. She's a bit unsteady. Whoa, easy now… mmmm these jeans feel good… I can feel them stretched tight across my butt when I walk… that feels… sexy… and my thighs… pushing against the material… tight… I can feel them watching me… staring right at my ass… Hmmm, the bar seems awfully far away. But, oops, wow, here I am already... now, why did I… oh, right, coke… and ice cubes… hard, yet wet… that is so amazing… so clear, rattling into my glass… I like that sound, crisp, happy… delicious icy coke… what was it I saw on TV… Raymond…. I thought it was Raymond and me… it wasn't… but, wow…

Returning to the coffee table, she sits next to Dale. Why not? Its not like I have't had his penis in me… now why did I have to think that… so embarrassing… or, should be, but… I'm not embarrassed... I must really be a slut… my, god, if my friends ever saw me right now… or my sisters… or Bill…

Another joint is passed around. Carolyn taking several hits. Dale's arm around her shoulders feels perfectly natural. Carolyn sliding along on the music… tonight, tonight, who will I be tonight…his thighs look so strong… and there's a big thing poking up in his pants… hee hee looks like a tent… ooooh, I don't think he's wearing… She looks up a Dale who has been watching her all this time. He smiles innocently. Takes her hand and guides it to his penis. Carolyn's eyes go wide at the feel of his erection.

Dale says, "Wow, yes, well ok then, are we all settled now? By the way Carolyn, you look fantastic in those jeans."

Carolyn standing, doing a little pirouette, finishing by sticking her butt back at Dale. "Thank you, Dale," she says sweetly. My god, why don't I just do a striptease for them…

Dale reaching up to caress her buttocks… this woman is so delicious… don't understand how she's here with us… something about her… she has the nicest ass… those jeans fit like… ooohh, that lucky seam… pressing into all her secret places… wish I was that seam…

"And that top looks great, too," says Sam.

Carolyn looking down at Sam and Dale. Squeezing her breasts together with her upper arms, pointing them at the men. Feeling so… slutty… and so… hot. Reaching down to take the hem of her tee-shirt… raising it higher…. Now grabbing the bottoms of her bra cups on the way up. And then she pulls the whole shebang up over her breasts, thrusting them out into the room. Large. Firm. Glorious. I swear, I don't usually do this.

"Jesus, Sam, did you see that?" says Dale.

"I'm still seeing it, partner, and I don't want to ever stop seeing it, either."

Dale pulling her down onto his lap... come here you gorgeous creature… kissing her... his hands cupping her breasts, nipples hardening between his thumb and fingers… Carolyn uttering a moan… Sam undoing her jeans, saying let's get you more comfortable, honey. Sliding them off her legs… her panties silky and tight, outlining the folds and curves of her body… this feels so good, she thinks… like I'm being taken care of… oh, yes, take off my top… what… my panties… yes… oh, Dale's hands feel so good on my breasts… at least, I think they're Dale's… Sam… what are you doing with my legs… I don't think… oh, god, that feels good… oh, yes, lick me…

Sam holding Carolyn's legs behind the knees. Pressing them against her chest. Her core completely offered up to him… Sam licking, drifting… her cunt lips are so soft… little button clit… she's so wet, or is that from me… pussy wide open… her skin… so smooth… crinkly little anus… so secret… so… vulnerable… how could anything fit in there… smell her… mmmm, have to taste it… ooohh, she likes that… more… so delicious… stick my tongue in her… oh, she's opening for me… deeper… mash my face into her ass… snuffle side to side, let me in more… stick my whole body in her… remember how she looked this afternoon… those shorts she was wearing… angel… innocent wanton angel… what is it she needs…

Carolyn moaning… the music flowing through her… the sound of fucking coming from the TV… feeling textures everywhere… her entire body a pleasure organ… images of herself and… men… aroused, hungry men… wanting, needing her… forcing her to… but… how can they force me… when I want to… god… fuck me… spank me, tie me up, squeeze my breasts out between the ropes and torture them, shove things in me, whip me until I beg for mercy… then don't stop… mmmm a penis in my mouth… Dale?… so good… this penis was in my anus… squirted cum deep inside me… so naughty…

Carolyn vaguely aware of other voices in the room… must be the TV… Dale's penis now gone… another taking its place… Sam? Must be… but it feels different than I remember… oooh, where'd he go… seems like so many hands on her, moving her body, now placing her on her knees… on the coffee table… someone behind her, entering her… ooohh, yes, fuck me, Dale…Dale?… a penis back in her mouth… Sam?

"Gentlemen, the one thing we insist upon is that you treat Carolyn lovingly and gently. We are here to please ourselves only as it pleases her," she hears Sam say. What the…

"And I'll kick anyone's ass who mistreats her in anyway," says Dale, drawing up his six foot two inch frame to emphasize the point.

"Easy, Dale, we're all civilized people here."

"Yeah, well, I'm not sure I like this idea, Sam."

"I think she wants this, Dale."

"But for Christ's sake, Sam… oh, now, geez, who the hell is that?"


"The black guy with the fire hose in his shorts."

"Ah. Yes. Worthington. VP, product development, Houston. Quite capable."

"Capable of what? Jesus, when did they start doing horse dick transplants? And aren't your balls supposed to get smaller as you climb the ladder? He'll hurt her with that thing."

"Shoot, he's not all that big."

"Sam, have you taken an honest look at yourself lately or are you speaking from memory?"

"That's real funny, Dale. No, he's perfect. Just like the video. That's what she wanted."

Oh, what are they talking about, Carolyn wonders. Opening her eyes. To see Sam and Dale standing next to her… Wait, if that's Sam and Dale, who's in my mouth?… and who's in my… she suddenly realizes that several men are in the room. A bolt of fear shoots through her.

"Sam? Dale? What's happening?" she asks frightened, pulling away and starting to stand up.

Murmurs from the room. Someone gently coaxing her head and shoulders down onto a pillow which has been placed under her. Just relax, honey, we're not going to hurt you. Someone is behind her, licking her. Oooooh. Her nipples being rolled between somebody's fingers…. oohhh, but whose… and does it matter…

"We're right here, honey, you're perfectly safe, these gentlemen are friends and associates. They want to pleasure you too. Is that ok?"

"I… I don't know," she moans. "Is it… ok?"

"Yes, Carolyn, it's ok, we're here with you, you're safe, this is all for you."

All for me… all for me… I can do anything I want…anything they want…



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