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The Invitation

Novel By: Desiree Addams

Alexi receives a mysterious invitation that lands her in a world that she never imagined.

It's still in progress. Needs to be tweaked. It was in response to a Halloween writing challenge on another writing site. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 28, 2010    Reads: 1,772    Comments: 12    Likes: 6   

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Chapter Five- Her "Sacrifice"

Writhing in painfully erotic expectation, I pulled against the restraints. The feeling of the leather straps holding me down only added to the lustful pleasure I was experiencing.

Slanting me a feral glare, he circled the altar. Gazing hungrily at my struggling body, he purred, "Hmmm…what shall I do to you now? Answer me."

"Master, please…whatever you desire."

"Good choice, My Pet."

Producing a black candle, he lit it. As it started to drip, he held it over my trembling body. Still circling my naked, struggling form, he watched as I writhed and moaned, completely under his control. "What a beautiful sight, my naked slave writhing for me. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Master, I am yours. Please…" I moaned breathlessly.

His eyes smoldered with desire as he traced his tongue seductively over his lips. "That's it. You understand now don't you?"

Blazing with brutal desire I panted, "Yes, Master. I understand."
Seeing him about to drip the hot wax on my body, I struggled fearfully against the restraints.

"Mmmm…Relax. I will not burn you." Holding the candle over my body, he drizzled the hot wax over my struggling body. The warmth of the wax and the feeling of the restraints holding me firmly in place nearly sent me over the edge.

Sensing my escalating excitement he admonished in a heated tone, "No, no. Not yet, My Pet. You can only cum when I tell you." Reaching behind him he placed the candle on a nearby table.

"But Master, please…" I pleaded.

"You must listen to me," He whispered in a voice laced with carnal intent.

Now on fire with lust I breathed, "Yes, Master."

Sliding his strong hands along the inside of my thighs, he forced my legs farther apart, exposing my swollen lips. "You can not cum until I tell you, understand?"

"Yes, Master. I understand…but…" I trembled, fearing the consequences, not knowing if I could hold back.

"I will punish you if you cum before I tell you, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Master. But…"

"No. You will listen to me now." The forceful tone in his voice excited me even further.

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl."

Teasing me with his skillful fingers, he traced them lightly over my wet folds, lightly grazing my throbbing nub. Tracing lightly the path downward, he thrust his fingers into my slickness, sliding them slowly in and out of my overheated body.

My muscles squeezed hard around his thrusting fingers as I arched in response.

"Very nice…" His voice dripped with seductive approval.

The raw, burning tension coiled so tightly within me, I knew it was not going to take much more to make me cum. I closed my eyes tightly, biting back my full response as best I as I could. "Master, please…I can not hold back much longer."

Quickly withdrawing his fingers, he commanded, "No. Not yet."

Walking slowly around to one side of me, he brushed his fingers across my lips and down the side of my neck. Pausing to feel my pulsing vein, he leaned in close. "I can smell your blood. But you're not quite ready yet…"

My heart pounded and my eyes rolled back into my head. I was terrified, but so aroused, wondering what it would feel like when he did plunge his fangs into me.

Returning to the end of the altar, I felt his hands slide down to open me to him. He slid his tongue quickly up my waiting lips. "Now, I am going to eat you, My Dear. But you must not cum until I tell you."

My breathing now quite ragged I breathed, "Y-y-yes, M-m-aster."

As he tongued my aching clit, I struggled harder to hold back pulling hard against the straps. Opening my eyes, I watched helplessly in the mirror overhead. Teasing me expertly with his tongue, he circled slowly around my tingling clit. Grasping it teasingly between his teeth he flicked it quickly.

Twisting my hips, trying still to hold back I pleaded, "Master, please…Let me cum for you."

Pulling back just enough to let me feel his hot breath on my slick entrance, "Not just yet," he purred.

Now overcome with erotic desire, my whole body twisted and writhed. I moaned longingly for release. Trying to squeeze my thighs together to provide some friction, he reached out with his strong hands preventing me from closing them. "Bad girl, don't try that again," he asserted. "I am going to have to punish you."

"But, Master…No please…" I cried. I didn't know what he meant and I didn't want to find out, but it was too late.

He walked over to a table and opened a drawer. As he turned to face me, I saw a riding crop in one hand and what appeared to be clamps with a chain attached between them. I trembled as he got closer and swallowed hard.

Dear god he's not going to use those on me is he?

I watched fearfully as he strolled back to where I was bound.

He held the mysterious looking clamps above my face. "Do you know what these are?"

I shook my head no, unable to speak fear choking my voice.

He continued, "You're afraid aren't you? No need, I will not feel a thing." His laugh was unnerving, his glare intense. I trembled seeing the sadistic glare in his eyes. My chest heaved and I closed my eyes trying to calm myself.

"Open your eyes Pet."

I hesitated. I just couldn't open my eyes.





I screamed and jerked feeling the sting on my nipples. I quickly opened my eyes to see him standing there his mouth curled in a wicked smile and his eyes staring down at me.

"Now that I have your attention…" He paused still staring down at me his eyes flashing as he licked his lips. He dangled the chain with the clamps in front of my face. "Watch and learn." He leaned down and pinched my nipple applying the first clamp.

I groaned and undulated toward him, the pain racing to my inner core. I didn't know whether to scream or beg for more. Before I could open my mouth to respond, he clamped the other nipple tight. It took my breath away.

"They look lovely on you Pet. Give into the pain. Do not fight it."

Realizing fully that in no uncertain terms, I had better do it his way I breathed in deep, closing my eyes trying to divert my focus.

Feeling his hot breath getting closer, the fire spread from my ravenous pussy outward, across my hips and down my backside. His tongue plunged into my hardened clit.

Sensing that I was now precariously close, "Now, you may cum for me," he ordered as he continued to give me the tongue lashing of my life.

"Yes, Master," I moaned. Unable to control it any longer, the command sent my body into an earth-shattering orgasm as my eyes fluttered closed. Still in the throws of the moment I cried out, "Master, please fuck me hard."

"That I will…" Impaling me with his rock hard cock, I felt my flesh spread, stretching around his huge head.

A gasping moan escaped my lips. Desiring to feel all of him, I clamped around his large, hard rod as he plunged harder and deeper.

Quickening the pace, I felt him position himself directly over me. Pausing briefly, he ordered, "Look at me when I fuck you."

"Yes, Master." Obediently, I opened my eyes and looked into his. Never before had I seen such intensity and erotic pleasure. My legs shook uncontrollably as he stared directly into my eyes, fucking me harder and harder.

As he stared intently into my eyes still slamming me hard, I felt the tension building again in my body. Panting and moaning, I writhed in painful pleasure under his powerful body.

He pressed his warm mouth to my ear. "Cum now."

Arching up and thrusting toward him, wave after wave of savage pleasure racked my body. I screamed as he bit down on my neck, the orgasmic pleasure intensifying. "Don't stop, Master. Please don't stop!"

Grinding up into me, his cock trembled within me pumping his hot cum into me. I felt his mouth release and the weight of his body pressing against mine. Laying there for a short while, he pulled himself from my body and gathered himself.


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