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The Invitation

Novel By: Desiree Addams

Alexi receives a mysterious invitation that lands her in a world that she never imagined.

It's still in progress. Needs to be tweaked. It was in response to a Halloween writing challenge on another writing site. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 28, 2010    Reads: 1,892    Comments: 6    Likes: 9   

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Chapter Four - Her "Sacrifice"

"Stand up." He ordered rising from his chair.

Weak-kneed, I pulled myself up onto my violently trembling legs, my juices pooling between my trembling thighs.

Reaching down he unlocked the restraints on my wrists and from my waist.

Pulling me into his voracious body, his strong arms surrounded me, clamping me firmly. Grabbing the back of my neck, he pulled my lips to his smothering them with a hedonistic kiss that made my body blaze with desire. Sliding his free hand up my back, he grasped the zipper, pulling it down in one smooth tug.

Trying to pull back, forcefully he jerked me closer. "Do not resist me. I will not tell you again."

The tone in his voice caused me to freeze in my tracks. Once unzipped, he slid the thin fuscia straps from my shoulders pulling the dress over my heaving breasts, down my waist, dropping it into a silken puddle at my feet.

"Step out of the dress." The command was stern and demanding, leaving little doubt of his full control.

Bracing myself on his shoulders, I did as I was told. Quivering with lustful fear, I stood before him.

With sadistic pleasure, his eyes traced my quivering body from top to bottom.


In a quiet, trembling voice, I questioned, "W-w-hy?"

His response was quick and firm, "Now."

My hands now shook uncontrollably. Slowly, I released the front closure of my lilac, floral design bra, releasing my plump breasts and hardened nipples. Still trembling, I reached down, unclasping each garter, pushing the belt over my hips and down to the floor.

Knowing now that he had the upper hand, I stood there waiting for his next command.

"The panties too, Dear."

Reaching down, fearfully I grasped the elastic on the matching panties. I rolled them down over my hips, dropping them to the floor.

"Stop now," he commanded. "Leave the stockings and the heels on."

Tightly grasping my hands he led me to what looked like a table with a black velvet cloth draped over it. "Up on the altar, now."

I froze.

Twisting my arms behind me he forced my shoulders onto the altar, delivering a series of stinging slaps to my vulnerable flesh. I writhed under his beast-like strength, trying to move out of his reach, but his grip was like steel. Holding me in place, I felt him press himself against me. Leaning in close, he admonished, "Do we understand each other now?"

Stunned by the quick, sharp discipline, I choked, "Y-yes, Master."

"That'ssss it. Don't you feel better now?" he hissed in sadistic pleasure.

Sensing that it was merely a rhetorical question, I answered in the affirmative, so as to avoid any further 'misunderstanding' to my already stinging flesh.

Thrusting suggestively against my ass, he released my wrists and backed away. Shaking, I turned to face him. Immediately, he picked me up and placed me on the altar.

Squirming from the spanking I'd just received, I placed my arms on either side of me, lifting myself slightly to try to relieve some of the sting.

Picking my legs up, he placed them on the altar and pushed me onto my back. Without warning he positioned himself over my now naked, trembling body straddling across my waist. His hard, demanding body pressed against me as he brought my arms up over my head, strapping my wrists into place. I could feel his erection pressing hard into my body.

Looking up, I noticed the mirror on the ceiling directly above the altar.

Oh my…

Pressing even harder into me, he brushed his fevered lips from my neck down to my hardened nipple, capturing it in his warm mouth. Though terrified, my body responded to his lustful assault. His other hand lightly traced the he length of my body to my throbbing clit, stroking it quickly. I undulated toward him, trembling in terror mixed with overpowering lust.

Sensing my escalating excitement, he climbed down from the altar and quickly strapped my legs in place, bent at the knees.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, or so it seemed, appeared a very beautiful, naked, shapely, well-built female. Her breasts were perky and round, with erect, pink nipples. My eyes traveling downward, I noticed her narrow waist, and long, shapely legs that met invitingly at her furry pussy.

"This is Simone. She is going to prime you for me while I watch."

"She's going to what?" I squeaked.

Sauntering over to where I was, she stood just between my shackled legs. "I'm going to take you for a trial run," she purred as she licked her lips, running her hands up the sides of my thighs.


"I'm going to eat you, of course," she responded flicking her tongue at me. Moving her hands to my inner thighs she slid a finger into my slick opening. Slowly withdrawing it, she brought her finger to her mouth sucking my juices seductively from her finger.

"Simone, do not let her cum. She must learn to wait for my command. You get her ready and I will finish her."

Neither one speaking another word Master Drayton motioned for her to begin.

She knelt down at the end of the altar, peering at me from between my outstretched legs. As she slowly raised her body, I tried to close my thighs.

"No, you don't," he hissed as he reached over my body, prying them back open.

Kissing the inside of my trembling thighs, she brushed her warm mouth over my fur, sliding her hot tongue in between my wet lips and lightly over my hardened clit.

With her long, slender fingers she separated my slick lips. Taking my swollen nub between her long fingernails, she pinched it lightly, rolling it around in her fingertips. She inserted her fingers into my hot cunt continuing her passionate assault. She fucked me rhythmically with her fingers as she slid her tongue lightly over my swollen lips, capturing my clit lightly between her teeth, thrashing it with her tongue.

As she continued her relentless torture, sensing I was getting close, she gave my clit a quick lick. Removing her fingers, she gave my wet pussy a sharp slap.

I groaned with licentious desire, yearning for more.

Crawling up further on top of me, she kissed and licked her way up to my painfully erect nipples. Taking one nipple into her mouth, she sucked it and circled it slowly with her tongue as she took the fingers of her other hand and lightly rolled and pinched the other one.

The fiery tingle from the pinch shot straight down to my aching pussy. Unable to control my responses, I moaned for more. I trembled lustfully as I watched her from the mirror overhead, mercilessly teasing my shackled body while he kept my legs open wide staring at my wet, pink pussy.

Making her way further up, she pressed her lips against mine giving me a deep, passionate kiss that left me breathless. I could taste my essence as she kissed me long and hard. She then brought her breast to my mouth, pushing her firm nipple to my lips.

Lost in the heat of passion, I suckled her nipple into my mouth. Teasing it with a fast, furious flicking motion she undulated toward me. Sensing her arousal, I moaned longingly in response. I could feel her tremble with excitement.

"That's it girl. Suck me," she commanded, reaching down between her legs as she rubbed her clit.

Removing her nipple from my mouth, she straddled over my face, lowering herself to just above my mouth. "Do me girl."

Reaching down, she opened herself to me. I could smell her arousal and see her engorged clit. I ran my tongue around the inside edge of her swollen lips, dancing a figure eight around her swollen clit.

"Eat me now girl. Do not hold back," she demanded breathlessly.

Lowering her body further, I plunged my tongue into her, darting in and out in rapid motion. As I tongued her, she rocked her hips back and forth, her full breasts bouncing in cadence with her thrusts.

"Do not stop, now. More, girl…I am going to cum," she moaned her as I fucked her with my tongue.

Sliding my tongue back, I rammed it into her hot pussy. Writhing and moaning, her body danced on my tongue. Now fully engulfed in the moment, I slid my tongue back to her engorged clit, taking it playfully between my teeth, sucking lustfully.

Rocking harder onto my tongue she trembled, her juices covering my lips. "Ram it, girl…Now. Use that tongue."

As commanded, I rammed my tongue into her.

"Ohhh, that's it..." She writhed and rocked harder as her body exploded, her cum now flowing onto my tongue and over my face...

Backing down my body, she traced her long, slender fingers down the length of my quivering body, "Good girl. You have done well." Sliding off the end of the altar, she kissed and licked my wet, swollen pussy lips. Standing up, she licked her lips as she spun around, leaving the room.


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