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The Invitation

Novel By: Desiree Addams

Alexi receives a mysterious invitation that lands her in a world that she never imagined.

It's still in progress. Needs to be tweaked. It was in response to a Halloween writing challenge on another writing site. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 27, 2010    Reads: 1,918    Comments: 6    Likes: 10   

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Chapter Three - Attitude Adjustment

As we entered the room, he demanded, "Sit," pointing to a straight back chair against the wall. Bewildered from the events of the evening so far, I fell into the chair.

Trying desperately to appeal to him to release the restraints, I held up the cuffs. "Are these really necessary?"

"Yes, they are. Now, it's time to go over the rules." His voice was stern and uncompromising.

"Rules, what? Let me go!" I screeched.

"You're in no position to argue. Now be quiet and listen." Pacing back and forth across the floor he slanted me a commanding stare. "One, when I ask you a question, you will respond Yes, Master or No, Master. Do you understand?"

"I do understand, but I won't do it!" I exclaimed loudly.

"My, my we have a ways to go yet, don't we? Second, when I tell you to do something, you will do it immediately or suffer the consequences. Understood?"

"Fuck you!"

"What a nasty mouth you have on you. Time to wash your mouth out." Pulling me up from the chair by the wrists he picked me up and turned me to face him as he turned and seated himself in the chair. "Kneel, now!"

Standing in front of him with my knees locked, my arms crossed, and a determination to defeat him, I refused his command.

Without saying a word, he rose up from the chair. Glaring into my eyes, he tugged sharply on the chain, forcing me off balance. Pushing down on my upper back he ordered, "Now, on all fours - hands and knees." He seated himself back into the chair and demanded, "Crawl to me. Do not try to get up."

Astounded by his forcefulness, obediently, I crawled to where he was seated. I stopped a few feet from him, staring frightfully into his eyes. Jerking on the chain he commanded, "Closer. I want you right here between my legs."

Following his command, I crawled to the chair right between his legs and stopped, shaking.

Grabbing me by the face, he raised me to my knees. Lifting my chin up, he demanded, "Look into my eyes. Do you know why you are being punished?"

Still unsure about the predicament I found myself in, I stammered, "N-n-o."

"You are being punished for your disobedience and for talking back to me."

"W-w-hat are you going to do to me?

Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his throbbing cock. "I am going to wash your mouth out. I will take great pleasure in cuming in that hot throat." Forcefully grabbing the back of my head, he pushed it downward, "Open your mouth."

Quickly jerking back, I begged, "But please…How can you do this?"

"Very easily, bad girls with vulgar mouths need to be taught a lesson. You are my slave and you will do as you are told. Now open." As his lips curled into a sinister smile, I gasped in horror, as his fangs flashed "Oh, my you are a v…"

"Yes, Dear, I am a vampire." Narrowing his eyes, he hissed, "Now, stick your tongue out and lick it."

Fearing the repercussions if I didn't obey, I did as he commanded. Opening my mouth, I ran my warm, wet tongue from the base of his dick to his pulsing head. Rimming the underside, I skimmed my tongue over the opening, licking teasingly, as I took his engorged head into my mouth. I whimpered fearfully around him, trying to calm myself and do as I was told.

My helplessness and fear made the tingling in my own body now reach a fever pitch, I just didn't understand, but couldn't and wouldn't ask. I was now in control of a demanding vampire with no way out, struggling to do my best to service him as commanded.

Grasping my shackled wrists, he commanded me to use my hands and make it good or else.
Carefully, I caressed his hardened sack with my hands. I gently encircled my long, black fingernails around it. Finding my way to a most sensitive spot, I stopped to push gently with my fingertips, feeling him expand in my mouth.

Fisting my hair, forcing my mouth further onto his hard cock, he paused momentarily. "Listen and do exactly what I tell you. Understood? If you understand, moan for me."

Knowing that I had no choice, I moaned, humming softly, feeling the throb of desire pooling in my hot pussy.


"Relax and take it deep into your throat," he commanded as he pushed my head farther onto his hard cock.

Feeling the pressure of his throbbing cock on the back of my throat, fearfully, I tried to pull back.

Twisting my fisted hair, holding my head in place, he demanded, "Do not try to pull away. I will not allow it. Just do what I tell you."

Erotic desire spread like wildfire throughout my body. Yearning longingly and knowing that he meant business, I did as I was told.

"As you do me, I want you to look into my eyes. Do not try to look away." He twisted my hair even tighter, pulling back on it.

Trying to ease the pull, I raised my head slightly, gazing up into his blazing blue eyes, my lips still wrapped firmly around pulsing cock. Releasing the grip slightly on my hair he hissed seductively, "Now, time for my bad girl to get her mouth washed out. Suck me now."

Obediently, I slowly and deliberately slid my hot mouth up and down the length of his throbbing shaft, staring submissively into his eyes. Feeling his throbbing vein on my tongue, my desire became even stronger.

He locked his eyes to mine, erotic pleasure radiating from them. Withdrawing his rod slowly, he let it slide to just in front of my lips. Releasing one hand from my hair, he presented his engorged head to my lips, "Take only the head," he breathed raggedly.

Forgetting momentarily, I looked down. With his free hand he again twisted my hair, pulling back. "I told you not to try to look away," He panted.

Obediently, I opened my mouth taking in only his pulsing head, continuing to gaze into his eyes.

Sliding his hand back slowly, he pushed my head down further, little by little, feeding me more of his swollen cock. His commanding stare burned into me as a wicked smile spread across his face.

Trembling with carnal desire, my pussy throbbed, feeling the strength of his swelling cock in my mouth preparing to pump my mouth full.

"Take it, now." Forcefully pulling my head back about an inch he shoved his cock further down my throat. Suddenly I felt my throat fill with a thick, hot liquid. I twisted, trying to pull back, but his grip was firm. "Swallow. Do not fight me," he commanded in a domineering tone.

Still struggling, I swallowed as his hot cum filled my throat.

"Good girl!" He gasped as he released my head, pulling his cock from my mouth.

His cum was hot and sticky in my mouth, dripping down mouth, causing me to swallow again.


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