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The Invitation

Novel By: Desiree Addams

Alexi receives a mysterious invitation that lands her in a world that she never imagined.

It's still in progress. Needs to be tweaked. It was in response to a Halloween writing challenge on another writing site. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 27, 2010    Reads: 1,922    Comments: 6    Likes: 13   

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Chapter Two - Drayton Place

Winding our way up the drive to the front door of the Manor, I was astounded by its old world architecture and the elegant stained glass windows.

Stopping the Limo, the driver stepped out and came around to my door. Opening the door, he offered me his hand, helping me out. Hitching my arm into his, he escorted me through the massive front door. Once inside I was handed the mask and instructed to put it on. Not wanting to disappoint, I did as I was told.

The mask was beautiful shiny satin, fuscia colored with well-placed feathers and jewels. I was then handed a studded leather collar that matched the mask. Now that's strange, a mask and collar to match my dress. What are the odds?

Rolling the collar around in my hands, studying it, I asked nervously, "What's this for?" not really sure I even wanted the answer.

"It is the matching collar. The Master has requested that you wear it also."

Fondling it with my fingers, "A bit odd, but ok," I quipped still debating if I really wanted to put it on.

Distracted by the lack of party noise, "Where is everyone?" I asked sheepishly noticing a conspicuous silence in the old place.

"I'm not at liberty to say, Alexi. The Master will answer all your questions."

Before I could pull my hand away the driver snatched the collar from my palm and quickly wrapped it around my neck, latching it securely.

My pulse pounded in my ears. I tried to remove the collar but I couldn't. It now became apparent that things weren't quite right. I wheeled around blindly bumping into the door. Try as I might I couldn't budge it. It was locked solid.

"Let me out of here! You can't keep me here!" I screamed continuing in vain to try to pull open the large mahogany door. It stood silent keeping me from escaping into the night.

Still trying frantically to make my escape my curiosity overwhelmed me. I had to know. "Where is everyone?" I asked sheepishly noticing a conspicuous silence in the old place.

"I'm not at liberty to say, Alexi. The Master will answer all your questions. This way please." Reaching behind him, he pulled a long, ornate chord and a bell sounded. "Sorry, Alexi, you are not allowed to leave."

"What? Not allowed to leave? Watch me!"
Not accepting the futility of my efforts I continued in my efforts to escape. I cursed myself under my breath for allowing myself to be sucker punched. The signs were there, I just ignored them thinking they were all part of an act, something to set the mood and atmosphere for the evening. How wrong could I've been?

"Don't fight it, Alexi," my escort responded in a voice dank with resignation.

Turning to face him, I glared at him. "I'm no one's prisoner. I will leave if I want to!"

He gave me that I-wouldn't-try-that-if-I-were-you glare. "I'm afraid that's not possible. Just relax and do as you're told. There is no point in trying to escape."

Still straining madly to open the door, I felt a hand come to rest firmly on my shoulder. A velvety voice breathed in my ear, "Alexi, you will listen to me now. This is not suggestion." His deep commanding tone reached my inner core causing me to shiver and grow wet.

Now I didn't hear anything. Where the hell did he come from?

Turning to face the voice I spat, "And just who the hell are you?"

His eyes narrowed through the slits in the mask. His disapproving glare made me tremble.

As my eyes began to focus I recognized him. It was Master Drayton! He'd stepped out of the video and here he was! But what is all this?

Gripping me firmly by the shoulders he asserted, "That is no way to talk to your master, now is it?" His lips curled in a beastly grin. There was something in his demeanor and tone that told me on the deepest level I was his for better or worse.

I couldn't see the upper half of his face, but his eyes…wow. They were the most beautiful shade of blue and so hypnotic. They seemed to see right through me, like they were pulling my deepest secrets from me. They looked like deep pools of clear blue water, so intense. A girl could get lost in those. Snapping to, my eyes searched his for a sign that this was all just a practical joke. "Okay, the jig is up. The joke is over." I squeaked.

"It is no joke, I promise you. You answered the invitation," He admonished, glaring resolutely into my eyes with an arresting stare that was quite unnerving.

My pussy gushed and my clit throbbed. I hoped that he didn't sense what was happening with me but I had this feeling down deep that he was reading all my body signals. Even those I did not want him to. I was so afraid but so aroused. It was just too weird.

Oh, shit! Just what the hell kind of trouble have I gotten myself into now?

Writhing nervously beneath his bestial grip, my voice shaking, I blurted, "What the hell kind of party is this?" My legs were so weak I thought they would give way, steadied only by his firm grip on my shoulders.

Without hesitation he countered, "This is the Master's Ball. Tonight I reveal my new pet." He quickly reached up and grabbed my hair twisting it and pulling my head back, immobilizing my head. He cocked his head and stared down at me smiling.

Swallowing hard, I choked, "Your new pet? Just what do you mean by that?" My mouth was dry and my knees shook. I felt his other arm reach around my waist pulling me closer to him.

His grip tightened pulling my struggling body into his as I thrashed helplessly in his unrelenting grasp. Releasing the grasp on my head, slowly he traced the index finger of his free hand from my cheek down to my throat and paused. Hooking the ring of the collar with his finger he hissed, "You, my dear are my new pet," giving it a sharp tug. "You will do as I say or be punished, therefore, the collar…pet. It's there to help ensure my control and as a symbol of my mastery over you."

My stomach flipped as the words dripped like hot honey from his lips. I felt weak and afraid. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself. "No fucking way. That shit is not happening! Your mastery over me? Your control? You have to be kidding!" I spat defiantly trying to mask my fear and to keep him from sensing the heat pooling between my thighs.
"Too late, it is a done deal." he growled bringing his face in closer to mine. He stared down at me in deafening silence reveling in his conquest.

My heart pounded hard against my chest. Jerking desperately, I tried to escape his grasp. His grip was firm. Again he grabbed my hair as he wrenched me in closer to his powerful body pulling on the metal ring of the collar. He drew my face even closer to his and held my face in his hands pressing his mouth hard onto mine. He kissed me hard and deep through my protesting lips and pulled my head back to look up at him.

Still reeling from the tongue thrashing he'd just given me I gathered up all my strength and shot back, "It didn't say anything about this on the invitation. Just who do you think you are?"

He released his grip on my hair and on the collar, stepping back.

It was then that I noticed just how tall he was, at least 6'5". I scanned him from head to toe assessing his obviously well formed frame. His shoulders and chest were broad, but no too much so. His black silky stretch shirt was tucked into his matching black pants revealing his well-muscled abs. His thighs pressed tightly against the legs of his pants. His whole body was powerful, yet sleek and well formed.

His hair flowed way down past his shoulders draping in silken waves over them. It was long, dark, thick and wavy in contrast to his alabaster skin. His features were masculine and strong and his eyes were clear blue and penetrating. His lips were luscious, full and tinged red.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he cooed as a devilish grin touched his lips. "I neglected to send instructions with the invitation. I guess I'll have to punish you for that little oversight, pet." Producing the RSVP form from his pocket he handed it to me. "You signed the Service Agreement. I just neglected to tell you that it was written with invisible ink. To answer your question concerning my identity, I am your master, that's who."

My hands now trembling noticeably, I took the paper from his hand and opened it. Gazing down at the letter in my hands, its intent was made all too clear. "Oh, shit! This can not be real." My chest heaved and my voice cracked.


Agreement of Service

I, Alexi Winters hereafter referred to as slave, agree to serve Master Raven Drayton, hereafter referred to as Master, for as long as required of me.

I understand that Master accepts (or will take it forcefully, if need be) the submission of my will unto his for proper training to service him according to his will whenever and however he sees fit.

The satisfaction of his wants, desires, and whims are my responsibility to satisfy as his slave. I will do so without hesitation or be punished. I will be trained to be pleasing to him at all times. My time, talents, and abilities are all now his subject to his use and control. They are no longer mine.

My body now belongs to Master for his fulfillment and pleasure. He will have unfettered use of my body any time, any place, and in front of anyone.

I, slave, agree:

To obey his commands.

To serve him completely and fully as he desires.

To speak only as directed and when.

To surrender to him and his will completely and fully without hesitation.

To turn the satisfaction of my perceived needs over to him knowing that he is the sole judge of whether or how these shall be satisfied.

I surrender myself to him to do with as he sees fit, whether to punish or pleasure, the choice is his alone. I have no further rights in these matters.

I submit to Master Raven Drayton under the terms stated above on this the 31rst day of October in the year 2006.

Alexi Winters
Slave Signature

Master Raven Drayton
Master's Signature

Again his eyes narrowed, blazing with erotic desire. "It is very real. It's all right there in black and white. The contract is clear as crystal, my dear. I am your master and you are my slave."

Still staring in disbelief at the contract, my stomach knotted and my knees became weak. I started to tremble noticeably now. I threw the paper onto the floor.

"I see that my pet is shaking. A very nice response indeed. Fear is good. It will make my job easier." He reached around and quickly secured a chain to my waist.

"W-what's that for?" I said tugging with my fingers at the chain around my waist.


Without warning he hooked a chain to the collar and gave a sharp tug. This was all happening so fast. I couldn't respond fast enough.

Jerking fearfully, I pulled back trying to escape. "What the fuck is this for? Take this thing off of me!" I screeched twisting and pulling trying to break his grasp.

Pulling forcefully on the chain, "I can see I have a lot of work to do. Come along," he demanded in a voice dripping with carnal self-satisfaction.

Whispering under my breath, "Sadistic, son of a …"

"Thank you, so nice of you to notice," he purred.

Not expecting him to hear my accusation, his straight forward declaration made me tremble in terror.

Oh shit. Sadistic?!?! I'm in a whole lot of trouble now.

My mind spun out of control. I cursed loudly, pulling sharply against the chain. "Let me go! This is kidnapping!"

"I was hoping to not have to do this, but…" He pushed against my body knocking me off balance and forced me to the ground.

I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. He gyrated against me as I lay pinned helplessly beneath him. My ass tingled feeling his cock pressing insistently against me. I choked back a moan trying to hide my obvious arousal.

He straddled my prone body and grabbed my wrists latching the cuffs to them. He turned around his legs still straddling me. I felt him clamp restraints to my ankles.

My blood ran cold. I shivered harder my fear and arousal playing one against the other confusing me beyond belief. I didn't know whether to be afraid or aroused…couldn't separate the two.

"Now, my dear you will listen and do exactly as I say." He secured the wrist and ankle shackles to the chain around my waist and locked them securely in place with blinding speed. "Come with me." Again he tugged hard pulling me down the long, ornate hallway.

"Where are you taking me?" I enquired timidly.

"The training room. Now be quiet."

Stunned by his abruptness and not knowing exactly how to respond, I fell silent as he directed me to a room on the lower level of the Manor.

The chains on my ankles brushed against the floor as I followed behind him, reminding me that I was going only where he allowed. I had no choice. I tried to pull back and to free myself, but it was no use. I was his now and under his control.


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