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The Eye's of The Stranger: Her Master's Pleasure

Novel By: Desiree Addams

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Submitted:Aug 19, 2010    Reads: 6,987    Comments: 3    Likes: 7   

The night was clear and the air heavy with dew. In the darkness of my room, his presence surrounded me. I closed my eyes and his eyes stared back at me, calling to me from deep within. I melted into the gaze of the stranger. He mesmerized me with his commanding stare. An unfamiliar scent filled my senses - musky, sexual and raw - I knew it had to be him.

I felt the deep recesses of my long dead sexuality ignite.

I thought I was safe. But was I?

The compelling stranger peered back at me and with his piercing blue eyes, he forbid me to turn away. I tried, but I felt him boring into my soul. His full red lips were curled in a wicked smile revealing his long white fangs.

How did he get into my mind? When did this all start? I searched my memory for the answer. After carefully retracing my steps since the images began, it finally came to me. He started invading my consciousness after I purchased that bracelet from the antique shop.

Chills raced up my spine as I heard a faint, but unfamiliar melody. It beckoned to me. My body instantly responded. It was the music of the vampire - dark, gothic and haunting. My mind raced.

When I closed my eyes his presence became stronger and even more real to me, sending shivers of ecstasy and white-hot fear coursing through my body. There was a longing deep inside me for this creature of the night.

I tried to turn away from his burning gaze, but I felt his eyes staring into me. I had to look back. He compelled me to look into his breathtaking, but frightening blue eyes. I was forced once again to gaze fearfully, yet longingly, into the eyes of the stranger. I could sense his commanding presence, yet I still resisted. I didn't give in. I wouldn't. That would have been too easy.

He emitted such raw sexual power, this creature of the night. Maybe that's what drew me to him, though my first instinct was to try to escape his fearsome yet compelling presence.

I felt safe. I didn't know him, nor would I ever. Would I? What would happen when I closed my eyes? Would he again haunt my sleep? These and other questions crowded my mind clamoring for answers.

Once more, my body responded to the music and the image of the vampire, this creature that had invaded the deepest recesses of my mind.

An icy cold shiver raced up my spine. It felt as though his hot breath grazed my ear. I swore I could hear him speak to me.

"You must not disobey me. You will be punished for your rebellion, quickly and firmly, for your own good. I will teach you the undying pleasure of total submission to me. You will know that I am your master. You will not deny me."

What did he mean punished? Undying pleasure? Total submission? Master? Rather presumptuous, wasn't he? Was he out of his mind? I'd like to see him try.

I heard him in my mind. How did he get there? Was this but a partial sampling of this creature's powers? I shivered deep within, partly from primal fear and partly from wild ecstasy.

What was this power? Could I escape? Was it already too late?

Still there was the burning desire to experience the pleasures of the creature, but at what cost? If I did, would I become like him? Did I even have a choice?

I needed help, but whom? Mykl? Yes. I knew that he would know what to do. After all he'd rescued me once before.


10 years earlier while performing at The Sands of Time Café in Cairo, a kind stranger, Mykl Alexander came to my rescue. He was there with a group from the University of Cairo. He was a professor of Egyptology and had taken a group of his students out for an excursion on the streets of Cairo.

I was performing at the club as a courtesy for the owner, whose regular entertainment had fallen ill suddenly. I was there on a belly dancing tour. I had just finished my fourth number and was attempting to exit the stage for a much-needed break and to change costumes before starting again.

As I exited the stage to get to the dressing room, a man suddenly appeared and grabbed me. I struggled to break free and managed to scream before he covered my mouth and pinned me against the wall.

As I bit the hand he held pressed to my mouth, he raised the other to strike me. I closed my eyes and winced, preparing for the blow. It never came. Taking a deep breath, I slowly opened my eyes, peering up at my benefactor.

He had heard the scuffle, my scream and rushed to my rescue. He held back the assailant's attack effortlessly. The look on my captor's face was one of absolute terror as he stammered something unintelligible, begging to be released. Mykl backhanded him hard and sent him reeling backward onto the hard floor.

My attacker gathered himself quickly and picked himself up, scurrying off like a frightened cat, disappearing out the side exit of the café.

My knight in shining armor introduced himself and offered his apologies for the attack, gently smoothing my hair with his hands. He asked if I was all right. As I timidly nodded yes, he asked that I not judge all men by the one.

Mykl was tall, well built with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair and flashing emerald green eyes. He dressed very nice, spoke soft, but firm and smelled of sandalwood. His voice calmed me. He handed me his card and asked to keep in contact to let him know how I was doing.

I thanked him profusely and turned to go into the dressing room.

After the show I went over to his table to thank him again for his help. He pulled out a chair that was next to his and invited me to sit with them for a while. I seated myself as he pushed my chair to the table and proceeded to order me a drink and some light appetizers, not once asking me what it is that I wanted. He already seemed to know. I just chalked it up to good guesses or chance.

We all talked, laughed, ate and drank until the wee hours of the morning. I made some good friends that night, Marcy Johansen, James Underwood, and Drake Chesterfield. We exchanged our email addresses vowing to stay in contact.

Since it was so late, Mykl insisted on escorting me back to my hotel. He led me to his waiting limo as his driver sped us off into the night. Soon we arrived at my hotel. He escorted me to the door of my room, excused himself and disappeared down the hall and out the door.

We all kept in contact over the years.


Date: August 15

From: "Desiree"

Subject: Mykl, please help!

To: "Mykl"

My Dearest Mykl,

It's been a long time since we last spoke. I had to email you to let you know what has been happening in my life. A dark, seductive stranger has invaded my consciousness and I don't know what to do. Night after night, day after day his countenance never leaves me. I hear him in my mind calling to me. How can this be?

He invades my dreams. He appears quite tall, his broad shoulders and firm chest tapering down into a well defined waist. When he walks I can see the power in his step as his muscles flex through his pants.

His devastatingly handsome face is framed by the long, flowing black tresses that spill down over his shoulders. His lips are full and red. His mouth is opened in a wickedly seductive smile. Peering out from under that smile are the long, white, glistening canines of the vampire.

His clothing speaks to the era in which he was 'turned.' A blood red ascot hugs his neck. A long, silky black cape drapes seductively around his broad shoulders and a silver amulet dangles from his neck. What is it? What does it mean? Who is he and what does he want with me?

He peers back at me through my consciousness.

I close my eyes. He's here. I open my eyes. I sense his presence stalking me, hunting me like an animal.

I feel him calling. What do I do? I could close my eyes, but would that stop him? I think not, for his visage is burned deep into my memory.

Vampires, in the truest sense, don't exist or at least that's what I've often told myself. The creature that can only drink blood, sleep in coffins and only come out at night is a relic of Hollywood. But is there an undead creature that's much like his Hollywood counterpart? Is he here with me? Has he adapted so well to the environment that I wouldn't recognize him until it was too late?

The music seeps again into my consciousness. He's there in the dark haunting melodies of the music beckoning to me firmly, yet seductively, "Come to me, my pet. Do not try to escape."

My pet? What does he mean, my pet? Still I can't help but be drawn into his masterful gaze. I drink in deeply the countenance of this vampire. He stares back at me sternly. You will know.

I hear him in my mind. How'd he get there?

Again his voice speaks into my consciousness. "I have come for you. It is pointless to fight me. You will fight me even though you know I will punish you. I will overpower you. You will be mine. I will restrain you and you will be helpless to escape. Then I will deal swiftly with your defiance."

How does he know this? We've never met, yet he knows that I'll run. He knows that I'll fight him and resist him with all that I have. He knows what I know before I know it. How? Who is he? How did he get into my mind?

Who is this creature that haunts my days and my nights? Where is he? Where does he come from? Why is he in my head?

Mykl, can you help me?


I hit the send key and went off to bed to try to get some sleep. It was late and I was tired. I laid my head down on the pillow, but my mind wouldn't shut off. I tossed and turned anxiously awaiting his reply. When I woke up, I raced to my computer and turned it on, relieved to see his reply.


Date: August 16

From: "Mykl"

Subject: Re: Mykl, please help!

To: "Desiree"

My Dearest Desiree,

It's so good to hear from you again. It's been quite a while since we last spoke. I'm doing well. Now, as to the situation about which you wrote me previously, I pray that I haven't reached you too late.

From the description that you have given me, I can tell you with certainty that the stranger is most definitely a creature of the night. Desiree, at all costs, you must break the link. He will take you as his own if he's allowed.

The psychic link that he has established with you is but the first step in his effort to claim you as his own. It is unknown to me at this time how he has managed to reach your subconscious, but the link must be broken. Your very life, as you know it, depends upon it.

I don't know the origins of this particular vampire, but he's very dangerous nonetheless. The dark, seductive powers that he has already exerted over your subconscious are but a mere sampling of the creature's ability to do with you as he wishes.

His ability to stir your desires from afar and make you submit to the passions and mood that he wishes to create are his way of burning his 'memory' into your neural pathways. This is done to further lay claim to your body and your soul. He's preparing his way to you.

This creature knows no bounds when it comes to getting what he wants. This is a very charming, yet dominating, sexual creature. He'll live up to his promises and more, if he's not stopped soon. He enjoys the thrill of the chase, the exhilaration of the hunt, if you will. Subjugating others is this one's specialty.

Vampires do exist, my dear. They're all around, but this one is more powerful than most. Hollywood certainly has muddled the true image of the vampire, but it did get some things right, too. These creatures are dark, seductive, and know how to get their way. They don't have to remain inside during the day. The sunlight won't vaporize them. They do prefer the cover of darkness though. It's their nature.

You must be extremely careful, because this type of vampire is able to blend particularly well with the environment to which he has lent himself to seduce his prey, YOU! He can, however, revert back to the look of the time in which he was turned.

This is a very calculating, dangerous and sexual creature. Be vigilant. Garlic, crosses and holy water won't affect a creature such as this. He's very strong and capable of making sure that he has his way with you whenever and however he wishes. His creativity's limitless. Sex and feeding are one in the same. He will make sure you submit to him. He can have it no other way.

I'll do my best to help you. I'll be on the next plane to England.

Be strong,


I couldn't believe what I just read. How did I get myself into this? I opened my window to enjoy the storm and listen to the rain to calm me. I turned the monitor off and lay down on the bed. I just couldn't fathom what Mykl was telling me.


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