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A worldful of sluts...

but sluts are human too...

continuation of FairyGirl's Open Book. View table of contents...


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Sarah and Mac were soon "into" it: the sex they had was viciously naughty and Mac was a bullied man. He loved it. At the same time, he could not help thinking what Sarah had said about Jessica. He bit his lip and leaned back against his chair and fantasized doing it with the student. Whatever he was thinking...it was wrong...but he couldn't help it. He imagined biting her nipples...it just got him hard... Shit...too hard... He needed to DO something about it, and a jerk off in the shower was not what he meant. The bald, dirty old man was going to try out his luck. * Jessica had not spoken to her friends in three days, and she was quite content with that. Strange. Well, now she had a gang of her own. Randi, Pete, Ross and Reggie were her best friends now. She smiled as she thought of the unrestricted fun they had. It was something she had never experienced before. They would meet up at Pete's house after school (his parents were not at home), and have drinks and watch movies. Some of them were pornos, but it was all in good fun. She did get turned on at times, and told the boys that quite frankly too. "Oh shit," she said one day as they watched a nine-inch cock ride a thirteen year old's pussy, "Pete...Randi...shit...I'm so tight..." The boys would joke about slipping a finger or two inside her to release her, and she would jokingly slap them away. They had never abused her boldness, and she had lap-danced for them quite a few times too. Well, except that one time when Pete had grabbed her boob that hard. Still. All in good fun. * The bell rung. "Jessica Johnson," The bio teacher, Mac McCorney, called her. She gulped. After class? Was she in some trouble? "Yes sir?" she asked as the classroom emptied. "Come with me." he said. She gulped. He led her into an abandoned classroom on the third floor. She wondered what was wrong. Suddenly, her phone rang. [ RANDI CALLING ] Mr. McCorney gave her a stern look and she quickly cancelled the call. In her hastiness, she dropped her cell. She bent to pick it up. She glanced up and say Mr. McCorney boring his eyes into her. Consciously, she tucked a lose strand behind her ear. "Yes, Mr. McCorney?" she asked. "Well..." Mr.McCorney said, "right now, we're friends. I want you to call me Mac." He laid a hand on her bare shoulder and gave her a smile, "OK?" "OK sir," she said. "I want to discuss something which has been bothering me since a while, Jessica." Mr. McCorney said seriously. Jessica sat still, her lips pursed. Mr.McCorney sat besides her. "Your clothes," he said. Jessica raised her eyebrows. "They're..." he fumbled a little, "short." Jessica frowned. She wore a tight black miniskirt and a strapless top that exposed her stomach. "SO?" she asked him. McCorney gulped real hard. Suddenly, she felt a cold, hard hand on her thigh. "Its against the rules, Jessica," he said, "against men rules. Don't wear such short clothes, Jessica, you might be taken unfair advantage of." Jessica looked down to see Mr.McCorney hold his crotch. His face was sweaty. Suddenly, it hit. The hand on her shoulder. The hand on her thigh. Too short... "You want me," she declared. She was not afraid. On the contrary, she was curious. She remembered the nine-inch riding a thirteen year old girl. Well, she was seventeen. And she wondered if HE had a nine-inch. But still, this was wrong. She would not do it. Mr.McCorney's eyes suddenly glazed over with a hunger she had not known ever. "That's right." he said. He slammed her against the wall and his lips were against Jessica's in hungry passion. She pushed him off. "Mr. McCorney! WHat are you!..." she exclaimed but Mr.McCorney's hands were up inside her skirt. She felt defeated. He could very well touch her wetness and smell her arousal. "You little..." he started but never finished as his eyes zeroed onto Jessica's little top. He tore it away. "Shit," he whimpered. Biting her nipples...yes, he wanted to bite her nipples... Her boobs were round and huge. Delicious. Tempting. Her nipples were pink and erect. She WAS a whore. She was enjoying this. He saw Jessica lick her lips. "Is your cock...big?" she asked. The question almost killed him. He groaned. He was going to have his way with the slut. "Come here, you..." he said as he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her firmly on the lips. She groaned as she felt his crotch dig into her thigh. "No..." she groaned, "Mr.McCorney, we can't do this." Mr.McCorney groaned. "Why?" he asked. Jessica bit her lip. "well, first I'm not interested," she declared, contrary to the truth. The wild, savage truth. "Oh yea?" Mr.McCorney growled madly, shoving her towards him and fingering her wetness and pinching her hardened nipples, "stop lying, hoe." Jessica's eyes widened. "WHAT did you call me??" Mr.McCorney looked like he was stuck between saying something and running away. "Look, please," he begged, hoarsely "don't make me beg. I want you, Jessica. I want you bad." Jessica considered this. "And how am I to know you're not going to let this out?" Mr.McCorney's eyes widened. "Let this out?" he said "I'm the one who's sinning." "OK then," Jessica said, feeling even more wet. She grabbed him and kissed him the wild, fierce kiss she had seen on the porno. He groaned. "Oh crap." he said. He stripped down. Jessica stared. It was eight and a something, she was sure. Big. Needy. Erect. Mr. McCorney laid her down at the teacher's desk of the class and climbed on top of her. He gave a wild thrust. Shit, so tight... she was heaven. The perfect fuck. He fondled her boobs as he fucked her, played with her pubes and fulfilled every fantasy including her licking his cock doggy-style. This was better than Sarah. He smiled. He had a whore in his class. He moaned deep as she came all over his face, and then he came all over her tits.


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