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A worldful of sluts...

but sluts are human too...

continuation of FairyGirl's Open Book. View table of contents...


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Chapter Two Jessica kissed her phone three days after as she sashayed through the school halls. She wore pink spaghetti top and black shorts. She felt as though she was flying. Elation bubbled in her chest as she gently keyed through the amazing new phone. She couldn't wait to show it to her girlfriends. "Rhea, Rachel!" she called as she spotted two of them. Strangely enough, Rhea whispered something to Rachel and she stalked off. Confused, Jessica walked upto Rachel. "Hey, look, my new phone!" she said, waving the pink sleek mobile on of Rachel's face. "Hmm, yeah, cool," Rachel said. Jessica sensed something. "What's wrong, Rach?" she asked. She looked at Jessica like she was crazy. "What's wrong?" she asked incredulously. Jessica raised an eyebrow. "Um, yeah?" Rachel narrowed her green eyes in some apparent disgust. Jessica bit her lip and placed a hand on her hip. Her friends sure were confusing. * "She's a prost." "A what?" Mr. McCorney, the biology teacher, asked. Miss Sarah Parker smiled. She taught English, but was well-versed with lingo. "A prostitute, a whore," Sarah said as she kept her books inside her cupboard. She and Mr. McCorney were alone in the staff room, and she wanted to get the gossip out and going. She was a sweet bitch, if there's such a term. Her pink cheeks, innocent eyes and tied up brown hair made for the sweet part. The gossipy, devious part made the bitch. "Now you must not talk of your students like that," Mr. McCorney said. "Oh, now, come on," Sarah murmured, giving him a bewitching smile, "I have seen you look at her panties when she bends. Don't pretend." Mr. McCorney blushed a deep shade of red. "And that's quite alright," Sarah said, moving a little closer to Mr. McCorney, "because I've seen you look at my panties too." McCorney took a step back. Sarah Parker, the English teacher, known for quoting Shakespeare, married to a lawyer was flirting with the unmarried Bio teacher. "You like them, Mac?" she asked the nervous fumbling Bio teacher. When he didn't reply she smiled wider. She tilted her head, "Or don't you remember?" she asked sweetly. "Wh-what are…" Mac McCorney opened his mouth but no words came out further. Sarah Parker had just lifted her skirt up. There were no panties. Mac gulped. "Oh…" he moaned a little, and Miss Sarah could well see the infamous bulge. "Oops" Sarah murmured and hid her hairy baby back in, "I must've forgotten to wear them." She took off her jacket and exposed a tight blue formal button-up shirt which largely stretched at the bosom. It was clear how erect her nipples were. Mac stood there, paralyzed, blinded by his own fortune.


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