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Principle of Lust

Novel By: DarkPrincess94

Sarah is a teacher
Jacob is her student
They both lust for each other
Can they get what they want? View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 16, 2012    Reads: 388    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

( This is my first Erotica story...hope you all enjoy it ~Katie <3)

Chapter 1 - Dawning of the light

Sarah opened one eye as her alarm went off, telling her it was time to wake up she moaned in protest and hit the snooze button but she dragged her slim body out of the bed and into the bathroom where she turned the shower on waiting for the water to warm up.

She walked to the mirror her copper curls hung loose around her shoulders as her green eyes focused onto the little freckle on her face she poked at it, shaking her head she pulled her night top off her naked body and stepped into the shower letting the water run over her body.

Sarah has now been single for five years, it was lonely but she coped with it after all her job of been a teacher took up most of her time and she spent her weekends marking papers. but there was this one student...Jacob Smith...everytime Sarah saw him walk into her classroom her heart would beat faster than it has ever before and all she craved was him but she had to push the thought away during the lesson's because she wouldn't be able to focus once her underwear got wet....

Sarah washed her body her hand slowly moving down to her body reaching her folds, she slowly slide one finger into her, rubbing against her clit as she thought about Jacob and picturing what they could do together she became more wet as she moved two more fingers into her, pushing them deeper and faster she felt herself buliding slowly to her climax she moaned softly picturing Jacobs strong muscle's flexing under shirt when he walks into the classroom, his smile..god his smile made Sarah go weak the knee's....

She was almost at her climax she could feel the tension growing inside her, as she climaxed she moaned Jacob's name biting her lip until she had finished....

Sarah caught her breath she quickly finished in the shower, turning it off she wrapped a towel around her body, she walked slowly to her bedroom, looking at the kingsize bed it looked to huge and empty she wondered how she could cope alone....Sarah walked to her wardrobe pulling out a white blouse and a black bra and a black short skirt to match.

She threw the clothes on over her body, she grabbed her car keys and teaching things then she walked out of the house.

Ready for a new day of tempation and lust racing through her body as she had to teach Jacob for 2hours that morning...

As she started her car she turned the radio on quietly listening to the music singing along softly she passed students she knew not to look out of Jacob as he was in the last year of school at the age of 19 he made her feel even younger than she already was...

She pulled into the teacher car park, as she grabbed her stuff she heard a faint tap on her window she looked up to see deep chocolate brown eyes staring at her and a beautiful smile which showed perfect white teeth and arms that flexed under the shirt, Sarah's heart sped up as she saw it was Jacob, she put her window...

"Yes Jacob?" She said trying to keep calm

"Miss White, i was wondering if you was needing help this morning" Jacob replied as his eyes gazed into Sarah's

Sarah shook her head "Im fine Jacob now go get to your homeroom please"

Jacob smirked as he walked off, Sarah's legs felt like jelly as he walked away she knew she needed to try..to get him somehow....to stop the urges she felt towards him...


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