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Somebody Save Me!

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Utopian City. The epicenter of where superheroes live and engage in epic battles to save the planet. At its core are three sidekicks: Omega Girl, Warrior Lad, and Shadow Archer. Trained as future heroes of tomorrow, the three become close friends and even closer as secretive lovers. When a tragedy befalls one of the three sidekicks, it forever changes the dyanmic of these fledling superheroes.

Fast forward nine years later and Omega Girl and Warrior Lad become the reknown the adult champions Acolyte and Gladiator. As the pair try to engage in an off and on again relationship, they are still haunted by the loss of their third teammate. When a serial killer begins stalking superheroes in a form of revenge, the duo must discover the motives behind the killings and the connection to a rogue soldier calling himself The Vigilancer.

Can Acolyte and Gladiator reconcile the demons of their past in time to save the planet from an impending Doomsday? Find out in a erotic superhero novel! View table of contents...


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Utopian City

Fifty miles away from the capital of Rhode Island exists the conurbation known as Utopian City. Established around the early 1900's, the small little town progressed into a booming metropolis over several decades thanks largely in part to the constant media attention it has received over its many costumed champions. Colorful tight wearing superheroes with names like the Gray Goose or Galaxy Gal have protected the planet for over a century from magical beings, alien threats, scientific abominations, and local crime syndicates.

With the glorification of these heroic defenders, Utopian City has garnered quite a reputation as the epicenter of superhero martyrdom that eventually spread to other major cities both in the United States and internationally. Even the United Nations had gotten involved by sponsoring their own specialty super team, The Global Alliance, in order to safeguard Earth from such imminent threats. At the forefront of The Alliance were the organization's three co-founders: Alpha Male, Black Crow, and Artemis.

A refugee from the dying alien planet of Zadrox, Alpha Male came to Earth accompanied by his daughter Omega Girl for the sake of making a new life on the planet. Both blessed with the power of flight, superhuman strength, near invulnerability, and powerful laser vision, the pair became the mightiest crime fighters in the world.

Second in command of The Alliance was the very human Black Crow. Recognized for his black birdlike cowl and peregrine cape, the Black Crow was in fact a multi-billionaire who moonlighted as a street vigilante. Known for his keen intellect, knowledge of technology, amazing detective skills, and deadly mastery of every martial art known to man, the Black Crow and his young protégés, Shadow Archer and Night Raven, guarded the urban dwellings of Utopian City.

Making the final component of this holy trinity was the Greek goddess of the hunt Artemis. The legendary female warrior of Mount Olympus left her deity role behind to aid mortals against magical foes. Assisted by her partner and son, Warrior Lad, the duo fought against many mystical enemies and saved the planet from extra-dimensional threats. It was this formidable triad that put Utopian City on the map.

Flying over the high skyscrapers of the city, nineteen year old Candice Charles patrolled the streets of the city in her little gold and yellow skirt, boots, and cape while the moon rose above. Known to the world as the Alpha Male's sidekick Omega Girl, the super lass scanned the depths below searching for the regular lists of robbers, muggers, and rapists hiding in the alleyways of the metropolis. Her father, Kirk Charles, had been called away into space to deal with an extraterrestrial threat leaving her to fight crime alone this evening.

As a refugee from the destroyed planet of Zadrox, the raven haired beauty had once gone by her real name Princess Kandra-Za on her world. Her father Kirk was King Kir-Za who ruled Zadrox for several years in peace and prosperity. That was until the dangerous threat of the insectoid invaders forced them from their home. Known as the Terro-No, these alien beings set off a nuclear bomb into the planet's internal core causing Zadrox to explode killing every living being on their world. As the last remaining survivors of their planet, King Kir-Za and his daughter escaped to Earth where they adopted human identities and used their superhuman abilities to help fight crime under the monikers Alpha Male and Omega Girl. Now recognizable as the world's most powerful superhero duo, Candice often took over the reins as Utopian City's protector whenever her father had been called away on business. This happened to be one of those times.

Swooping over the top of building that belonged to the fashion magazine Trend, Candice glanced down to see a blond handsome male wearing a Spartan helmet and bronze armor waving at her from the rooftop. Identifying him instantly, she flew down and landed near the young man. Her gold boots made a small thud as her blue eyes smiled at the good looking gentleman with green eyes concealed underneath his covering to conceal his true identity. Folding her arms, she watched as the gorgeous hunk approached her.

"Omega Girl!" The six foot champion greeted her. His muscular arms removed the Spartan helmet he was wearing to reveal the exquisite, chiseled features of his face, Romanesque nose, and jade green eyes. Masculine hands raked his long, blond hair as he shot her a wicked grin that made her go weak in the knees. Candice glanced down to soak in the tight, brown leather pants and boots that he wore that hugged his strapping young thighs and derriere. Having met her approval, she licked her lips in admiration of the youthful gentleman.

Pressing her mouth together, she responded with a sensual reply. "Warrior Lad."

Wrapping a strong hand around her waist, the tall nineteen year old male hero pulled the 5'10 beauty close to his chest. Feeling the well-formed length of his body, Candice moaned before his lips crushed hers. The sweet taste of his tongue teased her own taste buds while an illicit exploration of her inner cheek sent a shiver down her groin. Rough fingers explored the back of her spandex tights while she did the same by cupping his flawless structured bottom with her hands.

Warrior Lad yelped at her forwardness. Blood pumped through his groin, hardening his shaft, and forced his erection to strain beneath his leather breeches. Candice felt it too as his hardness pressed against her soft skirt as he embraced her closer.

"Adonis," she whispered referring to him by his real name. "We should be patrolling the streets."

"In a minute," Warrior Lad growled into her ear. "How about a super quickie?"

The black haired young woman gasped. "Now?"

"We can patrol in a couple of minutes," he smirked.

Stroking the back of his blond hair, Candice giggled. "Are you sure it's going to take a couple of minutes? With your stamina, you can last for days!"

Adonis licked her earlobe. "Don't tempt me!"

Gripping her wrist, he pulled a set of keys from his pocket and opened the rooftop door. Leading her by the hand, they made their way down the stairs until they came to a secluded office of the fashion magazine. A large art deco desk had been placed at the center of the room while a large flat screen television had been mounted on to the wall. Surrounding the table were several large framed photographs of supermodels gracing the cover of Trend magazine. Candice ignored the familiar celebrities and instead focused all her attention to her young lover.

Sitting on the edge of the table, she removed her cape and donned off her golden boots. Warrior Lad did the same by stripping off his chest armor and unzipping his leather boots before placing his hands to the lace up front of his breeches. The dark haired beauty stopped him.

"We really shouldn't," Omega Girl protested. "What if someone walks in?"

"They won't," reassured Adonis as he unknotted the straps of his leather pants. "Mom shut the magazine down for the night when she got called away to help your dad deal with the alien threat in space. Not even the housekeepers are here tonight to clean the fashion magazine's offices! We're fine! No one will know."

Adonis's mother was the Greek goddess Artemis. The virgin deity of the hunt, the mythical Olympian had managed to bear a single child with a mortal, the legendary handsome hero Adonis for which her son was named after. Many of her fellow goddesses vied for his affections but it was the virtuous warrior who eventually caught his eye. Upon her lover's death, Artemis relinquished her goddesshood and instead came to Earth, accompanied by her son, to become champions for mortal kind by vowing to protect the world from evildoers and magical threats. Armed with superhuman strength, athletic prowess, fast healing, and the ability to conjure up mystical weaponry at their disposal, the pair had garnered a reputation as formidable warriors.

Creating mortal identities as fashion editor Ariande King of the international magazine Trend and spoiled, rich kid Adonis King, the immortal Artemis and her demigod son quickly assimilated into their human roles in society. Adopting the name Warrior Lad, the handsome nineteen year old quickly discovered that being the offspring of a famous mother did come with perks like having special access to Artemis's fashion offices. Adonis used this opportunity quite frequently to full advantage.

Candice sighed. "If you say so, Adonis." Turning her back to him, he assisted her with the zipper on her top by dragging the fastener down. With ease she shimmied out of her uniform, tossed it to the side of the table, and then proceeded to remove her undergarments.

"Ahhhh, Hanky Panky's white lacy bra and panty ensemble" Adonis grinned. "My favorite."

Omega Girl purred. "I wore these especially for you. That and it matched my uniform!"

Holding her waist, he drew her in even closer. Then affectionately he kissed her again.

"Don't worry," he told her. "You won't be wearing them for long."

Nimble fingers reached around her spine and unhooked her bra. Candice allowed the soft straps of the material to fall off her shoulders until finally it finally descended allowing a special glimpse of her creamy breasts. Adonis lowered his mouth to suckle each side of her perfect roundness before puckering a sample of each sensitive nub of her areolas. Candice breathed heavily with each stroke of his tongue encircling her nipples. For a demigod, the man had incredible skills in the bedroom department.

Stripping off his leather pants, he flung them aside before gently lowering the super lass across the office table. Appreciating her perfect nude form, he slid a hand down her amazing breasts to the small landing strip of dark curls of her womanly area. Lowering his head, the Halfling god kissed the tendrils before bringing his head up to taste her mouth.

Smiling down at her, he growled. "I see you've improved on your grooming skills since we were last together."

Candice giggled. "I'm still on the fence about going fully waxed."

"I still appreciate a little au natural," Adonis purred. Tasting her mouth, he pressed his tongue against her flesh and descended upon her breasts, her stomach, and navel until finally coming to the patch of small curls above her womanhood. Spreading her thighs apart, he inserted an index finger inside her opening which caused her gasp.

"Adonis!" The raven beauty exclaimed. She grabbed his wrist in surprise and began to crush it.

The demigod cringed. "Owww! Candice you're breaking my wrist!" She quickly released her grip.

"Sorry." Her face turned crimson. "I got too excited. I guess I don't know my own strength."

Adonis laughed as he massaged his broken bones. The pain quickly subsided as the fractured joint began to magically heal internally. Caressing her ear, he kissed cheek and provided some reassurance.

"It's okay," he whispered. "I'm fine. Relax and let me pleasure you."

Candice inhaled a breath. "Sure."

Separating her thighs again, he pressed a thumb to her secret pearl. Upon his touch on her pleasure button, the alien champion yelped in delight. Tightening her fists, she shut her eyes while Adonis continued to arouse her senses. One again, he slid his index finger into her folds allowing the digit to disappear into her slit and discovered her already wet with her honey. Candice moaned upon his exploration as she tried to remain calm to ensure that she did not physically hurt her lover.

"Adonis…" she called his name.

"Shhh, my beloved," replied the blond warrior. "Give in to me."

Adonis withdrew his fingers which had been become slick with her dew. Cupping her sex, he opened her entrance with his hands to allow the oval petals to reveal her inner pinkness before plunging a tongue into her drenched entryway. Candice slowly bucked her hips as each discovery of her lover's taste buds massaged, caressed, and stroked her inner walls.

"Mmm…Adonis…" she panted. "I can't wait…I need you to taste you too…"

"Patient, love," suggested the blond soldier. His mouth returned to her sacred pearl as he introduced a wave of pleasure throughout her body.

Unfortunately, Candice could not wait. Her mouth ached to savor him. Ignoring his needs, she clasped the sides underneath his armpits and lifted him. Being stronger than him gave her full advantage over the Grecian champion. Spinning him around so that his groin covered her face, she smiled as she now had his sex fully at her mercy.

Adonis protested. "Hey! I wanted to continue eating you out!"

"You still can," the super lass suggested. "How about a little sixty nine?"

Warrior Lad shrugged. "Do what the Romans do!"

Omega Girl rolled her eyes. "You're Greek."

"Yeah but they were influence by us," smirked the demigod. "Now are going to discuss ancient history or are we going to get each other off?"

"How about an oral exam?" Candice cooed.

"I prefer a POP quiz," Adonis purred.

"Let's see who POPS first," giggled the raven hair super heroine.

With her black tendrils spilled across the table, the super lass spread her hands across the smooth bottom of her Grecian lover. Sliding a finger down near his rear entrance, she slicked the digit with her mouth before teasing the opening of his rectum. Adonis's eyes widened upon realizing what she was attempting to do.

"Candice!" He shouted. "I'm not into that! I'm always a top, remember?"

The alien heroine laughed. "There's always a first time, Adonis."

Cupping his sack, she popped part of the round flesh in her mouth before licking her away up to where his shaft connected the bottom. The demigod moaned as her lips tongued his skin before finding the head of his cock and accepting all of him inside her mouth. Warm slickness stroked his sex as her lips, teeth, and tongue caressed and embraced his hardness until finally swallowing him whole. A myriad of sensations overwhelmed him as he submitted to his female lover delighting in ways that he could never fathom. He gritted his teeth as he called out her name.


Removing her mouth, she took a moment to gather some oxygen before proceeding.

"Adonis, eat me please," the raven haired beauty pleaded.

The Greek warrior was eager to please. Candice continued to pleasure him with her mouth as he lowered his head to return the favor. His lips and tongue reconnected to her aching feminine opening, pulling at her soft petals, before feasting on her succulent honey pot. Omega Girl gave in to her lover's attentiveness releasing soft moans and groans in delight with each touch of his tongue inside her womb. Rubbing his muscular calves pressed against both sides of her head, she consumed his cock while her hands moved up his thighs to explore his nether region with her finger. With each suckling of his flesh, she slowly inserted her wet digit into his sphincter.

"By Zeus!" Adonis gasped at his perineum being stretched. The wicked sensations were both immoral and illicit and he quickly allowed himself to enjoy the sinful delight. Candice pushed her slick finger even further as she continued to swallow him whole.

"Mmmm hmmmm," her voice emitted with each slurp of her mouth on his hardness.

White hot heat surged from Warrior Lad's core. Unable to contain himself, he lifted his lips away from her aching folds and vibrated her clit with his thumb before releasing. Omega Girl cried out.

"Adonis! I'm cumming!" She exclaimed.

"So am I!" Adonis responded. The pleasure built up from his sack as it shot through the tip of his cock. He cried out instantly. "AAAAAAHHHHH!"

Salty seed erupted inside Omega Girl's mouth. Candice savored the taste of her lover as she swallowed most of it while leaving a few droplets on her lips. In reciprocation, Warrior Lad shook her clit even faster before her sweetness released from her opening. She screamed with delight.


Sweet nectar filled the Grecian champion's lips. As did his lover, Adonis drank his fill of her sampling the salty flavor of her orgasm. Raising his body from the table, he shifted his position as so to cover her body with his own as he embraced the super lass and shared each other's pleasure with their lips.

Tender affection formed on their faces as the hunky blond glanced down at the flawless form of the young heroine and planted another kiss to her temple. Resting his head against her naked breasts, he teased her pink nipple with his fingers as Candice stroked a fair tendril off the top of his head.

"That was amazing as always, Adonis," she smiled.

His voice purred. "That's because I have an amazing dance partner." The gorgeous man exhaled a breath. "I want to stay like this forever."

Candice looked away and said nothing. Sensing her worry, he lifted his head to stare into her sad eyes.

"What is it, Candice?"

Her blue eyes drifted toward the window that overlooked the city. Releasing a sigh, she finally spoke.

"I'm thinking about Kai," she admitted.

A sorrowful gaze appeared on the young warrior's face. "Oh." He whispered.

Frowning, Candice shrugged. "Do you feel ashamed or even guilty in what we do…you know…together?"

Adonis cocked his eyebrows. "You mean our threesome relationship?"

"If you can call it that," replied the super heroine.

The green eyed warrior shook his head. "No, Candice, I don't." Getting up from the table, he went to gather his uniform and began dressing himself. Omega Girl followed his lead. "You got to understand, Candice. I'm part Greek god. My family is as dysfunctional as they come. Murder, rape, incest, adultery, abuse of power. The Greek deities of Mount Olympus don't exactly abide by any moral code."

"I know," Omega Girl clucked as she began slipping on her bra. "I just feel bad about this arrangement. I mean you're a magical being. I'm an alien and Kai is…"

"Human," Warrior Lad answered her question. "And we're also sidekicks of the world's most powerful superheroes. Heroes in training who are expected to take over their positions once they retire. But living on Earth has made us susceptible to human emotions and feelings. It is only natural that we have needs that have to be fulfilled. We're no different than any other human so no I don't feel guilty about the three us of being in a relationship."

"At least you can rationalize it all," Candice twisted her lip. She tied her cape around her neck before folding her arms to discuss their predicament. "I'm still trying to make sense of this arrangement we agreed to."

Adonis rolled his eyes. "What's there to rationalize? It's simple. I want you. You want Kai. Kai wants me. We get to all sleep together. It's a win win situation. We keep it a secret from everyone and no one gets hurt."

Casting her eyes down, Candice released a loud breath. "I still think we're playing with fire."

The Grecian champion slowly approached and lifted her chin with his thumb. "Hey, don't try to overthink it. We have a good thing going here. Don't spoil it, okay?"

Omega Girl scowled. "Fine. I'll stop trying to reason everything."

Warrior Lad shot her a smile of approval before hugging her. "That's my girl."

"We better check the nightly news to make if there is any trouble about," suggested the super heroine.

"Good idea," replied the demigod.

Adonis headed over to the back of one of the office's desks and grabbed a remote control from the table. Aiming it at the flat screen, he turned on the television where a live broadcast had been televised.

Immediately, Candice turned pale.

"Adonis! Look!"

The television blared as a late breaking news story captured their attention. The pair of sidekick heroes became transfixed to the screen.

"We are reporting here tonight live in front of the mansion of multi-billionaire Terrence Zephyr, owner of Zephyr Conglomerate, the world's leading technological manufacturer. Tonight 911 dispatchers have received a frantic call from Zephyr's adopted daughter, fourteen year old Deirdre Zephyr, that her father had been murdered. The suspect in question is the billionaire's other adopted son, eighteen year old Kai Zephyr…"

"Oh my God!" Candice clutched her chest.

"It can't be true!" Adonis shook his head.

Upon the investigation of Utopian City's police force, it has been revealed that Terrence Zephyr was in fact the masked vigilante hero Black Crow and that his foster children were his sidekicks Night Raven and Shadow Archer. As many of you know, Black Crow was the original cofounder of the planet's international superhero task force The Global Alliance sanctioned by the United Nations. His death tonight has been quite a shock to the masked community and police reports speculate that years of sexual abuse of his adopted children might have led to his murder.

Police have found evidence amid these allegations of pictures, computer files, and videotapes of child pornography hidden inside the mansion that clearly shows Deirdre and Kai Zephyr being abused by the late billionaire. According to the 911 recordings, Deirdre Zephyr called the emergency line describing how her brother brutally mutilated and shot their father in cold blood in an act of revenge over the years of sexual abuse that they suffered. Currently, the fourteen year old has been admitted to Utopian City's local hospital and being treated for shock while being watched over by police. Kai Zephyr is right now still at large and wanted in connection to their father's murder. Police crews are searching for his whereabouts and are awaiting calls from the public if they know whereabouts of the eighteen year old that might lead to his capture.

This cannot come at a worse time as the Black Crow's other heroic allies, Alpha Male and Artemis, are in space trying to stop an intergalactic conflict on two warring planets. There is no word if they have been informed of the billionaire's death…"

Warrior Lad shut off the television. Speechless, he turned to Omega Girl for guidance.

"He couldn't have done it…he couldn't," Candice sputtered. Tears filled her eyes.

"We don't know that for sure," said Adonis. "But we have to get Kai's side of the story. We have to help him."

"But where could he be?" The super lass wondered.

"He's scared, angry, and alone," answered the Grecian champion. "He needs to be some place safe where he can clear his head. A place that he knows that provides him sanctuary."

A thought came to Candice. "I…I think I might have a clue. Remember the private cottage that my father owns by Chayne's Beach where us three would go to be alone?"

"Yeah?" He paused for a second before he comprehended where she was going with this. "You don't think he might be there?"

"It's worth a shot," she answered. "It's secluded and it's safe. We have to try."

"You'll have to fly me there," said Adonis. "We'll both get there faster if we do."

The pair ran up to the roof where Omega Girl lifted Warrior Lad from underneath the shoulders and zoomed off into the evening sky. They hoped it was not too late to save their friend.


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