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N.S.A.? (Unfinished)

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

In this sequel to F.W.B.?, twenty one year old Ethan Zylko (the cousin of Mack Zylko) is both a musical prodigy and gay man struggling to find his place in the world. After a bad break-up with his cheating boyfriend, Ethan has a one night fling on Craigslist advertising for a gay N.S.A. (No Strings Attached) encounter with twenty four year art student Rafael Garcia.

The two go their separate ways but experience a strange connection. When both are accepted to London's Art Academy, the pair are reunited and try to pick up the pieces and attempt a relationship. However, old lovers and Rafael's secret royal lineage as a prince of the small European island nation of Villatuono complicates and threatens their union. Will these two lovers resolve their baggage in order to find their happily ever after.

Find out in this gay romance story based on the short story The Commission.

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"I can't believe that asshole did that to you!" Mack Zylko slid a cup of tea in front of his cousin as Ethan wrapped himself in a warm blanket and sipped the hot liquid.

"Thanks, Mack," said Ethan. "I guess I'm one of those typical statistics of couples breaking up due to cheating! It sucks!"

Mack and his wife Jennifer offered the twenty one year old a place to crash for a few months before flying off to attend London's Saintsborough Arts Academy. The couple had moved in to a new and bigger home in a gated community near Pacific Heights and had plenty of room to spare. After Wendy, Vince, and Reggie informed the married couple of Justin's infidelity and harsh treatment of the lad, the pair opened their home to the young man.

"I appreciate that you and Jen are letting me stay here," replied Ethan with a grateful tone. Jennifer came downstairs carrying two year old Justine in her arms while four year old Palmer pulled at both Wendy and Vince's arms down the steps. Reggie Paddington joined the group after wiping away his make-up in their bathroom and slipping out of his drag clothes and into his normal civilian attire.

"Unca Etan!" Palmer squealed. The four year old leaped into the blond man's arms and kissed his cousin on the cheek. "Mommy said you stay at my house!"

The twenty one year old smiled. "I sure am, squirt!" He hugged the little boy really tight. "I've missed you, little buddy!" Ethan stared at the four year old who carried both traits of his parents. Palmer had Mack's facial characteristics and Caucasian complexion but had a lighter shade of brown hair and Eurasian dark eyes that he inherited from his mother, Jennifer. His two year old sister, Justine, also inherited her mother's dark black hair but had her father's skin tone and the most alluring, piercing blue eyes he had ever seen. In short, both children were biracially gorgeous.

"I'm glad that you're here, Ethan." Jennifer laughed. "The kids really missed you."

She sat down next to the young man on the couch while Justine fussed for a bit which caused Jennifer to set her down. The little tyke ran over to her father who swept her up in her arms.

"Jen, I promise to pay whatever I can in regards to rent, utilities, and groceries," explained the young man.

"Nonsense," Jennifer shook her head. "We're family. Stay for free as long as you like. Also, Mack and I have been talking and we're offering to support your tuition fee and boarding for Saintsborough."

Ethan's mouth dropped. "You mean it? You're going to pay for my school?"

"Of course," laughed Mack. He danced a little bit with his toddler in his arms and the young man was impressed by his cousin's skills using his prosthetic leg. The former Marine was certainly an expert in handling his disability. Even after surviving the enemy attack in the Middle East, Mack had managed to deal with the loss of his leg and make a happy home with his family. To Ethan, his cousin was his hero and biggest supporter. He decided to offer his relatives a secondary option.

"Guys, I appreciate the offer," the blond lad remarked. "But you've been already generous and kind with me staying here. Let me first be accepted for the music scholarship and then we'll talk tuition."

"Fair enough," replied Mack.

"In the meantime," said Reggie who interrupted the conversation. "Let's get you back into the dating scene."

Ethan groaned. "That's the last thing I need, Reggie. I just broke up with my boyfriend. I'm really not in the mood to date again."

"I'm not saying dating," Reggie smirked. "I'm talking old, fashion hookup."

Four year old Palmer Zylko raised his eyebrows. "What's a hookup?"

Wendy gasped and covered the little boy's ears as his mother seemed shock and Mack tried to stifle a giggle.

"It's means fishing, honey," said Wendy trying to innocently clarify the drag queen's comment. "Like hooking up bait to a fishing pole to catch fish. You know what, Palmer? Why don't I and Uncle Vince take you and your little sister into the next room so you can show us your Wii skills?"

"Yay!" Palmer tossed his hands up in excitement. The twenty four year old woman carried two year old Justine in her arms while Vince escorted Palmer into the next room where a video gaming system was set up. This allowed Jennifer, Mack, Reggie and Ethan to discuss things in private.

"Whoops!" Reggie apologized. "Sorry, Jen and Mack, forgot about the kids in the room.

"Don't worry about that," smiled Jennifer. "It'll go out one ear and out the other." She clapped her hands. "Now, Reggie, do tell how we are going to get Ethan laid again?"

Ethan's mouth dropped. "Jen!"

"Oh hush, Ethan," the Eurasian woman scowled. "We're all adults here. Need I remind you how Mack and I met?"

The former blond marine embraced his beautiful wife from behind. "It was lust at first sight and I couldn't be happier." Ethan recalled the couples' unorthodox love story. Jennifer and Mack had been previously married but due to unforeseen circumstances could not share any physical intimacy with their spouses. As an alternative, the pair decided to seek out an affair online and met through the website Craigslist where they agreed to enter into a friends with benefits arrangement. Eventually, the two fell in love and after both their significant others had passed away, they were finally free to be together, marry and have children. Ethan secretly wished something similar would happen to him.

Reggie grinned. "That's why I'm thinking we should put out an ad on Craigslist for someone to hookup with Ethan."

The young musician turned pale. "What? No! Absolutely not!"

Clucking his tongue, the African American gentleman tried a different approach to convince the twenty one year old. "Don't think of it as a hookup. Think of it as a revenge fuck. Consider all the times Justin has been cheating on you with that twink! At least, this time you get to fuck someone hotter and better looking than that idiot surfer!"

"Ooooh! Let's find one with a big dick!" Jennifer added.

"Preferably one who is a bit more exotic," Mack piped in.

Ethan shook his head in disgust. "I can't believe you're playing into this! I don't need a hookup! I don't need a revenge fuck! And I certainly don't need a one night fuck!"

Mack folded his arms and glanced at his cousin with concern. "Ethan, you're an awesome guy but you hide behind your talent and don't allow yourself to be free. You're a red blooded gay man and deserve to have a little fun. You've constantly lived for that prick, Justin, for three years and let him use you. It's time for you to let loose and put yourself out there."

"Mack's right," Jennifer agreed. "I know that part of your reluctance is because of the fact that you're father abused you since you were very young. The man is in prison now and can't hurt you but you're choosing men who have control over you because it's a pattern you're comfortable with. It's time that you take back that control and let yourself go once and take a chance. Look at me and Mack. If we didn't take the plunge and meet online for sex, then we wouldn't be here discussing it with you. All I can say is that you have to take a risk every now and then."

Ethan sighed. His cousin-in-law was right. He had been living for others and allowed someone else to take away his voice and his control. Much of it had to do with his abusive father, Frank Zylko. The man had suppressed him with fear to the point that he had very little trust in people. When he began a relationship with Justin at eighteen, Ethan gave the blond surfer full control of the relationship and allowed him to psychological submit to his boyfriend will just like his father did. The fact was that Ethan Zylko had low self-esteem and accepted being a doormat in the relationship. Well not anymore! He was determined to take back the control. He was going to prove to Justin Wallace and his twinky lover that he was more than an ordinary gay man with messy hair and glasses. He was going to show them that he can be a sex god!

"Fine!" The young musician snapped. "Let's do this thing, Reggie! Create a profile for me online and find me a hot guy to sleep with!"

Reggie giggled in delight. He borrowed Mack's laptop from the counter and placed it on the coffee table. Opening up Craigslist, he began to construct an ad.

"Okay, since Craigslist was successful for Mack and Jen," he remarked. "I think we should go that route again. Let's see. What should we put as the title?"

"I know!" Jen offered a suggestion. "N.S.A."

"What's that?" Ethan asked.

"No strings attached," answered Reggie. "N.S.A. " He examined the young man as he began typing. "G.L. Good Looking. Blond, twenty one year old gay man with gorgeous blue eyes and fit body."

Ethan stared down at his stomach. "Fit? I just ate three slices of pizza. I'm bloated."

"Shut up!" Reggie scowled. "You're fit and good looking and you're going to like it!"

The musician said nothing.

The African American man continued typing. "Once again. Good Looking. Blond, twenty one year old gay man with gorgeous blue eyes and fit body looking for N.S.A. Preferably one who is exotically, tall, dark and handsome and hung!"

Ethan covered his face in embarrassment. "Oh God!"

Reggie laughed as he continued stroking the keyboard. "In addition, I need a top especially since I'm a power bottom!"

The twenty one year old nearly choked on his own saliva. He waved his arms in protest. "Power bottom? I'm a top!"

Reggie scanned the young man up and down and shot him a sarcastic remark. "Sure you are and I'm straight as a pin!"

Jennifer broke out into a fit of giggles. "You, Ethan? A top? I doubt it!"

Even Mack agreed. "Sorry, cuz. But I definitely see you enjoying being the receiver instead of the giver."

"Oh shut up!" Ethan shouted in defense. "I'm a top! I swear!"

Rolling his eyes, Reggie retyped the description. "I AM VERSATILE. Looking for my Ass Master to hold up this caboose! Reply with picture."

Ethan nearly fainted. "Ass Master! Hold up this caboose! This is insane! You're making me sound like one big ho! That's it! I'm not agreeing to this!"

Reggie ignored his friend and pressed a button on the laptop. "Too late. Submitted the ad request."

Mack and Jennifer could not contain themselves as they rolled on the floor with laughter. Ethan obviously was not amused.

"I hate you all!" He hissed though his teeth. "If I get a stalker request, I swear to God I'm sending him your address!"

Jennifer's sides ached so much from laughing so hard. She panted with a response. "Don't worry…we'll offer him your caboose for…MR. AAAASSSSS MASTER!"

Mack cackled louder than anyone. "He'll probably leave…Once he finds out you're a top…" Then he erupted into laughter and fell back on the floor.

Ethan hugged himself annoyed and angry. "YOU GUYS SUCK!"

"No," laughed Reggie with a wicked glint his eye. "You're the one who is gonna suck…the many dicks that send their requests to you."

Once again Ethan Zylko was not amused.

Pulse pounding rhythms, flashing lights, and shirtless sweaty bodies invaded the dance floor. Sandwiched in between two hunky gay studs, Daniella Donati was having the time of her life as she tossed caution into the wind and let her dark hair down. The Villatuono princess let loose inside the club called Rainbeaux while her older brother, Rafael Garcia, sat at the bar mixing his vodka and soda.

"A Midori Sour," smiled the cute bartender in a tight t-shirt as the man plopped the drink in front of him.

Rafael attempted to correct the server. "I'm sorry. I didn't order this."

"Compliments to the patron at the end of bar," winked the bartender. He gestured to a gorgeous looking auburn haired gentleman who waved to him from across the room. Rafael exhaled a breath, lifted the drink and headed toward the man. His admirer pushed over an open bar stool to allow the artist to sit.

"Thank you…" Rafael began.

"Steve," answered the auburn haired hunk. "Steve Daltrey." He offered his hand to which the Villatuone visitor gladly shook it. "And you are?"

"Rafael Garcia," the artist replied.

Steve grinned. "So do you come to Rainbeaux often."

The Villatuone shook his head. "No, I'm just visiting the city. I'm here on business."

"I can tell," laughed the stranger. "From your accent. It's very sexy. Where are you from?"

"Villatuono," said Rafael. "It's a small island in between Spain and Italy."

"Do you speak the language?" Steve asked. "You know, Spanish or Italian?"

The artist educated him. "Actually, we speak a mixture of the two. It's called Romananzi."

Cocking his head to the side and supporting it with his hand, Steve Daltrey appeared to hang on the European man's every word. "Fascinating. So, do you want to get out of here? Maybe go to my place or yours?"

Rafael raised his eyebrows. "Excuse me?"

Steve repeated his request. "I said did you want to go to your place or mine and have some fun? You know, fuck?"

The Villatuone was appalled. "I'm sorry, Mr. Daltrey, but I think you've gotten the wrong impression of me."

"I bought you a drink!" The auburn haired patron emphasized. "I think you're hot and we should carry this conversation maybe at my place?"

Rafael noticed the bulge in his Steve's pants and groaned. Putting the drink back down on the counter, the dark haired man shot the jerk an angry look. "I'm sorry, Mr. Daltrey. I'm simply being polite and I hoped to engage in some deep conversation with someone but I guess I was wrong." He began to walk away before Steve grabbed his arm.

"Rafael, wait!"

The European man turned around and forced himself to listen to the patron's excuse.

"I'm sorry if I came off a bit forward," explained Steve. "Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

The dark haired artist decided to give the man a chance. "As I said before, I'm from a small country called Villatuono. I'm an artist and I'm here to attend an artists' competition."

"Artist, huh?" The auburn haired man inquired. "Interesting. So do you sculpt or paint."

"Both," he answered. "Though I prefer painting more.

"Have you painted nudes?" Steve questioned.

"Of course," replied the European gentleman. "I've painted figure work."

The auburn haired patron stood up from his stool. "Would you like to paint me naked?"

Rafael's eyes widened. "No. Why are you asking?"

A wicked glint appeared in the man's eye. "I thought I could be your model tonight. You know I could strip down and do a little dance." His hips began to gyrate in front of the European artist. "Then afterwards maybe we can do some body painting?"

Rafael rolled his eyes. Offending by the man's request, he turned his back and walked away from the jerk. "Goodbye, Mr. Daltrey."

"JEALOUS QUEEN!" Steve Daltrey shouted from the bar. The Villatuono gentleman ignored the rude remarked and returned to his corner of the bar counter. The handsome bartender dropped another Midori Sour in front of him.

"Thank you but tell that bastardo customer on the other end that I'm not interested," said Rafael. "And inform him to go to hell."

"Relax," grinned the server. "It's from me. Compliments from on the house."

Rafael's face beamed as he accepted the drink. "Thank you…"

"Raymond," answered the cute bartender. "Raymond Slade."

The artist peered into Raymond's eyes. He noticed how dark brown and mysterious they appeared. There was a certain chiseled sculpted feature about him that reminded Rafael of a Roman statue and his light brown hair almost resembled that of many matinee idols that he had seen in the movies. The man was quite impressive both in his musculature and stature and he found himself quite enamored. Perhaps tonight's outing with Daniella was not a total waste.

"Rafael Garcia," the European gentleman replied as he shook the server's hand.

"Please to meet you," answered Raymond. "I could tell the other guy was a bit of jackass so I'm glad you blew him off."

"Me too," Rafael smiled. "But all things come to those who wait. I mean a handsome bartender offered me a drink. My luck seems to be changing."

Raymond blushed and then paused for a moment before speaking. "I'm sorry, Rafael, if I gave you the wrong impression. I'm straight."

The artist turned crimson as well. His cute server was heterosexual. He never felt more humiliated. Sucking up his pride, he tried to not show the hurt on his face.

"I apologize also," the European man replied. "I mean…I assumed…working in a gay bar…"

Raymond released a giggle. "Don't feel bad. I get propositioned all the time. The pay is awesome and with a little flirting, the gays tip me really well. In fact, the owners of this club are straight so they're all equal opportunity. I felt bad for you after seeing that asshole back harrass you after buying you a drink. Some guys can be real pricks."

"Uh, thanks," Rafael managed to respond and gather back his dignity. Grabbing the free drink, he began to gulp it down while the bartender came closer with a request.

"Actually, I also have an ulterior motive," confessed the handsome server. Pointing to Daniella on the dance floor, Raymond stared at the alluring woman cutting a rug with a group of shirtless gay men. "I saw you come in with her and I was hoping…"

Rafael comprehended his intentions. "You want to meet her."

"Yeah," admitted the bartender.

Sighing, the artist beckoned for his sibling to step forward. Daniella noticed her older brother wave to her and she politely excused herself from her newfound friends and sauntered over to the two men.

Perspiring profusely through her sexy cocktail dress, Daniella fanned herself. "Whew! I'm sweating like crazy! Cosa c'e di nuovo? I saw you calling me over.

Pointing to Raymond, the European man introduced the two. "Daniella, this is Raymond Slade. Raymond, my sister Daniella."

"Ciao, mi amor," she purred in admiration of the hunky bartender as she offered her hand to let him kiss it.

"I don't know what that means but I'm sure liking it," giggled the server.

"Raymond's straight." Rafael bluntly remarked.

The young princess's eyes shot up. "Really? That's unique especially in our current environment." Her brother's revelation intrigued her. Pulling up a stool, she sat down at the bar. "And you work in a gay club?"

"Like I said, the money's good and everyone seems real cool," explained the bartender. "Plus, I have no competition for the women that come here."

"Except for the lesbians," Daniella teased.

The two began to laugh. Seeing his little sister smitten with the bartender, Rafael got up to leave.

"Where are you going?" Daniella asked.

"Back to the hotel," answered the artist. "This really isn't my scene. Plus, I'm still jetlagged from the trip and want to rest."

The princess pouted. "But Rafael, it's San Francisco! We're here to have some fun!"

He corrected. "You are here to have fun, Daniella. I'm here to work. Listen, why don't you enjoy the rest of evening here with Raymond and we'll plan on doing something tomorrow?" Glancing at the bartender, he gave him a friendly wink. "Raymond, I trust you will bring my little sister back to our hotel safe and sound?"

Raymond made a crisscross gesture across his chest. "Cross my heart."

Satisfied with his response, Rafael kissed Daniella on the cheek. "Have fun tonight, hermana. Oh and use a condom."

Daniella clucked her tongue as he began to exit. "The same goes for you too, mi amor!"

Shaking his head, Rafael left Rainbeaux and headed back to Eastgate.

After showering and changing into his pajamas, the artist relaxed on his bed and watched the local news. A small announcement of the art exhibit appeared on the television to which made the Villatuone even more nervous. Shutting off the tube, he decided to use the computer in the hotel suite. Paying for the internet service with his credit card, he decided to do some browsing of Youtube videos before something pulsed and throbbed down in the bottom of his pajama bottoms. He hated to admit the truth to himself but he had to accept it.

He was horny.

How long had it been since he was intimate with someone? A few weeks and it was with Baron Diego Hernandez. However even that experience was empty and unsatisfying. Daniella brought him on this trip to meet a man and though he wanted to focus on the art exhibition, his physical needs still required sustenance. Closing the Youtube window, he went on Craigslist due to their international ads placed online and clicked on the San Francisco link that promoted casual encounters. Locating the M4M or Man for Man page, he scrolled down with the mouse and read through the selection.

He noticed that tops were looking for bottoms and vice versa. Others wanted their glory holes filled. Some requested to engage in barebacking or non-condom sex; something that Rafael deeply opposed. Then there were the endless images of dick pictures, front and center, that really turned him off. Despite the fact that he enjoyed the feel and the touch of a man's genitalia, he found the idea of an individual displaying their anatomy for the whole world to see rather arrogant. It seemed that none of ads appealed to him. Then on a whim, he clicked on an ad that asked for an N.S.A.

N.S.A. Good Looking. Blond, twenty one year old gay man with gorgeous blue eyes and fit body looking for N.S.A. Preferably one who is exotically, tall, dark and handsome and hung. Condoms only. No drugs. Disease free.

In addition, I need a top especially since I'm a power bottom. Actually, I AM VERSATILE. Looking for my Ass Master to hold up this caboose!

Reply with picture.

Rafael laughed at loud at the word Ass Master. The man sure had a sense of humor. He admired that in any male. Feeling naughty and impulsively deciding to respond on a whim, he grabbed his cell phone, lifted up his shirt, took a picture of his chest minus his face, and uploaded it on the computer. He then responded.

To Versatile,

Here's my pic and I would love to hold up your caboose. Name the time and place.


Ass Master

He hit send and giggled. I doubt anything is going to happen but Daniella did say to have fun this week.

Rafael was certainly going to.


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