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Introducing Mrs. Bennington

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

New York City 1938. The Great Depression has affected the American economy including English immigrants, the widowed Mrs. Carolina Bennington and her younger brother Hugh, who have come to America for a better life. Finding employment as a governess to a Broadway producer and theatre owner, she soon becomes involved in world of both stardom and seediness. When Carolina's hidden musical talents are revealed, she quickly rises to fame as a performer. However, her terrifying past soon comes back to haunt her as long buried secrets begin to surface. Adding to her troubles is the producer's philandering son Samuel Morgan. Will he be her downfall or salvation? Find out in this erotic romance series. View table of contents...


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New York City 1938

"I'm the only person of distinction who has ever had a depression named for him."

Echoes of former President Herbert Hoover reverberated across the makeshift shantytowns of the Central Park Hooverville residents. The Great Depression left an indelible impression on America leaving its citizens out of work, standing in long lines at the soup kitchen, and living in abject poverty. Even Hoover's predecessor Franklin D. Roosevelt who gradually helped to reform the financially stability of the country had his hands full with the threat of global conflicts in Europe. It appeared that all hope for the nation seemed lost. Thank goodness for Broadway.

Broadway. The Great White White Way. The epitome of theater covering the stretch of Union, Madison, and Times Square. Broadway, with its lights blazing across New York City attracting newcomers with dreams of stardom, fame, and ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple. For Mrs. Carolina Bennington and her younger brother Hugh, it meant employment opportunities in a place where jobs were scarce.

At 5'10, the twenty three year old the gawky, English brunette giantess felt out of place among the voluptuous showgirls that paraded half dressed backstage of the Siobhan Theatre. Owned and operated by the wealthy Morgan family, the Siobhan had been around since the Reconstruction Era of the Civil War producing a string of successful shows over the decades that garnered them a tremendous following and an elite reputation. It had been this prominence that convinced Carolina to apply for an open position here.

Dressed in a simple, floral dress and overcoat, Carolina pulled her long dark hair in a bun cleaning any dirt from that might appear on her face with her handkerchief. Not a believer in wearing cosmetics, she glanced at her reflection on a stage mirror nearby comparing herself to the female dancers decked in layers of make-up hoping that her dowdy appearance might still impress the owner. She and her brother Hugh needed this job badly since she got fired from her last job as a diner cook because her boss kept molesting her at work. Carolina responded by kicking him in the groin; thereby, ending her short career as a restaurant chef.

"Carolina, don't worry you'll do fine in the interview," said her brother Hugh. Even at eighteen, the 5'7 auburn haired slender built boy knew how to make his older sister feel better. "You're a hard worker. Father would've been proud if he were still alive."

He tightened the bun of her hair while she adjusted the buttons on her dress in the mirror. Carolina wanted to make sure she had not been showing any cleavage. She thought about the words Hugh said. Their father would have been proud of all their accomplishments if he had been alive. Reverend David Caufield had been a good man playing dual roles of loving father and provider. She wondered if her life would have been different if he had not passed away. Perhaps she would not have resorted to accepting a marriage proposal at sixteen to man she did not love. In either case, the damage had been done and right now she needed to solve their current financial predicament by getting this job.

Nervous knots formed inside her belly, then a burning tingle throbbed in her nether regions. She hated herself when got like this. Hugh looked at her with worry.

"Carolina, what's wrong?" he asked.

"I have to tinkle," she whispered. Flagging a stagehand nearby, she asked the inevitable question. "Pardon me, where's the loo?"

The stagehand stared at her in confusion. "Come again?"

Carolina realized her mistake. "Oh I'm sorry. I forgot our language is different here in the states. Um...the lavatory? The bathroom?"

"Oh!" smiled the stagehand. He pointed to the room across to the stage. "There's a can inside the costume warehouse there. You can use the one inside!"

"Thank you," said Carolina in relief. She raced to the door, opened it, and let herself in.

Darkness filled the room as Carolina found herself surrounded by racks of costumes, mannequins, and wigs. Finding the wall with her fingers, she followed the trail of smooth plaster until reaching the edge of the corner. From there, she moved along the next path hoping to reach the final destination that contained a sink and a toilet. Coming toward a row of costume racks, she observed a few small cracks in the ceiling that beamed down light before she noticed two figures outlined in the shadows. Quietly, she ducked to see who they were.

A feminine giggle escaped one of them. Carolina saw a petite blonde pressed against the wall. Her costume had been shoved down exhibiting her perky breasts while her legs wrapped around the waist of a gentleman covering her. Her lover, a tall blond male, had his back facing the young English woman while his underwear and trousers fell down to his thighs. Carolina glimpsed down to see the well form structure of his bare buttocks flexing with each thrust of his bottom inside the blonde girl.

"Oooooohhh...yes..." moaned the blonde girl.

"Shhhh..." whispered the blond man. "Quiet, you don't want anyone to catch us in here.

Carolina could hear her heart racing. The blond man pushed even deeper into the blonde. A moment of ecstasy appeared on the blonde's face exhibiting the sinful pleasures he had been given her. He increased the pace, thrusting even harder and faster than before. The blonde's legs quaked in response. A small tingle quivered inside Carolina's dress causing her areolas to stand erect beneath the material as she observe the blond man's rapid movements of his bottom.

"More...more...more!" the blonde girl demanded.

"Uhhh..." grunted her lover.

Carolina could sense her heart beating faster. Small gasping breaths came out or her mouth each time she watched the blond man push himself inside the petite girl. She imagine him inside her. His cock sinking into warmth allowing her femininity to invite in to accommodate the large girth of his shaft. Closing her eyes, she saw her body melt releasing the sweet honey of her nectar that had not been harvested for a very long time.

"Mmmmm...keep fucking me...yes..." the female's voice creamed.

"You like my cock in you?" the blond lover asked.

"Yes..don't stop..." approved the blonde woman.

Small goosebumps formed on the young English woman's skin while beads of sweat gathered on her forehead. She gulped reaching a hand out to the costume rack but did not anticipate what was to happen next. Carolina watched in horror as the fixture toppled starting a domino effect that surrounded her.

"What the fuck..." shouted the blond man stopping mid-coitus. Still holding the petite blonde, the fair haired lover pulled cord to turn on a light switch.

Standing in the middle of the costume room surrounded by a piles of garments, wigs, and fixtures stood Carolina Bennington. Shock appeared over her face before she finally noticed the half naked, handsome, green eyed, tall blond man staring at her in shock.

"I...I...I...I didn't see anything," she stuttered. Her face turned ghostly white. "I promise. I was simply looking for a restroom. Excuse me..." She vaulted over the jumbled heap and raced out the door.

Seeing his sister sprint outside of the costume room became a cause of concern for Hugh, he ran over to her.

"Carolina, what's wrong? You're pale!"

Carolina wiped her face with her handkerchief. "Nothing Hugh. Nothing." He did not believe her reassurance choosing to disregard it as a woman in glasses approached them.

"Mrs. Carolina Bennington?" asked the woman. "Mr. Langston Morgan is ready for your interview."

"Of course," she replied pulling herself together.

She and Hugh followed the woman up a row of stairs to Mr. Morgan's office. Despite everything that just happpened, her main concern was impressing the boss.


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