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I Surrender to the Spirit of the Night

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Twenty one year old Greek American Terasita Orestiada "Tera O for short" is a psychology grad student who reluctantly accepts a semester study program in the small town of Moroni, Oregon in the field of parapsychology. As she is placed in a ghost hunting expedition at the Worth Bed and Breakfast Inn, Tera tries to prove that ghostly phenomenon is simply the work of a troubled mind. However things start to become complicated when she begins experiencing several apparitional visitors in the forms of four randy, virile male spirits. Also adding her problems is the fact that she is hiding her psychic abilties which poses a threat to a dark, evil force that has ties to the past. Can this virtuous college student finally accept her mystical gifts and stop this supernatural threat while trying to comprehend her growing feelings for each of her ghostly male suitors? Find out in this erotic, paranormal tale! View table of contents...


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"Donald Trump?" Christoph gasped. "I knew he was all powerful but wow I didn't know he'd be here in the flesh. I've seen clips of The Apprentice back when I was a ghost!"

I corrected my young lover. "Actually, Christoph, that's King Zeus of Mount Olympus. He likes to disguise himself as human."

"Good job, princess," Eros patted me on the back. "I knew my little girl could defeat that bitch."

"She gets that from me," smiled Psyche. "Dritas didn't stand a chance."

Aphrodite folded her arms. "Good riddance too. Dritas will spend an eternity in the dark pits of Tartarus until the Gods decide to release her from her punishment."

"Which won't happen for a long time," added Zeus in his Donald Trump form. He took my hand. "Now come along, Erato, you've been away from Mount Olympus for far too long. It's time to return."

I pulled my hand back. "King Zeus! With all due respect, what about all the souls that I sent free from Dritas's curse?" I glanced around the sleeping bodies on the beach.

"They'll be fine," the king of the Greek gods reassured me. "The tormented souls have been released into the afterlife while the current ones have been reverted back to human. Even your lovers are giving a second chance of life. They'll figure things out in this modern world."

Aphrodite stepped in. "Plus, we'll erase their memories of what happened and they can move on with the boring mortal lives."

Sadly, I looked at my four male lovers. I could feel the pain from their facial expressions. I felt the same. I did not want to leave.

I pleaded with King Zeus. "Lord Zeus, is there any way I can stay on Earth? I mean there are mortals that still need me."

The king of the gods glanced around at the hurt faces of my lovers and sighed. "Erato, you're a Greek deity. As the muse of love, sex and desire, it is your duty to inspire such notions upon the world. We've already interfered with mortal lives way too much. You can't neglect your work."

Aphrodite decided to intervene. "Lord and Father Zeus, if I may? Erato's work will never go away. Her influence has continued to spread over history and guided the path of Man for centuries. We might be only a blip on the world of religion but we've come to appreciate what it's like to be human. That's why many of us venture out of Mount Olympus and disguise ourselves among mortals. Complications and fickle drama are what makes us interested in them in the first place. Isn't that why you decided to be Donald Trump and have a reality show?"

Zeus exhaled a breath. "You're right, Goddess of Love." His sour face turned to me as he straightened his toupee. "All right, Erato. You allowed to remain on Earth as long as you wish but you have to commit yourself to these four men as your new responsibility. You are to live as human until they each pass away from mortal old age. Is that an obligation you are willing to take on?"

My face focused on Hawke then to Jordan and moved to Blake and Christoph. Each of these four men represented a facet of my adoration, devotion, desire, and love. I was willing to sacrifice everything for each of them.

I lifted my eyes toward them and gestured. "Well, gentleman? Are you willing to have me and share me between the four of you? I will admit that I love each and everyone one of you separately and together as a whole and I can't imagine my life without you four."

Hawke glanced at Jordan who turned to Blake who then looked at Christoph. They all shrugged and appeared to be on a united front. The Native American spoke up first.

"Tera," said Hawke. "We all love you. As unconventional as this arrangement is, we're willing to compromise and share you with each other. We'd rather have you in our lives than not having you at all."

"Hawke's right," said Blake. "You represent the best of us and strangely enough we can make this work.

Dr. Jordan licked his lips. "Plus, I wouldn't turn down anything libertine. Do what the Romans do!"

"She's Greek," corrected Christoph. He ran a hand through his blond hair. "Is this what most American's do? Engage in foursomes?"

I giggled at my German soldier's comment. "I wouldn't mind a foursome now! I love you all!" All four men opened their arms to me to which they readily embraced me. Four sets of arms roamed my body while different mouths connected to mine. I was in total heaven or in my case, the Elysian fields.

Eros put his head in his hand in embarrassment. "I can't believe my little girl is into polyamory."

Psyche nudged his ribs with her elbow. "Oh don't be judgmental! Remember when we were swingers in the seventies? It did spice things up in the bedroom. I think it's sweet!"

My lovers released me as I heard Zeus's voice cleared. Hawke focused on the Donald.

"Mr. Trump…er Lord Zeus?" The Native American spoke up. "I have a question. Perhaps you could assist us?"

"In what way?" Zeus asked the man.

"Since we've lived as ghosts for several decades and now that we're human, there won't be a record of us anywhere in existence…"

"Ahhh," nodded the man disguised as Donald Trump. He looked at Aphrodite. "Do you mind taking care of that?"

The love goddess snapped her fingers. "BAM!" Within a few seconds, she had stack of documents in her palm. "Driver's license, social security cards, birth certificates, passports, and immigration documents. Anything else?"

I hugged and kissed my grandmother. "Thank you, Ya Ya Dita!" My lovers grabbed up the documents.

"You're welcome, Teresita," replied the love goddess.

"Hawke Bluebeard?" The Native American raised an eyebrow. "You couldn't think of an Indian last name? You turned me into a pirate?"

Jordan frowned. "Hey! It's better than Dr. Jordan Gordon! I sound like a freaking cartoon character!"

Blake slapped his forehead. "I'm Blake Focker! Blake motherfucking Focker!"

Only Christoph squealed in delight and he shook his passport. "I'm Christoph Rubenstein! I can finally say I'm Jewish!"

Aphrodite rolled her eyes at the other three. "Quit complaining! I had to make these things in short notice. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!"

"It's fine," I said kissing her cheek. "Thanks for doing that."

Psyche came up to me to stroke my face. "So Tera, what are you going to do now?"

Shifting my back to face to see the burned down church and nearly destroyed Worth Inn, I gazed at my mother and smiled with my answer.

"We start over."

And we did.

Two years later…

Things in Moroni, Oregon returned back to normal. The superstitions in ghostly hauntings and all things supernatural gained worldwide attention to many would-be paranormal societies that it fueled the town's economy based on spirit tours and tourist attractions.

With Aphrodite's memory removing spell, all the victims of Astrid Worth's curse had been lifted and they had no recollection of their horrifying experiences. My colleagues went about their business as if nothing happened. Professor Atkins and Professor Harris ended up getting married and though their parapsychology research did not garner them any fame or accolades, their psychology and historical work did earn some respect within the two academic fields. Brian Stowell finally came out to his friends and family to which they happily accepted him and new partner William Pasquale. The two moved to New York to attend Yale's scientific program and sent postcards to me every month of how they're doing. Let me assure you, they're quite happy. Sadly, Jade O'Connor returned to Santa De Leon and after an argument with her father moved to Los Angeles where she became a Playboy playmate and one of Hugh Hefner's many girlfriends. Last I heard, she was planning on embarking on a career in the adult film industry. I wish her the best.

Laurel Tibadow and Thomas Hall became a couple and the virginal historian became less bitchy as she gave up her virtue to her lover. The two became activists for the legalization of marijuana. Sarah Dano became my best friend and after revealing the truth of her ordeal to her easily accepted the existence of magic and mythical deities. She and my satyr guardian, George Bobbins, hooked up and are currently running my bed and breakfast business.

Speaking of bed and breakfast, Lord Zeus, or should I say Donald Trump, purchased the Worth Inn for me, tore it down, and erected a new establishment. Expanding it on the estate of where the old Catholic Church once stood, we opened up a new bed and breakfast hotel business. After so many mishaps near the beach, the Roman Catholic Church decided to move the location of Lady Magdalena of the Blessed Heart on the other side of town. I can happily report there have been no strange incidences since.

Within the first year of opening Dita's Bed and Breakfast, we had a hugely successful turnout. Our high end clientele recommended us and with the inclusion of glowing online reviews, we were booked solid for the next four years. I finally earned my Master's degree in psychology from Moroni University specializing in family and interpersonal relationships. Housing an office near the inn, I built up a small clientele to which I serviced the needs of both the residents and the public.

Hawke became the town sheriff and enjoyed patrolling the area safeguarding the town from small petty crimes. Though Moroni was very low on the crime meter, it made the residents feel safe when he was around. Dr. Jordan became the number one resident doctor at Moroni hospital. His past knowledge of ancient medicines allowed him to share skills with his fellow peers in medical field. Blake turned his experience of running a speakeasy into a successful business as he took over the reins of control with running Dita's Inn. He is currently planning to expand his ideas to opening a few bars and clubs within the town by next year. Christoph enrolled at Moroni University as a college student majoring in Political Science. His goal is to be a History Professor. All four were adapting well in the modern world and even assimilated easily into our secretive foursome relationship behind closed doors.

I got to be the lucky gal to experience it firsthand.

My womb ached ecstasy with the heated invasion of Jordan's cock inside me. Still sore from the constant suckling and licking of my lovers' tongues and lips on my sensitive nipples, I pinched my areolas as a splatter of my lovers' sticky juice caked my skin. All my orifices dripped with seed from the white gush of cum from my anus to the filled liquid of all my lovers' jism inside me. Dripping with seed from my mouth, I licked my lips and swallowed their orgasm while Christoph, Hawke and Blake positioned themselves next to me spent and exhausted.

Their cocks laid limp near their sacks, hips, or thighs as a small droplets of semen flowed out of their urethras. We had fucked for hours and enjoyed every passionate minute of it and now it was my English doctor's turn to release his climax inside me.

Bucking a few more times, Jordan cried out. "I'm cumming!"

Then another flow of warmth jetted inside me. Collapsing on top me, I held him close as my own liquid silver tickled his cum that spewed from my opening. Meeting my lips once more, I barely heard Sarah Dano and her satyr boyfriend George Bobbins clop toward my bedroom.

"Holy shit!" The satyr guardian exclaimed. Looking around at mass of spent naked bodies, his goat legs tiptoed around me. "Tera, one of these days I'm gonna get a black light and see how much cum got stained on the walls. Ewww!"

I laughed at his comment and turned toward my goth girl best friend.. "What's going on, Sarah?"

"Your grandmother, Aphrodite, called earlier," said the young woman. "She's driving down to visit you. She'll be here in fifteen."

"Aww crap!" I said. Pushing Jordan off me. I tapped each of my lovers on the shoulder. "Guys, we have to wash up! Ya Ya Dita's coming!"

The men scrambled and pulled me in the shower. Within ten minutes, they washed me down, toweled me off, and dressed me. Wearing a simple tee and jeans, I bounded down the stairs followed by each of my men as I raced outside to see a red Ferrari with the roof pulled back parking in front of the inn. A bleached blonde woman with big tits and a tight green dress came out as she giggled and hugged me.

I was being woman-handled by Pamela Anderson.

"Uhhh…Miss Anderson?" I asked. Meanwhile, my male lovers stared at the former Baywatch babe in awe.

"Teresita! It's me!"

My mouth opened wide. "Ya Ya Dita?"

Twirling her blonde hair with her fingers, she laughed. "You like? I was tired of being an old lady so I thought I would be a sex symbol this time around. Hell, I am Aphrodite after all."

I feigned a smile. "It's interesting." I changed the subject. "How's Mom and Dad?"

"Don't you watch TMZ?" Ya Ya asked. "Ari and Sia are now Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Being celebrities are much fun than being ordinary mortals. They are having great time making movies and doing charity work. How are things with you?"

"Never better," I replied. "The Inn's doing really well. My therapist work is flourishing and as far as my love life…" I turned toward my four lovers who shot me a wicked glint in their eyes. "I'm very happy, Ya Ya."

"Good," grinned the deity. "I just wanted to check up on you and to let you know I sold the Orestiada restaurant back in Santa De Leon."

"To who?" I asked.

"Maria Robles," answered Ya Ya. "She was such a great manager that I gave her the restaurant. Besides, I was growing bored with running it anyway. She's grateful and I know she'll make it the success that it already is." She began to walk back to her sports car. "Oh and I'll be back later when the baby arrives to visit. I can't have my great grandchild not knowing their mythical kin."

I cocked an eyebrow. "Great grandchild? Ya Ya, I'm not pregnant…I mean I can't get pregnant…"

Ya Ya rolled her eyes. "Pfft, you might be a muse but you are still susceptible to mortal cycles like getting knocked up especially with how much sex you five all have." She signaled to me and my lovers.

Blake came rushing from the porch. "Aphrodite! How can Tera be pregnant? I mean who would the father be?"

My grandmother laughed. "All four of you fathered this child!"

"The four of us?" Hawke questioned. "How's that even possible?"

"Tera is the deity Erato," informed the goddess. "She is love, sex, and desire incarnate. Your mortal essences are magically infused with this child so that each of your souls share a common bond. The union of each of you makes you all the father."

Happiness shot through my body. I clutched my stomach imagining what this child would like. Would it have Hawke's copper skin? Jordan's brown hair or would it be dark and be green like Blake's? Perhaps it would have more blond and blue eyes like Christoph? Would it be a boy or a girl? In either case, I could not wait for it to be born.

Jordan embraced me from behind joined by Christoph. Both men kissed each side of my cheeks.

"A father?" Jordan laughed. "I can't imagine it!"

"Well he or she is going to have a wonderful mother," smiled Christoph.

I glanced at each of my male lovers and beamed. "I can't wait. We're going to be the best family ever."

It was true. No matter how unconventional our relationship was, I willingly submitted to everything.

Love. Desire. Passion.

I had surrendered to the spirits of the night.

The more common popular view of love is involves the element of receiving something. As Jacques Lacan points out, that love can exist beyond the lack and limitation of the mind and body where ecstasy can be experienced from within the soul. This love can touch on the real experience, in a sort of mystical sense. Common love and real love can be seen in the difference of given and receiving. The giving and receiving is not necessarily the sharing of material objects or wealth but refers to the expression of emotional qualities that are profound like patience, forbearance, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

Then there is the need for passion and desire. According gender studies, it is assumed that males have a higher rate of sexual desires than males based upon biological factors. Though I disagree with this statement, I believe that both are equal in what turns on the other in regards to finding and locating a sexual partner. Various stimuli are different for each individual who responds to sex and desire than another person.

In the end, can sex be a primer for love? I believe so. Participants are more likely to disclose their sexual fantasies, they are accessible for intimacy related thoughts, willing to sacrifice for their partner, and are open to conflict-resolution concepts. Though sex more commonly does not always lead toward love, it does open the possible opportunity for interpersonal relationships and perhaps future offspring. For now, I'm enjoying the sex portion of my research. Tee hee.

-Tera Orestiada (aka Erato)

Final Journal Entry

The End.


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