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I Surrender to the Spirit of the Night

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Twenty one year old Greek American Terasita Orestiada "Tera O for short" is a psychology grad student who reluctantly accepts a semester study program in the small town of Moroni, Oregon in the field of parapsychology. As she is placed in a ghost hunting expedition at the Worth Bed and Breakfast Inn, Tera tries to prove that ghostly phenomenon is simply the work of a troubled mind. However things start to become complicated when she begins experiencing several apparitional visitors in the forms of four randy, virile male spirits. Also adding her problems is the fact that she is hiding her psychic abilties which poses a threat to a dark, evil force that has ties to the past. Can this virtuous college student finally accept her mystical gifts and stop this supernatural threat while trying to comprehend her growing feelings for each of her ghostly male suitors? Find out in this erotic, paranormal tale! View table of contents...


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Taking a quick shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and ran to grab some clothes from the closet before my eyes noticed a shopping bag on the bed. Pulling out the note inside, I read the contents.

Terasita aka Erato,

Thought you could wear this when you kick Dritas's ass. The clothes are Gucci. The make-up, Dior. The shoes Christian Louboutin. Have fun!


Yaya Dita

I silently thanked the love goddess for the gifts as I pulled a skintight leather jumpsuit from the shopping bag. Turns out Ya Ya had great taste and money to boot. I made a mental note to hit her up for a loan later. Lifting the large shoe box from the shopping bag, I saw that they were thigh high leather stiletto boots with the signature red coloring underneath the bottom of the soles and squealed with delight. Once again, I reminded myself to definitely ask Ya Ya Dita for a loan.

Stripping off the towel, I quickly slipped on the leather catsuit sans any underwear. Turns out going commando made me feel empowering as the sex goddess muse Erato and zipped it up to reveal just a light bit of my perfectly round breasts. I put on the thigh high boots, pulled my long dark hair back into a ponytail, and applied my make-up complete with the smoky eye look that my mother, Psyche, taught me when she disguised herself as beauty stylist, Genie Franklin.

Taking one more look in the mirror, I headed toward the door and turned the knob. I was ready to kick some mystical ass.

So was Astrid's evil minions. I had not even stepped one foot into the hallway before two housekeepers came charging at me with something gleaming in their hands. I took one look at their blackened eyes to see that the witch had them under her thrall.

The first housekeeper swiped at me with her knife to which I easily dodged it. Pressing a palm against the minion's chest, a spark flew from my hand sending the enemy flying clear across the hallway. Then the second assailant came after me. Lunging at me with her blade, I called forth a strong gale within the corridor which blew the housekeeper toward an open door knocking her out unconscious. I then proceeded down the lobby.

Matilda Janx met me downstairs. The old woman's eyes had the same dark eyelids representing Drita's possession of her. In her hands, she held a baseball bat and came at me at full force. Letting out a yawn, she swung at me to which I felt the air around me conjure up an invisible shield. Matilda struck the unseen barrier but was unable to penetrate it. Then with a flash of light from my hand, I shot her forward and crashing behind the front desk. Removing the shield, I sauntered pass the knocked-out old woman and headed out the front door.

Nightfall had come and from the distance I could see the Catholic Church engulfed in the distance. Ambulances and fire crews began to put out the flames as my eyes turned toward something stirring along Hawke's beach. My stiletto heels clopped across the way and down the hill as I came across the bizarre shadowed entities gathered around a rotating pit of sand. I watched as each ink blotch from these blackened masses jumped down. Sinister echoes came from the sandy whirlpool.


Dritas' sinister voice beckoned me.

"Bring it, bitch!" I shouted back.

I stared down at the fathomless hole of the swirling vortex. Digging my stiletto heels in the sand, I swallowed my courage and leaped into the dark abyss.

Down I went. Cool wind darted around me as my body sank lower in the depths of this strange underground area. Dim light appeared on the bottom, I gathered enough power to prepare for the impact of my landing. Calling forth the air, the invisible wind gathered around me allowing me to be as light as a feather as I touched the floor with very little weight.

Now standing the middle of the dim light, I scanned my surroundings to see only darkness. Then a flash of light illuminated the room to see an ancient altar before me. Soaking in the atmosphere, I spun around to see moving shadows against the walls as I became aware of imprisoned souls entrapped within its confines.

Like re-enacted film portrayals, each wall was soaked with some shadowy miasma and encased in the pool of blackness was a containment of several prisoners. At one end of the wall, I saw Jade O'Connor servicing a gang of masculine evil entities. Their hard cocks placed on every orifice as her eyes displayed a lifeless non-consensual feeling. On another, Brian Stowell and William Pasquale were engaged in an intimate moment while several blackened hands stroked their bodies. Toward the other side of room, an image of Professor Atkinson and Professor Harris having sex had been displayed. Feminine shadowed figures fucked both the instructors in various positions using all sorts of different sexual implements and toys to which they eagerly took advantage of. Finally, Thomas Hall, Sarah Dano, the satyr George Bobbins, and the virginal Laurel Tibadow engaged in an orgy while evil tentacles lashed at their bodies in a profane manner. The images continued around me as I heard a cackle from across the room.

Dritas cocked an eyebrow and folded her arms. As usual, she was naked as the glowing glyph on her chest burned bright.

"Erato!" She smirked. "I see you finally made it to my victory party!"

"It's over, Dritas!" I hissed. "Release these mortal souls or else!"

The muse of conflict laughed. "Don't threaten me, Erato! It's because of your interference that caused me to lose my godhood! Conflict is what rules Man! You should have let me spread hate across the world!"

I rolled my eyes. "You still don't get it, Dritas! We're both to blame for the god's punishment! Love and Conflict will always coexist. We were given the opportunity to be reborn as mortals so we could learn these lessons. I know have but you have chosen to squander this experience for your selfish reasons!"

"This experience? Hah!" She spat. "Mortals need to be conquered and dominated. Hatred is what fuels the world, not love! When are you going to understand that? It doesn't matter. When I finally kill you in your mortal form, I shall take your power and I will have the ultimate power all to myself! But first I must use your biggest weakness against you!"

Light filled the room allowing me to see four naked figures chained to what appeared to be crucifixes in one huge semi-circle. Staring at the victims, I identified each of them as being male while I tried to recognize their lowered heads that pointed toward the bleeding diamond and cross bloody symbols carved on their chests. Remembering each of their hair colors and facial features, my mouth dropped when I realized that all of them were my male lovers.

"Hawke! Jordan! Blake! Christoph!" I bellowed their names. None of them responded to me to which Dritas took the opportunity to raise her bloody dagger in my direction.

The muse of conflict twisted her mouth. "You're too late, Erato! I've already claimed their souls! Now it's your turn!" Her head gestured to the swirling shadows on the wall. "Grab her and bring her to me!"

Instantly, several blackened tentacles shot toward me. I tumbled forward out of the path of one before another shadowy coil lashed out at me knocking me down. Opaque evil vines entwined around my limbs keeping me a place while more miasma vines spread around me. The tentacles dragged me forward and I knew my only chance to escape was to summon my inner power.

Breathing heavily, I concentrated my focus on the energy from within. I felt a small spark inside my core. Seeing in in my mind, it spun around in my body gathering enough surge to grow bigger and bigger in my mortal shell. Then without any warning, it burst out of me. Bright light in various rays and spectral color shot out of me ripping apart the shadow tentacles weighing me down and forcing them to release me. A horrible wail echoed inside the room as the blackened coils retreated back into the swirling vortex of each of the walls and leaving a frustrated Dritas ready for her next attack. However, this time I was ready for her.

"Looks like the playing field is evenly matched now!" I smiled with triumph. "I've accepted my role as the muse Erato! You're too late to complete your ritual, Dritas!"

The evil woman gritted her teeth. "I will still be victorious, Erato! I will annihilate this world if it's only way I can destroy you!"

With that said, the wicked muse raised her hands in the air. The coolness of the room suddenly began to warm up, increasing the temperature within the atmosphere until the heat became too unbearable. Blinding illumination of red, yellow and orange appeared above Dritas's head forming into one gigantic fireball to which she sinisterly smirked at me in reference to her conjuring ability.


She launched the fireball at me! Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to concentrate on creating enough power to deflect the attack. Instead, I focused on my energy toward the flames as it slowly approached me. Feeling the bright light glow from the end of my fingertips, I pushed the energy forward and decided it shape a large shield around me. The fireball made contact with my powerful barrier but I could sense Dritas having more experience with magic than I did. Lifting her palm, she controlled the enormous inferno and pressed it even harder to the point that it penetrated through my shield. I did not stand a chance as the flames engulfed my body.

Searing heat wracked my skin as I tried to fight through the agony. I could not believe that as a Greek deity that I could still experience mortal pain. I screamed in horror as the flames grew larger, consuming me in its trap as my body submitted to the frailties of being human. I dropped to the floor before forcing myself to ignore burning sensation upon my flesh before I concentrated my mind on the coolness of the air around me.

The soft chill of the air made me aware that I could control the element. I focused on it with what little willpower I had left. The air transformed into small breeze little by little until a stronger gale swirled around the room. Rotating the wind toward the fire blanketing me, I could sense the condensation building within its coldness. Droplets of water combined to together until I could form a really large wave. From my blinded eyes, I could see Dritas recognizing what I was doing and screeched.


It was too late. I created a large ocean wave, formed into one big tidal element, and forced it on to downpour on the flames surrounding my body. It worked. The fire was out as I sank toward the bottom of the sea that I created and swam toward the surface as my scarred flesh throbbed in immense pain. Reaching the surface, I forced the water to seep in between the cracks of the floor leaving me soaked, angry, and brave enough to face off with my enemy.

I stared daggers into Dritas. "Do your worse. I will still defeat you." I threatened. Spreading my ruined fingers at the witch, I shot forth a large wave of light at the woman hitting her squarely in the chest. Dritas slammed hard against the wall as I notice the glyph on her chest beginning to fade. Clutching an embedded rock with her twisted fingers, she pushed herself up allowing me to see the large gash of blood seeping from the side of her head. Apparently, my magic had worked too well when I gave her some good head trauma.


The fading glyph surged through her hands as she slammed both fists into the ground. A sickening, bone crunching sound resonated in the cavern as I watched in horror the skeletal joints of her wrist break through her skin. She ignored the pain while she laughed. Within seconds, the floor shook. Then a tremor came and soon another stronger one followed right after that. By the time, I realized what was happening; I was in the middle of an earthquake.

Hoping to steady my balance, I lifted my arms forcing myself not to fall. Sadly, I did when something large and made of hard stone struck my shoulder pinning me to the ground. The ceiling above me collapsed crushing my already wounded chest as the enormous earthquake continued to tremor all around me. I struggled underneath the confines of my trap but I was rendered helpless. Making matters worse, Dritas marched toward me with her blade ready to strike.

"DIE BITCH! DIE!" She spat.

I sputtered blood the moment the blood rammed right through my chest. Luminous brightness filled my eyes and I ascended…

Was this Heaven or was it Hell? I am Greek so it had to be the equivalent known as the Elysian Fields or the dreaded Tartarus pits of the Underworld. In either case, I felt like I was floating. Staring at my hands, I noticed the skinned of my wounds had healed as did the rest of my naked form. In its place was a flawless, perfect flesh soft and smooth like a baby's bottom.

Squinty eyes and a sour old face greeted me on my journey. Wearing a bad toupee, fancy suit, and speaking with a hint of a New York accent, I was surprised to see the strange familiar man.

"Donald Trump?" I asked as my first impression.

"Not quite," replied the recognizable businessman. "Hello Erato. Or it is Tera? Anyway, I may impersonate the man but I'm actually someone much more important. Let's just say that I run the show on Mount Olympus!"

"King Zeus?" I gasped.

"Ding ding ding," giggled the king of the Greek gods. "You get door prize and a million dollars!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Do I really get a million dollars?"

Zeus nodded. "And a lot more. Since you are my great granddaughter, the Gods are loaded so you're pretty much set for several lifetimes. Thank the Titans, we decided to invest in antiquities and profitable stocks on Wall Street."

I pointed to his suit. "What's with the Donald Trump look? I thought the Gods were not supposed to meddle in mortal affairs?"

"Technically, yeah," he agreed. "But we always break our own rules all the time. We're fickle, remember? Besides, living on Mount Olympus as a retiree is boring. I love mingling with humans. They're much more fun to hang around then boring immortal deities. Plus, what Greek god gets to have his own reality game show?"

"Point taken," I replied. "So am I dead?"

"Not yet," said Zeus. "You still have to defeat Dritas and fulfill your duties as the muse of love and sex."

"Umm," I commented. "It's a little hard especially when I'm here and Dritas is down there kicking my ass. Even with his whole ultimate power thing, she is certainly beating me. Oh and why are you taking my side? I thought the Gods should be impartial."

King Zeus sighed. "We're supposed to be but I never liked Eris or her daughter Dritas. I know they are the deities of war and conflict but they are always causing trouble and giving me a headache. I think it's high time somebody puts them in their place."

I pointed a finger at my chest. "And I'm the one to do that? How pray tell am I going to do that?"

The Greek deity shrugged. "You're the muse of Sex and Love. Figure it out. And when you do, tell Dritas one thing for me!"

"What's that?" I asked.

He crouched down and pointed to me. "You're fired!"

Bright light blinded me again. I felt the electricity flow all around me. This time it tickled my skin, ran though my flesh, and surged something deep within the center of my core. I reached in and shoved it forward. The energy comprehended what I was doing and exploded. I then saw it. The large stone that was crushing me was being pushed away like lightweight paper. Then I slowly began to stand up…

Dritas backed away from me mortified until her eyes exhibited an angry heat. The carved glyph on her nude chest was nothing more than a scar and she scowled at me while I stood up to confront her.

"WHAT?" She hollered. "HOW? YOU'RE DEAD! I KILLED YOU!"

I patted off the dirt and debris from my catsuit and grinned at her. "Let's just say that I have some mythical beings on my side."

Her voice hissed like a feral cat. "Well, you won't for long! I'll keep killing you and enjoy it doing it for eternity!" Lunging at me, she dropped the dagger in the direction of my face.

I grabbed her wrist forcing her drop the knife and clutched her other hand as I coursed enough energy around us and summoned it forward. In a few seconds, a shimmering light overtook us. Our bodies descended into the blinding whiteness of nowhere and we drifted through a realm that had no claim on space or time.

My designer leather catsuit and thigh boots shredded in midair making me feel guilty that I destroyed Ya Ya Dita's expensive gifts but right now my only focus was on Dritas. With nothing blocking us and having no sense of gravity, we floated. The evil muse attempted to claw my face but I held on to her hands as we rode the strange whiteness complete nude and vulnerable. The glyph now appeared on my chest to which Dritas noticed the symbol now belonging to me and began kicking at me furiously.


She kept struggling against me before I heard the sound of Donald Trump, King Zeus's disguised identity, ringing in my head.

"You are the muse of Love, Sex, and Desire." The Donald announced. "Use it to defeat the muse of Hate, Evil, and Conflict!"

I then knew exactly what to do. Sliding my hands across the wicked witch's thighs, I began to spread them apart forcing the sinister muse to be horrified by my intentions.

"What are you doing?" Her eyes grew wide. "You wouldn't…"

Raising my eyes toward her face, I grinned lasciviously. I would. Locating the auburn curls of her groin, I palmed her entrance and pressed my middle finger down her clit. Her lips wavered.

"NO! STOP!" She protested.

I ignored her pleas. Push down deeper, I hit her hot button causing her to squeal with delight. Then spread the outer folds her labia apart to reveal her aching pinkness starting to moisten at my touch. She shook her head and yanked my long dark hair. Despite the pain of her pulling at my tresses, I resisted as I continued.

"You need to be pleasure," I grinned. "You haven't been laid in a very long time!"

Her eyes displayed a warning to which I remained unafraid. She threatened me. "DON'T YOU DARE! DON'T YOU DARE…"

Yet, I did challenge her threats. Then with my own illicit wickedness inside me, I spat inside her slit and plunged my mouth into her wet entrance. Dritas screamed as a wave of pleasure shot through her. My tongue danced inside her feminine walls while my fingers vibrated her throbbing clit. She tugged at my hair hoping to buck me off but my lips suckled and drank her in refusing to release her from my mouth.

"Mmmm," I moaned.

"STOP IT! Uhhh…uhhh…" She panted. "YOU'RE FORCING ME TO ENJOY IT...NO! I SHOULDN'T…" Her face suddenly became euphoric. "EAT ME! EAT MY PUSSY, BITCH!"

I eagerly responded. My tongue entered and withdrew tickling both her womb and her clit. She howled in pleasure as I felt myself absorbing her energy soaking it in my body while hers weakened making her grow lifeless. Determined to be the victor, I continued to vigorously work on her femininity until I completely consumed her.

The time came for the surge of the ultimate power. I lifted my mouth from her moistness before I inserted my middle finger into her folds. Sensing the flood of liquid in her sweet nectar, I shoved forward making the evil witch gasp. She was now ready for my next exquisite torture. I met my middle digit with my second finger and now with two of them inside her wet pussy and fucked her mercilessly while shaking her clit with my thumb. With three parts of my hand within her entrance, I sent her in rapture.

"YES! YES! YES!" She hollered. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Grinning in satisfaction, I welled up all the energy inside. My glyph glowed brightly than before but Dritas had been caught up in own pleasure she did not notice it. It was now time to end the battle. Curving my fingers up, I struck her G-spot with my digits and drew all the remaining energy from the evil muse.

Tossing her head back, Dritas's climax soon was arriving and I was ready for it. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking cum…" She announced.

I sent the energy forward as my fingers hit her sweet spot exactly right. She erupted.


Liquid silver drenched my hand, my arm, and splattered all over my body. The brightened glyph illuminated filling the whiteness of our space. Tiny tendrils of blackened vines began to spread all over the muse of conflict's body. Horrified, Dritas looked at me as my hand withdrew from her body separating us.


An explosion of light forced us apart. My glyph flashed like some ticking time bomb. An invisible barrier blocked us both. I watched Dritas' nude form being tossed down into some bottomless darkened pit while mine remained floating toward the light. Struggling to clutch something in the darkness, she attempted to pull herself up but proved to be futile. She continued to fall into the abyss. The last thing I saw was her furious face staring back at me.


Her words faded as she disappeared into the darkness.

"Zeus sent me a message, bitch" I laughed. "DRITAS, YOU'RE FIRED!"

Blinding light flashed in my face and I heard something familiar in the background.

Sea gulls.

Soft white sand massaged my feet as I stared up to see the morning sky above as a cool breeze tickled my naked skin. Loud snores and sweet murmurs filled my ears to which I directed my attention toward the origins of the sound to some blurred images moving in front of me. Adjusting my eyes, I noticed a myriad of sleeping naked bodies lying on the beach. I squinted to identify the forms and recognized them.

Professor Atkins and Professor Harris embraced each other while their heads dozed off into the slumberland. Brian Stowell and William Pasquale slept entwined in their arms while next to them Jade O'Connor drooled on the sand. A couple inches away, Thomas Hall, Sarah Dano, Laurel Tibadow, and a human George Bobbins clutched each other as they snored in peaceful sleep. Yet, it was the four men that were awakening that caught my eye.

Hawke Rainwater, Dr. Jordan Chase, Blake Kelley, and Christoph Heinreich stood naked and shivering as they saw me approaching them. Their eyes shot up in confusion.

"What happened?" Christoph asked.

Blake patted off the sand from his body. "I guess Astrid's gone. I feel weird."

Jordan smiled upon realizing what was occurring. "Guys, I can feel my heartbeat. I can feel the cold. Do you know what that means?" His face beamed with excitement.

Hawke nodded. "We're alive! We're no longer trapped spirits!" His dark eyes turned to me. "Tera did it! She set us free! We're human again!"

"She certainly did. She is Erato after all."

Turning my head to the voice behind me, I watched as Aphrodite, Eros, and Psyche walking up to me. With them was Donald Trump.


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