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I Surrender to the Spirit of the Night

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Twenty one year old Greek American Terasita Orestiada "Tera O for short" is a psychology grad student who reluctantly accepts a semester study program in the small town of Moroni, Oregon in the field of parapsychology. As she is placed in a ghost hunting expedition at the Worth Bed and Breakfast Inn, Tera tries to prove that ghostly phenomenon is simply the work of a troubled mind. However things start to become complicated when she begins experiencing several apparitional visitors in the forms of four randy, virile male spirits. Also adding her problems is the fact that she is hiding her psychic abilties which poses a threat to a dark, evil force that has ties to the past. Can this virtuous college student finally accept her mystical gifts and stop this supernatural threat while trying to comprehend her growing feelings for each of her ghostly male suitors? Find out in this erotic, paranormal tale! View table of contents...


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"Are you sure Astrid won't find us here?" Dr. Jordan Chase asked my Greek grandmother who turned out to be the love goddess Aphrodite.

The Greek deity pulled at her long toga and spun around in a playful manner. "Of course, my dear boy. I am a goddess. My magic is more powerful than that witch. She won't be able to break my protection spell. We're safe here!"

I sat on the bed of my hotel room dumbfounded. I could not believe that my family was descended from the mythical Greek gods and were standing only a few inches away from me. My lovers, Christoph and Blake, sat on both sides of me and placed their heads on my shoulders.

"I'm sure your family has plenty of answers your questions," remarked my German soldier. "We're here to offer you support."

"And protection." Blake added.

My eyes turned to Hawke Rainwater who stood with my parents, the loved god Eros and mortal Psyche, and folded his arms while displaying a serious expression. He spoke first.

"Look, I'm the most open minded here," my Native American lover declared. "My roots are steeped in mythology. Perhaps you'd care to share exactly how this all began and Tera's role in all of his?"

"Certainly." My father nodded. "If you're familiar with your Greek myths, the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus existed for thousands of years. We were the first to have influence over Man before Christianity came into the picture and pretty much took all of our jobs."

Dr. Jordan cocked his head. "So you're saying that Christianity became a major force in religion so people stopped worshipping the Greek Gods?"

"Not just Christianity but Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, as well as a million other religions," said the love god. "A deity's power is only strongest when Man still believes in Him or Her. When mortals stopped worshipping the Greek Gods, we started to lose our power on Earth so instead we retired and went back to our home on Mount Olympus and instead became like influences for Man giving mortals some direction in life."

"But some are not always positive?" Hawke questioned.

"Each god or goddess has a role," said Eros. "Mom and I inspire love and sex while others like Astrid inspire war and conflict."

"But Astrid is not a goddess," Christoph added. "She's a muse."

"How do you know that?" Blake asked.

"I remembered when she called herself by her real name Dritas," said the blond soldier. "If I remember my Greek mythology correctly, Dritas was the daughter of the goddess of strife, Eris. Dritas was a muse who helped her mother cause discord and conflict among the world."

"You're exactly right," remarked Aphrodite. My grandmother, who was once known as Ya Ya Dita, clapped her hands in excitement. "Dritas was the muse of strife. It's also an anagram. If you mix the letters up, you get…"

"Astrid!" I answered. "But what does that have to do with me?"

My goddess grandmother lifted my chin with her thumb. "Your last name Orestiada is a name I made up when you became mortal. I needed something to use the first initial of O so you could be nicknamed Tera O. It's an anagram of your real name. Tera O, in reality is…"

Hawke sighed. "No wonder. It's all makes sense."

I looked at the Native American. "What? What makes sense?"

"Your real name," he said. "Tera O. Mix the letters up and you have Erato. The daughter of Eros and Psyche. The muse of love, bliss, and desire. No wonder you're the Chosen One. The power of love is the key to stopping the muse of strife. Erato versus Dritas!"

It all made sense now. The visions. The astral projection. The strange mystical abilities I could do. I was the daughter and granddaughter of the Greek deities of the mythical Mount Olympus and I was the counterpart of Astrid Worth. I then recalled the words inscribed on the temple wall that my former lives revealed to me. ERATO DRITAS. I was the evil witch's sworn enemy.

I turned to Aphrodite puzzled. "Why don't I remember any of this?"

My mother approached me, knelt in front of me and took my hand. I smiled while I soaked in her exotic features. I looked so much like her from the dark hair, dark eyes, and even to the pointed nose that seemed quite alluring after accepting its unique appearance. She kissed my hand and began her story.

"Long ago," Psyche explained. "The Gods and Goddesses grew bored in their retirement and began mingling with mortals as ordinary humans. It turns out that mortals had more interesting lives than the deities of Mount Olympus. Since you and Dritas were muses, you both were constantly at odds. Dritas believed in inciting wars and you believed in peaceful resolutions spread through your message of love and peace. Your conflict with the muse of strife came to a huge blowout when you both started the American Revolutionary War."

My eyebrows raised in disbelief. "Wait, you're saying that we created the American Revolution?"

"Yeah," Eros jumped in. "It's not really your fault. Love and War seem to be an ongoing battle throughout history. As muses, you both tended to take things a little further. The truth is your great grandfather, King Zeus, was screwing King George III's wife, Queen Charlotte, and thanks to Dritas putting a bug in King George's ear that George Washington was doing the horizontal mambo with his wife declared war on the thirteen colonies. Hundreds of mortal lives were lost and King Zeus blamed you both for the conflict and decided to curse you in the process."

I stared at the love god. "What do you mean curse?"

Aphrodite put her hand on my shoulder. "King Zeus believed that Love and Conflict need to be punished for their folly so he stripped away your god powers, removed your memories, and condemned you to live as mortals for short period of time. Your souls were reincarnated into ordinary beings and born to mortal families until Dritas found a way to undo Zeus's curse."

"It turned out that Dritas had not forgotten all her memories," Psyche added. "When she was reborn as Astrid Worth, she began delving into the dark magics and discovered the only way to attain back her godhood was by sacrificing you and stealing your rightful claim to the ultimate power. However, she had forgotten that your innate abilities might still manifest even in your mortal form. When you destroyed her physical body as the prostitute Mabel Adamson, her angry spirit still managed to control some dark magic in order to complete the ritual set upon by Zeus to attain full goddess power. By murdering you four times in each of your reincarnated forms, Dritas would successfully gain access to the ultimate power, which by birthright should be yours."

"But she's already claimed the souls of my friends and colleagues," I remarked. "How do I stop her?"

Psyche took my hand. "By being Erato. The muse of love. That is what we have been preparing you all along when you were reborn as Teresita Orestiada. Your father and I faked that car accident so you could fulfill your true legacy. Your grandmother, Aphrodite, has been posing as an old woman so she could look after you to make sure you reach your potential."

My face focused on the love goddess. "So this whole Ya Ya Dita thing was an act? You didn't really want arrange a marriage for me."

Aphrodite tossed her back and laughed. "Oh by Mount Olympus, no! I needed to play the role of the nagging grandmother convincingly so you could learn to give in to your desires and understand the meaning of love." She directed her attention to my quartet of male spirits in the room. "I didn't realize you would divide that up into a foursome in each of your reincarnated lives." I blushed. The love goddess guffawed. "Oh pish! You needn't be ashamed! You're the granddaughter of the ultimate sex deity! I've had my fair share of multiple partners over the centuries and even hosted a few orgies in my immortal lifetimes!"

Eros rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. "Disgusting sex talk aside. I want you to know, Tera, how proud we are of you. You are truly a remarkable daughter and young woman by honoring the Erato name with dignity. That's why we sent Gigpoles, the satyr, to impersonate the mortal George Bobbins and why we pretended to be Susie and Genie."

I stared at my father in surprise. "You were the beauty stylist?"

Giggling Eros shook his head. "Sorry, princess, but Daddy was Susie. Your mother, Psyche, has better fashion styling so she took on the Genie Franklin role."

Psyche elbowed her husband. "Not bad for an immortal mortal."

"And to think I tried to stop Psyche's marriage to my son," commented Aphrodite. "I'm glad that's all water under the Styx River."

My mother clucked her tongue. "Don't remind me." Her face then returned to mine. "Tera, you're stronger than you think. You can fight Dritas in your true form."

I shrugged my shoulders. "How?"

Aphrodite kissed my forehead. "By willing it. The ultimate power lies deep inside you. Call it forth and it will come to you. You know how."

Exhaling a breath, I closed my eyes and concentrated. Through the blackness of my shut eyelids I listen carefully to the murmur of voices in my hotel room. It began loudly at first before it slowly faded out. Then I heard the thump thump thumping all around me. It sounded exactly like heartbeat followed by heavy breaths filling the area. I clutched my chest tight and gradually some surreal sensation filled fists flowed through my arms and drifted through my shoulders finally making its way down my body. The feeling became stronger as a myriad of emotions washed over me.

Love. Sex. Desire. The basic components of human needs ran though my thoughts. Then came the others. Courage. Bravery. Kindness. Compassion. All of whom made me the person that I am today. I focused on all these behaviors as images ran through my mind transforming into four separate entities. From Hawke Rainwater, I experienced his need to protect the weak and gladly found shelter in his arms. Next, Dr. Jordan Chase and his aura for displaying humanity and compassion as I wanted to assist him in helping others while my feelings for him grew stronger each time I saw him. Blake Kelley, the free spirited sensuous man who opened a new world of erotic delights. I came to love him. Finally, the last piece of puzzle was Christoph Heinreich, the German soldier who endured plenty of hardships but still maintained his courage and bravery. That was one another thing that I loved about him.

All four complimented me. All four were a part of me. I tightened my fists as I dipped my soul into all four of the elements. The wind from the air cooled me while the intense heat of the fire within me warmed me up. Waves from the water in my mind crashed against the stone hard barrier of earth. I felt everything underneath my fingertips, relishing in the fact that I could touch it. I reached in, discovered the glowing glyph similar to one that Astrid sported, and touched it. Its blinding light lit up the room as I opened my eyes to see my apparitional lovers standing on all four corners of a stone slab.

Rubbing my eyes, I noticed I was in a private Grecian temple from the ornate artwork and sculptures housed inside. Glancing down, I admired my pale blue toga dress while little dark ringlets of hair cascaded over my face. The ultimate power shot through my body. I could feel it. It felt wonderful to finally be in full control and I stepped forward to display my new makeover as the powerful muse, Erato.

The quartet of ghostly companions of admired my new look and demonstrated their approval of it. All I had to was to glance down at their now naked, virile forms sporting hard erections and I knew I had it in the bag!

Blake and Hawke displayed their nudity proudly while others like Jordan and Christoph chose to cover their privates with their hands. I decided I would take the liberty to address the issue.

"No need for that boys," I grinned. "We're all family here."

"What…where are we?" Jordan asked scanning the temple.

"I seem to have some memories back of my true identity," I declared. It was true. Like weird flashes of photographic images, I saw myself frolicking on Mount Olympus and congregating with the Greek gods and goddesses. As the muse of love and desire, I was Erato and I could feel the ultimate power flow through me. I was sex personified and right now I wanted to experience the full nature of my lust with my ghostly lovers. "I brought you here because I wanted to celebrate my coming out, so to speak. I am Erato. Muse of sex, love, and desire and I have accepted my destiny and right now, I want to share my gifts with each and every one of you."

Hawke licked his lips and smiled. "Exactly what are you proposing, Erato?"

Clutching the straps of my toga, I slipped the garment off my shoulders to reveal my flawless nudity underneath. Content with bare skin exposed to the four of them, I caressed my perfect breasts with my fingers and pressed my lips together in response.

"What do you think I'm asking for, Hawke?" I teased. "I am related to the love deities of Mount Olympus. Pleasure is part of my innate nature and I want to experience every part of it with you four. That is…if you're up to the challenge." Brazenly, I slid my hand down to the shaved portion of my groin, spread open the folds of my entrance, and exhibited my inner pinkness to the virile men and purred. "I'm sure you don't mind?"

"Not at all!" Blake exclaimed. Being the first to take the initiative, the gangster approached me and hugged me close. His lips found mine as his tongue plunged into my mouth. Dragging me toward the center altar of the temple, we maneuvered our bodies on to the slab as our hands caressed our bare sin and explored the softness of each other's flesh.

His lips move away from mine to allow Hawke to replace his mouth instead of Blake's. The copper skinned man stroked my back as his erection pressed against my belly while our tongues entwined with fervent delight. Two more strokes surprised me as my eyes glanced down to see Christoph and Jordan each taking their position on both my breasts, sucking, nipping, and suckling my areolas and nipples. I moaned in between each kiss of my Native American lover on me.

"Taste me…" I begged my lovers. "See how sweet I am…"

Christoph and Jordan gently laid me against the cool concrete slap. Jordan went first, parting my thighs as his face lowered to my womanly entrance and began licking away at my secret pearl and velvet folds. My English lover's tongue plunged into me while my German soldier toyed with pleasure button pressing it down with his two fingers while kissing and licking it in the process. Meanwhile, Hawke tasted my breasts, tasted my nipples and enjoyed the roundness of my skin while my hands located Blake's erection and began to stroke him. The first stirrings of desire trembled inside me causing my body to respond with a small droplet of dew from my opening. Christoph and Jordan happily drank up their fill of me.

"Mmmm…delicious…" Jordan remarked.

"I agree…mmm…very tasty," giggled Christoph.

I moaned in pleasure as the two men continued. Hunger pangs echoed from my mouth that required sustenance. I pulled Blake's hardened cock, licked the tip of the shaft, before plunging my face entirely in the mobster's flesh. Enjoying the view, Hawke took his place on the other side of my face and grabbed his hard sex with my other hand and reciprocated the same with his throbbing phallus. I satisfied the growing hunger of my mouth by taking turns swallowing both the huge swords of both men, allowing their members to tickle my throat as I got the opportunity to swallow a bit of their seed in the process. Down below, Jordan and Christoph continued to please my aching womanhood as the temple echoed with sounds of intense sensual desire.

"Yeah…suck it…" Hawke moaned.

"You mouth feels so good…" Blake grunted.

Please with my oral techniques, I ordered all four of them to switch. The Native American and gangster took their place on my moist femininity providing them an opportunity to sample me while I took both Jordan and Christoph's hard cocks in my mouth. The five of us moaned in pleasure, engaging in the intense foreplay of lovemaking. However, our bodies craved more.

This time Hawke took the lead. Pulling me upward, he kissed me before whispering something wicked in my ear. "Do you want two at the same time?"

Of course, I did! My body wanted it. I nodded with a sinful smile and the copper skinned man happily obliged. Lying flat against the stone slap, his cock raised up high enough for me to straddle him. Positioning myself in a sit-up strategy, I grabbed his shaft and slowly eased it into my wet folds. My womb easily accommodated him. It felt heavenly.

"Uhh…you feel so good…" Hawke complimented.

Turning my head toward Blake, I gestured for him to take me from the back. "Blake, do you want to fuck my ass?"

The gangster smirked, grabbed his cock, and spat on his palm. Stroking his shaft until it was wet with saliva, he prodded my back opening and gently slid inside. The incredible sensations of being filled at once had been too much. I bit my lip as both my partners danced to the rhythm of our bodies. With Hawke's shaft inside my feminine opening and Blake's cock being consumed by my forbidden bottom, an amazing heat drifted through us. I could not describe the euphoria but I knew that wanted more. My mouth craved it. Signaling to Christoph and Jordan, I grasped both their sexes in my hands and tasted them both with lips and tongue. My body sang alongside an invisible orchestra.

"Do you like having us both inside you, Tera?" Hawke growled.

"Jesus, you're tight!" Blake shouted.

I tossed my head in completely abandonment. All my senses had left me and what remained was only intense, incredible pleasure. There was no shame or embarrassment just complete wantoness.

"More! More! More!" I demanded.

"The lady wants more," laughed Jordan. "Let's give it to her."

My mouth burned as both the Native American and the gangster slammed their cocks inside me. Then white hot heat burned through our core as I felt our climax building. Warm liquid shot inside my groin first.

"I'm cumming…AAAAAHHHH!" Hawke cried out.

"Me too…AAHHHH!" Blake followed right after. His orgasm gushed inside my rectum.

Liquid silver spilled from my slit. "AAAAHHHHHH!"

Both men withdrew and I glanced down to see both my openings dripping with seed. Hawke, Blake and I shared a kissed before Christoph and Jordan decided to have their chance with me. Quickly the burning heat started up again and the craving continued.

"Now it's our turn," growled the nineteen year old German.

Jordan grinned. "I want to fuck your ass this time."

I agreed. Since I was already soaked with seed, it made my insides lubricated with for easy access. Christoph took Hawke's place as he slammed his cock into my wet entrance while Jordan fucked me from behind. Once again our bodies sang as both men filled with their need and allowed us to submit to our prolonged desires. Hawke and Blake happily observed the exchange with their sexes already spent and limp as my two other lovers eventually reached the fulcrum of climax.

Jordan erupted first. "I'm cumming…AAAHHHHH!" His seed combined with Jordan's as it filled my rear opening to full capacity. Christoph came right after as we both did.


My German lover mixed his orgasm with mine as I felt all my entrances housed the semen of all four over my ghostly men. Spent and exhausted, I shared a kiss with both the German and Englishman as the two men embraced me. Warm sticky liquid flowed from both my hot boxes to which Blake and Hawke joined us on the slab and affectionately connected my mouth to theirs.

I laughed. "I can't believe I just did that!"

"Believe it," said Hawke touching my cheek. "So what happens now? I mean you have four men pining over you. You're going to have choose one of us."

Christoph stood up angrily. "Hey! I had her last! She's mine!"

Jordan shoved the blond out of the way. "I beg to differ. She's my Dahlia! We have a connection! She belongs to me!"

Blake stepped up furious. "Forget it, boys! She's my Sadie and always will be! I deserve to be with her!"

Hawke appeared to be the most level headed. He sighed. "I suppose there's no way around it, Tera…er Erato. You have to make a choice. Which one of us do you want?"

I stared at all four of them confused. A mixture of emotions stirred inside me making it difficult for me to see things clearly. Deep down I loved all four of these men differently. They represented various personalities in each of my previous lifetimes. Having to choose one would devastate the other because my heart would still long for the one I did not select. I hesitated.

"I…I don't know…" I answered. "Please, don't make do this. I love you all. Please don't make me choose."

Raking a hand through his dark hair, the Native American scowled. "It's not going to be easy. We all love you but you can't have us all."


I began to ask the question when I noticed all four men starting to become transparent. Their physical presence became corporeal that Christoph began shouting for help.

"What's happening?" The German soldier pleaded to me.

I tried to grab each of them but they slipped through my fingers like air.

"It's Astrid!" Hawke exclaimed. "She's using her magic to steal our souls back!" His fearful eyes stared at me. "Tera! You're the Chosen One! You have to stop her!"

Blake screamed. "Tera! Help us!"


Those were the last words of Jordan as I watched in horror of each my lovers vanishing before me. Bright light flashed blinding me and I opened them to see that I was back in my hotel room.

Astrid Worth had abducted the men that I love. I had to do something. Inhaling a breath, I felt the ultimate power rise inside me. I was now in full control of it.

I was born Tera Orestiada, Tera O for short, in this life. My true name is Erato. The Greek muse of love, sex, and desire.

And right now I wanted to kick my nemesis's ass!


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