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I Surrender to the Spirit of the Night

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Twenty one year old Greek American Terasita Orestiada "Tera O for short" is a psychology grad student who reluctantly accepts a semester study program in the small town of Moroni, Oregon in the field of parapsychology. As she is placed in a ghost hunting expedition at the Worth Bed and Breakfast Inn, Tera tries to prove that ghostly phenomenon is simply the work of a troubled mind. However things start to become complicated when she begins experiencing several apparitional visitors in the forms of four randy, virile male spirits. Also adding her problems is the fact that she is hiding her psychic abilties which poses a threat to a dark, evil force that has ties to the past. Can this virtuous college student finally accept her mystical gifts and stop this supernatural threat while trying to comprehend her growing feelings for each of her ghostly male suitors? Find out in this erotic, paranormal tale! View table of contents...


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Sadie's Story

Boredom was never my strong suit. Ever since I was a child, I loved escaping my home in Silver Valley, Idaho and playing with the Indian children of the nearest reservation. Being the only daughter of the town preacher, this was considered a no-no by my family who believed these folks were un-Godly heathens and constantly prayed for their salvation. After spending time with these people, I thought otherwise and defied my parents' strict orders not to associate with the tribe but I still did anyway.

Silver Valley during the 1900's only posted a population of a thousand people. Many of them were farmers growing the state crop of potatoes as well as other things like corn and carrots. Agriculture was never my thing so I frequently made excuses out of getting out of my chores such as being on my womanly cycle or faking sickness. Being the only girl out of three brothers abled me to do so and my father took pity on me and let me off the hook plenty of times.

My mother? Not such much. The woman knew me all too well as she beat me within an inch of her life if I appeared lazy or unruly. Yet even with her need to keep me on the straight and narrow path, I rebelled and did whatever my heart desired.

By the time I was fifteen, I took up with the older boys of the town. Since my father was the local preacher, I constantly embarrassed him with my antics. Understand that everything considered by him was a sin. Showing one's knees was sin. Dancing, something that I was quite good at, was a sin. Being outspoken was a sin. Like my mother, my father used the same strict disciplinary tactics to keep me in line but it even still that would not beat out the free willed spirit that remained inside of me.

As soon as I turned sixteen, all hell broke loose. I sprouted breasts, grew taller, and came into my own beauty as a woman. The local boys took noticed and I had plenty of gentleman callers at my door. My poor parents and even my older brothers had to fend them off with a shotgun if they even stepped in range of me. I will admit that I found it flattering at the time and I happily teased the boys mercilessly with my nubile body.

I began dating a boy named John from the local Indian tribe in secret. I knew my father would not approve and that intrigued me. John would be the one who I decided would take my virginity. I do not understand what the big deal was. After some awkward fumbling, a few pushes, a bit of pain, and it was over before it even began. I did not even orgasm. To me, losing my virginity was a bold career move since it made me more ambitious than ever to get the hell out of Idaho! I soon dumped John after that.

Upon discovering my affair with John, my parents kicked me out of the house. To tell you the truth, I was happy to leave. I felt suffocated in Silver Valley and I knew my destiny awaited me elsewhere. After stealing some money from my parents, I bought a one-way bus ticket to New York City and forged a new future for myself.

New York City. The Big Apple. The stuff where dreams are made. I quickly knew that was one big lie but thankfully I had the street smarts to ally myself with a sugar daddy in order to survive the big, bad world out there.

My sugar daddy happened to me Foster McCane, a big time entertainment agent and manager. Foster was in his early sixties, chubby, and enjoyed having a piece of eye candy on his arm. Seeing some potential in me, he took me to the best parties and showed me off to potential Broadway producers. Soon I got cast in the chorus of the hit show Steppin' Out With My Baby. Luckily, I had natural raw talent and I could follow dance moves so being a showgirl in a big Broadway musical became my calling. I performed with the show three more years before I booked another gig at a nightclub in Manhattan. There was where I met the man who changed my life.

Blake Kelley.

I did not have the greatest voice but I could still manage to carry a sultry tune. At the nightclub Decco's that I worked at for three years, I became one of ten featured acts every night. Every two months, our cast would change the show so as to appeal to a new audience and it seemed to work as the house was packed with attendees every night. One of our regulars was a dark haired, blue eyed man who allegedly had ties to the mob. He made it a point to sit at the front of the stage every time I performed.

I will admit I made it a point to show some interest. His blue eyes reminded me of the clearest lakes back home and his chiseled European features gave off an exotic appearance that I found appealing. Singing out toward the audience, I let my eyes wander toward him as I mimicked myself making love to the microphone while he straightened his tie and became transfixed on my performance. I had the man hook, line, and sinker.

I finished my song to the sounds of applause from the audience. Waving a kiss at them in gratitude, I left the stage while the next performer came. My sugar daddy, Foster McCane, cut me off shooting an angry look hoping to block me from entering my dressing room.

"Where are you going?" He demanded.

"My dressing room," I said annoyed with his line of questions. "I have to get changed for my next number."

He grabbed my arm and yanked me toward him so that I could see the rage in his eyes. "What the hell was that?"

I shrugged. "What was what?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Sadie!" He hissed. "I saw you flirting on stage with that man in the front row! That's Blake Kelley! He's a dangerous mobster with the Pauley Marcaso mafia! You're asking for trouble!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," I responded. Truthfully, I did but my feelings toward Foster meant nothing in regards to his concerns. "I wasn't flirting with anyone." I lied.

Foster shook me hard. "You were! I know that look! You have the same stare when you glance at younger man who isn't me! You tramp!"

He slapped me hard against the cheek. The stinging on my face throbbed. I tried not to cry.

"Leave the dame alone!"

I looked over Foster's shoulder to see Blake Kelley angrily staring at my sugar daddy. Folded his arms over his suit, he gave the agent a menacing look. Foster began to back down.

"I…I wasn't hurting her," stuttered the older man. "Honest."

"It looks to me like you're slapping dollface around!" Blake twisted his lip. "I don't respect a man who hits a woman."

"I'm…sorry," pleaded Foster. His face darted toward me. "I apologize, Sadie, for slapping you."

"Apology accepted, Foster," I snorted.

"I think you better get out of here on else!" The blue eyed mobster warned.

My sugar daddy nervously agreed. Holding out his hand, Foster gestured for me to accept it.

"Come along, Sadie," said the older man. "Let me escort you back to your dressing room."

I shook my head. Then I pointed to the mobster. "I would prefer Blake to do that!"

The blue eyed gangster smirked and offered me his arm which I gladly accepted. "Looks the lady has made her choice. Now scram, buddy!"

Furious with my decision, Foster stamped his feet and pointed at me. "FINE, YOU SLUT! DON'T BOTHER COMING HOME! YOUR CAREER IF OVER! YOU HEAR ME? IT'S OVER!"

Blake reached into his suit jacket and pulled out a gun. He aimed it at Foster.

"I said scram!"

The older agent yelped and meandered away backstage with his tail tucked between his legs. Blake and I laughed at watching the cowardly man sprinting while I dragged him inside my dressing room and slammed the door shut. Instantly, the handsome gangster shoved me against the locked door as he moved in close and kissed me.

His lips felt like soft petals from a rose as it caressed my mouth. I released a soft moan before his tongue plunged into my mouth and tasted the sweetness of taste buds. Teeth grinded together as we sampled the combination of delicious flavors falling on our tongues while our hands roamed across our bodies to explore the fabric covering our skins.

Blake nuzzled my ear, bit my earlobe, and whispered near me. "Your career's not over, dollface. I can make things happen."

I pulled away for a second to touch his lips with the tip of my finger. "The name's Sadie, Mr. Kelley."

The gangster giggled. "I know. Sadie Kendall. I've been coming to your show at Decco's the last couple of times. You're talented."

"And you're gorgeous," I laughed in return. It was true the man was incredibly handsome and all my thoughts right now focused on me fucking him. I slid my hand down his suit jacket to the bulge in his trousers and squeezed. "And now I get to fuck the notorious gangster, Blake Kelley."

Rearing his head, Blake chuckled. "I see my reputation precedes me. Tell me, Sadie Kendall, what other things have you heard about me?" He began to remove his suit jacket and toss it to the floor.

Assisting him with his dress shirt, I slipped off his suspenders and unbuttoned the fabric from his well-formed chest. Each time I performed this, he connected his lips to mine. I panted.

"I've heard that the infamous Mr. Kelley fucks with the best of them," I bluntly teased. "Care to demonstrate your skills in the bedroom?"

Blake smirked. "You're quite a bold minx. You really don't hold anything back."

"That scares and intrigues many men," I directly say. "I'm a free spirit, Mr. Kelley. I don't care what people think or what people say. I live each moment as my last! I live for thrill and danger."

He crushed my mouth again before pulling away. "You're my kind of woman. Oh and please call me Blake."

"Then call me Sadie."

"Well then, Sadie," he kissed my cheek. "Let me show how dangerous I can be."


Gripping the long skirt of my dress, he pulled it up around waist and bunched it up toward my hips. His hand palmed my undergarments and in the process, his fingers snagged the garter of my stockings. Unfazed, he finally slid into the fabric of drawers, located the dark curls of my entrance, and pushed down on my clit with is forefinger. Immediately, I grabbed his shoulders and gasped.

"Blake! Don't stop!" I pleaded.

A bit of honey fell across his forefinger and he removed his hand to taste a sample of my wetness. Satisfied with my deliciousness, he pinched the waistband of my undergarments and slid them off. Then the mobster got on his knees, cupped my bare bottom and pressed his mouth into my aching pussy. I curled my fingers against my dressing room door while his tongue lapped up my pleasure button.

"Ohhh Blake!" I moaned.

His mouth bobbed up and down on my wet pussy and he added an extra technique to his pleasuring skills. Inserting a middle finger into my opening, he curled the digit up which hit my sweet spot and caused my insides to collide. The intense sensation of his finger inside me, the stroking of his tongue on my clit and the warm heat surging through my body overwhelmed me. I felt my body shake then something inside me flooded out. It gushed and spread into one puddle of liquid silver hitting my gangster in the face. I raked my nails across my dressing room door.

Licking his lips, Blake wiped his soaked mouth and beamed. Heavy breaths came out of my mouth as I stared down surprised by the transparent liquid soaking his open dress shirt.

"What…what was that?" I asked.

The blue eyed man grinned. "Your orgasm."

I cocked my head in shock. "Really? That's my orgasm?"

Blake scowled. "You're never orgasmed before?"

I shook my head. It was true. I have never orgasmed before. I have had only two lovers. John back in Idaho who took my virginity and Foster who was so selfish for his own pleasure that he often came within the thirty seconds that he fucked me. Even when I masturbated, I never discovered any kind of release of that nature. Frustrated and unsatisfied, I thought that sex was simply that for all women. That was until Blake opened up a world of wicked delights that I never before experienced. I wanted to continue exploring those same delights over and over again.

My gangster lover grinned and embraced me. "I guess then. I'll have to teach you. You're going to spend more time with me as my dame."

I raised my eyebrows. "You mean it? You want me to be your girl? Your moll?"

Blake nodded. "Why not? This Foster guy is no longer your manager so what else are you going to do?"

I squealed in excitement and wrapped my arms around the man. Kissing him furiously, I felt his erection poking from the inside his pants and pushing against my belly. Looking down, I could tell that the blue eyed man was not finished with me. I smiled wickedly.

"Let me help you with that," I suggested.

Blake agreed as I lowered myself to my knees. Unbuttoning his pants, I pulled down his trousers and boxers only to release his hard cock in my hands. I kissed the head of his shaft, licking it and kissing the surface before letting it flow all the way inside my mouth. My lips wrapped around the flesh of my lover as my tongue and throat moistened the length of his skin.

A bit of pre-cum appeared at the tip and I happily licked the small droplet into my mouth. Swallowing a tiny of bit of his seed, I enjoyed the salty taste of him before his hands gently cupped my face and guided me away from his hard cock. Slowly, he raised me up and shoved me against the door. My legs slipped around his waist and, before I knew it, Blake entered me. His shaft felt heavenly inside my womb as each thrust of his hips kept him entrapped within my folds. I hollered his name.


My gangster lover grunted. With each flex of his bottom, my body writhed in pleasure. I felt my insides tighten around his hard cock, clenched down his male flesh, and let my sugar walls accommodate his invasion. I submitted to every immortal sensation of shooting throughout my body as I tossed my head around and allowed the harmony of skins rub together and create a marvelous symphony. Eager hands held each other tight as we danced to the lustful needs of our wanton desires.

"Uh…uh…" I listen to Blake growl. He bit my earlobe and whispered. "Come with me to Oregon. I'm opening a club there…You'll be the star attraction."

I nodded already lost in my euphoria of him by embracing his shoulders close. "Yes! Yes! Blake! I'm yours! Ohhhhh…"

Our bodies filled the room. Soon an intense heat shot through my core. I finally realize that my orgasm would soon be arriving.

"Blake! I'm cumming! AAAHHHHHHH!"

Liquid silver drenched his cock as he slammed into me and grunted his climax as well.


Warm liquid squirted into me. I grabbed my lover again and allowed our lips to connect.

Blake Kelley and I had now become an official couple.

1925 was a good year for us. We opened up Blake's speakeasy here in the town of Moroni and called it Kelley's. Our little nightclub brought in a lot of business for the town and my gangster lover enjoyed making connections with several important local figures in the areas of business and politics. We also made several enemies as well. It turned out that my mobster boyfriend had stolen some money from his former boss Pauley Marcaso and disappeared. Being his moll, I naturally followed him. We thought were safe until rumors started spreading around town that Pauley was looking for us.

"Dollface, I need to lay low for a while." Blake informed me one night in his office. He shoved a stack of hundreds in my hand. "That's five thousand. That should hold you over for a while. I have friends in Chicago that can hide you."

I shook my head. "No, Blake. I'm not leaving. Pauley can't possibly know we're here. It's all rumors."

Blake clucked his tongue. "I don't want to take that chance. If Pauley Marcaso is out there, he's bound to find out about our operations. I don't want to take the risk."

I stomped my foot and held my fists to my side. "I don't care, Blake." Sighing, I caressed his face. "I love you, Blake Kelley. You might not feel the same way but I do. I'm willing to see this whole thing through with your old boss."

The blue eyed man cupped my face and kissed me hard. "I love you too, dollface. That's why I'm doing this for us, Sadie. I don't want you getting hurt. You're too important to me."

Tears streaked down my face. "I can't live without you, Blake."

A sad glint appeared in his blue eyes. "Me neither." He pulled me close and kissed me. His mouth felt wonderful teasing my lips and savoring my taste buds with his tongue. I completely loved this man and I was willing to die with him.

"Blake, fuck me," I whispered. "I want you take me but this time bend me over and take my ass!"

Tugging the blue dress I was wearing, I hiked it up to my waist and lowered my body forward against the desk of his office. Assisting me with my undergarments, he yanked them down exposing my ass to him so that he plant his mouth on to my forbidden entrance. Within seconds, I felt his tongue plunge into my secret hole, licking the rim before teasing the outer edge with his lips. There was something delightfully wicked and decadent about the whole thing and it turned me on even more.

Leaving me for a moment, he walked behind his desk to open the drawer at the bottom of the counter. Removing a jar of petroleum jelly, he dropped his trousers and boxers and began stroking his flaccid cock with the lubricant. Slowly, I observed it rise as he returned to me, spread my legs apart, and inserted the jelly inside my rear entrance. The cool liquid made my groin tingle before the surface of his shaft gently eased in to me.

Gripping at the edge of the office desk, I gasped.

"Blake! Oh yes!"

My bottom tightened. The invasive hardness stretched my anal cavity with a debauched sensation. Then Blake began to move. My ass followed with him. With each rhythm of his hips, I danced alongside him. His cock glided in and out of me with ease thanks in part of the lubrication of the petroleum jelly moistening my inner walls. The blue eyed gangster hit the perfect pleasure sensors of my sphincter causing me to cry in pleasure. I felt like I was in heaven.

"Ohhh…Blake…fuck me! Fuck my ass…" I moaned.

Blake grunted. "God! Sadie, your ass feels so tight!"

Moving within me, the mobster played my bottom like a well-oiled machine. Every cog and sprocket moved in perfect alignment before the piston of my pleasure walls started to build eventually reaching me to fulcrum. I vibrated my clit in response before white hot heat took over my body. Then I gushed.

"I'm cumming…AAAAAHHHHHH!"

Liquid silver spilled on to the desk while Blake pushed a few more thrusts into my ass before slowly withdrawing to stroke his cock. Growling with his climax, he erupted his seed on to the curve of my ass.


White dew splashed against the flesh of my bottom allowing Blake to reach in front of me, lift me and crush his lips on to mine. Our tongues savored each other for a moment before we heard the rustle of automobiles outside. Breaking apart our glorious lovemaking, we pulled up our clothes and peeked out the windows of his office to witness the commotion outside.

A tall man with several cronies got out of their automobiles. Our worst fears have come true.

Pauley Marcaso had found us.

Blake grabbed his gun and took my hand. We raced toward the back exit.

Hopefully, we had a chance to escape…

"But you didn't," I noted to Sadie back at the temple. Despite experiencing Sadie's life through her eyes, I began to understand her feelings toward Blake. "Pauley and his men chased through the beach and shot you both. Then he tried to bury you in the ground but you unwittingly summoned the element of earth and caused an earthquake killing everyone."

Sadie sadly nodded. "You're correct, Tera. Apparently, Astrid had a hand in having Pauley locating us. If you recall in your dreams, their eyes were just as black as the nuns who murdered Sister Dahlia and Dr. Jordan."

"Astrid's magic seems to be very powerful," I replied. "Will I be ready to face in the end?"

Sadie Kendall sat back down on the bench with the others. Nurse Kimber Harris stood up to answer my question.

"Absolutely," said the red haired woman. "You…we proved it when I summoned the last element of water. I was the only one she couldn't kill nullifying her spell. Come see my story and your final answer will be revealed about your destiny."

I rolled my eyes. "Can't I get the abridged version of this? I mean we can skip the rest if you just tell me my destiny thing."

"Where's the fun in that?" Nurse Kimber giggled.

Then I began to see her life and her love of the German soldier Christoph Heinreich.


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