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Arcane Assembly: Magic and Metal (Unfinished)

Novel By: Dante Mendoza

Monsters of myth and legend have united to form a secret organization known as the Arcane Assembly with the objective of protecting humanity from all forms of supernatural evil. One such creature was Victor Frankenstein's creation. Referred in literature by many names. The Modern Prometheus. Monster. Devil. Demon. Fiend. This once living corpse has discovered his humanity and independently works on the side of good as the organization's field operative. A combination of both man and machine, Frankenstein's greatest work now goes by the name Newman Doe and vows to one day bring down his evil Father. The only obstacle in his path is a beautiful witch of folklore. Once known as the Baba Yaga, Vanessa Yakova has her own agenda in stopping the mad genius known as Dr. Frankenstein. Allying herself with the cybornetic man, a passion ignites between the two lonely warriors that puts their mission in jeopardy. Only through their combined efforts can they stop the machinations of Dr. Frankenstein from releasing an ancient evil upon the world. View table of contents...


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Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, The Wolfman, Baba Yaga, The Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. All monsters of myth and legend, right? Well what if theses beings really existed in the modern world but given a purpose in life? What if these same legendary beings decided to band together and protect humanity from the evils of supernatural forces? United under the secret society known as the Arcane Assembly, these monsters of myth share their adventures while revealing the truth about their existence.


Steyr, Austria

"Hey Metal Man! See anything yet?"

Newman Doe hated the derogatory references even if came from one of his best friends. At 6'5, the brown haired, green eyed muscular operative had very little patience this evening particularly when he had been hunting his arch-nemesis finally locating the foe tucked away in a castle of a secluded wooded area ten miles from the Austrian town of Steyr.

Stretching the rippled veins of his biceps underneath his tight black shirt and jumpsuit, Newman made a habit of cracking his knuckles whenever he anticipated an oncoming assault on his intended target. Removing the leather gloves from his hands he took one look at the tanned flesh of his hands. Rough cracked skin connected to the smooth wrinkled lines of his fingers. It was hard to believe that the outer casing covering the bones underneath belonged to somebody else, as well as many others, but he laid the blame on the man who made him for illegally harnessing the obscene materials that created such an unethical structure.

From the immoral extractions of grave robbing Newman's body had been manufactured and surgically connected by half a dozen victims ravaged by the mad scientist hellbent on proving his genius. Once again he perused his hand, both in admiration and disgust, analyzing the newly formed skin grafts that blanketed the original epidermal layers now cocooned in a veil of steel plates, metal rods, computer microchips, and electronic wiring. All of which had been tainted by the evil machinations of a man he called Father.

Father. It had been a word that had been foreign to him for centuries. Two hundred years had nearly passed since Father created him from the stolen corpses of a dozen men and women, brought to life by the corruption of evil science and supernatural lightning, and forced into servitude by his Creator. He had been gifted with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and high intelligence but denied one thing that identified him as human.

A name.

He had called many things. Modern Prometheus. Creature. The Monster. Abomination. Devil. Demon. Fiend. Wretch. It. Yet, all he wanted was to be given a name. An identity. Some shred of hope that he was human. He eventually received his wish. Recruited by the paranormal, secretive society known as the Arcane Assembly Newman had been bestowed a label and new purpose in life.

Protect all humanity from supernatural threats.

"Yo Newman! Do you copy?"

Crouching high above on a heavy branch of a pine tree, Newman pressed against his ear piece communicator to address his cohort.

"I can hear you just fine Luc," he announced. "Oh and please stop with the Metal Man reference. It offends me, bloodsucker!" He released a giggle just as the static hissed through his radio feed.

"Touche," laughed Luc. A hint of a faint European dialect mixed with American consonants could be detected by Newman's keen auditory skills.

Computer and tactical tech operator, Luc Dara, had been Arcane Assembly's top hacker, able to crack through any security feature of any major government file with the stroke of a keyboard. He also was a nerdy vampire who had thing for science fiction memorabilia, fantasy online gaming, and Japanese anime. He also was five hundred eighty one years old. "While we're on the subject Newman, could you raid the local blood bank for a few bags? I'm running low."

"What happened to the year's worth we had stocked in the freezer?" asked Newman. "Don't tell you've already drank through your entire supply?"

"I have a compulsive drinker," Luc apologized. "Yeah I need to enroll in AA. A vampire can only live on animal blood for so long."

"Fine," sighed the operative. "I'll steal a few after this mission."

"Speaking of which," said Luc. "How's the stakeout? Any sign of Victor?"

Newman concentrated his focus in the distance. Through the foliage, he glared through an open window of the castle tower facing his target's bedroom. Even through the darkness, his specialized vision adjusted itself enhancing the operative's line of sight to get a better view of the situation. Concentric circles formed inside his pupil turning in opposite directions bringing up a screen through his irises that calculated precise numerical digits that zoomed in and out inside his retinas.

He scanned the room. Two shadowy figures moved through the darkness illuminated only by only a few flickers of candlelight. Newman concentrated amplifying the image an even greater percentage before identifying the forms loitering inside the castle quarters. Soft curved features glowed in the room making the operative aware that the physical outlines belonged to two females. Both were naked enjoying each other's company while a third male companion was invited into their illicit fold. Newman took one look at the male lover in the threesome and began seeing red.

There had been no mistaking the man. Salt and peppered hair pressed against the silken pillows alongside the gentleman's well formed arm that cradled the back of his head which offered temporary comfort. The stranger observed his two female counterparts taking turns pleasuring his hard cock with their mouths with one licking the round head as the other suckled the man's sack with her mouth. A wave of satisfaction appeared on the gentleman's face granting an opportunity for each of them to straddle his waist and ride his saluting flagpole roughly.

Newman watched in awe the interaction between the trio. Electrical pulses from the veins of his supernatural heart began to beat rapidly. He could hear the thump of his central core expand while small beads of perspiration began to leak from his forehead. Wiping the liquid with his finger, he glanced down to see the tightness in his pants slowly rise making him feel embarrassed by what he had witnessed.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. Evidence demonstrated by the pop tent in his pants. It was the one part of his humanity he hated. Succumbing to to the desires of Man. Such frailties made him weak and he despised helplessness.

Monitoring the scene he absorbed in strange fascination the older man's virility pumping his cock inside one his female companions. Small hands braced firmly on the square plates of the gentleman's well toned chest, the woman threw her head back in ecstasy as his shaft disappeared into her sweet cleft. The man's other bedmate grinned in agreement covering his face with her groin while he licked the slit and special pearl with his tongue. Inhaling a breath, Newman rubbed his straining erection with his large hand that had been aching beneath his pants.

"Newman, what's going on?" asked Luc. The radio feed continued to receive static even though the operative ignored the signal.

"Amateur porn," he responded.

"Hell yeah," shouted the computer genius. "I want to see. I'm hacking into the castle's security system now. Let's see what the hidden cameras have to hide." A long pause came from the communicator. Newman knew the vampire had a way with technology and could easily break any privacy codes. A ten seconds, Luc made a response. "Holy shit! You Peeping Tom you! Wow! Look at the old man go! He's certainly got some stamina!"

Luc Dara had been right. Newman glanced up bringing his pupils to auto-focus sweeping through the images in the bedroom. This time the old man had one of the women on all fours grasping the edge of the bed with her face plunged in the groin of her female partner while he pumped his hips into her pussy from behind. A wicked look of power formed on his face as he bucked aggressively into his companions relishing in his dominion over them. White noise interrupted the operative's research as his vampire cohort gave him some distressing news.

"Newman!" Luc gasped. "Turn on your thermal infrared. One of the security cameras caught something."

Switching the menu of his retinas to a night vision scan, his eyes caught something moving in the corner of the compound. Increasing his line of sight, he noticed the slender curves of a person sneaking around the castle. Opting for a thermal scan, the screen in front of his pupils turned to various shades of colors from green, yellow, orange and red. The reddish blip is what interested him. He peered in closer scrutinizing the hourglass shape of the figure's hips, small shoulders, perfectly shaped breasts, and well toned thighs to conclude that the person was indeed female. Altering the menu back to night vision, Newman observed the female dressed in black slip through an open window of the castle unnoticed. The realization of the danger worried him.

"Shit!" snapped the operative. "That cat burglar is going to get herself killed!"

"Newman, the mission has been compromised!" stated Luc. "You can't help her! She is walking into a deathtrap! Get out of there now!"

"Sorry bloodsucker," he responded. "My conscience overrides common sense. I got to save the day. Over and out!"

"Newman!" Luc shouted. "It's dangerous! You'll get yourself killed..."

The special agent from the Arcane Assembly yanked off his earpiece tossing it the ground. Skittish crackles emitted from the electronic device to which Newman ignored the warnings. Bending down from high atop the tree he had been situated in, the self professed Metal Man jumped the distance landing into the hard dirt ground with a loud thud. Under normal circumstances, the impact of the shock would have killed a normal human being. However, Newman Doe was not human. For buried within the flesh of this facade of a Man laid the foundation of electrical currents, steel wiring, metal cords, and computer networks which replaced the original components of live body parts pieced together by his Father. The very same Father and Creator who was having a scandalous threesome inside his castle.

Victor Frankenstein.





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