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Held Hostage By Fear

Novel By: cuteblondangel88

A girl who is taken as a hostage in a bank robbery. How she suffers at their hands she’s 18 and a virgin they rape her, beat her’ psychologically torture her with a twist at the ending
highly graphic and not for the faint hearted View table of contents...


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Chapter one

Man I just want to get home already. I look at my watch and see that its almost five pm I made it to the bank just in time to get my money before it closes. Luckily the line is only small other than me there is an old couple and three men but there is only one teller and a security guard working at the moment the teller is trying to rush the last transactions of the day as the security guard has already locked the doors so no one else can come in. I look up and notice one of the three men eyeing me off with an appreciative smile. I look away slightly faltered because he is gorgeous but more unsettled then anything. The look in his eyes was more predatory than anything else.

One of the men is casually walking around the store looking bored whilst he waits for the other two to finish their transactions; he is tall with short curly black hair and deep blue eyes. All of a sudden before anyone can react he pulls a gun out and shoots the security guard point blank in his chest. Blood splatters on the floor but before I have time to scream the man who was eyeing me off grabs me around the neck and puts a gun to my head.

"Put your hands in the air." He screams at the teller. "If you so much as even reach for the alarm button ill blow this girls brains out too."

The teller quickly raises her arms in the air and looks at the third man who is holding a gun pointed at her head, as the old couple quickly scramble to the floor where they lay huddled together, shaking in each other's arms.

"Now you are going to stand slowly and walk over to the door to let me in and take me to the vault. My two friends here are going to watch over these nice people in here and start blowing them away one by one if you take too long. Understand?" the third man says with a smile on his face as if this is a daily occurrence for him. For all I know it is. I just have time to notice that his hair is wavy and brown before black hair and the man holding me cock their guns to emphasise his point.

Instantly I stop struggling to get away, I wasn't even aware that I was doing it but as soon as I heard the click I stopped. I barely notice the young teller opening the door and leading the group's leader out the back to where the vault is. Out of my peripheral vision I vaguely notice the man with dark hair pointing his gun at the old couple on the floor, the majority of my attention is on the man holding me tight in his arms with the cocked gun against my head.

As soon as the leader is out of the room he pulls me closer against his body, I can feel his hard muscles pressed against me especially his groin area which is hard and pushing against my back. My make a small noise of fear and involuntarily try to pull away.

"Hey Sting," he calls out to the man with dark curly hair. "It seems a waste to blow away such a fine piece off ass why don't we start with the old codgers and have some fun with this one." He says as he pulls me harder against him grinding himself against my ass.

"True she is a fine piece Ty I wonder what she's got on underneath that sweet innocent little white dress. I bet it's something kinky" He replies

The man holding me, Ty as Sting called him, pulls me around so he can look at my face, the whole time keeping my hands pinned behind me in an iron grip so that I can't get away. "Nah he replies I bet it's something sweet and innocent like white cotton. This one looks like a virgin to me."

Instantly I freeze and stare at him with wide scared eyes. How could he know that? Seeing the shock and fear in my eyes Ty laughs. "Yep she's definitely a virgin."

"How about I see what panties she's got on before we make any judgements." Sting says with a sly look in his eyes as he walks over to me.

Ty instantly points the gun away from my head and aims it at the old couple. "Now sweetheart Sting here's going to take a little look at what you have on under that dress and if you struggle the old lady gets it."

I can only stand the frozen with fear looking into the old lady's eyes as sting lifts my dress and exposes my panties to the whole room. "Hmmm you were right white cotton and pink lace." He says. "Maybe you were also right about her being a virgin let's check." And before I know it he's pulled my underwear down so that it's sitting around my ankles.

He moves his hand and I feel it rubbing between my legs pushing the soft folds apart as he reaches for the entry to my pussy. "No please don't." I cry in terror and start struggling trying to keep his hand away.

Ty pulls my wrists back hard until I'm practically bent backwards and helpless to move. "Because she disobeyed us Sting use three fingers to check and don't worry about being gentle." He says. Then he leans down and whispers in my ears. "You will do everything we say or we'll blast away the old couple and rape you in a pool of their cooling blood. And I mean everything got it" numbly I nod my head with tears falling down my face.*

All of a sudden I feel stings hand back between my legs rubbing against me, his first touches soft and gentle on a place that no man has ever touched before. The sensations are so strong even over the fear that I can't help but let out a small moan, the pleasure of his touch distracting me for a few seconds from the situation. Then all of a sudden Ty rams his cock inside my mouth gagging me as Sting pushes three fingers inside my tight pussy, I try to scream in pain but Ty's cock blocks my cries as he starts thrusting deeper into my mouth hitting the back of my throat. Sting starts moving his fingers in and out of me at the same speed Ty is fucking my mouth, they get faster and faster until I'm not sure if it hurts or feels good. There's a lot of pain but at the same time I start to feel hot between my legs and can't help moaning around Ty's cock as the sensations build tighter and tighter until I feel like I'm exploding.

The sensations are so strong and new that I scream around Ty's cock and my lower body starts bucking as the pleasure overrides my mind, I feel something squirt into my mouth and I automatically swallow it as it hits the back of my throat. All of a sudden Ty lets go of me as sting pulls his fingers out of my dripping wet pussy, I collapse to the floor unable to move, unsure whether I feel good or ashamed and used.

"Yep she was definitely a virgin." Sting says as he holds up his blood streaked hand.

"She sucks good cock for a virgin." Ty says as he leers down at me. "You know what I think I want to keep her as a pet."

"I don't think Buck will be too happy about that."

"Who cares what Buck says I don't need the money I only did this job as a favour to him ill give him my share if we take her back with us." He leans down so that he's squatting next to me "How about it sweet heart you're going to come with us and be my pet what you just felt then is nothing compared to what's in store for you with me."

I'm too numb and confused to struggle or say anything as he ties my hands behind my back and my ankles together. Then he pulls off his scarf and wads it in my mouth effectively gagging me.

"Stand watch over the old codgers while I explore my new toy will you." He commands Sting. Then he pulls my dress up around my neck and cuts my bra off so that my naked body is on full display to him. "Very nice." He murmurs as he rubs his hands along my body pausing to fondle my breasts.

"All right weir done ready to leave boys?" I look up to see that Buck has walked back into the room with a few bags full of cash, the teller without him. "Blow these three away so there's no witnesses then we'll go I've already erased the security footage and taken care of the other bitch."

Instantly Sting points his gun at the old couple and shoots them their brains blown out of the back of their heads and blood and thicker things staining the floor around them. I start to cry in fear and look up expecting a bullet in my head but none comes.

"Not this one buck she's mine you can keep my share of the money and ill have her instead."

I expect Buck to argue but he merely nods at Ty. "Fine but your carrying her and blindfold the bitch so she dosnt know where weir going at least."

Without any hesitation he wraps a piece of cloth around my face so that I can't see and pulls me into his arms. I should be scared but after everything that's happened I just feel numb, laying limply in his arms I don't struggle as he walks then puts me in the back of a vehicle across his lap. The engine roars to life and I pass out, lulled to sleep by the motions of the car.


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